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“At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.”
Michael Pollan

Banoffee PieBanoffee Pie … it was the first ever banoffee I truly loved. Indulgent. Addictive. Impressive. More impressive as the recipe comes from 16 year old Oraya, the youngest baker in the Sood family. She’s firmly booked her spot in the ‘The Sood Family Cookbook‘ and her dessert sang out loud.Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain

Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain 3It was a winner at the lunch I will talk about in a bit. I had a slice. Then, guilt ridden after a virtual food marathon, I reached out for a second helping. I am not a banana person, but this was different. I got home and HAD to put one together for the family. Unfortunately, things got delayed. A lot.

Mumbai Dec 2013Went to Mumbai for a cookshow shoot {it’s under wraps at the moment} for 2 days, stayed on for 4. It was a memorable experience. Met up with food blogger friends. Ate every bit of Mumbai street food we could find. Was part of a fantastic team. We eventually shot all night long, a’night duty‘ after a long 19 years as Mr PAB messaged. My years in the airlines came alive again…

Banoffee PieBack home and I hit the ground running. The Sood Family Cookbook on my list of things to do {read cook from}. As I flew in, the husband flew out on work emergency. He somewhat managed to fly back just in time to take junior to Hongkong for a short vacation. This was dessert to celebrate!!

Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain Rich, indulgent, addictive and made with simple pantry ingredients, Banoffee Pie comes together easily. I baked the biscuit crust as a matter of habit {read I bake everything; well almost!}, but it’s great sans baking. This  is one of the many recipes that makes Aparna’s ‘from the heart cookbook a star.

Banoffee Pie Condensed milk is the main {read finger licking good} ingredient here. You can make the toffee as in the recipe below. There is an alternative if you have a pressure cooker {which is pretty much standard in Indian kitchens}, and aren’t terrified of the thing exploding as I used to be at one time. It works well. 

Banoffee PiePlace the tin {I do 2-3 together to save time and energy} in a pressure cooker, cover with water and place on heat until the steam comes out. Put the weight on once the steam builds up. After whistle number 1, reduce heat to minimum and allow to cook for 30 minutes. {or 40 like me if you want it really thick}. Turn off heat, allow tin to cool. Use as required.

Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain About the book now. A family cookbook is a celebration in itself, a concept as comforting as it is interesting. The value a community adds to a cookbook is huge; a family adds even more! The Sood Family Cookbook offers an absorbing mix {of recipes and food memories}, a potpourri as varied as the mind can envisage. I LOVE the design and layout.

Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain Aparna writes it well, a connect runs through the book. Stories come alive as you read through it. It’s interesting how her life criss crosses with that of the audience in different situations. We’ve all been through the nostalgia, the missing ‘taste of home’, the calling family at odd hours for a recipe, the childhood taste that lingers forever …

The Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna JainWith a post grad degree in hospitality, Aparna has literally had a finger in every pie. From Silicon Valley, to Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping, to the now somewhat clouded Tehelka, she has an intriguing background. Vibrant, warm and passionate,  she played the perfect host!

Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain It was a delicious experience to be part of the launch that beautiful Sunday morning. The warmth and connect embraced you as you entered. With the whole family rallying behind the cookbook, it was difficult not to notice how food excites them.

Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain Everyone had a food story to share, each one brimming with nostalgia about the journey of the book, proud to be part of the book. Recipes were discussed, ingredients shared, pahaadi khaana accorded its deserved status …

Food tasting of “Pahaadi Khaaana” from the Sood Family Cookbook by Aparna Jain Lunch offered dishes straight out of the book cooked by the Sood family. The food was finger licking good food. Each recipe as different and special as the book promises is testimony to how good a cookbook it is. Some of my favourites … crispy bhindi, ghee roast, pahadi mutton {a winner}, pahaadi madra, pahaadi mani, pahaadi hara namak, shrimp biryani. And of course Oraya’s Banoffee Pie!

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Summary: Rich, indulgent, addictive, this simple Banoffee Pie {banana + toffee} will win your heart over.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes {plus toffee making time}

  • 1 tin condensed milk {sweetened} 400g
  • 15 digestive biscuits {or Marie}
  • 6 tbsp butter, soft
  • 2 bananas, chopped
  • 1/2 tbsp salt
  • 1 cup cream {for whipping} or canned whipping cream


  1. In a large pan that has a tight lid, place the tin of condensed milk, and cover it with water. Ensure that the water covers it. Heat for 1 1/2 hours. {Refer David Lebovitz’s post}
  2. In the interim, crush the biscuits with the butter. Mix well.
  3. In an 8″ non stick pie pan, push the butter and digestive mixture down to the base of the pan to form a crust.
  4. Now cut the bananas into slices and layer the base completely with them.
  5. Once the condensed milk is ready, open the tin carefully after cooling. It should have turned into a beautiful caramelized toffee-coloured semi-solid mix called Dulce de Leche.
  6. Mix the salt in and spread over the bananas to form the topmost layer.
  7. Top with whipped cream.


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  • sounds like a lovely book to read. I always love family related cookbooks because of their stories. Happy Holidays.

  • Kavita
    3 years ago


    Thanks for the recipe first of all….sounded simple enough…so ended up making it today. Everything was easy except when i started spreading the dulce de leche over the bananas… It became a mess… The bananas started sticking to the dulce de leche and were scattered…please lemme know if u know how to tackle dis prob of mine…

    Hoping d taste compensates for my mess (well hidden by d whipped cream tho)…hehe…waiting for hubby to do the honours once he is back from d office…will let u know how it turned out for us….

    • 3 years ago

      Hi Kavita, I guess the honours must have been done by now, and the verdict out too. Hope it was good. I think your dulce de leche might have been a little thicker than it needed to be. Otherwise it has an easy ‘push down with the spatula’ consistency. Basically you work by pushing the dulce de leche around outwards so it covers the bananas. Maybe a lightly greased knife/spatula might have helped.
      Will keep a keen eye on how I do it the next time. 🙂

      • Kavita
        3 years ago

        Hi Deeba

        It turned out awesome…hubby enjoyed it and my brother just fell in love wid it…thank u!!

        I cooked the condensed milk for around 30 mins… Will try cooking it for lesser time next time…will keep your other tips in mind as well….

        I totally adore your blog… Amazing variety of recipes… Will be trying lots of em real soon…

        • 3 years ago

          How sweet of you to get back! HUGE THANKS Kavita!

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