Blogging Day of Rememberance

“Guns are an unnecessary evil – period!
Yes. It really is that simple.
There is no positive argument for guns. As humans we need food, love and shelter. Guns are not necessary to source any of these. Gunfire breeds gunfire, hate breeds hate… The only way to peace is PEACE!”
Bron Marshall

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On Monday, December 17, members of the blogging community have decided to observe a day of remembrance for the people of Newtown, CT


  • 4 years ago

    In thoughts with the families who have lost a loved one in this tragedy…


  • Maris King
    4 years ago

    Sorry for the lose. Hugs to your families and friends. it is really hard to accept the lose especially when it is close to your heart.

  • 4 years ago

    Thank you Deeba – I shall observe this on my FB page also.

  • 4 years ago


  • 4 years ago

    My heart goes out to the families who have suffered the loss of their near and dear ones. Also feel sad, that everyday we loose so many jawans and officers on our borders bur no one spares a thought to them or their families. A big salute to our heroes up there protecting our borders!!

  • 4 years ago

    May their souls rest in peace… Can i post this in my space too Deeba???

    • 4 years ago

      Yes of course Vimitha. You are welcome to take the image. Thank you

  • 4 years ago

    Hi Deeba,

    That’s touching! Will share it on my blog too…

    Nothing justifies any such action. not even mental illness!

  • Sherra
    4 years ago

    What you have said is so touching and eloquent. Thank you for expressing the sadness so many of us are feeling. There are so many tragedies all over the world occuring every, single day. However it is the loss of those so young and so innocent that tears at our hearts and makes our spirits so heavy. Thank you for sharing this with so many.

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