Baking | Walnut Meringue and Cherry Gateau … & a ‘Snugg’ review!

“A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.”
Benjamin Franklin

Walnut Meringue & Cherry GateauA Walnut Meringue and Cherry Gateau seemed an unlikely combination. I bravely ventured into unknown territory with my fingers crossed. It turned out to be quite a winner. The meringues baked up prettily. They are delicate creatures and very delicious if you are a nut lover. I love the idea of nutty meringues layered with cream and paired with fruit.

Walnut Meringue & Cherry Gateau That said, pairing a nutty meringue with pastry cream and fruit is never easy to slice. It doesn’t offer you ‘restaurant’ style neat slices. An ‘Eton Mess’ is closer to what lands up on the platter … but it’s a helluva tasty mess!

Walnut Meringue & Cherry Gateau

Walnut Meringue & Cherry Gateau This Walnut Meringue and Cherry Gateau was our little ‘celebration’ for Fathers Day. I had some whites left over from the Ginger Lemon Crème Brûlée. I dreamt of revisiting macarons, but it’s been raining cats & dogs the past 2 days. Macarons are fiddly creatures, humidity just adds to their ‘fear factor’.

Walnut Meringue & Cherry Gateau So I thought of pavlovas, and one thing led to another. I finally settled for a meringue cake, dacquoise type. Eventually what followed was a recipe using anything and everything I had on hand. Walnuts and cherries seemed like strange bedfellows. They proved themselves otherwise!

Walnut Meringue & Cherry Gateau SNUGGThe recipe was inspired by this Hazelnut Meringue Gateau I found while googling. Often if I’m looking for inspiration, it’s just easier to reach for the ipad or smartphone while working in the kitchen. So when the folk at The Snugg sent me an ipad case, it made me happy! It felt ‘comforting’ to own one!!

Walnut Meringue & Cherry Gateau SNUGG Are you part of the growing numbers who use smartphones and tablets to look up recipes and tips whilst cooking? I certainly am.  With this in mind, The Snugg has created sturdy, good quality cases to protect expensive devices from the hazards of a busy kitchen! A wipe clean exterior makes it even more perfect for the kitchen!

Walnut Meringue & Cherry Gateau SNUGG What did I like about the snugg ipad case? The first thing that struck me was the good quality and the neat design. The fit is fantastic. It’s also compact, like ‘snug compact’, which might explain the name SNUGG! The case has a sturdy feel to it and is very aesthetic. I liked the classic black, though you have a choice of ten colours. Gives your beloved smartphone or ipad a ‘protected’ feeling. A ‘snugg’ feel !!

With the promise of the perfect SNUGG fit, the finest materials and high quality craftsmanship, they are the biggest seller of their kind in the USA. Since the launch of The Snugg, they have been bought by celebrities and big enterprises alike. In fact, custom branded cases have been supplied to Cadillac, GMC and even the CIA!!!! The range is vast  –  cases for smartphones, ipad, ipad mini, tablets, kindle and accessories too.

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  1. This gateau is gorgeous! A great Father’s Day treat.



  2. The walnut meringues sounds delicious!! Like the tiny banner flag.
    Ash (´s last blog post ..Obbat/ Puran poli – Happy Father’s Day!!My Profile

  3. Love meringue and this looks awesome. It would make even the toughest daddy happy!
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..Stir Fried Brown RiceMy Profile

  4. A divine and luscious gateau! So summery :)
    Kiran @´s last blog post ..Rhubarb & Coconut Custard VerrinesMy Profile

  5. look delicious dear Deeba!! xoxoxoxox
    gloria´s last blog post ..Orange Curd Puff Pastry tartletsMy Profile

  6. A father is to son/daughter, as cake is to cherry. Incomplete without each other. What to say about this Deeba. This is so amazing. A best father’s day treat indeed.

  7. Neville Kamps says:

    Simply beautiful, really good recipe :)
    Neville Kamps´s last blog post ..zarządzanie reputacjąMy Profile

  8. Hi,

    I am glad you enjoyed one of our cases! I am glad to see people using their iPads and our cases to accompany them while they cook. No need to fear taking your iPad into the kitchen anymore.

    Also what a wonderful cake. There are a few people in the Snugg office who would be willing to sell their shoes for a slice of it!

    Kind regards,

    Dale – TheSnugg

  9. The photo of the finished product caught my eye. I’m a BIG fan of fruit desserts and this one looks outstanding. I’ll have to share it with my wife and maybe I’ll get this for a birthday surprise!


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