Baking| Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Cake … a birthday cake for the sweet 16th!

“CHOCOLATE CAKE may not fix everything but it’s a darn good substitute”

Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeTime flies and how.It was her birthday a few days ago, the not so terrible anymore {well almost} teen turned 16, a day she awaited eagerly. We did too as we have for every birthday, for us every year special.  On request was a Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Birthday Cake, a cake that looked really nice, and tasted good too.Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeStrange beginning to the year. Just as I decided to get a handle on time management and better posting, we had a bad thunderstorm 2 nights ago, hailstorms, lightning, heavy downpour … the works. Lightning struck nearby and fried the modem and the poor motherboard of my dear computer! More needless running around, unnecessary expenditure {$$$}, and annoyingly, no internet!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Cake So while I sat in social isolation, I tried to type a blog post in 70 minutes, inspired by this post I read on BlogAdda just before lightning struck. Maybe it was meant to be.  So heres a short-ish post {still can’t figure out why writers block hits me when the internet is kaput} for the birthday, and it’s back to the 2nd.KidsAs I said earlier, how time flies! The ‘now threatening to be terrible pre-teen‘ was most excited on his sisters birthday and lavished his love on her all day long. I have never seen him so excited and attentive to her outlandish and whimsical demands and behavior … but he was. The pooch followed suit!!Kids & CocoThe teen was uncannily willing to be clicked , of course that was after I literally begged her; she uncharacteristically relented. Job done and she declared like the Queen of England that the pictures were nice and I could  use a few for my blog!KidsLuck wasn’t on my side, and I accidentally deleted the whole lot before they had a chance to get copied onto the computer. I could have wept. No cake pictures, no pretty pink baby shoes vs big feet, and terribly enough, no record of her on her sweet 16th!! She hounded me … “How could you mother? You can’t be joking? Where did the pictures go …..KidsIt was back to the Google Gods … how to recover accidentally deleted pictures from a camera card etc. I downloaded different softwares each promising the moon for dolts like me. ‘Just get me those pictures‘. I left the software to run through the night…Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeChocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeSweet success the next morning had software called Recuva recover all my deleted pictures. Lucky me!! I had all the pictures back, pink shoes and all! Gosh, how feet grow was all I could think!!Strawberry based desserts on PABHer love for strawberries is indescribable. She loves them to bits … right out of the box to enjoying them in desserts, diet or no diet! We are lucky enough to get fresh produce twice a year. Ah, the joys of living in a tropical country!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeSo here’s the cake I made for her. It came out looking really pretty {if I may say so myself}, and was I glad the chocolate Bavarian mousse set!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeI also added a few tbsps of Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix to the Bavarian, the cocoa a gift from a sweet reader of PAB, Indrani. Her words touching and inspiring… “Thank you for all the lovely recipes you are churning out. I’m a better baker and it’s ALL thanks to you.Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa & WholeWheat Oat Choc chip CookiesThank you for the sweet gift Indrani. The kids have had a great winter slurping hot cocoa with Whole wheat & oat chocolate chip cookies!!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Cake Now onto the recipe which might seem a bit involved when you first read it, but it comes together fairly quickly. It’s always easier to bake the cake a day in advance {or a few hours earlier} if you are pressed for time {or electricity as my case usually is!}.

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