Baking | Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes … fresh and exciting ‘one bowl cakes’ for summer!

“Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!”
C. JoyBell C.

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt CakesLime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes … charming little tea cakes and a nice departure from my recent adventures with bittersweet chocolate. These little babies came together thanks to all the yummy food gifts I get ever so often. I am eternally grateful for them, they offer a constant source of inspiration.

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes Finla sent me some marzipan when Haan was visiting India a while ago. She sent me sacks full of stuff actually. So much that I think of her every time I bake because there is always a connect at the baking level. I was also at the receiving end of loads of other baking ingredients that another visiting friend from the UK brought for me.

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes  It’s a touching feeling, nice to be at the receiving end I mean. Growing up, being at ‘that‘ end wasn’t always nice. Now it’s all good! For the baker in me, it can’t get better than this.

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes  Summer has arrived in North India with a vengeance. Not yet into May and we are already hitting the 40C mark. The promise of stone fruit, summer berries, litchis, mangoes and melons lures me, but there’s work to do. I need to get the perishables into the fridge. Can’t leave even chocolate out as ‘room temperature‘ is another story!


 Everything melts … E V E R Y T H I N G! Even poor Coco looks like she will melt, eyes and all! 

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes  So as I sat settling stuff into my ‘baking fridge,‘ I found many yummy ingredients. So rather than settling stuff, I settled down to bake something I had bookmarked – A Lemon Marzipan Cake. It would need to go the lime way though, as we are not a ‘lemon country‘.

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes  My penchant for mini servings and petite cakes cannot be understated. I reached out for my sweet little mini bundt cake tin that I had bought from Old Delhi in 2009. For some reason I didn’t use it until 2 weeks ago. That was the first time {post yet to see light of day} but I was smitten! A mini bundt tray is a brilliant idea.

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes I loved the Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes.  The batter gave me a bakers dozen – 12 mini bundts and one a little bigger! The texture of the batter was interesting; almost thick and sticky. Must have been the golden syrup doing something in there. The consistency was somewhere in between a cake batter and a cookie batter! It did get me a little unsure but then again, it was ready to bake!

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes This is my first time using marzipan in a cake. It added delicious new dimensions to these petite cakes. The lime and marzipan paired beautifully, the glaze adding a nice touch to them. I like mini bundts because you have the choice of adding a teeny helping of fresh fruit, or a dessert sauce, or whipped cream, maybe even preserves. For food on the go, a picnic or snack box, they are good to go as is!

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes It’s always fun when the kids get back in from school. The first question always is – what did you do {as in make in food terms} today. All roads lead to the kitchen! From sudden peace and quiet, it’s always a burst of activity, dog happier than ever that the kids are finally home!

Lime Marzipan Mini Bundt Cakes  So I served them mini bundts with fresh fruit, strawberries and mulberries, and strawberry & mulberry smoothies on the side! Colourful, pretty and fun, I was glad I made these little bundts! Simple, ONE BOWL {yes indeed} and fuss free, it’s a great recipe to have on hand.

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  1. A great flavor combination! Those mini bundt cakes would not last long at my place.



  2. I was not much of a lemon/lime in desserts person till I made some syrup cakes recently and fell for them! This is unusual, marzipan in a cake, can imagine the sweet-tangy combo to be yumm!!
    Suma Rowjee´s last blog post ..Coffee, Almond & Chocolate Dessert CakesMy Profile

  3. These look positively gorgeous Deeba!
    Lora´s last blog post ..Raspberry Mini Macarons with Espresso Buttercream FillingMy Profile

  4. Beautiful cakes! And such adorable photo of Coco :-). Here the spring has barely arrived, I can’t imagine 40 degrees. Hope that smoothie keeps you cool.
    cooking rookie´s last blog post ..Tilapia with Lemon SauceMy Profile

  5. ERIKA says:

    The cakes look adorable, but so does sweet Coco and with those kind of tempatures baking is always fun. Hope you have airconditioner on high. :)

  6. Your blog is always a visual delight….here after a long time and I have missed quiet a lot of stuff. These bundts look amazing…. I love a bit of lemon/lime in my cakes, it takes the cakes to just another level of taste. Bookmarking the recipe. Thanks.
    Chetana´s last blog post ..ANZAC BISCUITSMy Profile

  7. Medeja says:

    These cakes are really charming! So cute and elegant!

  8. Hi Deeba, wondering if you received my email?
    jehanne@thecookingdoctor´s last blog post ..Shab’s Chicken Fry MasalaMy Profile

  9. Hi Deeba,

    I always thot marzipan was for icing. Am curious, what does it bring to the cake in terms of texture and taste?

    thank u

  10. Love lime in my cakes. Yum yum ….
    Rituparna´s last blog post ..Baked Beans & A Happy New YearMy Profile

  11. Hi Deeba,
    I can’t wait to try these little Bundt Cake beauties. We live way on the other side of the globe in Phoenix Arizona. Our temperature today is 90F but next week it is suppose to be 100F. Here in AZ we say it is not hot until it reaches 100F. Please help me the Lyle Golden Syrup you speak of is that the same as a simple syrup? I just found your site and I am so happy I did.
    Blessing ,Nancy

    • Thank you for stopping by Nancy, and for your sweet words. Golden syrup is a thick syrup made from cane sugar. I think honey {clear, runny} is a good substitute. Happy baking, and wonderful to meet you. :-)

  12. I loved the presentation!!!!
    The shine on Coco seems to be testimony to the fact that she also enjoys your baking!!!

    all the best!

  13. You have great flavor combination here. Since I am a lemon-lover, I love desserts that involves lemon but knowing that you are not a lemon country, I still like that you used lime. The cake just looks so charming!

  14. Its really awesome.Its looking different and yummy.Thanks for sharing.To find out more coupons of online cake orders check out Foodpanda coupons at Grabon India.

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