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“You’ll never convince me that there’s more to life than chocolate chip cookies”
Charles M. Shultz

Eggless Almond Honey Wholegrain CookiesEggless Almond Honey Wholegrain Cookies … cookies that are meant to be shared! I haven’t posted a cookie recipe for a while on PAB. Possibly since I don’t make new variations very often, or when I do, I forget to jot the recipe down. Ones that I regularly make are all time favourites like Wholewheat & Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies & these Not Quite Anzac cookies.

Eggless Almond Honey Wholegrain Cookies That morning I was due to meet a sweet girl who was coming in to meet me from halfway across India. I knew she was a vegetarian and I wanted to bake something eggless for her. Cookies seemed a good idea for the coffee morning. I had some Strawberry & Cape Gooseberry Quark Mousse chilling in the fridge for her too.

Spring Spring has all but given way to summer. Mornings and evenings are beautifully pleasant; the season inspires like no other. Flowers bloom, fruits spill off bazaar shelves, birds chirp, butterflies zip around. Baking is fun in this weather though baking cookies is fun any time!!

Eggless Almond Honey Wholegrain Cookies The cookies came out delicious, even better since they were packed with nutrition and whole grains. I love the idea of adding nut meal to cookies. In my case I have to since the daughter dislikes nuts with a vengeance. She loves cookies with nut meal though!

Eggless Almond Honey Wholegrain Cookies I baked another batch soon after as we flew into breathtakingly beautiful Srinagar for a short vacation. It’s always nice to carry a ‘taste of home’ with us. Though Srinagar is known for its little bakeries that dot the length and breadth of the city, my humble cookies were much in demand with the kids too! Srinagar, India ... paradise on earthOne look at the ingredients in the recipe and you’ll see the cookie goodness I am talking about. Almonds, whole wheat, amaranth {my latest obsession}, oats, and honey instead of  corn syrup!  Told you … these are deliciously healthy cookies. Indulgent too!

Eggless Almond Honey Wholegrain Cookies Try them. Cookies don’t get simpler than these. One bowl goodness, fun to make, get the kids involved. Do watch them towards the end of baking. Honey in baked goods tends to lead to faster browning. So do keep an eye!

Eggless Almond Honey Wholegrain Cookies Healthy, fun recipes with amaranth, whole grains, oats {read lots of oats}, unrefined sugars, honey etc have kept me busy of late. I’ve been involved in doing a project for Saffola Oats here in India.

Whole foodShot two recipe videos with the very sweet Michelin Starred Chef Vikas Khanna for Food Food Channel, India as part of the engagement. You can catch the first episode for a Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Gateau {Gluten free} which has been uploaded onto You-tube.

Baking | Chocolate Oat Walnut Brownies … Baking and other activities for the family this summer

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
Charles Bowden

Chocolate Oat Walnut BrowniesChocolate Oat Almond Walnut Brownies … you can’t have enough brownie recipes under your belt. The younger teen is suddenly showing sporadic bursts of interests in the kitchen. Maybe he’s trying to beat the heat, or maybe discovering a new hobby. Maybe forever H U  N G R Y, he thinks it’s best

Wholewheat Double Chocolate Brownies I was pleasantly surprised some time back when he sauntered into the kitchen in his PJs while I was stirring brownies. Nonchalantly he took the whisk and bowl from me, and made the batter like he had been doing it for years! So I asked him to get up early a few days ago to bake another batch. He made these as we were off for a weekend to Calcutta.

Chocolate Oat Walnut Brownies It’s a nice way to engage kids in the kitchen, brilliant actually. Brownies are forgiving creatures. Delicious too! The batter gets stirred together in minutes, and these are less messy. It’s a simple one bowl recipe. Nothing much can go wrong.

Chocolate Oat Walnut Brownies 2You can see how the lad had a go at them. He stirred them together gently, and then in a moment of happiness, gave the batter a vigorous  stir up! Soon we had a batch of Chocolate Oat Walnut Brownies. These are gluten-free.

{Research suggests that pure, uncontaminated oats and oat products are not toxic to the majority of adults and children with coeliac disease. However the vast majority of oats and oats products on the market are contaminated with wheat, rye and/or barley. Processing, such as milling, makes them unsuitable for people with coeliac disease. The protein found in oats is called avenin, which is similar to gluten. There is some evidence to suggest that some people with coeliac disease may even react to pure, uncontaminated oats.}

Chocolate Oat Walnut Brownies This recipe is ever forgiving and came out good. Good enough for the kids to enjoy, good enough for the younger teen to flaunt them. I made them”,  he announces to all and sundry, then goes on to devour another rightful square! Milk and brownies forever welcome!

Lemon Ginger Creme Brulee

Lemon Ginger Creme Brulee He also enjoyed brûléeing the crème brûlée we made a few days ago. It’s nice to involve kids in the kitchen during the summer break. Beware though, the mess is yours to clean if you have teens like mine! He seems to be loving it. So does the elder sis. She baked the cocker a special doggie birthday cake a few days ago. I was skeptical. Needn’t have been. She had a blast and made it look so pretty! Baking is now a big option in the vacations!

Doggie birthday cake These Chocolate Oat Walnut Brownies were for Calcutta, the city of joy! Not a planned vacation, but a weekend getaway to join Mr PAB who had work there. Another inspiring Indian city covered, another opportunity to experience a rich culture. O Calcutta … you are just so beautiful!

CalcuttaThere’s been a lot of Bengali influence in my life of late. I was recently interviewed by Sananda magazine, the east Indian version of Femina, in an anniversary special. These days, Mr PAB regularly visits Calcutta on work, coming home laden with intriguing tales! I’ve also recently reviewed a Bengali cookbook cum food journey ‘Bong Moms Cookbook’ for a magazine. That brought the Bong culture and cuisine onto my table.

Chocolate Oat Walnut Brownies What are your plans these holidays? We’re halfway through the vacations here. Between internships and a theatre workshop, we’ve crossed the halfway mark. With Master Chef Oz around the corner, hopefully some culinary skills might get polished. Did I forget to mention some candid photography that the kids did too? They both get pretty trigger happy now and then!

Get cooking this summer Here are some simple recipes to get the kids into the kitchen with … Whole Wheat Dark Chocolate Brownies, Creme au Chocolat Shots, Minty Chickpea Yogurt Parfaits, Simplest & Best 2 ingredient Dark Chocolate Mousse, Whole Wheat & Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies, Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip WookiesAlmond Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Buttercream, One Bowl Milk Chocolate Brownies, Strawberry Fro Yo

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Travel feature| GOA – everyone must have a plan to visit Goa!

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”
Earl Wilson

GoaHello again! It’s been a while since I blogged. Just got back from a short vacation in Goa. It’s a beautiful city, even though it was off season, a visit some folk may call no-brainer, but we LOVED it! The laid back lifestyle, the quaintness, the gentle mild folk, the lilting beaches and the Portuguese flavour all leave a song in your heart! For starters, I bring to you a bit quite a bit of colourful, vibrant Goa … then in my next post a Black Forest Cake that I made just before leaving Delhi.GoaReaching there from the mad hustle bustle of North India put us in the slow lane immediately. It’s a city of pubs, bars, sea, sand, sea-food, beaches, tattoos, more beaches, barges, beer, two wheelers, cashew nuts, coconuts, ceramic tiles, churches, tiled roofs, wonderful warm folk … and COLOUR! My visit couldn’t have ‘happened‘ so beautifully without Aparna who I finally got to meet after years of virtual blog talk! She’s been in Goa for years, got me the best cab driver ever, and helped me find my way around the city!GoaThe ‘now beginning to be quite terrible‘ pre-teen and me hit Miramar beach early in the morning, while the ‘not quite so terrible anymore’ teen snoozed! It was just me and the kids in Goa as Mr PAB was busy at work, so I tried to work around their interests which were quite limited actually. Sleep, beach, food, TV, sleep, beach, food, TV, sleep, beach, food, TV … and a little shopping. Go to Goa folks. It’s got something for everyone!!GoaI haven’t seen them smile so much in a while, loving the sea, enjoying the sand {and each others company} … almost like when they were toddlers! Goa did it to them … {they are back to being grumpy again as the temperature here in North India hits 45C and rising}.GoaOh and I also very bravely took the kids in a rickety old boat to the mouth of the Arabian Sea to see dolphins, but chickened out halfway through as the sea was really CHOPPY … and we had no life jackets!!Goa GoaJimmy Guzder's Bungalow, Goa We sailed past Mumbai  millionaire  Jimmy Guzder’s beautifully landscaped bungalow, which stood in stark contrast to the the Aguada Jail a few heartbeats away! Then the others on the boat panicked big time as the rickety old boat hit the waters alarmingly. Much to the horror of the kids, we turned the boat around even as they were ready to swim the choppy seas! No dolphin sighting for us!! Sahakari Spice Farms Goa En route to a south Goa beach, Majorda, I stole a devious detour and off we went to the Sahakari Spice Farm. We were welcomed with flower garlands and a warm lemon-grass ginger tea {very refreshing indeed}. Then led for an eye opening tour of the farm by the very affable guide Sachin. I thought I knew all a lot of spices, and was proved absolutely wrong! GoaTo end the spicy tour we were all served some fermented cashew drink before it became traditional Goan cashew feni... GoaIn the few days we were there, we did a short drive through of Old Goa, and managed a Mandovi river cruise  as well ….GoaGoa… and ended the trip with a second early morning visit to Miramar beach which was a brisk walk from the Vivanta Taj where we stayed!Black Forest CakeIt’s been ages since I made a Black Forest Cake. Cherries, plump, black, juicy and delicious ones have flooded the market of late and this quintessential cherry dessert cake called my name! Typically, the day I decided to bake the cake every silly thing went wrong, leaving me in a race against time … and I had to turn to a jar of canned cherries! The Black Forest Cake is a cake lovers delight … and that’s up next!!

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