No Bake | Simplest & Best Dark Chocolate Mousse {2 ingredient}… with balsamic fresh cherries #chocolate

“I invented it — but it was so easy, I’m embarrassed!”
Hervé This 

Dark chocolate mousse Dark Chocolate Mousse. Sweet comfort. Chocolat! This turned out to be the simplest mousse ever. One with fewest ingredients too. Just two. OK three four since I added some sugar & a dash of Kirsch. This was something I had longed to make but just didn’t get there. The past few days have been a little busy, a little heartache, too much running around and no energy to bake. At 46C, baking feels a little HOT!

Dark chocolate mousseI craved chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate. The bookmarked folder threatens to burst with a collection that spans a few years. When I need to immerse myself in food, get away from the real world, I know I can dive into the folder. It’s a great place to get lost in.

Dark chocolate mousseSo much inspiration, so much food for thought. Chocolate recipes are aplenty. This particular Heston Blumenthal mousse recipe inspired by Hervé This has always seemed challenging and unreal. Somewhere deep down I didn’t believe that chocolate mousse can be created with just chocolate and water. Nah!! Impossible!! 

Dark chocolate mousse

Monsieur Hervé This, a French physical chemist with a PHD in molecular gastronomy, invented the recipe for Chocolate Chantilly, or this simple chocolate mousse. His main area of scientific research is molecular gastronomy, that is the science of culinary phenomena. Some of his discoveries include the perfect temperature for cooking an egg, and the use of an electrical field to improve the smoking of salmon. He also found that beating an egg white after adding a small amount of cold water considerably increases the amount of foam produced. 

Dark chocolate mousseThis is the simplest chocolate mousse. Since it uses just two ingredients, chocolate and water, use the best quality chocolate you can lay your hands on. The trick is to whip it just until it begins to thicken and hold soft peaks. Over whipping results in a grainy mousse. If it does get grainy, you can heat the mixture and begin whipping again! So forgiving!! {You can see Heston Blumenthal making this mousse here.}

Dark chocolate mousseThis is the chemistry they didn’t teach us in school! Who would have thought that chemistry would enter by way of molecular gastronomy into our lives to make it so delicious? The dark chocolate mousse is fab on its own. Sensuous, smooth, satisfying, intense … everything good quality dark chocolate promises to be.

Dark chocolate mousse It’s very unlike me to leave well enough alone. Cherries are in season. While the mousse was chilling, I simmered some cherries with balsamic and sugar. This is a great way to preserve cherries. Makes for a fabulous dessert topping. Chocolate and cherries are a match made in heaven. Oh and BTW, a balsamic cherry sauce pairs beautifully with meat too. 

Dark chocolate & cherries I use the combination every summer. Some of my favourites are Dark Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake, Bittersweet Chocolate Marquise with Crème Chantilly & Balsamic Cherry SauceNutella & Cherry Chocolate TartMini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry Sauce and another Dark Chocolate Mousse with Balsamic Cherry Sauce.

I thought I’d drizzle some low-fat cream over the mousse and top it with the balsamic cherry sauce. Low fat cream NEVER whips up to stiff peaks, especially during the 46C days of the Indian summer. Murphy’s law kicked in. Within seconds of whipping the low-fat cream, it thickened up like no ones business.

Dark chocolate mousse When you least expect it, you can see the mountain move!! For the first time in my culinary life, I needed soft flowing cream… and I got stiff peaks! Strange!! So I rearranged the layers in my head. Topped the mousse with balsamic cherries, piped some cream over it, topped the cream with dark cocoa nibs…

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Deeba and I love the simplicity and lusciousness of the ingredients..I think I am making this for my next party. Thanks for such a wonderful recipe!
    Swati Bansal Rao´s last blog post ..Homemade Nutella: A healthy indulgenceMy Profile

  2. in the middle of a crazy thursday at work…am drooling seeing them..and then u tell me they are damn easy!!!

    love love love the images….. and this IS EASY!!
    shooting star´s last blog post ..Maheshwari Saree in cotton silk for Office Meeting ~ Saree Love #10My Profile

  3. thats the simplest and easiest chocolate mousse i have seen so far. the chai glasses with the stand looks damn good. your styling is so good.
    dassana´s last blog post ..palak paneerMy Profile

  4. 2 points to note here Deeba:

    1. A mousse made with just Chocolate and water – unbelievable!
    2. Whipping Amul cream to stiff peaks that holds shape at 46 deg C while you are on clicking spree – impossible!

    Amazed at this recipe and this is really worth the try considering hardly any effort and gorgeous looking dessert that will make someone think you’ve slaved for hours! Tell me, does it seriously taste like the original mousse, creamy, soft and silky? Just wondering if this can go into layers between cake and give the same feel like the original mousse!
    Mallika´s last blog post ..Roasted Almond BiscottiMy Profile

    • LOL Mallika…things happen when you least expect it! Some of the happy impossibilities of life!! Yes, I’m considering doing a layered cake with it too. It seememd thick enough. Tell me if you get there first!

  5. Stunning!
    And so beautifully presented too! The hunble chai ki pyali for chic choc mousse! Ma kasam deadly!

  6. I can’t take my eyes away from the clicks….You make the simple thing so beautiful…and the best part the pix are they speak and have a language…..

  7. puneeta says:

    Deeba I have changed my mind about you ! U are not a magician I thought you were you are a Sorceress :) I am spell bound .

    What a lovely recipe and such great pairing and what photography .


  8. puneeta says:

    Deeba , I changed my mind . You are not a magician .

    You are a Sorceress ,I am spellbound :)

    What a great recipe . combination and enticing photographs .

  9. It looks ever so luscious! One can never get enough of chocolate mousse.



  10. i have been staring at the pics for the past 30 minutes- to say that they are seductive and enticing is to say the least—– just woooooooow ; will try this for sure !
    Priya Sreeram´s last blog post ..Cooking with Canola Oil – Paneer KoftasMy Profile

  11. Isnt this chocolate mousse just the best… you don’t believe it works ..till you give it a shot.. tried it last month.. and its become my go-to recipe for chocolate mousse!! your photographs are luscious!!

  12. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous!

  13. Mansi Singh says:

    Hi Deeba
    Mouth watering recipe. But I always wonder what cream to use in India that can be beaten to stiff peaks. Please help

  14. I have been waiting for this post ever since I saw the mousse make an appearance on your banner! Looks so divine!

  15. Wow, a 2 ingredient decadent mousse and balsamic cherries to boot!!! I’m in heaven!
    belllii´s last blog post ..Grilled Sirloin Burger with Roasted Garlic, Brie and Maple Candied BaconMy Profile

  16. Are you a superwoman, who is hiding her wings… baking in this heat! My sis who lives in Delhi told me the temps are unlivable. u r amazing, I can’t even think straight in extreme temperatures let alone, bake, prop and then photography !! Awesome job and if it is just chocolate and water, count me in. loving the chemistry :)
    Simi´s last blog post ..Tomato Fettuccine and Cherry Tomato StartersMy Profile

  17. Deeba, this mousse is brilliant. Just whipped chocolate w liqueur. YUM
    Colette @ JFF!´s last blog post ..Refreshing Cucumber-Mint Julep: Mom’s Persian SekanjaminMy Profile

  18. You did it! Again! A bewitching recipe and stunning pics which make me want head straight to the kitchen! A mousse with just water and chocolate and a delicious one at that truly sound s unbelievable not to mention too good to be true, but now this HAS to be made ASAP!
    Suma Rowjee´s last blog post ..No Knead, Easy & Quick Pizza – It Can’t Get Easier!My Profile

  19. Gulshan says:

    Is this happening in our blazing hot Gurgaon or Kashmir ? VOW !

  20. Oh, i sure have a craving for this!!! I’m in love with cherries and chocolate!

  21. Wowo I am sure gonna try this one . Not yet cherry season so will have to do something with strawberry.
    Finla´s last blog post ..Orange Chicken – Chen Pi JiMy Profile

  22. fardous says:

    i just fall in lov with this , hope i make it , thank u 4 sharing

  23. Not much of a chocolate fan Deeba but this one with cherry balsamic will be yummy. Been using cherry balsamic preserve and syrup a lot this summer, mostly in combination with other fruits. Thanks to lush black cherries aplenty in the markets.
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and feta salad with garlic and rosemary infused olive oil : a quick spring salad is suitable for the scorching heat we are living in…My Profile

  24. Sybil Ciccolini says:

    Amazing. The baking, the pictures, the outlook, can’t get enough of this.
    Sybil Ciccolini´s last blog post ..bursztynMy Profile

  25. I was convinced that it can not work for me, but amazingly I got the most delicious mousse au chocolat! Also made your balsamic cherry sauce, so I must say thank you for the recipe, Deeba!
    liana´s last blog post ..Spuma de ciocolata neagra (chocolat Chantilly) cu sos de cireseMy Profile

  26. Francisco Ozenne says:

    Looks so amazing :) Thanks for recipe :)
    Francisco Ozenne´s last blog post ..zarządzanie wizerunkiem onlineMy Profile

  27. Monika says:

    Thank you… with so many food blogs around, I was so confused. You’re a savior :)

  28. Rucha says:

    can u tell me what is Kirsch…i am new to this baking and dessert making world and dont have any idea what id krisch.

  29. Hi Deeba

    This is gorgeous stuff..
    Can you please tell me the substitute for Kirsch..
    I want to make it today .. your response will be appreciated.. thanks in advance

  30. Hi Deeba

    This is just gorgeous stuff.
    I want to make it today can you pl guide me the substitute for Kirsch.. ( non alcoholic version)




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