Baking | Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake …Happy Independence Day India!

“There are only three things in life that matter – good friends, good chocolate and…
… oh dear, what was that other one?”

Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless CheesecakeDark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake … does sound like quite a mouthful, but believe me it is A M A Z I N G! Orange and chocolate were made to walk hand in hand, side by side. Baked into a cheesecake, they are even happier! Yesterday I thought of the white, orange and green in my pictures … time to post this special cheesecake!

Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless CheesecakeI was thrilled with the earlier success of the Cherry Yogurt Tart I blogged about not so long ago. Surprisingly enough, it turned out in colours that fitted into the 4th of July, the day I baked it. So, it was posted then. Then a few days later I ventured out in the same direction, now a little more confident.

Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake I added flavours to the recipe, changing it to make it better. A dash of this, a layer of that. Yesterday I noticed that the Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake has colours of the Indian flag! So this is for our Independence Day, August 15th, that is today!!

Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake 7

Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake 6I was quite pleased with how it turned out {… out of the pan too, so cleanly}. It was for the hosts at a party to see off the dear friend who is finally leaving town. The ifs and buts have been going on forever, and now suddenly the time is here. It’s been one goodbye after another. Somewhere deep down we hope we can hang on to the wings of time!Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake Possible that is obviously not …and farewell day looms larger than life. It’s just round the corner. To cut a long story short, I took the cheesecake for the wonderful hosts that night. I was happy they loved it, and thought it was ‘exquisite‘. It’s nice when you bake something for someone and they appreciate it.Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake 4This is one recipe that just keeps getting better and better. Immense possibilities, and infinite combinations. I was tempted into ‘orange‘ thanks to a few last kumquats hanging on my tree shrub. They are difficult to ignore, the one bright spot of fruit & foliage in the hot summer. It wasn’t long before I was stirring a TINY batch of marmalade.

Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake So many jars of bitter kumquat marmalade later, you just know that if you throw in this and that, you will end up with marmalade. From a few precious kumquats to kilos of them, I have endlessly enjoyed this tart citrus fruit. You would find several recipes with them on PAB.

KumquatsCandied kumquatsThat ten minutes of baking two ingredients can result in something like this, is quite amazing. This time around I added a layer of dark chocolate ganache between the biscuit crust and yogurt filling. I remember from last time that the yogurt had made the base slightly moist. I baked the base minimally too. It worked quite well.
Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake Ten minutes into the oven, cooled and then chilled, these are great make ahead desserts. Whether you like eggs, or you don’t, this is a wonderful fast track and economical cheesecake. Tastes scrumptious too. Flavour it as you like. Or don’t. Doesn’t matter. The heart is good and full of flavour. A little ‘sugar high’ thanks to the condensed milk, but then thats happiness!
Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecake I made one large cheesecake and a few small ones for home {for a taste check}. Left us H A P P Y! Some things are so worth it … these Dark Chocolate Orange Yogurt Eggless Cheesecakes were just that! Hope you enjoy the recipe. I’ll be working another version sometime soon. Have a Happy Independence Day India!

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  1. The cheesecake looks great. Chocolate and orange is my favourite combination. Happy Independence Day!
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..Kozhi Mullagittathu – Kerala Chicken Curry with ChiliMy Profile

  2. Happy Independence Day. There is no possibility of someone not liking your desserts, glad they loved it and this is a stunning dessert and a healthier one.
    Ash- foodfashionparty´s last blog post ..SPICED WALNUTS with Balsamic and Curry PowderMy Profile

  3. I like the recipe very much and I would like to make it but I don’t understand from your description what to do with chocolate ganache layer. I see on the pictures that it’s between biscuit base and yogurt filling, but did you bake it? It seems to me that you missed one step – between cooling the ganache and baking yogurt filling.
    What’s for dessert?´s last blog post ..S & S muffiniMy Profile

  4. Mansi says:

    Deeba – thanks for the recipe. I think you missed out on when to add the ganache? from the pictures it looks like you added the ganache first and then the yogurt thing? but did you bake after adding the ganache?

  5. Hi, I love your desserts and I am dying try this one out. But there is a step missing wrt the ganache. Looking forward to getting the updated recipe.


  6. Eggless.. yeyeye! I can make this one without changes… yeyeye again! Bookmarking this.. may be for my birthday? I am sure oranges would have taken care of extra sweetness of condensed milk.
    Deepali Jain´s last blog post ..Eggless Herb Pull-Apart Rolls | Yeast and I are Best FriendsMy Profile

  7. bakingflavours says:

    You never fail to put that extra magical touch to your baking.

  8. What a fabulous dessert Deeba, love chocolate and orange combo, Stunning pics!
    Poornima´s last blog post ..Cold-Oven Cream Cheese Pound CakeMy Profile

  9. Gorgeous flavours. Very pretty presentation. Dad would love this!
    Colette (Coco)´s last blog post ..Summer Shrimp Salad and a GIVEAWAY!!My Profile

  10. I love the flavors in this beautiful cheesecake. And no eggs?? Wonderful!!

    PS: Happy Independence Day!
    Zainab @ Blahnik Baker´s last blog post ..Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel CupcakesMy Profile

  11. Another one of your amazing creations. Just keeps getting better!
    And yes – anything we bake, cook, or make (even if not related to food) for someone, always feels great when they appreciate :)
    Nisha´s last blog post ..what my blogging has done to my husbandMy Profile

  12. This looks so good!! My husbands favorite dessert is cheesecake. He would probably eat it every night if I made it for him that often. I’ll have to make this one for him sometime in the near future.
    Tanya´s last blog post ..Introducing my Grandma!!My Profile

  13. And you leave speechless yet again!

    Orange + Chocolate is one of my favouritest combinations. … I like it even better than raspberry + chocolate combo!

    this one seems a little out of my league right now, but i am bookmarking it to my list of things to do before i die!

  14. Oh my!! Tis true, you never cease to amaze! Stunning and now I have ideas for a riff on these beautiful cheesecakes myself! But orange/citrus and chocolate is the best and really a perfect combo for winter. This would make a stunning holiday dessert. Wow. Perfect! Now what could I do???? You always inspire! xoxo

  15. Hello, I really want to try making this dessert this weekend. I was wondering what is hung yogurt? I’m assuming it’s very thick right? Like cream cheese?

    • Hi Hahn, the recipe I’ve adapted this from uses 500g on Greek yogurt alone. That should work well for you. Hung yogurt is ,yes, just very thick.

  16. georgeous Deeba, really gheorgeous ah dear Love this mix!
    gloria´s last blog post ..wrapped asparagus in puff pastry with ricotta sauceMy Profile

  17. This looks absolutely divine! So glad I found your recipe as I don’t eat eggs.
    Your blog is beautiful, love the photography!


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