Antidote, coldpressed organic juice “The only antidote to the magic of images is the magic of words.”
Camille Paglia

Antidote! To think of it in the mildest terms, an antidote is a remedy that relieves. Well if you’ve had the good fortune to experience this Antidote, then you’ll know the remedy is good, delicious and refreshing! I was fortunate to get a taste of the Antidote line of cold pressed juices while at The Lodi for our food styling workshop last month. I have to say that I was very impressed with the juices on all counts. Great well balanced ‘real’ taste, fresh, refreshing and so much variety.

Antidote at The Lodi, Delhi I am a huge fan of cold pressed juices, and this market segment seems to be exploding. A virtual flood of cold pressed juices has hit the market of late, much to the delight of thirsty customers. Count me among them since I am eternally charmed by the concept. The concept of ‘all the goodness in a bottle‘ does tempt as days get very busy sometimes and one tends to neglect oneself. Also, if there are kids around, it feels good to offer them organic, clean, pesticide free ‘healthy’ juices. And if the juices are delicious to the last drop too, then you’re in business! Antidote seems to have nailed just that!

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice Since Antidote do solely juices and mylks {nut milks}, they’ve gone all the way and explored about every ingredient good for you. Then they’ve bottled them in these deep amber bottles which are quaint and almost like old fashioned medicine bottles. The whole look IMHO connects well to brand identity; for me, just looking at the bottle was food for thought! Yes actually, the drinks are bottled in dark amber glass bottles so that the live enzymes stay intact unaffected by heat or sunlight. I thought that was very cool, and seemed to make a lot of sense.

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice No preservatives, no added sugars and only organic produce make them one of the popular choices in the NCR these days. The cost might be high, but then organic produce does come with a hefty price tag. That doesn’t deter the brand from its ever growing loyalty base. With delivery points at Lodi Road, Malcha Marg and Chanakya Puri, and home delivery in Gurgaon, they have seen a steady increase in customers. Antidote also has a retail outlet at Select City Walk, Saket.

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice Antidote offers a bespoke service, customised for individual needs as required, working in tandem with their in-house nutritionists. They offer several different plans – The Cleanse & Juice Programs. For eg the ‘Go Liquid Until Dinner’ Cleanse is one that caught mye glad eye! From a 1 day trial to an advanced 10 day programme, the choices are varied. The same for juice programmes with options like Exhale, Skinny Down, Horse Power, the names are as innovative as what’s in the juice. I haven’t tried any of their nut mylks but some of my favourites juices include

The Flusher with apple, carrot, celery, ginger & green coffee extract, the flavours individually enticing your taste buds,
The Alkalizer with Apple, Courgette, Parsley & Peppermint,
The Polisher with pineapple, pear, arugula, green tea, peppermint, cinnamon, ginger & ashwagandha extract, and
The Conditioner with almond milk, vanilla water & coconut sugar

You can even do a juice a day! I can’t wait to try one of their plans after which maybe I can tell you if it worked it’s magic on me or not, but I can definitely sing praises of the quality, the product packaging, the label information, the  seamless delivery and of course the fresh delicious taste. Even the wheat grass cold pressed juice was good to the last drop {I’m saying that because I’ve recently had some really unpalatable versions from elsewhere}.

Antidote, coldpressed organic juice While the jury will always be out as to whether cold pressed juices vs fruit eaten whole is the right way to go, I am no expert or nutritionist. I just know that I find cold pressed juices a good refreshing option, especially to packaged juices with added sugars and lost enzymes. Additionally, the nut mylks might be a boon for those who are lactose intolerant, and also to vegans. That Conditioner juice with almond, vanilla water and coconut sugar definitely had my mind believe the bottle had coffee hidden in there somewhere. For a coffee lover like me, that good!Antidote, coldpressed organic juice Ph: + 91 9717412218 8 am to 8 pm
Email: [email protected]


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SPRING @ Radisson Blu Dwarka “Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”
Ruth Reichl

Recently I spent a day at the Radisson Blu Dwarka to shoot a little for their all day dining restaurant ‘Spring‘. At Spring, lazy Sundays are made special with a lavish ‘Champagne Brunch’ carefully crafted by celebrity chef Rakesh Sethi and his team. Diners can experience a sumptuous spread complimented with an unlimited service of Champagne or soft beverage of choice. It was my first visit to the 217 room property and I was in for a pleasant surprise.

SPRING @ Radisson Blu Dwarka The Radisson Blu Dwarka, a bustling property in the heart of Dwarka, is situated in the capitals largest green residential area, strategically located a 15 minutes’ drive from Indira Gandhi international and domestic airport. All ten floors offer a panoramic view of the city on one side and a beautifully done atrium lobby on the other. For food connoisseurs, the hotel offers a range of dining and entertainment experience at the restaurants including: Spring – an all-day-dining restaurant; Rice – the Oriental restaurant ; Dvar – the gateway to India which offers contemporary interpretations of traditional Indian cuisines by Celebrity Chef Rakesh Sethi; Zeppelin the contemporary lounge bar and Atrium the pastry & confectionary store.

SPRING @ Radisson Blu Dwarka Sundays are made special at Spring, where they promise something for every taste from Pan-Asian to Indian Classics and Western cuisine. They assure that you’ll never have to settle down for anything less than a freshly made meal served from the live buffet counters or from the lavish menu of sorts available at the reataurant. ‘Tis the moment for Champagne indulgence!

SPRING @ Radisson Blu Dwarka

SPRING @ Radisson Blu Dwarka Located on the lobby level, Spring has a contemporary look and feel where dining is more of an experience rather than just a sumptuous indulgence. The pristine white interior of the place is flushed with natural light filtering through stylish floor to ceiling glass windows. Offering fresh and innovative food concepts, with dishes cooked à la minute by chefs in each of the five interactive kitchens, the restaurant promises to deliver food straight from the pan to the plate.SPRING @ Radisson Blu Dwarka Lazy Sunday afternoons might never be the same again!
For reservations, please call + 88608 09900

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Chef Talk |20th anniversary celebrations at TK’S Oriental Grill, Hyatt Regency, Delhi – a ‘behind the scenes’ with Chef Rohilla

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“Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.”
Chinese proverb

TK’s Oriental 20 Anniversary celebration, Hyatt Regency DelhiI was at the Hyatt Regency Delhi a few days ago to shoot part of their new menu as the season changes. It was a fun, exciting and colourful shoot as always. My last one covered the very sweet stalwart corporate pastry Chef Bungla. This time around I was in for another exciting day as I spent a large part of it shadowing the energetic, persevering and friendly Chef Rohilla, chef de cuisine at TK’S Oriental Grill. With TK’S Oriental 20 Anniversary celebration starting from 21st September 2015, the timing couldn’t have been better!

TK’s Oriental 20 Anniversary Celebration, Hyatt Regency Delhi

It’s always a great learning experience to shadow a chef, this one seemed rather young and new. Yet once he got down to business, he sparkled! Passionate, efficient, good team leader and very easy going, he’s another feather in the Hyatt’s cap. An Indian teppanyaki specialist who has trained under the experts, Chef Rohilla adds his own set of secret sauces and creativity to this popular restaurant.

Lamb Chops, TK’S Oriental, Hyatt Regency DelhiAn avid fan of cricket and Hindi movies, this young spirited chef  is a jovial, meticulous and down-to-earth person. With nearly 11 years of experience in kitchens across the Indian subcontinent, Chef Rohilla has built a strong foundation for his preferred cuisine type, oriental cuisine.

Chef Rohilla. TK’S Oriental, Hyatt Regency Delhi

TK’s Oriental 20 Anniversary Celebration, Hyatt Regency Delhi 4Tossing eggs as high as vegetables, he enjoys every minute of what he does, and the attention he gets. I watch with my fingers crossed. He’s good at it! As good as he is with stirring a mean sauce, as making a spicy chicken salad, as adding that special crispy touch to the lamb chops. The chef animatedly talks you through his experiences, his food influences and much more. As busy as he is clearly popular, his young team exudes the same positivity and enthusiasm.

Chef Rohilla and his team, TK’S Oriental Grill, Hyatt Regency Delhi

TK’s Oriental 20 Anniversary Celebration, Hyatt Regency Delhi

Chef Rohilla and his team, TK’S Oriental Grill, Hyatt Regency Delhi Working in perfect sync, it was an absolute delight to see them get the menu together. Bit by bit, each bowl is plated with love and care, each platter lavished with attention, the aesthetics balanced beautifully, the passion shining through. Here is some of what you might savour at  TK’s Oriental 20 Anniversary celebration.TK’s Oriental 20 Anniversary Celebration, Hyatt Regency Delhi Ever since it’s opening in 1995, the reputation of TK’S Oriental Grill has been built on its fine food and  lively atmosphere. Widely recognised as one of the first teppanyaki kitchen-style dining venues in Delhi, it is also one the oldest restaurants to serve authentic Japanese cuisine.. The live sushi preparations and the drama of the chefs in action behind the hot grills makes TK’S Oriental Grill an entertaining dining option.

Do join them as they celebrate their 20th!!

{The celebration is on from September 22 to October 1, 2015 & October 20 to 29, 2015. Only dinner. For more information, please contact Chandan on + 91 98713 45577 }

TK’s Oriental 20 Anniversary Celebration, Hyatt Regency Delhi

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