No Bake | Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet & Mulberry Jam … In season with mulberries!

“I put everything I can into the mulberry of my mind and hope that it is going to ferment and make a decent wine. How that process happens, I’m sorry to tell you, I can’t describe.”
John Hurt

Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet & Mulberry Jam Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet & Mulberry Jam! Here we go round the mulberry bush tree, and looks like I’m going to stay right under it! We’re enjoying a very short and very sweet mulberry season. I feel so inspired! Seems like it’s going to be mulberries all the way.


Mulberries are actually a good source of raw food protein, a rarity in the fruit kingdom. They are also a good source of magnesium, potassium, riboflavin, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and fiber. One of the mulberry’s greatest health assets is it’s high concentration of resveratrol, an antioxidant currently being studied for its effects on heart health.

Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet 1The sudden mulberry distraction {maybe madness} arrived unannounced as usual. This post is more about the story around the fruit, than the sorbet or jam itself. The latter would barely spin a tale, though the sorbet recipe is a real winner!

Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet A large number of us joined the very large hearted and talented Neel at Learn Food Photography to polish our photography knowledge and skills. A few of you might know that I am still very lost about the technicalities behind the camera and am a compulsive auto shooter.

Learning food photography...So thanks to this 30 day exercise, we are down almost 3 weeks doing what we like to do best. That includes virtually meeting and interacting with a huge like minded community. {The photograph below is one of my favourite shots from last week.}

Day 17 – Create Harmony and BalanceIn addition to some serious photog learning, the interactions are also a huge take away. It’s fascinating to see how food photography can reunite folk from India to Mexico!Mulberry Jam Together we’ve played with light, angles, DOF, backgrounds, props, diffusers and so much more. Maybe you can catch bits in my photographs. You can see the sorbet in many different hues, from an early morning shot, to a rather deep pink late evening one. An enriching experience!

Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet & Mulberry Jam 4It was on the forum that I chanced upon a photograph of mulberries that Ozan from Turkey shared. That made me sit up. What happened to our mulberry season? Why didn’t I remember? Man Friday was immediately summoned and commissioned with ‘the mulberry task’.

MulberriesHe never fails…never! He soon brought me a bag of pretty, juicy mulberries, sweet as sweet could be. Morning saw me stirring mulberry jam! Nothing to the recipe. Just the berries with equal sugar, a vanilla bean, a dash of lime juice.  I threw in some aged balsamic too. Simmered until soft over low heat, then cooked until it thickened somewhat. TADA! Jam! No pectin, nothing!

Mulberry Jam I get a HUGE bagful every alternate day. I’ve frozen some. Throw them into smoothies for the kids. A strawberry mulberry smoothie is beautiful. Then I wanted to make something I’ve waited long to  make, a buttermilk sorbet. I added some mulberries  instead of just a strawberry sorbet. Delightful!

Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet This mixed berry sorbet is light, refreshing, summery and beautiful! I shot it in many different ways in the ongoing LFP exercise. It included styling – napkins, garnish, Pinterest inspiration etc. I got some right shots, and some very wrong.  So much fun, and so much to learn.

Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet It was three days of ‘mulberry shots‘! Another huge bagful came in this morning so the head is buzzing with mulberry coloured thoughts again. Any recipe suggestions are more than welcome. Hopefully I’ll have another mulberry centric post out this month!

Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet Until then, please help yourself to really really refreshing and pretty Mulberry Strawberry Buttermilk Sorbet. The Mulberry Jam is quite sweet and makes for a nice addition in a berry dessert sauce, added to whipped cream into a fool, dolloped over breakfast cereal or slathered onto a warm buttery toast! I love cooking in season!

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  1. Lovely lovely post Deeba. I am enjoying my mulberry jam with almost everything, yogurt, malai, and as it is :-) Mine is a little thicker than yours’ …

    That sorbet looks so beautiful..Loving your picture more than ever..
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..Sushi by Masahiko Saito at The One, Le Meridien…My Profile

  2. I wish I could taste those fruits, but I have never seen them here… A wonderful ice cream!



  3. Just loved this sorbet. Looks refreshing :)

  4. stunning stunning pics Deeba. I love mulberries a lot. They have a special childhood memories attached. A kind neighbor had a huge mulberry tree and almost every morning in season, we kids used to to get a bagful to munch on. And not just that, we would try climbing the tree to sneak some more berries. And getting the berries straight from the tree on our own used to have some sort of victory sense attached to that :-P
    Himanshu´s last blog post ..Lime & Mint PopsiclesMy Profile

  5. Wonderful pictures. I love what you are creating with simple things of every day.
    Have a nice Sunday and sorry for my bad English.
    verO from Switzerland
    verO´s last blog post ..cOup d’Oeil printanierMy Profile

  6. Sweetums says:

    Beautiful photos. Thank you for posting :)

  7. Your photos are beautiful and I love the sound of your sorbet and jam!
    Rosie @ Blueberry Kitchen´s last blog post ..Tipsy Tiramisu Layer CakeMy Profile

  8. You could have fooled me! I thought you were the consummate photographer and could have given me a lesson or two. Your photos are always perfect.
    Mulberries are a fruit I await eagerly every summer; lebanon used to be covered with mulberry trees and people survived on the silk worms business. Your mulberries however are the longest I have ever seen~ wow!!! lovely pics and recipes. my favorite berry, ever, did not know it had protein.

    • LOL Joumana. Still stuck in ‘auto mode’ but always so much more to learnt out there.
      I didn’t know mulberries had protein either. Now I’m eating them like theres no tomorrow!
      TY for stopping by. Much love!

  9. It feels like summer here in LA so I need a bowl of this sorbet stat!
    Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious´s last blog post ..Cranberry MargaritaMy Profile

  10. The sorbet sounds delightful .. and the photos are gorgeous, as always!

  11. Kirby Burt says:

    That recipe sounds really good. I love sorbet and will definitely be trying this out for the family.
    Kirby Burt´s last blog post ..Authentic Mexican Recipes updated Sun Apr 21 2013 6:22 pm EDTMy Profile

  12. Very interesting recipe.. Loved your each and every click.. Awesome photos.. Stunned with your photographic skills
    Nithya´s last blog post ..Black Chana SundalMy Profile

  13. Love those mulberries, I only wish they were easier to find out here!
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..Strawberry Lemon Coconut Cream ParfaitsMy Profile

  14. I love it :) :)

  15. This is why I love spring, all these berries are back in season and you can make delicious sorbets such as this :)
    The Bestest Ever´s last blog post ..Best Way to Reheat French FriesMy Profile

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