Baking | Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte … In season with kumquats {and strawberries too}

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
George Bernard Shaw

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu CharlotteA Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte. Another personal challenge that has been a few years coming, and amazingly enough achieved early in the year. If the Tea Rose Fondant Cake from scratch wasn’t achievement enough, the Charlotte was a daunting milestone to reach. I made this for my SILs birthday earlier this month.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte Way back in Feb 2010 Aparna & I co-hosted the Daring Baker challenge, inviting the team to make Tiramisu from scratch  saviordi {lady fingers} zabaglione, mascarpone … the works  What a strange coincidence that I should post this today. I didn’t get a chance to do the DB challenge this month, yet repeated an earlier one!

I really had loved doing that challenge. I did several versions of the tiramisu, made a tiny little charlotte too the flavours were traditional  coffee {my favourite choice of flavour in dessert}. At the time, I was blown away by the creativity of the daring bakers, especially one by Vera @ Baking Obsession.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte Vera’s blog is inspirational, amazing, beautiful. Her fondant cakes are masterpieces in themselves; creations that dreams are made of! The Candied Kumquat Tiramisu has remained etched in my memory.

Kumquats KumquatsEvery winter, once the first kumquats {or tangerines as we call them, OR calamondis as Sangeeta rightly figured out} make an appearance on my little shrub, I wonder if I dare to emulate her creation.

Candied kumquatsI made Kumquat Marmalade in early January. This year I have decided to push myself to try and do stuff that I have long thought of doing. Since I had candied kumquats the previous day, the dessert seemed rather doable. It was a tall order, but well worth all the time and effort.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte I went a step further and decided to make a charlotte. Read the number of steps and you’ll get daunted! It certainly was a ‘challenge‘ I placed before myself. So many different components and steps that threatened to confuse.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte The laptop was constantly being referred to, notes being made, substitutions being updated. A TIRING exercise, one that made me look at myself skeptically. Why do I punish myself with such grueling stuff? In the end, pure joy!

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte I did everything on one morning. If you are up for a challenge like this, please be smarter than me. Make the savioardi several days before. Do the zabaglione and pastry cream a day before. To be honest, the thermomix took all the work out of the zabaglione and pastry cream, but still.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte Maybe because the daughter was at home with fever, and constantly hungry! Maybe just the process appeared tiring and an uphill one. The good thing is that it’s a great make ahead dessert cake.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte Imagine the joy of waking up to unmold a beautifully set cake, everything perfect. All one needs to do is to unmold it, transfer it to the dessert plate, top it with fruits and give it a quick brushing of apricot jam or honey.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte The taste? Unbelievable! I braced myself for even the slightest hint of egginess given all the eggs, yolks that the pastry cream and zabaglione and the savoiardi had. Not the faintest of egginess. Just pure tiramisu luxury in every bite.

Urban Dazzle CeramicsDo you see all these little white ceramic bowls {and the precious little creamer}? They form part of sets of ceramic ware from Urban Dazzle which I received recently. I fell in love with all the white. They hold so much promise, and make for simple props too. Look out for them in the near future!

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte Back to the tiramisu … The filling was stable, beautifully set; the cake such a joy to slice. It tasted beautiful, and worth every bit of frenzied hard work. It’s one dessert that gives you so much culinary school basic practice.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte Mascarpone from scratch, piping skills, savioardi, pastry cream, zabaglione, candying, assembling … many basic skills covered to make one Italian classic which is well loved. On hindsight, I could have trimmed the fingers slightly.

Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte 9″ meant a good sized cake, but also meant just one layer of sponge fingers within. Had I made more fingers I could have achieved a more characteristic tiramisu. That’s just notes for next time, but I was very pleased with the overall result. Fab light charlotte, perfectly set, sweetness just right and beautiful fruity flavours.Kumquat & Strawberry Tiramisu Charlotte

Do you have any culinary must-do’s set for the year? I’m already dreaming of a few! Madeleines is one of them; financiers another. Not challenging bakes, but things on my list-to-do! Oh and a sticky toffee pudding too. So much yumminess that it makes the year ahead feel sweet.  Is there something you might like to see on PAB?

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  1. oh my God..this is such a huge task. But the final result is something to cherish. Loving every picture and imagining the taste. Wonderful.
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..spring onion and potato soup with fresh cream…My Profile

  2. <3 what a beautiful tiramisu. I'd like to see a stroopwaffel on PAB. and then promptly beg you to give away. This is just lovely
    Ruchira´s last blog post ..Kumquat cream tart with candied peels. Or the tartiest tart you’ve ever tastedMy Profile

    • Bahahahaha! You picked a tough one, one that my Danish friend has warned me about! The son loves stroopwafels with a vengeance, and Amsterdam duty free is the only answer unless of course it shows up as a DB challenge!

  3. Splendid! This charlotte is perfect and looks so pretty. A heavenly dessert.



  4. Wow Deeba. Daunting task indeed. Did you do all of this in a day..!
    I have an eggless red velvet cake…coffee cream cake…and oh a bananofie pie ..on my to do list.

    Shruti ( long time follower, first time commenter)

  5. what a lovely dish….mesmering clicks…..
    Arthy Suman´s last blog post ..Pepper Aloo Gobi/ Potato Cauliflower FryMy Profile

  6. Another stunner from your kitchen!
    Runnergirlinthekitchen´s last blog post ..Vegetable Daliya for BrunchMy Profile

  7. woww.. so many steps.. in this case.. am just gonna satisfy myself by looking at the pics.. a charlotte is still some time away for me!! beautiful pics!!
    Sarvani @ baker in disguise´s last blog post ..CranachanMy Profile

  8. Fabulous!! Such gorgeousness !!!! Makes me want to break all my diet vows!!

  9. Ah, I’m now tempted to try out your savoiardi, (not ready for charlotte yet!), but how many eggs? Strangely I’m hoping to see more of your savoury bakes on PAB, though I must say your gorgeous charlotte is definitely breaking my diet soon!
    jehanne@thecookingdoctor´s last blog post ..Roasted aubergine, Tomato and Red Pepper Quinoa stewMy Profile

  10. After making your Tiramisu recently, I must agree that its indeed a challenge, the multiple components – all from scratch! Was I glad I did it over 2 days! Your fruits of labor (pun very much intended) looks ravishing to say the least!

    And I feel more hungry when I have fever too :)
    Suma Rowjee´s last blog post ..Grissini – And The Winner Of The Giveaway!My Profile

  11. manjeet says:

    hey Deeba,

    This looks lovely…but how many eggs for the sponge fingers?

    BTW thanks a lot for the bakersmart link…:)


    • Sorry Manjeet. Editing ate up the number…3!
      PS Did you find what you needed?

      • manjeet says: gonna try this soon…

        and as for Bakersmart….I love them..they have everything!!!! Even gluten!!!! and so cheap…
        Thanks again for the link..


  12. Splendid Deeba. That looks quite an effort that you’ve put in to make this beautiful dessert. I’m sure it must have been swiped clean. Your lucky family, wish I was one among you!
    Mallika´s last blog post ..Peanut Chutney PowderMy Profile

  13. Hi, this looks more than amazing, congrats! Besides, the display and the photos are beautiful.



  14. Wow, it looks like a piece of art.
    Vij (Spices and Aroma)´s last blog post ..Beetroot Stir Fry – South Indian Warm SaladMy Profile

  15. I always ask for a Tiramisu cake for my birthday, this cake however takes it to a whole new level of deliciousness!
    Nik@ABrownTable´s last blog post ..spiced fig preservesMy Profile

  16. Love the blossoms. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Colette @ JFF!´s last blog post ..Orange Sweetness: Who Dunnit?My Profile

  17. Maris King says:

    Wonderful! I love the idea of the orange and the bread thing, you are so creative. Happy to make it if you teach me. :)
    Maris King´s last blog post ..Bifold Doors Open Your Home to the Great OutdoorsMy Profile

  18. Oh wow! What an interesting spin on tiramisu! I love the addition of fresh fruits. The colors are just so happy and spring/summery!

    This definitely looks like a “daring” bakers challenge, but it also definitely looks like it was worth it!
    Pauline´s last blog post ..Recipe: Raisin Oat SconesMy Profile

  19. Im
    N love with ur pictures and awesome twist to the classic

  20. Tiramisu is my favorite cake. never had this way, looks so yummy. do visit my space too.
    kitchen queen´s last blog post ..Soy Chorizo and Vegetables stuff EnchiladasMy Profile

  21. You have a serious talent for making showstopping desserts and this is another beauty!
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..Chocolate, Coconut, Macadamia Nut Tart (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan)My Profile

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