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“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”
C. JoyBell C.

Peaches & Cream CakeIt was a Peaches & Cream Cake for my father’s birthday last week. Everything was going according to plan,and I toyed around with summer cake ideas in my head. Summer is for stone fruit, and the cake would most certainly have some! Peaches! I had a kilo of them in the fridge. Cream? Yes of course; there’s always some on hand. Time for peaches and cream!!

Peaches & Cream Cake Despite knowing that whipping cream in miserable summer heat is sure to fail, I marched ahead. At 43C, life was never going to be a cake walk in the record breaking heat and humidity we have had this summer. That the rains failed added to my misery. 75% humidity and everything looks like it’s condensing! Not the best weather to work with cream cakes in …… Peaches & Cream Cake 4…and then it was time for a power breakdown. It had been assembled but a cake needs chilling you know. I stuck the cake into the fridge and we finally left for dinner. The cake survived as power was back when we returned. I thanked my lucky stars that it held together until we cut it, well almost. It was YUM! Oh, did I tell you I never got to my kilo of peaches? Peaches & Cream Cake 3Yes that happened too. With all the unnecessary drama of no power, I just reached out for a tin of canned peaches; probably my best idea that day. Another good idea was the  Crème patisserie I made for the frosting … finger licking good.

Peaches & Cream Trifles

Peaches & Cream TriflesI saved some cream and peaches; enough to make a few trifles. Layered the same way as the cake, they were fun to assemble … and eat of course! The goblets are one of my favourites from Urban Dazzle. I use them often for different stuff like Dark Chocolate Mousse, Peach Lime Coolers & Stone Fruit Salads.

Peaches & Cream Trifles

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Baking | Fresh Peach Streusel Coffee Cake …. getting stoned in season & Urban Dazzle {a review}!

“Everything you own should have value, either because it’s functional or beautiful or you just love it.”
Peter Walsh

Fresh Peach Streusel Coffee CakeYou can’t have too many kitchen & table accessories if you  are a food lover. Add food blogger to that, and accessories magically double up as props, even if your house is bursting at the seams with things you love! This footed platter is something I love, the simplicity and classic appeal just perfect to show off this Fresh Peach Brown Streusel Coffee Cake. Fresh Peach Streusel Coffee Cake Neelam from Urban Dazzle asked a few days ago if I would like some accessories to showcase on my blog! How could I say no? One look at her online venture and I was smiling. So much to choose from! Whats not to love about this Palladio 4-in-1? A multi-functional dining set, this spectacular creation from Borgonovo can double up as a punch bowl set, cheese dome as well as a footed cake platter.

She was sweet enough to send me an Ego Alter Banquet Footed Platter which is great on a tea table or as a cake platter. Smooth lines, stylish, clean contemporary appeal … things that gel with me! Here’s the last remaining slice of the Rustic Peach ‘n Plum Summer Galette on it … I love how beautifully it showcases the colours. Elegant!Rustic Peach ‘n Plum Summer Galette

Rustic Peach ‘n Plum Summer Galette That morning I made wild Indian java plum {jamun} sherbet that morning inspired by Chinmayies beautiful post @ love food eat. Chinmayies memories woke mine up … and soon I was stirring some gorgeous purple sherbet! Mine had jamun, sugar, water, rock salt and some sour kokum water. The colours had me fascinated…Wild Indian java plum {jamun} sherbet In the parcel from Urban Dazzle was a Bottle Indro from the house of Borgonovo. With it’s tulip-like sculpting and blue top, it’s just what was missing from my collection. …  I reshot the sherbet in the new ‘Indro‘! {The sherbet is an acquired taste as these wild plums are quite astringent in taste}.Wild Indian java plum {jamun} sherbetNext I shall make pure vanilla extract in this sweetly shaped aesthetic bottle! Other ideas … spice vinegar, chili oil, garlic herb infused vinegar …. or maybe a peach liqueur! So much to do, so little time! Online shopping is rapidly becoming the convenient way to shop in India, especially in the hot summer. How fun is it to sip a glass of cool ‘sherbet’ in a cool room and shop online in glad rags!! All the time to browse, compare, and then have everything neatly shipped to your doorstep!

Urban Dazzle was one such experience … and for bakers in India, it’s a must visit. Bakeware, dessertware, bottles, cake plates, decanters, kitchen essentials, table essentials, tumblers, carafes … a huge variety under one roof! Be it Drinking, Dining, Decor or Gifting, it’s the one-stop shop for all such items. While most of their current selection is made of glass, they intend to diversify into other items going forward.Fresh Peach Streusel Coffee CakeThis is the season to be jolly stoned! The monsoons have arrived, it’s hot and now humid too. It’s raining peaches, plums and cherries here and I am rapidly becoming a peach monster. Daily oat-mango-peach smoothies, poached peaches, crisps, just peaches, frozen peaches, now some bottled in an attempt to make peach schnappes,  and then the Rustic Peach ‘n Plum Summer Galette we certainly are getting stoned this season! PeachesHere a peach, there a peach, everywhere peach peach is the song I sing, constantly looking for new peach ideas! I adapted an apple streusel bars recipe from a beautiful cookbook ‘Frame-by-frame baking‘. Light, tender crumb, a beautifully flavoured streusel with undertones of almond, clarified butter and brown sugar marrying well.Fresh Peach Streusel Coffee CakeThe peaches were wonderful in there. I left the skin on, and the cake just melted in the mouth while warm. It was really good chilled too. It’s an easy straightforward tray bake, and you can dress it up a little bit with a drizzle of lime glaze, fresh peach slices and mint if you like. Use ripe but firm peaches  … Enjoy!

Monthly Mingle is the brainchild of the lovely Meeta @ Whats For Lunch Honey, and this month it celebrates Barbara’s spirit at the wonderful Jeanne @ Cook Sister with a Taste of Yellow. I am sending this to the MM for July 2012.

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Baking | Rustic Peach ‘n Plum Summer Galette … moorish summer tart

“I think that you’ve got to make something that pleases you and hope that other people feel the same way.”
Thomas Keller

Rustic Peach 'n Plum Summer GaletteAh summer! With fruit and colour in equal abundance, what more can one ask for! Yet with the Indian summer comes stuff I don’t need! Power cuts, high temperatures and no time to bake! Then 2 days ago, the monsoons appeared, schools reopened, and I got a tiny breather. The first thing I did was to roll out a Rustic Peach ‘n Plum Summer Galette.Rustic Peach 'n Plum Summer GaletteWhats not to love about a season that offers crumbles, crisps, sorbets, fro yos, cheesecakes, mousse, ice creams, panna cottas, coolers, sangrias, chutneys, preserves, … and so much more! HAPPINESS! And then there are galettes, moorish in every way, full of rustic appeal! A simple free form pastry filled with fresh seasonal fruit has got to be one of my favourite summer desserts {among a slew of others!} Summer is for stone fruitThere is SO MUCH you can do with stone fruit, it’s amazing! This year the quality has been exceptionally good. I looked at the peaches and wondered if they were ripe enough to peel; I really wanted to see if I could slip ‘them off‘. The fruit was perfect and for the first time in years I looked at a bowl of perfectly peeled peaches. Plums next and success again!Rustic Peach 'n Plum Summer Galette I have a friend, an old lady, who spoils me silly constantly sending me stuff from chocolates to tangerines, and everything in between. Her grandson is quite fond of my baking so I try and bake him a little something when he visits from Moscow where he works. He’s visiting these days and this was for him!Rustic Peach 'n Plum Summer GaletteMade one for him, and then had some fruit left, so made one for us too! Got me high fives from the family. The peach monster said it was ‘really really nice‘, and so did the dieting diva. “Pie, pie, pie“, she screamed, “I want more!Rustic Peach 'n Plum Summer GaletteThe pastry was nice and crisp despite all the fresh fruit it held. The cornmeal added a touch of texture and crispness. It’s a good tart to make. Serve it warm if you like, though we loved it cold!

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Monthly Mingle is the brainchild of the lovely Meeta @ Whats For Lunch Honey, and this month it celebrates Barbara’s spirit at the wonderful Jeanne @ Cook Sister with a Taste of Yellow. I am sending this to the MM for July 2012.

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