Baking | Tea Rose Fondant Cake … and a floral giveaway #serenataflowers

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
Hans Christian Andersen

 Tea Rose Fondant CakeA Tea Rose Fondant Cake … inspired completely by Peggy Porschens ‘Pretty Party Cakes’. I have had this stunning book by this very talented sugar craft artisit for years. It sits by my bedside and provides infinite hours of eye candy. I didn’t once think I could attempt her beautiful work; until yesterday …

Tea Rose Fondant Cake 2I have long delayed making sugar paste at home. LONG! The one day I saw a fondant cake at The Great Cookaroo, sometime late last year, and I knew she had beaten me to it. Bah humbug! It still seemed pretty formidable to me, even though Ruchira convinced me it was quite easy. She made her fondant out of marshmallows.

Sugar Paste icing is a very sweet edible sugar dough usually made from sugar and glucose. It is sometimes referred to as fondant or sugar gum or gum paste. It can be used to cover cakes, mould features and create decorations for cakes and many other uses.

Tea Rose Fondant Cake Then a few days ago I met a very talented Amrita at I Bake who commercially does cakes with fondant. She convinced me it was really easy to make at home. The sweet girl even offered to send a batch home for me to work with. Enough! It was time to give fondant from scratch a shot, and was promptly entered as a new year resolution; rather an update of one which has been long postponed.

Tea Rose Fondant Cake

Seems like flowers are ‘in season’!! A few days ago, I was asked if I’d like to host a floral giveaway for readers of PAB from the beautiful Serenata Flowers in the UK. Serenata Flowers is a gift shop where other then flowers, you can find chocolates and wine too. They are hosting a giveaway well in time for Valentines day.


The prize is a £30 voucher at Serenata Flowers, that should give the winner the chance to choose a nice gift. Delivery would only be to an address in mainland UK , the winner may live outside UK though. All you need to do is visit the site and leave a comment saying which bouquet you like best. The contest is on until the 31st of Jan, 2013, and the winner will be announced thereafter.

Tea Rose Fondant CakeIt was time to pair real flowers with edible ones, and also time to ‘fondant or sugar paste’! This was my first attempt at working with fondant and I have to say I loved it! The end result wasn’t perfect, creases that peeped through, yet it took me back many years. Back to those play dough times, flowers, leaves, roses …

Tea Rose Fondant Cake I loved using the leftover bits to cut out ribbons etc. Later thought I could have done bees and butterflies too. Maybe the next time I feel so inspired, now that I can ‘do it’!! Fondant is therapeutic; makes you rediscover the inner child in you!

Tea Rose Fondant Cake  8See the ‘cake’ platter? I have to confess that it’s actually a salad plate from Urban Dazzle. It’s a classic white, round platter. The interesting bit is the offset centre which gives you a slight forward tilt. It’s a great aesthetic platter to have, and happily one that doubled up as a cake plate as in this case.

Tea Rose Fondant Cake Cookies, finger foods, cupcakes, fruit, candy seem like some other fun uses. Until I do salads in it, I’m enjoying its versatility! This Tea Rose Fondant Cake was the best baking beginning to my new year. I love you fondant!!

Tea Rose Fondant Cake I learnt something else. Kids never grow up! You should have seen their eyes light up when they saw all that sugary sweet prettiness! I thought they were both way beyond it. Pictures of the cake furiously ‘WhatsApped‘, the urgency to have dinner done, the impatience to cut a slice, the happiness at devouring the cake {the vanilla buttermilk pound  cake is wonderful on it’s own}… so worth the effort!

Tea Rose Fondant Cake If you don’t want too much sugar overload you could always just do a 1 egg mini cake. The little one came away neatly and looked sweet on it’s own. The fondant recipe is minimally adapted from ‘Essential Guide to Cake Decorating’ by Alex Barker, which the kids gave me us on our anniversary 4 years ago. This was my first foray into the book … and I loved it!Tea Rose Fondant Cake

Tea Rose Fondant Cake So go on guys. Spread out some fondant if you are so inclined. Otherwise send someone you love a beautiful bunch of flowers from Serenata Flowers. Share some joy!!

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  1. Wow Deeba,
    Beautifully done…loved the colorful flowers on the cake!! I have made Cakes with homemade marshmallow fondant cakes and they are quite rewarding and tasty 😉

    Lovely clicks as always! :-)

    Manju´s last blog post ..Mathanga Erisherry (Pumpkin cooked in Coconut Sauce)My Profile

  2. Pretty, pretty, really pretty. You have convinced me that it is easy.

    I haven’t tasted this before. But heard people say it is too sweet. Is it so?
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..Kerala Style Chicken Curry with Thick GravyMy Profile

  3. love love love the cake….you rock deeba!!…..its such a pretty cake :)

  4. What a gorgeous gorgeous cake. The cake in itself seems to have some a wonderful texture, nice firm moist crumb. Got to try it. I <3 the colours. And hello! I never beat you to it, you're the inspiration!
    Ruchira´s last blog post ..Carrot and Apple Olive Oil Cake with Quark FrostingMy Profile

  5. Hey Deeba,

    I stumbled upon your blog the other day and i just loved it. I am a very enthusiastic home baker myself and I have always dilly-dallied on using sugar paste. I have been inspired by you and will definitely try my hand at this soon!
    Tanya´s last blog post ..Ola, Hello, Namaste, Salud, Kia Ora, Sawubona, Salaam!My Profile

  6. Oh my god Deeba, you seem to outdo yourself with every post of yours. What a gorgeous cake that is and what pretty flowers. Love the colors that you have used, makes them really stand out.
    Just a girl from aamchi mumbai´s last blog post ..The curry that blew my mind – Prawns in a Coconut and Tomato gravyMy Profile

  7. Hey, i discovered your blog a few days ago and i love it. I am an enthusiastic home baker myself and i have always dilly-dallied on using fondant/sugar paste. Now i am inspired after reading your post. WIll definitely try my hand at it one of these days!
    Tanya´s last blog post ..Ola, Hello, Namaste, Salud, Kia Ora, Sawubona, Salaam!My Profile

  8. I have that same book, and now you have inspired me to attempt a cake! Your cake is absolutely stunning! Beautiful photographs!

  9. Wow !!! This is just amazing :)
    Himanshu´s last blog post ..Milk Chocolate Brownies from Tate’s Bake ShopMy Profile

  10. I have great respect for people who can bake a beautiful cake. You are truly talented.

  11. I have great respect for people who can bake a beautiful cake. You are truly talented :)

  12. This cake looks nice. the colors are fantastic. i make my own sugarpaste and my recipe doesn t contain egg white. i just use icing sugar(powdered) , liquid glucose, gelatine and some water . I always use this for my cakes. if you want a more detailed recipe just tell me.

  13. natasha says:

    Such a happy pretty cake, a burst of beautiful colors….just what we need in this cold weather! Great job!

  14. Amrita Sodhi (Ibakebyamrita) says:

    Deeba ,
    This is a really good attempt for ur first fondant cake…………………..
    My first one was horrible …………….
    n i am sure the cake must have tasted really good ………………….

    • Thankfully it tasted really nice. ’twas wonderful to meet you the other night. You are part of my inspiration in getting here! Thank you. Hugs!!

  15. What a gorgeous creation… Looks pakka…
    Vimitha´s last blog post ..Plantain a.k.a Banana Bread with raisins | Yeasted Bread RecipesMy Profile

  16. A beautiful cake! I love the pretty decorations and colors you have used.



  17. Donna says:

    Hey, nice cake, but actually Peggy Porschen is not British, she is German…

  18. Gorgeous

  19. You said it! Fondant does bring out the child in you! I loved using fondant from Wilton, though making it at home has been on my mind since quite sometime..

    Pretty cake, like the idea of the cake ‘platter’ :)
    Suma Rowjee´s last blog post ..Classic Tiramisu – For 3 Years Of Blogging!My Profile

  20. What a pretty cake! I have to try fondant this year! Have to have to :)
    Charis´s last blog post ..My Christmas wish-listMy Profile

  21. Wow….what a gorgeous cake… really have magic in your hands Deeba….great idea to use salad platter for cake stand…..
    Lubna Karim´s last blog post ..Punjabi Lobia Masala – ‘Indian Style’ Black Eyed Pea/Bean CurryMy Profile

  22. Cant take my eyes from ur beautiful fondant cake, masterpiece and seriously pretty elegant.

  23. Oh, baby, this is a stunner and I knew that your daughter would love it! I have always wanted to work with sugar paste and learn how to make flowers! I mean, look how pretty!
    Jamie´s last blog post ..CINNAMON CARAMELIZED APPLE KING’S CAKEMy Profile

  24. The cake looks beautiful Deeba…I love flowers on cake too and you’re so right about fondant being therapeutic. Love the colors on this one!
    Poornima´s last blog post ..Coffee Mascarpone Cream CakeMy Profile

  25. Beautiful and so so pretty actually i can go on saying how pretty they are.
    Happy Cook / Finla´s last blog post ..Vanilla Cup Cake With Baileys FrostingMy Profile

  26. Isnt Peggy’s stuff just the best.. she’s a fabulous artist.. I can keep looking at her work all day!! What a pretty cake you’ve made.. and u are almost inspiring me to give it a go..although to be honest.. my clumsy fingers need to acquire a little more finesse.. although your tiny mini-cake is calling out to me!!!
    Sarvani @ baker in disguise´s last blog post ..Dark Chocolate Strawberry Tart With Port Jelly… Baker-in-Disguise Turns One!My Profile

  27. BEAUTIFUL!!! Brava – may I please share on my FB page – lovely job, thanks Deeba for giving me something so pretty to enjoy. Cheers, Patricia
    Patricia Shea´s last blog post ..Peach Lavender Jam Roly Poly Queen of Puddings Pudding in honour of the new Downton Abbey series – yippee!!My Profile

  28. Wow, what a beautiful cake! It must’ve taken you forever to decorate it!
    Julia |´s last blog post ..Black cod with balsamic-shallot sauce and mashed potatoesMy Profile

  29. What a lot of work! It looks lovely. I don’t think I would have the patience.
    Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)´s last blog post ..Cooking Class Monday – How to Clarify a StockMy Profile

  30. Simply superb, I love the colour combination, such a pretty cake…
    Runnergirlinthekitchen´s last blog post ..Walking on Very Thin Ice on day 8, 9 and 10My Profile

  31. Colette says:

    SO pretty!
    Colette´s last blog post ..Sweet Dreams : Peppermint Mocha CakeMy Profile

  32. ah, so romantic ! It’s like walking down Peggy’s Belgravia parlour once again and gawking at her window display-albeit virtually this time! Your beautiful cake would well be mistaken as the window masterpiece!
    jehanne@thecookingdoctor´s last blog post ..Product Review: WMF Vision Cromargan Protect Cutlery SetMy Profile

  33. The decoration has your own unique personality stamped all over it. Absolutely beautiful.
    Sally – My Custard Pie´s last blog post ..French oysters; a quick guide to choosing, shucking and eatingMy Profile

  34. Bravo on your first attempt at fondant. The cake is beautiful!

    There is an easier, almost fool-proof way to make fondant and you need only two ingredients – marshmallows and icing sugar. Check out a very old post I did here:

  35. Bravo on your first attempt at fondant. The cake is beautiful!

    There is an easier, almost fool-proof way to make fondant and you need only two ingredients – marshmallows and icing sugar. Check out a very old post I did here:
    Needful Things´s last blog post ..Heidi Swanson’s Bran MuffinsMy Profile

  36. Such a gorgeous cake!! Loved your attempt.
    Amrita´s last blog post ..Amla ka khata meetha achaar/Indian Gooseberry RelishMy Profile

  37. Wow, this was your first attempt? It looks amazing! I am dreading the day I am challenged to bake a princess/fire engine cake by the tots. Only just doing one cake with icing toppers, need to come back to be inspired by your attempts. Happy 2013!

    • Ola Mallika. How are you? It’s been long. How’s the little poppet? She must be quite a handful now, stirring curries quickly too I presume. You live in Peggy Porschen land; am sure you’ll be playing with fondant soon! Happy 2013 to you too. Hugs!

  38. Lynn Savage says:

    Wow, that’s a great cake, looks tasty and time consuming but so worth it I bet.

    To enter the giveaway I would love the Amazonia bouquet

  39. manjeet says:

    Hey Deeba,

    HNY…Everybody has applauded your cake so much , I don’t think I could add more.. :) But I do need a nugget of info. Where to get liquid glucose? Who sell it? Can I ask my chemist for it? Will it be available in a baker’s shop? Can I order it online? Any pointers would help. I live in Powai , Mumbai so an online option(if available) would be most welcome..


    • HNY rightbackatya Manjeet. I got liquid glucose from Modern Bazaar, a local shop which keeps bakeware. I think the online store Bakersmart in Bangalore stocks it too {It does; just checked here}. Hope this helps!

  40. Its almost magical.
    the colors, the look its all so well balanced.

    Super Lourve it

  41. This is just gorgeous Deeba. So pretty. Wow!
    Lora´s last blog post ..Root Beer Espresso Ripple Ice CreamMy Profile

  42. The above pictured cakes are absolutely beautiful and they seem to be delicious too. We ourselves specialize in making such fondant cakes in Pakistan. You can visit us at our website or at

  43. This is beautiful. About the cake specifically, how many 8 inch round tins do I need to bake for a party of 40 people approx?


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