Baking | Sinful Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche … chocolate + toffee = heavenly!

“In today’s world, when many of yesterday’s fashionable habits are today’s misdemeanors, we should rejoice that a chocolate dessert can bring so much innocent pleasure.”
Marcel Desaulniers

hocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche 1Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche … a sweet beginning to 2014. Always fun to end a year decadently {Dark Chocolate Kumquat Amaranth Mousse Cakes}, and begin the next one on a clean slate. As in my case, maybe with a dose of some more decadence? Actually, it’s more of a ritual because the daughter was born on the 2nd of Jan. Every year begins with a baking frenzy, and of late, chocolate is being demanded more than ever before!

Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche It was more frenzied when she was young as there had to be cookies, brownies, dips too. The works! As they grow up, the pressure here falls … increases everywhere else I have to add! This year was the big 18 and most of her day went with friends as expected. For me, it was a situation which reminded me of Driving Ms Daisy … I drove her up and down all day long! Since I love driving, I cannot complain!

Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche The previous day was busier than I could manage. The cake became a rushed affair. I did have this fancy fondant cake in mind, the colours that she would have loved, with stuff on top which might have knocked her breath away etc… that remained in my dreams! Instead, between racing around like a headless chicken for two whole days, I threw in one genoise after another. Cakes baked, frosting was the next challenge. Thankfully I had a tin of dulce de leche made from an earlier batch when I did this Banoffee Pie.

Dulce de leche,” meaning candy of milk or milk jelly in Spanish, is a rich and decadent sauce or syrup, similar in flavor to caramel. Unlike caramel, however, which is made by heating sugar, dulce de leche is prepared by heating sweetened condensed milk. Dulce de leche is especially common in the desserts of various South American countries, including Argentina and Uruguay.

Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche Might work I thought. Well it had to because I had cut it too fine. While she had a friend over to ring in her birthday at midnight, the poor mother stood in freezing January temperatures trying desperately to fill a chocolate genoise with a hair brained ‘toffee inspired‘ filling idea. Fast approaching the Cinderella hour, I ended up using an adjustable dessert ring  {one of my best buys in Sydney many years ago} and gelatin to stabilize the filling.
Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche Thankfully it turned out fine and ‘set‘ overnight, else I might have wept copious tears. Chocolate and toffee are a wonderful combination. With less than an hour in hand, I did a quick dark chocolate ganache to frost the cake, and made some shards to garnish. There was just enough time to give it a dusting of powdered sugar, take a few snaps …

Chocolate Cake with Dulce de Leche … and the rest is history! I didn’t get any shots of a slice as the cake went pretty quick after the 18 year old did the honours. I am however sure I will make this again soon. Maybe as soon as I get those cans of condensed milk into the pressure cooker again!

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  1. What a sweet beginning to a new year – the daughter’s birth and birthday, I mean. And oh to have someone make something so amazing, gorgeous and decadent for me on my birthday! Stunning! Absolutely stunning! Happy birthday, daughter…. boy do they grow up so fast!

    xoxox Happy Joyous Healthy New Year, dear Deeba, to you and your family!
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Lemon Limoncello Ricotta MousseMy Profile

  2. Terrific looking and sounding! That cake is magnificent and very tempting. A great way to start the New Year.

    Best wishes for 2014!



  3. Happy belated birthday to your baby! Although she’s a young lady now, she’ll always be your baby.
    This is the supermodel of chocolate cakes. Simply gorgeous. The delicate chocolate shavings dusted with powdered sugar. The paint-drips of dulce-de-leche, just simply beautiful.
    Happy 2014, Deeba! xoxo
    Coco in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..Mom’s Persian Herb Cakes (Kuku): Merry Christmas! Again!My Profile

  4. Birthday wishes to the very talented young lady! I don’t relish digging into a can of DDL, but can imagine it will taste delicious lightened with whipped cream and then paired with chocolate. Wow, lovely cake!
    Suma Rowjee´s last blog post ..Cafe Au Lait Pots De CrèmeMy Profile

  5. Another set of irresistible photographs! And a recipe so tempting! Must try!
    All the very best Deeba!

  6. hehe! Of course I adore dulce de leche, we grow boiled tins of condensed milk!
    And your dessert look georgeous Deeba, absolutely delicious, hugs dear
    gloria´s last blog post ..Blackberry muffins (muffins de moras)My Profile

  7. I love ALL your récipes Deeba!! xxx
    gloria´s last blog post ..Blackberry muffins (muffins de moras)My Profile

  8. Happy New Year! Loving this post :)
    Stephanie @ Velez Delights´s last blog post ..Cold Beef and Oatmeal Bread SaladMy Profile


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