Cocoa Mousse-a-Cotta

Cocoa Mousse-a-Cotta, a failed panna cotta experiment that became a mousse. Deep, dark, indulgent dessert experiment which turned out deliciously wrong. It had something missing in the ingredients, but certainly not in taste! Try this you must, until I reach the right one!

Oat Walnut Trifle Bowls with Roasted Stone Fruit

Oat Walnut Trifles with Roasted Stone Fruit came together like they were just meant to be. Every element paired beautifully with the other. The oat walnut sponge offered great texture to 'drink up' the juices of the vanilla roasted fruit. The low fat cream whipped up beautifully with almond undertones luxuriously settling down atop the soaked fruity sponge in silky swirls.