Frozen Dessert | Mango Sorbet … Taste of Yellow for Barbara!

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

Pablo Picasso

Mango Sorbet It’s raining summer desserts at home.  The mango crop has been fantastic {as has been the peach harvest}.  How better to celebrate this luscious fruit than with David Lebovitz!  The man is genius, and his Mango Sorbet an absolute  winner! The Perfect Scoop is a favorite on my shelf; indispensable for ice cream lovers. Remember the Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream? Droolicious stuff!Mango SorbetI’ve had this Mango Sorbet in my drafts for a bit. Then suddenly this week things took a turn for the worse … the power grid collapsed, not once but  twice! 12 hours without electricity, then back, then gone again for 4 hours! Just when we kind of resurrected, the second collapse came by, 14 hours this time! While newspapers and TV channels were crying themselves hoarse about the worlds biggest black out, 600 million folk without power, all I could think about was “my mango sorbet”!Mango SorbetIt was a good lesson in preparedness for the future that awaits the generations to come. As kids we’ve lived different times, a country traditionally having exposed its people to frequent power cuts, so it was no big deal as power would go off all the time. Add to it black outs during the Indo Pak war in 1971. Brown paper darkened the windows, jets flew low over the town, sirens echoed over the city, trenches were ready and waiting. No power and no back up … and it didn’t bother us!Mango SorbetCut to now! The power goes off and the inverter cuts in. Instant solution and the kids barely even notice. The grid failure was different however! They learnt a new lesson … when the national grip trips, NO ONE knows when the power will be back! And another yummy one … grid failure is time for smoothies, ice cream, loads of food cooked non stop by a mother who cannot see food wasted!Dark chocolate mousse Remember my frozen cherries I mentioned in the Fresh Cherry Quark Cheesecake Pie post? Ho hum… since they threatened not to be frozen for long, they were hurriedly cooked with balsamic vinegar and made to top a delicious dessert to fill these gorgeous Urban Dazzle glasses. Resulthappy family who didn’t complain about power cuts! Recipe to be posted next …Mango SorbetThe mango sorbet is light, refreshing, delicious and screams summer! It’s also my tribute to a beautiful lady – Barbara of Winos & Foodie who was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and sadly lost her battle recently. I was fortunate to meet her virtually on and off over her Yellow events; she was a fighter all the way! Monthly Mingle is the brainchild of the lovely Meeta @ Whats For Lunch Honey, and this month it celebrates Barbara’s spirit at the wonderful Jeanne @ Cook Sister. So positive, so full of energy, great sense of humour, always ready to share her experiences, Barbara held the food blogger world in awe, her love touching a lot of us. For years she successfully ran the Taste of yellow blog event. Of late, I had met her over Thermomix recipes after I bought one. RIP sweet Barbara … you were and are an inspiration to all of us!

{I am linking a few other yellow posts I did recently to this months Monthly Mingle}

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  1. Ah a mango sorbet. Just wish mangoes were still available. I wish mango season were still around!

  2. A wonderful dessert and tribute to Barbara! This sorbet must be quite addictive.



  3. I gotta taste that yellow, emm emmmm!
    leemz´s last blog post ..Oil-free Scrambled Egg In MicrowaveMy Profile

  4. The most beautiful yellow I can see :-)
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..Whole wheat, Olive oil, eggless cake with Peaches or Nectarines..My Profile

  5. I am tempted to buy a thermomix after seeing your ice-cream post. I want to find out from you though, do I have to always freeze the ingredients beforehand, or can thermomix churn like a normal ice-cream maker does?
    jehanne@thecookingdoctor´s last blog post ..Fabulous Food Fotography Friday: Simply LettuceMy Profile

  6. A beautiful tribute to Barbara
    Sally – My Custard Pie´s last blog post ..Saffron, tin mines and an accident – Fresh from the ovenMy Profile

  7. So… after being tempted by your recipes all these months I have finally decided to buy an ice-cream maker!! Will make sure I try all your recipes after that :)
    chinmayie @ love food eat´s last blog post ..Healthier Breakfast Hot ChocolateMy Profile

  8. So many lovely recipes to honour Barbara, her life and her spirit. Such tasty treats depute the pitfalls of modern society. No electricity for so long, it makes us wonder what we did before!!!
    belllii´s last blog post ..Capture the Colours for the 2012 Summer Olympics in LondonMy Profile

  9. Sorbet is one of my favorite desserts. It’s so good.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. That yellow is just so beautiful….!!!
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..Honey and Caramel SemifreddoMy Profile

  11. Wow! This is such a beautiful dessert. Impressive! Have a great day.
    Helene´s last blog post ..Kraft Peanut Butter Tour – ByWard Market August 14th, 2012My Profile

  12. Born27 says:

    This is so good! I am thankful that our mango tree at the back of our house is having fruits right now. I will prepare this for my family! Thank you for the recipe.

  13. Renita Ghosh says:

    I love your recipes. They are so simple yet so tasty! When I saw this recipe I had to give it a shot… afterall it is made of my favourite fruit Mango. For that matter, I get sad when the season ends. My husband makes sure that our fridge is loaded with mango drinks, Jumpin being my fav. On that note… have you checked out the recent video they have come out with? Two grannies having a dance off. I enjoy watching it again and again. They are adorable, check them out here:

    • Reshmi V says:

      Thanks for sharing this information Renita…I just shared the Jumpin video. One step at a time towards bringing about a change right?

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