Dessert / No bake | Bru Coffee Panna Cotta … for hectic days of endless work

“Only one thing is certain about coffee…. Wherever it is grown, sold, brewed, and consumed, there will be lively controversy, strong opinions, and good conversation.”
Mark Pendergrast

Bru Coffee Panna CottaI love the theme for the latest Femina. It’s an issue celebrating the art of slowing down. Rat races and deadlines threaten to burn us out. I screamed a big hearty YES in my head, and then decided to get the better of life! Of course it didn’t happen. The Bru Coffee Panna Cotta did though! It gave me an opportunity to use the beautiful mason jars that Finla sent.

Bru Coffee Panna Cotta

Bru Coffee Panna CottaIt was for a shoot for a magazine in China, they were doing a feature on fridges and lifestyles. Yours truly was contacted, and yours truly said YES! NEVER say yes to a fridge photoshoot! I was spring cleaning till kingdom came, discovering things I hadn’t seen in ages, scrub-a-dubbing forever … and cursing my poor foresight! At the time I really wished I hadn’t said yes!

Photoshoot On the brighter side, I have a sparkling clean fridge that looks almost as good as new, I now know every little crumb that lives in there. It’s so organised that it barely looks like mine! In there too was some Indian Coffee Panna Cotta that I made that day. I am on a coffee overdrive, what with the recent Coffee Vanilla Bean Layered Cake.

Wholewheat baking with chocolate.There’s been a chocolate overdrive of late too, but then, no one seems to be complaining! In the past few days I also made Whole-wheat Mocha Brownies for the kids. They were delicious. And on the trot yesterday, Whole-wheat Chocolate Lava Cakes in 4 and a half minutes in the Philips AirFryer. Some gadgets are such a blessing. 

Bru Coffee Panna CottaBru is my morning cup of coffee, my coffee connect! It’s instant, a mix of chicory and coffee, and I love its deep flavour. It’s been a favourite for years and years. Anything Bru works for me, the original Bru that is.  None of the new flavours appeal to me like the old rustic original!

Bru Coffee Panna Cotta A coffee panna cotta has been tempting me for long ever since Cookaroo posted one with an espresso syrup. What’s not to love about this quintessential Italian dessert of ‘cooked cream’? It’s one dessert where all flavours work magically and very few people would refuse a serving … the kids always want seconds and thirds!

Bru Coffee Panna CottaSo without further ado, here is one of my all time favourite desserts, a Bru Coffee Panna Cotta … make ahead, indulgent and deliciously coffee! For those who have known me over the years, sorry it’s coffee again. For those who don’t know me – nothing wins my palette over like coffee in dessert! My guilty pleasure, my relaxation. {And if coffee is not your thing, I have a whole string of other flavours ... Dark Chocolate & Orange, Saffron Caramel, Strawberry Tangerine Quark to tempt you with!} 

Coco, the cocker spanielOh, did I tell you that the sun is back? It is indeed. The horrid smog has finally cleared and ‘lazy creatures‘ are enjoying the morning sun!

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  1. I have a feeling this is gonna spoil my diet plans :D

  2. Asusual stunning post with beautiful pictures, flavors and cute little pet :)

  3. Meenal C says:

    if I am using just 2 Amul cream packs which amount to 400mls.. how much gelatine i need to add?

  4. I love bru and pannacotta.. perfect dessert for me..

  5. Looks very good and beautifully styled too!

  6. I think my refrigerator needs more than a photo shoot! Cleaning is not my fav hobby even thou I think better when everything is in its place and it is clean…but does not work with a cold closet (refrigerator)
    The penna cotta looks awesome and Bru is my morning cup of coffee when I run out of my starbucks. I think I will have to book mark this one for sure …great for the holidays !!

  7. Shubha says:

    Vow. This so simple and I bet it will be delicious.Thanks.

  8. Wonder what will i find when i clean the fridge :D I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but when it says coffee, i get all excited to grab a bite !

  9. The panna cotta looks wonderful.

  10. A wonderful dessert! Easy to make, yet extremely delicious. Heaven in a pot.



  11. divine it looks; yum !

  12. looks terrific Deeba…. congratulations on spreading your fame to the far east! also how cute is that little pupster sunning away? mine too is loving the cooler temperatures of this time of the year

  13. Wow..gorgeous pictures. Coffee is great in desserts and I am thinking what fruit I’ll top this panna cotta with…or should I just skip my fruit obsession :-)
    Am reminded I need to spring clean my fridge…too many fruit preserves waiting to be used up.

  14. Coffee in a dessert is so so welcome, who can ever say no to it?? A pannacotta has been on my mind since so long, this seems to be the one to make! Loved the jars, so pretty!

  15. wow!!!looks so preTTY!
    I just made panna cotta with yogurt and pomegranate jelly …but coffee is looking really great….maybe a 50-50 with yogurt and cream …I’m on!!!
    3 cheers for bru
    3 cheers for you!

  16. Prefect dessert for coffee lovers like me, stunning.

  17. I love panna cotta–it’s a simple but sexy dessert. I’ve never tried coffee panna cotta, though, and we are coffee fanatics so this is definitely going on my list of recipes to try this weekend. Thank you!

  18. Your picture was sooo gorgeous I just had to click and see the whole post…

  19. Aww Deeba, many congrats on the feature in a magazine. Link when it’s out. A well deserved recognition dear friend. I hope the pup makes it in too and become a celebrity in China! :) Your desserts are scrumptious as ever!

    • LOL Shulie…you are a sweetheart! xo {oooh thought of you last night. We were driving back home and saw a very rare car with a ‘Shalom’ sticker with the Star etc Tried to take a grainy pic.}

  20. Hello dearie! Gee, you’re brave. I wouldn’t let anyone photograph my fridge :) I feel the business!! Been away from blogland for far too long. Love your panna cotta, and I do need a good coffee kick ever day too :)

    • Hey there Shaz…good heavens,it’s really been a while. How’ve you been? And the girls? Must be beautiful weather down under! Glad we share the ‘coffee kick’ feeling. Much love chica!

  21. Hi
    I’ve been a reader of your blog for quite sometime now. its my go to guide for all things related to baking. So here is my question I’m considering buying an oven for doing more baking. I have a panasonic microwave cum oven which is completely unreliable as an oven. I’m open to a biggish front opening oven that I intend to use for a long time from now. I’m clueless about which brand to go in from. Would love to get your advice.

    • Hi Wajiha, Thank you for writing in and for your sweet words. I use the Morphy Richards 40L which works fine for me. A few folk I know use that as well and seem pretty happy with it.Hope this helps!

  22. THIS is how I’d like to have my morning coffee!

  23. I’m not much of a coffee person, but i love pannacotta enough to convert me to anything i guess! :) and truth be told, i come to your blog to drool over your pics AND over Coco! ooof, those eyes – i could just melt away!

  24. Hahaha, well I guess that’s one good way to get the fridge cleaned out! Speaking of which I should look into doing my own…

  25. Chithra says:

    Didi, how many servings does this amount give?

  26. Donna says:

    Hi Deeba, wud like to try this out. Can I substitute vanilla sugar with pure vanilla extract 1tsp say…

  27. Sounds divine.

  28. I’ve made this Panna cotta 3 times now and it has never failed to impress! Thanks Deeba!

  29. Sounds wonderful.


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