“I am still convinced that a good, simple, homemade cookie is preferable to all the store-bought cookies one can find.”
James Beard

Not Quite AnzacsOne of those days … non stop rain, a holiday, loads to do, laundry too, kids at home and hungry! Food Food Food! The poor baker stirred some chicken korma in the morning, rushed off to cart the teen to and from extra art classes, then the hub requested for some cookies as he was off to HKG! Loves to carry the taste of home with him! So in the middle of the mayhem, these were born – Not Quite Anzac Cookies!Not Quite AnzacsI’ve baked several versions of Anzacs in the past, loved this one especially. The basic recipe is from the Thermomix cookbook, but now has been made over so many times that its evolved into something else. Seemingly lost the characteristic Anzac Cookie-ness … no coconut for one, yet delicious addictive bites. They sit in the jar and call your name! This version was no different.Not Quite AnzacsI like these eggless cookies; can have them all day long. They are nice, chewy if you like them them that way, and crisp if you bake them longer! I loved the flavours trapped within – brown sugar and butter create some delightful butterscotch like magic, and the walnut meal adds yummy taste. {I grind the walnuts since the teen doesn’t like nuts in her cookies & brownies}. She loved these! Oats for texture and you would want more cookie with each bite!Not Quite AnzacsI’ve been reading up economics all yesterday to tutor the daughter for her first semester exams. Am surprised at how much I’ve learnt, this after doing my honours in economics!! Look at what got stuck in the head? Desires and wants form the basis of human economics. If  you desire something, that’s good, but it’s just a wish. BUT if you want something, you have to make an effort to achieve it … and then the wheels of the economy begin to turn from the micro level right out to the macro level. Cool eh? Not Quite AnzacsThis is going to be a short post since writers block has landed in my head after all that ‘back to books’ that happened to me. I’m off to have a cookie! Come share mine virtually if you ‘desire’ some. If you want some, you know what you are going to have to do, right? Yes, get the elbow grease on the job!

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