Baking & Giveaway | Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake … and a Retro Giveaway {#zansaar}

“A little too much chocolate is just about right.”

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake  “Happy December”! Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake … a cake as delicious as it sounds. There comes a time when you heed a certain call, and you succumb to the temptation of dark chocolate all over again! Pair chocolate with berries … cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and there are good times ahead! Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake This was yet another cake that just happened on the go. The culprit as always - too much to do, too little time. Thankfully chocolate is something that hardly ever lets you down. Use dark chocolate, and you can kiss ‘hardly‘ goodbye. Dark chocolate always delivers! This Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake was for my Mums birthday a few days ago. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake I hit a ‘cake block‘ and decided to bake out of the Chocolate Bible by Le Cordon Blue. Quick check of star rating and Sachertorte was the saviour! I had all the ingredients in the pantry, even apricot jam. I also had 4 egg whites in the fridge trying to gracefully age for macarons. The macarons would have to wait!Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream CakeBaking the cake was a breeze.What bothered me though was that cake was flat-tish as the tin I used was bigger than the specified one. That I didn’t like! By the time I was done with driver duties, doing lunch {hail the AirFryer and chicken tikkas} etc, there was no time to look at the book. All I knew was that I wanted a layer of filling to give the cake some height.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream CakeDark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake A Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake ‘happened’. It was sublime! Dark, deep, divine, luscious chocolate, a beautiful raspberry cream filling to go with it, and a ganache like velvet … smooth, dark, rich! Of late, I have begun posting recipes based on weight and not cup measures; an attempt to standardise recipes . I have something for you today dear readers.Zansaar giveaway on Passionate About Baking

I am glad to offer my readers in India a Retro Kitchen Electronic Scale with a Retro Kitchen Worktop Saver from the beautiful online site Zansaar. I have partnered with them to bring you the above from their exclusive Vintage Pantry collection. A bold and lively interplay of black and white to lighten up those kitchen chores …


Have you been to Zansaar? Zansaar means ‘world’. I love the colour and vibrancy this online destination offers . The selection is vast – vintage, quirky, vibrant, colourful, retro. It’s a one stop shop for all things food, home and garden. Whether it is black and white that grabs your fancy, or a splash of vibrant  yellows, you’ll find something here.

Passionate About Baking Zansaar Giveaway

So dear readers, if you’d like to win this beautiful retro scale and worktop saver from Zansaar, please leave a comment saying which product from Zansaar  catches your eye.

This giveaway is open to Indian residents, or anyone with an Indian postal address. You can enter if you don’t have a blog too. Please make sure you leave a contact {else mail it to me at vindee {at} airtelmail {dot} in}.

The giveaway closes on the 15th of December. 

To increase chances of winning you could do any of the following. Please leave an additional comment for each of the following:

1. “Like” PAB on Facebook.

2. “Like” Zansaar on Facebook.

3. Follow @vindee on Twitter and tweet the following : Win a @zansaar giveaway from @vindee #giveaway #zansaar

4. Follow on Zansaar on Twitter.

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  1. I love Zansaar! So many beautiful things, I want them all! If I had to choose it would have to be the Wilton Cupcake Stand- I’ve been looking for one everywhere and it’ll make a perfect centerpiece for pretty cupcakes :)
    Also the scale is gorgeous! And I don’t have one! Fingers crossed :)

  2. Liked and followed on FB and Twitter!

  3. Lovely cake. I think we can substitute the Kirsch with cherry brandy too. Isn’t it?
    I am loving that weighing scale, black and white looks so beautiful..and I already follow and like all those required :-)
    Hope I have a chance to win ;-)

  4. beautiful post Deeba! and this is the item that catches my eye on

  5. wohoo… iam a zansaar fan! and i guess they know that.. love love love their bon apetit collection and am a proud owner of a few of them, the lanterns, the dine in green collection, the out of the woods wine bottle board, oh the retro storage jars too… iam a proud owner of a few of them and love the rest. Their tableware is beautiful, every time they send me that newsletter i shop! i shud stop that zansaar love here! Hope its entry enough for the giveaway :)

  6. Liked PAB on FB

  7. I liked Zansaar on Facebook.

  8. I already follow you on twitter and have tweeted about the giveaway!

  9. I followed Zansaar on Twitter!

  10. oh i already like u both on FB, not much on twitter, so me liking will b kinda fake, as i hardly go there..

  11. Beautiful photos as usual. Love the chocolate cake.I love a whole lot of products featured on Zansaar . As you rightly said I love the colours and vibrancy. The beautiful crockery is on my wishlist along with some vintage tins:)

  12. What I’ve been planning to buy for long now… Bormioli Ametista Red Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set.
    Zansaar does have a lovely inventory of dream products.

  13. Bormioli Ametista Red Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set is what I have in mind… and Zansaar has a great inventory of lovely products!

  14. Muneza says:

    I love the bakeware and gourmet ingredients at zansaar,I already have a few of ceramic baking pans,love them!i really wish I win THIS. Giveaway !

  15. Bormioli Ametista Red Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set… is what I have in mind. Zansaar does have an interesting inventory of lovely products!

    Arvind Passey

  16. Liked the PAB and Zansaar pages on FB too.

    Bormioli Ametista Red Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set… is what I have in mind. Zansaar does have an interesting inventory of lovely products!

    Arvind Passey

  17. Bormioli Ametista Red Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set… is what I have in mind. Zansaar does have an interesting inventory of lovely products!

    Arvind Passey

    Liked the PAB and Zansaar pages on Facebook too.

  18. Bormioli Ametista Red Wine Glasses 6-Piece Set… is what I have in mind. Zansaar does have an interesting inventory of lovely products!

    Arvind Passey

    Liked the PAB and Zansaar pages on FB.
    Followed PAB and Zansaar on twitter and sent the tweet as well…

  19. Looks sinfully addictive and decadent Deeba…

  20. Divine! A wonderfully chocolaty cake. I love that raspberry cream filling.



  21. I love all their bakeware… Looks awesome. And their ceramics too… Would love to win this.

  22. Bedobani says:

    Hi !
    I chanced upon your blog some time ago ( about a month and a half ) and it has been a revelation ! For someone interested in baking your blog is a storehouse of all that an aspiring home baker wants and needs to know. I’ve been mulling over the need to buy an electronic kitchen scale ( it can get quite tedious without it ) so your giveaway has come at the most appropriate time. I would simply love to have the retro kitchen scale form zansaar. I also like their vintage biscuit, coffee and utensil tins and pots and their bon appetit collection.

  23. nice, I love all their bakeware

  24. Lovely cake Deeba!
    Happy Belated Birthday to your mom. Your cake looks exquisitely delicious as always.
    Love the products from Zansaar. Have visited their site a couple of times , even earmarked a few products but haven’t really got down to order anything from them.(Though I wonder why?) Of course, would love to have the Retro weighing scale. But right now, going back to Zansaar as I had spotted some lovely things that I would love to add to my collection before I forget again.
    Fingers crossed!!

  25. Pavithra says:

    Oh.. The chocolate cake looks amazing :)

    Loved all the products what I really like to have is the Kitchen art spice dome. Very futuristic :)

  26. Deeba, I’ve found so many recipes for dark chocolate but nothing seemed appealing to me. I just loved this recipe, but I’ve one doubt with adding egg yolks, u mean to add all the 7 yolks ?? Wouldn’t the cake tastes eggy with all these 7 yolks ?? Pardon my ignorance and plz reply as I’m planning to make this week. TIA

  27. such beautiful stuff!!!…. I like everythings, but the green tea pot catches my eye the most!!!

    I want the tea pot :)

  28. That’s a wonderful giveaway. I’m already a fan of your space and Zansaar in FB. I love their kitchen tools and dinner ware especially. I’m planning on a whole new set of both once I move into my new home.

  29. ambili says:

    hi, the cake is tempting.
    I like the ceramic jar which is featured here.

  30. Thats a gorgeous cake Deeba! I have visited Zanzar many a times n there is so much there that its impossible to choose just one item..i ve always loved their wide range of cook ware and bake ware items!
    Already had liked PAB n liked Zanzar on FB too:)

  31. Liked your facebook page.

  32. Liked Zansaar page already some time back.

  33. I love all the amazing stuff that Zansaar has …specially the colourful crockery..
    I spotted the colourful fondue set.. such an attractive one with polka dots.
    All these would make such lovely gifts for friends.

  34. The cast iron loaf tin from Zansaar … nice :-)
    Your cake – has been in my ‘Tortes’ … ever since I saw it :-) Cant stop thinking about it :-)

  35. I’ve been looking for a new chocolate cake recipe for a while and the idea of kirsch syrup and raspberries is calling to me! I’m tempted to replace the raspberries with cherries as I’m absolutely loving those at the moment, but equally don’t want to mess with what looks like a pretty much perfect recipe.

  36. aaah..I forgot to mention abt the giveaway..Yay Deeba..all fab stuffs..I love everything from Zansaar..And I don’t have twitter a/c ,so the rest of the things are done..I would love to get that black n white kitchen scale..Looks fab n cool

  37. Twinsy Rachel Abraham says:

    Zansaar got an amazing collection.. i would like to have those Moroccan sun patterned plates..

  38. Twinsy Rachel Abraham says:

    already following PAB in FB

  39. Loved the cake…..

    I am already following you and Zansaar on FB….Started to follow both the sites on Twitter….and tweeted….

    I love everything from zansaar..Their collections are very eye-catching and attractive….

  40. LOvely cake….already a follower ……Loved all items from Zansaar….:)

  41. Beautiful cake, babes, and I need to pull out my Cake Bible! I haven’t baked from it in ages and have never made this cake. I love your raspberry twist! Always, always gorgeous!

  42. Forgot to mention …love the Bonjour chefs torch with fuel gauge in the Zansaar catalogue which is on top of my wishlist ……Definitely getting it!!

  43. The Cake ROCKS Deeba, as always! Love Zansaar, got lovely plates for cakes and antipasti from there :) … I loved the ‘ … been trying to make sushi and I love the colour teal!

  44. I have “Liked” PAB on Facebook

  45. I have “Liked” Zansaar on Facebook

  46. I am Following @vindee on Twitter and tweeted the following : Win a @zansaar giveaway from @vindee #giveaway #zansaar

  47. I am Following on Zansaar on Twitter

  48. The Fun & Kitsch collection of cushion covers on Zansaar is amazing.It would give a new look to my living room.

  49. I love the zansaar range of cushion covers.It would add a new dimension to my room.

  50. wow thats one gorgeous cake … I think one of these days I am inviting myself to your home only thing you have to do is give me a hint when you are baking this next :)

  51. wow…lovely cake, I’m already a fan of your space and Zansaar in FB.

  52. Shuja Thomas says:

    I like the Retro Kitchen Electronic Scale from !

  53. A lovely cake and a nice collection on Zansaar, i use to be in touch with update you made.. a lovely collection….

  54. Manu C S says:

    Mmmmm….where do I begin?
    On zansaar, I’m coveting the aerolatte milk frother and
    the Messermeister Pro-touch julienne cutter.

    Love the photographs on your blog. Simply beautiful…..makes me want to reach out and grab a slice of the cake!

  55. I love how you make chocolate look even more tempting than it already is!

    Everything on Zansaar is what I want. But if I had to choose, I would add the KitchenArt spice dome or the Cast Iron skillet to my cart!

    ~Rithika aka @veganontheprowl

  56. Natasha says:

    Can’t believe I hadn’t found before!

    I just love this set of sake glasses.

  57. Love the dark chocolate cake Deeba,always a favorite.

    Bakeware collection from Zansaar,no doubt!

  58. already ‘like’ you on facebook:)

  59. Natasha says:

    Liked PAB on Facebook.

  60. amulya says:

    love the wonderful and huge collection of bake ware in Zansaar

  61. amulya says:

    Liked PAB on facebook

  62. amulya says:

    Liked Zansaar on Facebook

  63. amulya says:

    Following zansaar on twitter

  64. Damita says:

    I would love the Sandwich Press!

  65. Damita says:

    I liked PAB on Facebook

  66. Damita says:

    I am now following you on twitter @vindee

  67. Damita says:

    I liked Zansaar on Facebook

  68. Damita says:

    I am following @zansaar on Twitter now!

  69. Natasha says:

    Liked Zansaar on Facebook.

  70. First the cake is beautiful. I wish I can have a slice of it.
    This is my first time at Zansaar and love it there. Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful site.
    What catches my eye is all the products they are beautiful, but then I have to choose one so with great difficultly must say the fondue set.

    Following you and Zansaar on twitter , tweeted the message. Like both on the FB. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Thanks.

  71. Snehal Saraiya says:

    The product on Zanssar that recently got my eyeball rolled is Apple Heart Sugar/Tea and Coffee Storage Tin in the Food Storage section. Loved the color combination.

  72. Omg absolutely decadent ……sinfully delicious…Lovely utensils :) Liked both the pages…

  73. Sweety says:

    Love Zansaar’s Tangering Blue Dining collection because its simple and elegant.

    Liked both PAB and Zansaar on Facebook (Suiti Amor)
    Following both @vindee and @zansaar on Twitter (Sweety87)

  74. I’m not entering the giveaway, but just wanted to say I LOVE this cake…looks so delicious! :)

  75. Sweety says:

    Wow! that is one amazing hot chocolatey cake.. yummy!

    Love Zansaar’s Tangering Blue Dining collection because its simple and elegant.

    Liked both PAB and Zansaar on Facebook (Suiti Amor)
    Following both @vindee and @zansaar on Twitter (Sweety87)

  76. ritu jain says:

    lovely pictures of the cake..
    new to i would love to have wilton silicone 3 piece bakeware set from zansaar and ofcourse your fabulous giveaway which would make my baking stint a lot more easier.

  77. ritu jain says:

    liked PAB on facebook
    liked zansaar on facebook
    followed PAB on twitter
    followed zansaar on twitter
    tweeted abt winning the giveaway
    now keeping my fingers crossed!

  78. I was away for 3 wks in Asia and missed your delicious blog posts. What a gorgeous cake.

  79. Love their oil dispenser and the retro scale and chopping board!! Have liked, tweeted and commented.. :)
    Thanks Deeba

  80. Lovely cake, and zansaar is a very beautiful site. I love the non stick bundth tin, the Lightning Mcqueen cake tin, the nest ice cube tray and the bamboo steamer set!

  81. Liked you on Facebook :)

  82. Dark choclate cakes looks yummy!!!

    Thanks for introducing to Zansaar…..the complete website collection is awesome….specially liked the retro weighing scale, bakeware collection and specially the stemware collection.

  83. The dark choclate cake looks yummy!!!

    Thanks for introducing to Zansaar. Its a beautiful website. I specially liked the retro scale, bakeware and stemware collection.

  84. Delicious Yummy cake!!!
    Loved the Zansaar site…thanks for introducing it!!!
    Liked retro scale, bakeware and stemware :)

  85. Beautiful photos keet it up

  86. Deeba!! That cake looks gorgeous! and zansaar is candy for the eyes! Love almost everything, but what really catches my eye?… i’d say the retro kitchen scale and the cast iron skillet are so cute! not to mention some of their cookware! and ceramics too! i’ve ‘liked’ you on FB since forever Deeba! :). just liked Zansaar :)

  87. Chetna says:

    Love the look of the site Zansaar. The Heuck pre-seasoned cast iron cookware square cook pan and OXO good grips angled measuring cup are two things that I have my eye on. I am thrilled they are available at the click of a button. Both are on the top of my ‘To Buy’ list.

    Thanks Deeba for introducing the website.

  88. I am inviting myself over – the cake ‘s a stunner. Thanks a lot for hosting the lovely giveaway. I am awed by the zansaar website and literally hooked to all that’s on board :P
    However the wilton Trim N Turn ultra rotating cake stand has my attention ! Eyeing to get a cake stand for a while and hence this choice.

  89. liked your page on FB

  90. The cake looks so tempting :) Just perfect for chocolate lovers. My Husband also thinks chocolate is the cure for everything- so im going to share the quote you used with him!
    and Zansaar has beautiful stuff- I especially love the graphics/colours of their products. My favourite would be the bake tins and the patterned cutlery.

  91. This is the 3 rd time i am commenting ; not sure why my previous comments don’t register; anyways thanks for the wonderful giveaway spreading festive cheer. Zansaar is dotted with so many things I like but the wilton trim n turn ultra rotating cake stand has my attention. BTW- the cake’s a real stunner. inviting myself over :)

  92. Zansaar’s FB page has my like too

  93. following zansaar on twitter

  94. Already following you on twitter and have tweeted about this giveaway. CHeers

  95. Can’t get over this beautiful – Grape Bunch Oil & Vinegar Pourer. So classic and beautiful. Yummy cake for mummy. Craving for a delicious piece of cake now.

  96. Hey. I already follow Zansaar on twitter!

  97. I have liked Zansaar on FB already!

  98. Liked PAB on Facebook :)

  99. I already follow u on twitter and have retweeted the tweet.

  100. Have always loved your out-of-the-world bakes but have never dared recreate them!! So want to try this one!!

  101. Follow you on facebook

  102. Follow Zansaar on facebook

  103. Would love to have their dainty little cupcake holder..can’t keep my eyes away from it!!

  104. kamala says:

    Hi Deepa
    First time commenting here though a regular visitor of ur beautiful blog..Love the Zansaar products

  105. Anusha says:

    Hi Deeba,

    I love your blog and I am religious follower. And the photographs on your blog….beautiful.
    Zansaar is an amazing site. I love the bake ware and World Foods.
    I ordered my Wilton Angel Food cake pan and Nordic Ware 2 Piece Non-stick Bundt Pan Set from Zansaar. I bake very often in those and I am in love with those pans.

  106. i would like to win the retro scale.

  107. following you on twitter

  108. following your facebook page

  109. following zansaar in fb and twitter

  110. the shape of the oil dispenser waslovely.

  111. sangeeta says:

    I simply adore zansaar Moroccan ceramics collections and bakeware collection. i have my eye on Demarle Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat and the perfect Christmas gift for my sister, the sun pattern dinner plate and bowl…And i wouldn’t mind winning this pretty scale too…..
    The cake look so scrumptious ..Love your recipes and your blog is mind blowing .Keep up the awesome work.

  112. Deeba, you’re as choco-crazy as me!

  113. I forgot to mention abt the Zansar giveaway… Doing all mentioned things ( following on all social media) already ..I love everything from Zansaar…

    I am a tea addict so I am loving everything in tea section … but lusting after thier Old Dutch Moss Green Cast-Iron Nobility Teapot 38-Ounce …. If only wishes were horses Sigh !

  114. Promilaa Bhatia says:

    I love giveaways – they’re the adult equivalent of Christmas, Diwali and birthdays rolled into one. The thrill of winning something, sometimes for no earthly reason at all, never gets old! That’s my superficial side talking. But there’s a deeper side to it too, you know. The side that conveniently surfaces only AFTER you’ve won. The part that thanks God for picking you from among thousands of aspirants, the part that then believes in the half-baked parables centered around karma, destiny and Lady Luck. Scratch that. That sounds just as superficial! And contrived. So what’s real then? Just how much I’d like to snag that beautiful weighing scale – an early Christmas present to myself! :-)
    Zansaar really has got the whole world (mine) in its hands – everything I lust after peddled under one roof! If I had to pick one product, it would be the Quirky Cheese Grater – it seems a shame that such expensive and delicious cheese has to share the same grating space as carrots and onions.

  115. Purnima says:

    Deeba..wot a lovely cake..gloss, finish, click wants to grab frm screen! Zansar..went thru the array of products in offer..loved the ‘Kitchen Aid’ accessories and all remaining glammed up pics :) U never cease to amaze Deeba! (A request..pls do a post on the technique of making the sides ..frm the part where it comes out of the freezer n how to wrap it around the cake w/out breaking! :D) Hugs to busyB!

  116. Prabs says:

    I am in love with the cupcake stand! Its gorgeous and a great centerpiece for a party.

    Deeba, I love the cake for the sheer gooey chocolatey feeling that one gets after a single look, yet has a hidden and fruity creamy filling.

  117. Samruddhi says:

    Deeba…loved the cake..Tried a few recipes from your blog which were ofcourse supper..also you are the one to inspire me to make macaroons ..which I tried many times but failed but still have not lost the hope..;-)

    your FB fan

  118. Samruddhi says:

    About zansaar..loved there stoneware cups as Im a hardcore coffee lover

  119. Samruddhi says:

    Fan of zansaar on FB :)

  120. Samruddhi says:

    Following you on twitter ..and ofcourse tweeted about the giveaway

  121. Samruddhi says:

    Also following Zansaar on twitter

  122. AH . The cake looks divine . Made the coffee cake and that was superb as well . Will keep coming back for more .
    I like the Zansaar kitchen scale . And the cupcake stand too .
    Keep posting ;)
    ps- liked your page on fb :)

  123. khadeeja says:

    HI Deeba…
    been a regular reader o ur blogs…i have tried most of ur cakes n luv em!
    jus saw ur give aways absolutely…luvly n perfect for d baker i am…wil b agreat help for easy baking..especially now wen i am havin my 3rd lil baba…
    hope to win…
    00919574559169 nafisa

  124. Happy, cheery December indeed, the best time of the year for baking! A Sachertorte can only be uber chocolaty and delectable, looks sinful!

    The crockery and ALL the bakeware, the heritage bundt pan in particular!!

  125. Kristin says:

    I love the red vintage coffee can!

  126. Sharon says:

    Hi Deeba

    Thanks for introducing us to zansaar…phew, finally i can get some of my baking equipment w/o having to wait till a close relative came down from abroad…this is so closer home.

    My Zansaar wish list would be the Silicone Non-Stick Surface Baking Mat 2-Piece Set, its an amazing invention.

  127. Sharon says:

    Hi Deeba

    Thanks for introducing us to zansaar…phew, finally i can get some of my baking equipment w/o having to wait till a close relative came down from abroad…this is so closer home.

    My Zansaar wish list would be the Silicone Non-Stick Surface Baking Mat 2-Piece Set, its such an amazing invention.

  128. Nitha says:

    I already follow you on Facebook but don’t follow Zansaar because their products are way too expensive. Even more reason to participate in this giveaway! I love the Cuisineart Icecream maker ( I am aching to have it!

  129. Nitha says:

    I so want the silpat ( Why are all the nice things so expensive! :(

  130. Nitha says:

    I keep reading of recipes where you fry for a while and then stick the skillet in the oven. This would be perfect for such recipes :
    I want!

  131. Nitha says:

    Dont have kids yet, but someday when I have them, I would surely buy this one from Zansaar: – The faucet extender

  132. Cake and that too chocolate wala…..ufff…..I am dying to grab a piece….looking so droolicious…..a perfect party to the tastebuds……Follow you at fb and twitter since long…..Zansaar these days is my hot e-window shopping destination…:-)

  133. Supreetha says:

    Love everything on Zansaar. On top of my list are Retro Kitchen scale, turn table, Moroccan Sun Pattern collection and pretty wine glasses…

    Already like you and Zansaar on FB.

    Great blog! Keep up the good work!

  134. ritu jain says:

    hi deeba..came back to drool over your chocolate cake pics n realised no new comment since past 2 days. so to keep it buzzing here i am…will surely try this cake once my other half returns frm abroad. it looks easy (hope i’m not proven wrong) n too chocolatey to resist.
    my contact no. is 09312892901(in case i win).God plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  135. Meera says:

    lovely cake as usual!!! i’m a shy fan of your blog n your baking skills.

    i love Zansaar website. it is so difficult to choose from… i had to say i loved the cast iron skillets, turntable, this:
    and this:

    lovely blog..keep it up!


  136. Hmmm the cake looks great.

  137. Hello Deeba!! SO beautiful, as always :) Where do you pick up the Del Monte fruit filling from?

  138. Hello Deeba, SO beautiful as always! Where do you pick up the Del Monte fruit filling from?
    As for the giveaway, I would actually love to pick up the electronic kitchen scale from Zansaar. I have a 40+ year old one which my husband’s grandmother brought all the way from London :) It works beautifully, but I think it could do with some change :)

  139. Did I need to leave a link for the product? If so, here goes:

  140. Finally, my third & last comment, am sorry I wasn’t able to lay my hands on Nilgiris cocoa. They don’t seem to be stocking it anymore :(

  141. Lindsey.R says:

    This recipe looks phenomenal. I will have to make it this summer when the fresh raspberries are ready. I love the onion goggles on the Zansaar site! Great solution to a common issue :) I have done everything asked to be entered into your contest. Thanks for entering me :)


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