“Ask your child what he wants for dinner only if he’s buying.”
Fran Lebowitz

Kids meals evoke strong feelings in me as I often feel my world revolves around what’s best & healthiest to feed this demanding category of beings! I was quite pleased to see a foodie event dedicated to kids meals, which brings me to my dear friend Meeta. It’s time again for the Monthly Mingle, an event which is the brainchild of this very talented & creative lady @ What’s For Lunch Honey. The host for the month is another very talented blogger, Srivalli @ Cooking 4 all Seasons, and her choice for Monthly Mingle 31 is Kids Lunches, which the mother in me bookmarked immediately. Thoughts that run through my mind when I plan for the kids include trying to cover as many food groups as I can, include as many veggies as I can stuff in, & make the meal colourful. One thing I know is that I can make them eat blindfolded if the meal includes chicken, cheese & grilling. The boy sniffs his way to the kitchen the minute I begin grilling!! We all know how challenging kids meals can be, & I’m sending this to Sri because my kids adore Mexican food, & this is their ‘anytime & all time favourite’ in Mexican cuisine! It’s healthy & wholesome too!

A quesadilla is a fast-food item in Mexican cuisine, which involves cooking ingredients, most importantly cheese, inside a corn, wheat or flour tortilla. The word comes from Spanish, and literally means “little cheesy thing” or “cheesie” (from queso, or “cheese)

Wheat tortilla based grilled cheese sandwiches
A flour tortilla is covered with cheese and some other things and then covered with a second tortilla. The whole package is grilled on an oiled griddle and flipped so both sides are cooked and the cheese is melted. This version is often cut into wedges to serve.



6-8 wholewheat tortillas ( I make mine at home)
4 grilled chicken breasts; chopped up & kept warm in a casserole
1 each red, yellow & green bell pepper

2 onions, sliced fine (optional)
1 cup sweetcorn (I boil my own)
Cheddar or mozzarella cheese
Corn Salad / lettuce
Tomato salsa


  • There are many ways of putting quesadillas together, but I find this method the simplest.
  • Heat a griddle pan & lightly oil it. Put on a tortilla & heat for a minute. Flip it over, cover with grated cheese & let it melt. (See pictures).
  • Top with chicken, corn, sliced peppers & onions. Season with salt & pepper. Gently fold over & press down, drizzle a few drops of oil & cook on both sides for a minute or so. Cut into two & serve with a corn salad & tomato salsa.
  • If you don’t have tortillas, or are short on time, try the same filling with brown/wholegrain bread.

This week I have a special something to share which touches my soul whenever I listen to it & view the video. Turn the volume up & enjoy this wonderful creation!

Stand By Me from David Johnson on Vimeo.

Playing for change STAND BY ME!

The hub came in from a flight one morning & made my day by asking me to watch this song, one of his faves for a long time. It’s a Ben E King song, Stand By Me, performed by artists around the globe in sync, touching, & beautifully made. It pulled the strings of my heart & I just had to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do…

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