Baking | Raspberry Pistachio Roulade … Spring Roll? Errr Swiss Roll!

“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.”
Ruth Stout

Raspberry Pistachio RouladeThe Raspberry Pistachio Roulade captures the colours of spring nicely. It’s light, refreshing, moist and quick to make. Even better that you can make it ahead. I made it while experimenting with GF roulades. Made one with just almond meal and didn’t let it bake enough, so it stuck to just about everything in sight. I was really annoyed as I had baked in a hurry!

Raspberry Pistachio Roulade

The word roulade originates from the French word “rouler” meaning “to roll”.

Sometimes you should just sit back and relax and bake with time on hand. Hurry does make curry and that’s just what happened. While the failed roll was baking, I got the filling together. The filling was finger licking good. {My earlier Gluten Free Strawberry Almond Roulade came out really well}

Raspberry Pistachio Roulade I did unroll the sticky roulade and dry bake it and served up some sort of Eton mess! Yet the filling played on my mind, so another normal Swiss roll was baked at leisure the next morning. The good thing was that the filling was ready!

Coco So while the roll baked and then cooled, I spent the morning out with Coco in my little garden. While I was  ‘shooting’ ladybirds, she stuck her nose into every tomato plant, tried to catch a butterfly or two, begged for a game of ball … she’s a little busy body!

Spring I love this part of the year, spring as it should be, but a little muddled up. The weather really warmed up 2 weeks ago and we thought we’d skipped spring altogether.

Spring Then some ‘western disturbances’ etc hit the area, some rain, scattered hail etc. It’s pretty much like Spring now. Whatever it is, it’s nice.

SpringThe plants are happy. Tomatoes are GROWING, Thai chilis’ full of flowers, eggplant and lime are in full bloom, and the kumquat tree laden again. The oregano sprigs have taken root and look quite happy, as does the mint. Dill and coriander play home to ladybirds and bees as the flowers on them bloom. Pretty all the way!

Spring 5Pretty was the roulade too. Baked, rolled, cooled and ready to go, it got put together in a matter of minutes. I dressed it up with a little leftover cream and sprinkles prior to serving.

Raspberry Pistachio Roulade I used a frozen raspberry fruit concentrate from Del Monte to add a touch of tang and flavour. I’ve used it in the Dark Chocolate, Raspberry & Quark Layered Cake & in the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake

You could also use a berry preserve, maybe even a bitter marmalade. The filling was given a lift with some white baking chocolate that a friend sweetly sent, gifts like these a constant source of inspiration.

Raspberry Pistachio Roulade Pistachios went in for colour, and because I just love them! The good thing was that as the Raspberry Pistachio Roulade sat in clingwrap overnight, the cake and the pistachio nuts took in some moisture, the cake becoming beautifully moist. The nuts swelled up and added a nice texture to every bite.

Raspberry Pistachio Roulade You could just slather it with preserves and serve it for tea, fill it with whipped cream for a comforting dessert on the go, or give it an adult twist   spiking the cream with your favourite liqueur. If you use kirsch, you could consider some balsamic cherries in the filling. Another good option might be frangelico and nutella, or maybe kahlua and coffee cream. Let your imagination lead you.

urban dazzle ceramicsThe Raspberry Pistachio Roulade was plated on this classic white ceramic platter from one of my favourite online stores Urban Dazzle. It’s actually a snack platter that accommodates a dip or relish on the side quite nicely. I use it often, and this time it doubled up as a dessert tray! White always works!!

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  1. wow..lovely happy post. Great to know that the Oregano rooted well and started sprouting leaves. :-)
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..zucchini, cheese and sun dried tomatoes frittata… quick Sunday brunch and chai…My Profile

  2. Hi. A lovely post with the essence of Spring.
    Happy Easter
    Meena Thennaapan´s last blog post ..#Baking Eggless – Amazing Dinner RollsMy Profile

  3. Srimathi says:

    Awesome! Spring photos are also very beautiful.

  4. Lovely spring colours. Always a visual treat to visit your blog Deeba.
    wizzy´s last blog post ..This is why I am not a vegetarian.My Profile

  5. The colours of spring are captured perfectly :) Happy Summer!
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  6. Your roulade looks delicious, I love the photos too!
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  7. what a delightful post and love the doggie and spring pics
    rebecca´s last blog post ..Turkish spiced crab cakesMy Profile

  8. I love this season! Unfortunately, this year it is very late and the weather’s not too exciting…

    A wonderful roll and pretty pictures.



  9. Spring or swiss rolls, these are delicious perfection!!
    Kiran @´s last blog post ..Brown Butter Crepes w/ Rhubarb CompoteMy Profile

  10. Pooja says:

    Am drooling yet again looking at the gorgeous pics! I neither have a swiss roll pan nor the raspberry filling or even pistachios….but I can’t wait to gather ’em all & start baking. Where in Delhi NCR will I get Del Monte’s fruit fillings? I have asked from about a dozen places & nada :-(

  11. everything about this post screams SPRING and Im ready for it :) :) Roulade is very special to my heart and I often make chocolate ones but this one is very inspirational and love the flavor combo here :)
    dixya@food, pleasure, and health´s last blog post ..Toasted Coconut DonutsMy Profile

  12. Hey! Just wanted to say that your food pics are amazing! I saw what you posted on and I had to come check out your stuff!

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