No bake | Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots … In Season with Kumquats

“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.”
Michael Levine

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots … these were decadent. Delicious, bowl scraping good and soul satisfying. The season and the colours of the humble little kumquat, a sour citrus fruit that was until a few years ago just an ornamental plant, all inspire creativity. This dessert was the result of one such inspired moment!

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots We always referred to kumquats as Chinese oranges or tangerines. Food blogging threw up new names. So many references to a similar fruit by the name of kumquat, and then the Google Gods demystified it. These are round kumquats, the Asian cousins of the elliptical round ones that colour the web every now and then.Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots The boughs are hanging heavy with fruit, ready for picking, and more buds and green kumquats are already showing up. My mothers shrub too is full with fruit too. This seems to be a good year for this tart citrus fruit.

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots I’ve done lots with these beauties this season … Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte, Kumquat Marmalade, and No Bake Cheesecake Pots. My mind works overtime thinking of how much more we can do with kumquats.

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots I had serious dark chocolate and orange cravings one day. Two years ago I had  made Dark chocolate & sour orange tartlets. My blog was hacked shortly after that and some posts disappeared. I didn’t have the time to check then. Recently when I looked for the tartlets high and low, I drew a blank on PAB.

Dark Chocolate & Sour Orange TartletsThe pictures are still firmly etched in my head. Googling led me to FoodGawker and I was relieved to see I had indeed made the tartlets, only that the recipe post has been lost forever. I have attempted to recreate it. I remember cooking the whole fruit then.Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots If I wasn’t inspired enough by the fruit of the season, I was even more fortunate that day. Look at these beautiful little ceramic cups and single serve creamers that I got from Urban DazzleAdorable!!  Love at first sight, it brought out the inner child in me. Took me back to when we were little girls, playing with miniature tea sets.  How could I not be inspired?

Urban Dazzle CeramicsThere’s something about white ceramic bakeware. It holds so much promise. These little round ramekins are one of the best additions to my bursting bakeware collection. There is so much you can do in them … cream caramels, panna cotta, ice cream in summer, chocolate custard pots, lime possets. Do you have any more ideas dear readers? What would you make in these little beauties?

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots One look at them as I unpacked them, smooth ceramic, neat, clean edges, aesthetically designed and my imagination took wing. There was no time to bake so I took the fast track to dessert. A winning combination of sour orange and dark chocolate, topped with a light white chocolate cream sauce. We were back in business! Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots Dark chocolate from Thorntons married a bittersweet sour orange puree to make thick custard like pastry cream. A light cream chocolate sauce made with melt in the mouth white chocolate made it sublime. Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots Candied kumquats tied the flavours together with some white chocolate garnishing. All we heard after dinner was ‘scrape, scrape, scrape’.

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots You cannot go wrong with good quality chocolate. The pots were bowl licking good as might be the case with the kids. They too fell in love with the little ‘baby’ creamers, so charming and so unreal in this world which is in so much of a hurry sometimes. It was wonderful to sit back and enjoy the petite servings.

Kumquat LiqueurIn the days to come I will try and find more ways to use the bounty of nature, i.e. kumquats in full strength. Bitter Kumquat Marmalade has been made; distributed too! I bottled some Kumquat Liqueur a few days ago in a decanter my Mum gave me. The colours are so pretty!

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots A few thoughts before I take you to the recipe. Do use good quality chocolate as that is what makes simple desserts like these absolutely shine! Also, if you prefer a smoother texture, you can always skip the almond meal. I just like to add ‘nuts’ in any form to my food.

Dark Chocolate & Kumquat Creme Pots

This post is brought to you in conjunction with Thorntons.

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  1. A wonderful Valentine’s Day recipe! Those luscious pots de crème must taste divine.



  2. Ahh those Kumquats. I am in love with them already. All these creamers, the pots and the cream and chocolate with this tangerine yellow makes such a beautiful post.
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..pumpkin and coconut milk soup with lemongrass and kafir lime flavors….My Profile

  3. Lovely and such a beautiful dessert.

  4. The orange is a beautiful contrast to the dark chocolate. I’m sure it tastes amazing too.
    Barbara @ Barbara Bakes´s last blog post ..Lemon Ricotta PancakesMy Profile

  5. Divine is the right word here — gorgeous, Deeba :)
    Kiran @´s last blog post ..Pots de crème au chocolatMy Profile

  6. Arunah says:

    Pickled kumquats like North African pickled lemons ? to be served with cold roast pork…

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous post this!
    reeta´s last blog post ..The twain meetMy Profile

  8. Lip-smacking, drool-worthy desert….yummm I need a pot now…
    Arthy Suman´s last blog post ..Mix Vege Stir Fried with ChickenMy Profile

  9. am drooooooooooooooooooooooling darling!!!

    i dont know if i can get my hands on the kumquats though, had a good plants which i has to give away when i was shifting house!! :(
    shooting star´s last blog post ..Hair Styles 2012 ~ LookbookMy Profile

  10. i <3 pot de cremes. Just so totally divine. These look to-die-for. I am sure for a moment you thought that you were making a deja-boo while making the pots. :)
    Ruchira´s last blog post ..Carrot Orange Red Lentil SoupMy Profile

  11. Stunning Deeba !!! I am inspired to try these!!!
    Mallika´s last blog post ..Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Off the Sun, in a Microwave!)My Profile

  12. Hey, Deeba, that’s great advice re: dark chocolate!

    BTW, I’ve got a giveaway that’s open to my overseas friends like you. All you have to do is tell me what cake you’d want for your bday. Cheers, Colette
    Colette @ JFF!´s last blog post ..Berry Pavlova Sponge Cake & GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  13. You do these orange-chocolate desserts soo well!! and i remember those tartlets soo well.. it was around the time I discovered your blog! :))

  14. *Died and went to heaven* !! Stunning Pics and I would really lick that bowl.
    Reading your blogs about Kumquats has been a learning process. I never really knew we could do so much with these. Keep them coming.
    Ansh | Spiceroots´s last blog post ..Banana Walnut Figs SmoothieMy Profile

  15. This looks great! It’s definitely becoming a part of my future To-Do list! :)

  16. I have not eaten a kumquat since I was a child and my dad had us taste one, just biting into the raw kumquat, skin and all. Can’t eat them now. But wow you make them so tantilizing! Gorgeous! And I want to taste them at your house every single way you have cooked and baked them. With the chocolate pots de crème they are gorgeous, like jewels. Beautiful as always…
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta & Amaretti BrowniesMy Profile

  17. Wow I love this idea! My grandma would surely love this. Thanks so much!
    Kristina@BowlingMiniatures´s last blog post ..Chocolate Bowling Pins & Ball LollipopMy Profile

  18. Yummy, delicious,healthy.Thanks for sharing.


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