Antidote, coldpressed organic juice “The only antidote to the magic of images is the magic of words.”
Camille Paglia

Antidote! To think of it in the mildest terms, an antidote is a remedy that relieves. Well if you’ve had the good fortune to experience this Antidote, then you’ll know the remedy is good, delicious and refreshing! I was fortunate to get a taste of the Antidote line of cold pressed juices while at The Lodi for our food styling workshop last month. I have to say that I was very impressed with the juices on all counts. Great well balanced ‘real’ taste, fresh, refreshing and so much variety.

Antidote at The Lodi, Delhi I am a huge fan of cold pressed juices, and this market segment seems to be exploding. A virtual flood of cold pressed juices has hit the market of late, much to the delight of thirsty customers. Count me among them since I am eternally charmed by the concept. The concept of ‘all the goodness in a bottle‘ does tempt as days get very busy sometimes and one tends to neglect oneself. Also, if there are kids around, it feels good to offer them organic, clean, pesticide free ‘healthy’ juices. And if the juices are delicious to the last drop too, then you’re in business! Antidote seems to have nailed just that!

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice Since Antidote do solely juices and mylks {nut milks}, they’ve gone all the way and explored about every ingredient good for you. Then they’ve bottled them in these deep amber bottles which are quaint and almost like old fashioned medicine bottles. The whole look IMHO connects well to brand identity; for me, just looking at the bottle was food for thought! Yes actually, the drinks are bottled in dark amber glass bottles so that the live enzymes stay intact unaffected by heat or sunlight. I thought that was very cool, and seemed to make a lot of sense.

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice No preservatives, no added sugars and only organic produce make them one of the popular choices in the NCR these days. The cost might be high, but then organic produce does come with a hefty price tag. That doesn’t deter the brand from its ever growing loyalty base. With delivery points at Lodi Road, Malcha Marg and Chanakya Puri, and home delivery in Gurgaon, they have seen a steady increase in customers. Antidote also has a retail outlet at Select City Walk, Saket.

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice Antidote offers a bespoke service, customised for individual needs as required, working in tandem with their in-house nutritionists. They offer several different plans – The Cleanse & Juice Programs. For eg the ‘Go Liquid Until Dinner’ Cleanse is one that caught mye glad eye! From a 1 day trial to an advanced 10 day programme, the choices are varied. The same for juice programmes with options like Exhale, Skinny Down, Horse Power, the names are as innovative as what’s in the juice. I haven’t tried any of their nut mylks but some of my favourites juices include

The Flusher with apple, carrot, celery, ginger & green coffee extract, the flavours individually enticing your taste buds,
The Alkalizer with Apple, Courgette, Parsley & Peppermint,
The Polisher with pineapple, pear, arugula, green tea, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger & ashwagandha extract, and
The Conditioner with almond milk, vanilla water & coconut sugar

You can even do a juice a day! I can’t wait to try one of their plans after which maybe I can tell you if it worked it’s magic on me or not, but I can definitely sing praises of the quality, the product packaging, the label information, the  seamless delivery and of course the fresh delicious taste. Even the wheat grass cold pressed juice was good to the last drop {I’m saying that because I’ve recently had some really unpalatable versions from elsewhere}.

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice While the jury will always be out as to whether cold pressed juices vs fruit eaten whole is the right way to go, I am no expert or nutritionist. I just know that I find cold pressed juices a good refreshing option, especially to packaged juices with added sugars and lost enzymes. Additionally, the nut mylks might be a boon for those who are lactose intolerant, and also to vegans. That Conditioner juice with almond, vanilla water and coconut sugar definitely had my mind believe the bottle had coffee hidden in there somewhere. For a coffee lover like me, that good!Antidote, coldpressed organic juice Ph: + 91 9717412218 8 am to 8 pm
Email: [email protected]


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“There is no creation without tradition; the ‘new’ is an inflection on a preceding form; novelty is always a variation on the past.”
Carlos Fuentes

 Terracopper Jug, CoppreIt’s no secret that I love amassing kitchen collectibles, the incorrigible prop collector as it may be! It’s a passion I have stoked for years, even before the blog began, and I don’t see the passion diminishing. Glassware, ceramic, stoneware, metal ware all call my name, be it from India or overseas. It’s an obsession I try to tear myself away from, each piece has a story!

produce or props...anything newThe house now resembles a museum of sorts, with old kitchen collectibles dotting nearly every visible space, yet I march on greedily at times! Nothing seems to stop me, the better half still as accommodating and indulgent as ever. My favourite medium remains metal ware. So I was elated when the good folk from Coppre asked if they could send me something from their collection. Yes please I said, I would be honoured!

Coppre … inspired by creating beautiful things. Objects that are crafted by hand embody a unique identity. And convey a special sense of purpose. We look at objects from yesteryears and marvel at the craftsmanship. It never ceases to amaze us how every utilitarian object had an element of ornamentation. And vice versa. So many handcrafting traditions have ceased to be. There were game changers. The colonisers, the industries. And today, the dynamics of a market driven economy.

… the plan. To reinvigorate. And make old artisan traditions come alive. That’s what we love to do. To make beautiful things, that matter. Things that are owned, treasured, loved and then passed on. Things that make you feel good and do good. Because it gives us joy. And purpose.

Food props, food styling, food photograph,IndiayMy love for Indian metal ware dates back to my first little copper tumbler I bought from Vishwanath ki gali in Benaras, now Varanasi. It’s been decades since I’ve visited but the Coppre jug brought a flood of memories back.

Make a morning ritual of drinking copper-charged water with the Terracopper Jug. With a combination of handbeaten etches and plain surface, the jug reveals the innate sheen of copper. The silhouette is inspired by the simplicity of earthern water jugs. Terracopper Jug, Coppre

I used to religiously keep the little copper glass full of water every night and glug it down the copper-charged water first thing next morning. It was a ritual and held a deep connect with Benaras, where we spent most of our childhood summers. My daughter was there on a college trip last year; her sketches of Varanasi below captured some of my favourite memories….Varanasi, ink sketches, Meher Rajpal 2014…and that resonates with what Coppre has done. It’s brought alive an age old tradition, breathed new life into a dying art, and they’ve done it with class. It’s the craftsmanship they have resurrected, hammered metal now so popular in the West, is available here. The possibilities are immense. Copper is a beautiful metal, artistic, long lasting and has great medicinal properties.Indian copperware, CoppreTo reconstitute and revive is the Coppre promise. To breathe new life into our heritage. What a beautiful journey they’ve undertaken. It’s no small task but look at how brilliant the beginning is.  Because this is what they do best – design | craft | propagate. This will bring the spotlight back on our artisans, our craft, and our heritage. Do stop by and look at their range – everyday use, corporate gifting, wedding souveniers. It’s uplifting, it’s inspiring and it celebrates the revival of an almost lost art…

Terracopper Jug, Coppre… and they do it in style. Beautiful craftsmanship, stunning finish, great packaging, thoughtful bag of polish, cloth bags to protect, useful instructions, international shipping. What more can one want ask for ….

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‘Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.”
Jonathan Safran Foer

Old DelhiThere can be nothing better than an impromptu walk through the streets of Old Delhi on a cold winter morning. Unplanned turned out even better. One day, a couple of weeks ago, I tumbled out of bed feeling restless and tired of work. The cold had been getting to me, work progressing slow and somewhat unsatisfactory! I needed a fix, and for me it was an instant decision.

Old Delhi With Mr PAB away in HKG, it was a free day. I literally tumbled out of bed into a very foggy and cold morning. Then bitten by the familiar addictive ‘old delhi bug‘ once again, within the hour I was on a train into the beautiful old city. The experience is always enriching, and to my delight, I found this impulsive visit an eye opener.Old Delhi 3For me, Purani Dilli or Old Delhi, or the walled city too as it is sometimes called, is synonymous with two things. Prop shopping is the big bait for the incorrigible prop collector that I am. And obviously, some of the best places to eat in Delhi is the other. It’s the ambiance that charms you, tempts you to go back over and over again – the flavours, the sights and sounds, the cacophony!

Old Delhi No North Indian food is complete without sweets, and the streets of the old city do not disappoint! Having never been to Old Delhi during the peak of winter, I was elated to dive straight into a light, airy and heavenly bowl of the elusive Daulat ki Chaat. Pure love!! It was everything Pamela Timms wrote it to be in her beautifully written book on Old Delhi – Kheer, Korma & Kismet! In the back of my head, the pages of her book turned, one by one. So much connect. Felt like kismet.

Old Delhi A quick chat with the gentle, sweet salesman and a few quick clicks later, I set off towards Jama Masjid. I wandered down the street which is home to some of the best restaurants in Delhi that offer old world rustic charm. Fresh, artisan food, aromatic, as spicy as you like it, flavours hard to find elsewhere. It was early and I wasn’t hungry for a meal, so just took in the flavours wafting through the air while lunch was being prepared. No sense of urgency at all, a languid charm, a nip in the air, lots of tea brewing everywhere..

Old Delhi Like most restaurants in Delhi, there is plenty of choice on offer here, though mainly North Indian cuisine. Since I was alone, I had plenty of time to take it all in. One place that caught my eye was a tiny little eatery offering Wazwan, Kashmiri cuisine. The tables already full with folk enjoying a late breakfast or an early lunch perhaps, the restaurant owner, an old man, was quite happy to chat with me. Old Delhi We talked about Srinagar since I had been there just last year, typical dishes {goshtaba, rajma, haaq, tabaq maaz, rogan josh}, that they cook everything on the first floor, how people come from far and wide to eat their food. I was really tempted but alas, with no appetite, instead opted for a nice cup of Kashmiri Namak Chai {salted tea}. What a revelation. Salty tea … deep, earthy, warming. Almost soup like! The best part was that the old man refused to take money for it. And that stunning samovar… a thing of everlasting beauty!

Old Delhi The samovar reminding me of why I was here, but sadly the shop I went in search for was shut. Quite disheartened, I hailed a rickshaw back to Chawri Bazaar and reluctantly stopped at a random copperware shop. Must have been my lucky day as the owners were more than happy to oblige! I returned giddily happy with stuff I fell in love with, stuff they couldn’t understand why I was so happy to buy. Once cleaned up, it shone. And how!!Old Delhi , food propsSpirits revived, it was another rickshaw ride again, this time to Khari Baoli as I had a promise to keep. Since it was past noon, the market is packed. Being Asia’s biggest spice market, trading is at a frenzy. The crowds carry you along, and it’s easy to get lost in all this mayhem. Visit it during winters as in summer the crowds can be pretty overpowering if you know what I mean. Bought some enamelware for a friend, some dry fruits that are always a part of the shopping list, took in the sights, sounds and smells… then very satisfied headed back to the train station. It was time to go back.

Old Delhi With a head full of memories and a bagful of goodies I reached home cold, exhausted but so so happy! I love any trip into the old city. The next trip will be on an empty stomach and with friends. The charm beckons you, the aromas call your name … kormas, rotis, rusks, sewain… it’s a food paradise. A food prop paradise too if you are lucky!

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