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“Always keep a smile on your face, a rainbow in your heart, and some dark chocolate on hand!”

Dark Chocolate Wholegrain Brown Sugar Cake Dark Chocolate Wholegrain Brown Sugar Cake … seems like a load of dark chocolate and wholegrain happening on PAB of late. That’s where my heart lies. Whether it’s brownies, cookies or biscotti or then cake, wholegrain is the preferred choice, and often dark chocolate the perfect partner in crime!

Dark Chocolate Wholegrain Brown Sugar Cake I must confess that I begin with ‘no chocolate‘ in my intentions, but somewhere along the way cocoa and chocolate find their way into the mix or batter. It’s happened umpteen times, and now I wonder if I function on ‘auto chocolate’?

Dark Chocolate Wholegrain Brown Sugar Cake So this Dark Chocolate Wholegrain Brown Sugar Cake is inspired by the Muscavado Sugar Cake in a brilliant book ‘Good To The Grain‘. I bought the book a few years ago, and it continues to hold pride o f place on my book shelf. I might not bake out of it often, but its a constant source of inspiration alright. Just leafing through the pages gets my creativity going!'food-o-graphy' by Deeba Rajpal. A Food Styling workshop at the Indian Food Bloggers Meet 2014Talk about inspiration. So while I was making the cake, unsure of course whether it would work out fine or not, I thought I’d experiment with the styling.  I sometimes find chocolate challenging to shoot so figured I would experiment a little. You see I am headed off to the IFBM in Bangalore to host a food styling workshop. With just a clutch of days to go, the butterflies in my stomach flutter non stop.

Food Styling @ PABIt’s just an hours workshop and my first dedicated food styling one. I am super excited and want to cram everything I know into that one precious hour. That’s not going to happen of course, but I am trying. Food styling is so personal, it reflects a bit of you, yet it is so infinite.

food photographyThat’s the thing about food photography. Just keep experimenting with different, styles, different porps, changing light… it’s this practice that helps you grow. The possibilities are infinite. Much like the pleasure you get from seeing the results! So while the recipe is to feed the blog, the few different snapshots head off to the IFBM!

Wholegrain baking I enjoy using wholegrains in my recipes, and this one is a hearty and delicious one. Getting amaranth in there made it even better. You can experiment with different combinations, even skip the cocoa like in the original recipe from the book. Oh yes, and try and use unrefined mineral sugars. Make it a habit. I have!

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About me: I am a freelance food writer, recipe developer and photographer. Food is my passion - baking, cooking, developing recipes, making recipes healthier, using fresh seasonal produce and local products, keeping a check on my carbon footprint and being a responsible foodie! I enjoy food styling, food photography, recipe development and product reviews. I express this through my food photographs which I style and the recipes I blog. My strength lies in 'Doing Food From Scratch'; it must taste as good as it looks, and be healthy too. Baking in India, often my biggest challenge is the non-availability of baking ingredients, and this has now become a platform to get creative on. I enjoy cooking immensely as well.


  1. Wish I could come to your workshop, sounds amazing and good luck I am sure you are going to be fantastic xxx

  2. Shipra says:

    Almond meal?

  3. Beautiful photography and cake! Congratulations on the workshop.



  4. Deeba..your cakes sound delicious and your photography is brilliant. I often read your blog. Sometimes I think whether you are a more of a baker or a photograher. Its a pleasure to run through your blog!!

  5. gloria says:

    Aw Deeba look amazing dear.But always I think in all these years your blog is beautiful and yours pics are georgeous.
    You always inspired me dear Deeba:)

  6. I so wish I could take your workshop if just to watch you work…. your styling is so beautiful. And no matter what you do and how gorgeous, you always highlight the food you have made which is just as beautiful as the setting you create. But only an hour? You need much longer than that!

    This cake looks fabulous and I’ve just bookmarked it to make. Maybe for guests tomorrow (chocolate Kerrin will be here for dinner!)


  7. I am sure the workshop must have been a success. Looking at photos on facebook, I know the meet was a lot of fun. Here’s to more success and more fun!

  8. I can never say no to chocolate. This looks so yum! Congrats on the workshop. I am sad that I couldn’t attend IFBM.

  9. Awesome photography and delicious cake. Can I replace egg, any suggestions please.

  10. Hi, Deeba, every time i see this post i have such a gutted feeling that I couldn’t make it, and missed seeing you, I heard that it was such a wonderful workshop, I love your awesome photography and of course your bakes, today i thought i wanted to pen down my feelings, hopefully next time I would like to make it

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