Wholegrain Oatmeal Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wholegrain Oatmeal Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies that come together in a matter of minutes, fuss free and absolutely delicious. That they are 100% wholegrain makes them a winner. Swap the chocolate chips for raisins, maybe add some walnuts, or make them coffee chocolate chip cookies. Either way, these will disappear before you know it! This is pure comfort food.

The Masala Dabba #3

The spices we cover for The Masala Dabba #3 are cardamom, whole pepper and turmeric. I think I love the spice journey best. We enter month #3 of our collaborative spice journey with exploring or rather ‘shooting’ spices. March is synonymous with Spring, new beginnings and a whole lot of colour. This March also had holi, the festival of colour, which inspired me to shoot several times through the month.

Banaras 2016

Our iconic trip to Banaras was memorable, action packed and absolute fun all the way {warning long post}. I was going to do a smallish post, but a load of folk on FB asked me for a more informative one, so here goes. In any case, Banaras can never be a small post. I can see myself going there again soon. The city grows on you!