Baking | Double Chocolate Strawberry Pavlovas … sweet indulgence!

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”
Ernestine Ulmer

Double Chocolate Strawberry PavlovasDouble Chocolate Strawberry Pavlovas! They weren’t for V Day; coincidentally just got made the same day. Himanshu messaged early in the morning on FB and we began discussing feet, macarons, failed feet, Mactweets and what not. I had a batch of egg whites in the freezer. The egg whites ex the Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte were frozen for tempting times like this. Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu CharlotteI had some more frozen ex a batch of lime curd I had made for a recipe feature in Good Housekeeping. Egg whites are sweet creatures, maintenance free, and ever obliging. Happy to be frozen, and equally happy to defrost! I got mac-nostalgic and brought them down. Then the day got real, took on proportions that were very macaron unfriendly…Lime CurdI almost convinced myself to make macarons with the whites, the only problem with the beauties is the high risk of failure. That day had already had a tiring beginning. I was in no mood to punish myself. Besides, I find macarons really pretty to look at but sometimes too sweet to eat. Is it only me? Anyone else? I’ve had Double Chocolate Strawberry Pavlovas on my mind for long! I’ve made others before – Tropical Fruit Pavlova  and Chocolate Pavlovas with Chocolate Mascarpone Mousse, Brandied Cherries and PeachesHowever, the double chocolate ones at What Katie Ate dance in my head almost every time I see strawberries! Double Chocolate Strawberry PavlovasMust be something about the V Day over-hype but the passionate red strawberries did shout out to me. India isn’t raspberry country yet something tells me that in the years to come, raspberries and blueberry punnets might flood the market. There was a time when we used to crave good fresh strawberries. Now we are spoilt for choice twice or thrice a year! Double Chocolate Strawberry Pavlovas I made Double Chocolate Strawberry Pavlovas instead. There’s no recipe for chocolate pavlova that is as often used as Nigellas, and I found it a couple of years ago at WKA! If you want to indulge yourself in goodness and spoil yourself silly, look no further …

Double Chocolate Strawberry Pavlovas The Domestic Goddess does it the best, and in indulgent style. Pavlovas are pretty simple creatures. A few basics under your belt and you can churn them out with your eyes shut. Do read Katies post for some pearls of pav wisdom!

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