Baking| ERGO Knives {a review} & the best pizza dough ever {Peter Reinhart}

“I got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night…”
Annie get Your Gun

Peter Reinharts Pizza Dough & Ergochef KnivesThe lyrics above from the musical, Annie get Your Gun which we performed in university, sum my post perfectly. I had everything I ever wanted that day! I had Peter Reinharts pizza dough risen and ready to be baked into pizza when the bell rang. It was the good old postman and he looked HAPPY! Was it the misplaced lens cap that I had ordered on ebay? He looked happier than ‘lens-cap happy’, and impatiently thrust a heavy parcel into my hands.It’s here!” he announced as if I had won the first prize…Ergo Chef Knives

ERGO was written boldly across the packaging. I had completely forgotten that the pro knife folk at Ergo had asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their range of knives. YES please! They sent me 2 knives from their pro-series range – a 7″ Santuko Hollow ground edge and a 3.5″ pairing knife, in my opinion 2 knives that are a must have in every kitchen!

Ergo Chef has a fabulous range of knives, ergonomic and stylish in design, forged from one piece of high-carbon German steel (type X50CrMoV15), so there’s no chance they’ll snap in two. They’re also precision heat-treated for long edge life to 56-58 RC. {That’s “Rockwell,” the hardness test for steel}. In layman’s terms, that’s a perfect hardness for long edge life.

Ergo Chef KnivesI’ve ALWAYS been maniacal about my favourite kitchen tools, especially good kitchen knives. I have an old Santuko which has seen its days and these gleaming Ergo-babies had me chopping in next to no time. The Ergo Chef knives feel good and sturdy to hold, have a razor S H A R P  edge, and a comfortable wonderful grip. Have you a ‘thing‘ about chef knives? Do you obsess about no one else getting near your fave kitchen knife or culinary possession?

The design is ergonomic {as reflective of the name ERGO CHEF} and chopping has seriously taken a whole new meaning since they arrived. Onion slices as thin as paper, herbs chopped fine like I love them, the characteristic hollow ground depressions that keep food from clinging to the knife … in my eyes perfect properties for a good knife. We were well on our way to PIZZA now… CHOP, CHOP, CHOP!!Peter Reinharts Pizza Dough & Ergochef KnivesThis pizza dough is touted by Heidi @ 101 Cookbooks as the best pizza dough ever, and she’s spot on! The last time I made Peter Reinhart’s pizza dough was for a DB challenge. I was far too  inexperienced and even though it made a great pizza, what I got this time was simply the best. It’s SO GOOD that I might never bother experimenting with any other recipe. It’s got many plus factors primarily the make in advance factor. That works for me like nothing else. I sleep best when I know I have dough in the fridge. In addition, the crust is light as can be, crisp on the edges, and the resting in the fridge gives it a mature deep flavour …Peter Reinharts Pizza Dough & Ergochef KnivesMaybe the dough was good because of the Thermomix {another kitchen ‘item’ I’m obsessive about; add to the list my microplaner … }, or probably the vital gluten that Suma from Bangalore was sweet enough to courier me. Mr PAB called it the best pizza we’ve had! Did I tell you that the dough had a wonderful roasted garlic flavour which came through with just the slightest tang of my pickled red chillies? Of course it had a generous helping of fresh herbs from my flourishing herb garden! Yes, this was the best pizza ever.Herbs from my gardenErgo Chef KnivesThe toppings were minimal as Heidi suggested and she was a 100% right again. I would have loved to just make it a plain Margarita, but I struggle to get nutrition into my troublesome teen so my toppings on a basic homemade red pizza sauce were finely sliced mushrooms {sauteed in EVOO, garlic and herbs till flavoursome}, and roasted bell peppers, topped with Himalayan buffalo mozarella, pickled red peppers and fresh oregano!! The base took well to the toppings and we really enjoyed this vegetarian pizza! {pardon the pictures of the pizza as it was night by the time I got organised}.Kitchen Tools

Tell me dear readers, do  you have a kitchen gadget/tool that you are possessive about ? What is your favourite pizza dough recipe?