Bloggers Table | Cooking a tale with Aditya Bal … and a Pineapple Mascarpone Birthday Cake!

“When we eat together, when we set out to do so deliberately, life is better, no matter what your circumstances.”
Thomas Keller

Aditya Bal Meet, VedaThe Bloggers Table recently took us to Veda to meet cookbook author Aditya Bal over his new cookbook on Indian cuisine, Chakhle India Cookbook. As expected, Aditya turned out to be a warm, friendly guy, quite the gentleman, eager to hear from the bunch of us and looked ready for bouquets and brickbats.  And as expected again, we had LOTS to say!Aditya Bal @ Veda

Photo courtesy Sid Khullar

It was nice to see him there on time, something a bit of a rarity in Delhi. Veda is a high end fine dining restaurant owned by celebrity Indian fashion designer Rohit Bal,  who happens to be the authors uncle. Aditya Bal Meet, VedaWe held ‘court’ at a large table in the centre of the rather opulent restaurant which is done up in red and black, lots of it, quite Gothic. Loads of bling too! The lighting and ambiance too dark, the interiors overpowering and ‘busy’, almost garish. Didn’t do much for my sense of aesthetics if you know what I mean. What did I like about the place? The tables … stunning with exquisite black and white inlay work. Aditya Bal Meet, VedaExchanging notes, we learned that quite a few recipes were off the mark with ingredient measures. Not good news for beginners in the kitchen. I  realised that while cooking from the book, I had made an error. In my own space, somewhere along the way I eyeballed the spice  measures  or used my “andaaz“.  Aditya took the feedback positively, though most flack was passed to the publishing house and TV channel who were seemingly in a hurry to get the book into print!Aditya Bal Meet, VedaNothing much to write about the food that night. Didn’t do too much for the tastebuds, other than the cawliflower manchurian and palak ke patte ki chaat {crisp flash fried spinach leaves served in Indian street food style}. The rest of the food was meh, pretty standard everyday fare and disappointingly mediocre. Don’t even get me started off on the dessert! It was kulfi, or rather half a kulfi, with a pasty-ish end taste? How much can you get wrong in a kulfi???

What brought the evening together was the incessant banter from the food bloggers …and their better halves. As always, we enjoyed each others company. Aditya patiently heard us out, took notes, talked about this book, his future plans, his love for Goa, his passion with cuisine, French food  … his pretty Russian wife escaped the boisterous group soon!Pineapple Mascarpone Cake The evening ended with a cake! It was Sangeeta’s birthday the next evening and I proposed earlier that we surprise her with a cake.  Smart Sid took it further and proposed ‘WE’ bake her one; so yours truly baked her a Pineapple Mascarpone Cake. It’s been ages since I made one, so I did a dry run first. For the frosting and filling I used homemade mascarpone which I made to ‘test the recipe sans a candy thermometer’ for Sneha, a reader of my blog. Came out GREAT!Homemade mascaponeThe cake was nice {if I may say so myself}. We exchanged plants, seeds, herbs, sourdough starters, sang happy birthday while Sangeeta did the honours at Veda…  and tripped out quite a happy bunch! Aditya was sporting enough to dig into the cake before he bade us adieu! Good luck to him for his next book ‘Kachche Raste‘!Pineapple Mascarpone Cake

When Sid suggested a pineapple cake, which is Sangeeta’s flavour of choice, I bought a tin of Del Monte pineapple slices. The mascarpone was because of Sneha, a reader of PAB. Coincidentally, Indiblogger is holding a contest with Del Monte, so this post is off to them. This cake wouldn’t have been here had it not been for blogging!! It celebrates food, blogging, friends, the Bloggers Table … all good things in life!


The rest of us on the table that evening were…
Sid Khullar
Rekha Kakkar
Parul Shirazi The Shirazine: Of Poster Boys and Food!
Tanya Khanna
Sangeeta Khanna
Ruchira Hoon
Charis Bhagianathan Of Cookbooks & Company
Sushmita Sarkar

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  1. The evening was lovely because of this cake and our togetherness. I am smiling wide remembering that :-)
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..Vegetarian omelet: Tofu and chickpea flour omelet…My Profile

    • Our togetherness! How nice that is … and to think it wasn’t so some time back! Life can change for the better when we least expect it to! Yay!!

  2. Love the cake….And sorry about your not so good food at the restaurant, though it sounds like you had fun otherwise!
    I often am not able to thicken low fat cream (I have tried with Amul). For approximately how long do you need to whip the cream?
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..Palada PradhamanMy Profile

    • Indu, for almost 7-8 minutes on high speed. I just keep whipping and then it thickens. I bought a hand beater from Croma 2 years ago and it’s got a nice high speed motor. FYI, I incessantly pleaded with Amul on FB for whipping cream, and have now been told that they are working on it. Maybe our woes will end soon!

  3. Loved the cake. Nothing like a Really Fresh Pineapple Cake. I have followed your blog forever- Never thought I would get to get one of your creations!
    tanya´s last blog post ..The Communicooking Salad- with love to FetaMy Profile

  4. Wow! I’ve been dying to make a pineapple cream cake – love the idea of adding the mascarpone! Awesome!

  5. A beautiful cake! What a divine flavor combination.

    A pity the food wasn’t that good…



  6. First time i visited your site and i am highly impressed by it. Indeed you did a great work. And whomsoever do the technical thing for you.. he/she is going the great stuff for u. Cheers!!

  7. well written deeba..we made the evening fun!!…and ofcourse your cake…yummmmmmmmmm!!!!!
    shooting star´s last blog post ..Girl in Fuschia ~ Today’s Look #37My Profile

  8. Looks like you had a lovely evening sans the food from the place, but still even if the kulfi was not good they had this beautiful delicious looking cake from you.
    Happy Cook / FInla´s last blog post ..Filled Pate A Choux Swans Daring Bakers August 2012My Profile

  9. Carmelle34 says:

    It was lovely kind of cake thank you for sharing the recipe and how to make it…This kind also is good for the wedding…The decoration you make really awesome..

  10. yummy cake
    Jaleela kamal´s last blog post ..Garlic bread & Cardamom TeaMy Profile

  11. What a cake Deeba. Every time you impress me, they are always looking better :)
    Helene´s last blog post ..Mango Fruity Crush PopsMy Profile

  12. looks like you had a great time…I try not to miss Aditya Bal’s show on NDTV…especially his Katcha Rasta, series…..and your cake looks so beautiful, especially those funfetti
    Himanshu @ The White Ramekins´s last blog post ..Nutella Eclairs…Pâte à Choux for Daring BakersMy Profile

  13. What a fun event – and this cake – WOW just amazing! I am always so impressed by you!
    Delishhh´s last blog post ..A Celebration with Rolo Pretzel Turtles and Giveaway + 20% OffMy Profile

  14. Love the Cake. Still sobbing !
    Nice write-up as well.
    Rituparna´s last blog post ..Red Pepper Soup – SRC – August 2012 – Chocolate And ChilliesMy Profile

  15. looks like u had a blast sans the food :) divine flavours in the cake deeba; looks scrumptious
    Priya Sreeram´s last blog post ..Love – thy name spells magic; Celebrating it with Coffee Kissed & Red Chilli Spiced BrownieMy Profile

  16. I strongly believe that the company matters more.. well good food is always a bonus, but even if its not there friends make up for it!

    Such a beautiful cake, the birthday girl is lucky to have this made for her :)

    Great post and great recipe!
    Runnergirlinthekitchen´s last blog post ..Beetroot Raita – Step by Step RecipeMy Profile

  17. Born27 says:

    Its just an amazing kind of cakes…I am dreaming to have this kind on my birthday…Thank you for sharing the recipe…I appreciate it much..

  18. That’s to bad that the restaurant and the food wasn’t anything memorable but at lest the company was and that’s always what counts the most.
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..Stone Fruit in Lemon Thyme Syrup with Creme FraicheMy Profile

  19. I love this cake Deeba llok amazing and love your pictures of course:))
    gloria´s last blog post ..Lemon little puddingsMy Profile

  20. Wow nice recipe of the cake, will surely try it soon… Also I recently got Aditya’s cookbook and I never miss his show on FoodFood :) I also have a food blog –
    Please have a look, I’ll really appreciate your feedback. Also I would like to know more about this blogger’s table meets. Is it city specific? any eligibility required? Would love to be a part of it.

  21. Akila says:

    Wow, lovely cake. Did you also use the same fresh cream for the piping? If so, does the cream really thicken to that consistency?
    I use amul cream as well, and it took me about 15-20 minutes on high speed in my hand mixer. Though even then it could be thicker

    • Hi Akila, for this one I used a mix of Amul and mascarpone. Now with the weather changing in North India, I am glad to see the cream whipping up quite well. Yes, about 10-15mins on high speed. You must try and use quark in combination. Makes life so much more easier and delicious too!

  22. Samantha says:

    I really impress looking to this cakes….I want to have this on my birthday…Thanks a lot for sharing with us..

  23. Spectacular collection of drinks and cakes….I enjoyed this post very much and looking for next one :)

  24. sangeeta prakash says:

    a beautiful and attractive blog,why a long silence?

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