Spoonful of Christmas

“It’s good to be children sometimes,and never better than at Christmas.”
Charles Dickens
Christmas Cookies…I make these special ‘Iced Cookies’ at this time of the year when I am at my creative best ; they are my ‘signature cookies’ and are much awaited ! They do everything to cheer up the table, are vibrant and full of Christmas spirit. Closer to Christmas, I will be doing a batch to hang up on the small tree that the kids dress up.
Our favourite Christmas cookies, ‘Iced Sugar Cookies’, iced in Xmas colours. The basic cookie recipe is the same one that I use for Smartie Cookies’. Its a very versatile one, and works well with this recipe, as well as for the ‘Stained Glass Christmas Cookies’. For the icing, I used powdered sugar mixed with just enough water to make it thick & flowing, then coloured it with Christmas colours, and drizzled it on the cookies. I leave them to dry out overnight, and sometimes give them a minute in a hot oven to get rid of any moisture (depends on the weather actually). Practice makes this one better each time.

Meeta at What’s For Lunch Honey (WFLH) has “the fire is crackling in her fireplace & has laid out her table elegantly with the punch waiting“. Thought these might look pretty on her beautifully laid out table , so am sending this to her for her Monthly Mingle.
Inside me lives a skinny woman trying to get out. I can usually shut her up with cookies!”
Author Unknown
“Have yourself a cozy little Christmas!”
Author Unknown

These cookies are also on their way to Susan at Food Blogga for her ‘Eat Christmas Cookies’ event & for a ‘Spoonful of Christmas’ at Zlamushka’s Spicy Kitchen (whose event ends today on the 1st of December).
…as a friend from Group Recipes, Krumkake, said to me yesterday… My “cookie hormones” have taken possession of me these days, and all I can think about is baking for the holidays!
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