Baking | Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanouj & Muhammara … dips of delight!

“If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t. ”
Michael Pollan

Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanouj & MuhammaraWholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanouj & Muhammara … certainly music to the ears and fun to make. The dips were finger licking good. The crackers turned out crisper than expected, a crackling good bite to them and quite low on fat. I was thinking nachos but though far from them, the crackers paired quite nicely with the dips!

Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanoush & Muhammara 3I was fortunate to win Ritu Dalmia’s new cookbook “Diva Green: A Vegetarian Cookbook” from a giveaway @ Health Food Desi Videshi! Fortunate because the first winner failed to respond, and I was the ‘happily giddy’ or ‘giddily happy’ second in line. Sometimes it’s good to be second! The book’s a winner!

Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanoush & Muhammara I LOVE everything about it, not least that it is a vegetarian cookbook. Ritu Dalmia has penned a beautiful culinary journey here. The recipes, the narrative, the connect, the eye catching photography by Anshika Varma, the variety and the innovation all grab your attention.

Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanoush & Muhammara The book followed me everywhere for the first 3 days. Never tired of reading and rereading the food emotional connects. I wanted to try almost everything from it. Vegetarian cookbooks are never easy. This one is a labour of love with a light, breezy feel to it. Ritu Dalmia’s enthusiasm and energy are quite infectious.

Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanoush & Muhammara Since I’m on an ‘eggplant’ discovery these days, got an eggplant roasting early in the morning. That Jordanian Baba Ghanouj was calling my name. I stuck some garlic cloves into the eggplant before roasting it. Learnt that from my mother in this delicious ‘Baingan ka Bharta‘ that she makes. I kept my fingers crossed that the kids would dig into the dip.

bell peppersAlongside I had bell peppers roasting in the Air Fryer. It roasts them beautifully! They were headed for another dip, the Muhammara. That was inspired by a yummy bowl we had at a friends place recently. Reminded me of a batch I had made ages ago. Wonder why it took me so long to make some again? Muhammara is absolutely delicious!

Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanoush & Muhammara Soon I had bowls of Baba Ghanouj & Muhammara on either side. Time for crackers and I randomly threw in anything wholemeal. Wasn’t too sure the kids would like them as they were on the slightly harder side than the ones I normally make.Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanoush & Muhammara Into the house and straight into the kitchen, the ‘famished as usual daughter‘ announced she liked the ‘green one‘ a lot. From someone who won’t touch eggplant with a bargepole that was tall praise indeed! She didn’t need to know what went into it, at least not for now!

MuhammaraThe son loved the Muhammara as expected as I added a dash of smoked sweet paprika. He LOVES the flavour. He enjoyed the Baba Ghanouj as well. Both of them loved the crackers too, and asked for seconds. That was a sweet surprise.

crackersYou could always make some of these – Olive Oil Crackers {my favourite}, Rye Cheddar Cracker & Pizza Dough Crisps, Seedy Crackers, Garlic & Herb Wholewheat Crackers

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  1. So many flavors and such outstanding colors. This post feels like good times with loved ones :-)
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post with sprouts…My Profile

  2. I love both these dips. Your muhammara looks a lot smoother and lot less dry than the version I’ve had. I could easily make a meal out of this! Those photos are gorgeous as always.
    Archana @ Feedingthefoodie´s last blog post ..Mango SalsaMy Profile

  3. Swapna says:

    Hi Deeba
    Love the Dips..
    Any substitute for the pomegranate molasses?

  4. The muhammara sounds so good, love the flavors. Homemade baked crackers would make the perfect snack!

  5. Fabulous dips! I love baba ganoush, but I still have to try muhammara. Perfect when served with those wonderful crackers.




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