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Lamb & Purslane PideChomp, chomp, chomp.Ooooh, this is good“, declared Mr PAB between bites. Then gesturing wildly he said, “This MUST go on the blog. It’s GOOD!” So with recommendation, hot off the press oven, here are Lamb and Purslane Pides, or simply put Turkish Flatbread Pizza!Lamb & Purslane Pides What is purslane? It is an annual succulent, found in North India in the hot summer months, is funnily considered a weed in America {LOL}, and cooked extensively through much of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Mexico! It is known as kulfa saag here, and was the only green other than spinach that I could find to replace the chard! It worked a charm …  and went undetected by the ‘green hating‘ terrible teens!Lamb & Purslane Pides It’s been ages since I cooked lamb mince. By healthy choice I’ve switched over th chicken mince but the lamb murmur has been growing stronger of late. My SIL is a great lamb lover and mentioned that she prefers lamb to chicken any day. I was listening. Then the other day, a meeting with someone from BBC GF and she mentioned her undying love for lamb too. Now I was all ears!Lamb & Purslane Pides “Next kebabs will be have to be lamb“, I thought as I got mince from the butcher. However, this morning I lost my inclination to make kebabs. I wanted something on dough, something baked, something quick! I recollected the Turkish pides with sumac I had made long ago and googling got me to a Lamb & Chard Pide recipe on BBC GF!

Pides, local pita bread, are delicious flatbread pizzas topped with different ingredients from Turkeys rich cuisine. You have specialty Turkish pide restaurants across Turkey which sell different avatars of this flatbread. It is popular street food there as well. Regional variations in the shape, baking technique, and topped materials create distinctive styles for each region which include chicken, beef, cheese, potatoes, garlic and many other ingredients.

Lamb & Purslane Pides It came together fairly quickly. I did a quick rise dough, and by the time the dough was rising, the lamb was ready. Baked quick, crisp and nice, the lamb pides were wolfed down faster than the time I took to make them… not a crumb remained!Lamb & Purslane PidesThe recipe suggestion was to drizzle pom molasses over it. I didn’t have any but I did have a fresh plum prune sauce I developed for Del Monte. To that, I added some red harissa that I had made last week. It was H O T! 10 red chilies, more fresh red chilies = fiery HOT! That said, it’s almost gone and I am ready to make my next jar! Lamb & Purslane Pides Red Harissa The lamb offered subtle, gentle flavours, lilted further by the cottage cheese and bell pepper. The pickled peppers added some zest, and a drizzle of plum chili sauce brought out a delicious complexity of flavours … all pairing beautifully together!Lamb & Purslane Pides I loved how quickly and beautifully the meal came together. Of course we had the much dreaded power cut halfway through, so I baked a couple on a heavy griddle pan covered with a lid over low heat …. and there was no reason to complain {pictured above}. So there you, if it’s too hot to turn on the oven OR you suffer power cuts like we have all summer, these cook up crisp beautiful on the stove top too!Lamb & Purslane Pides

Lamb & Purslane PidesI had some dough left over, so made some chicken, red harissa and plum sauce pides the next afternoon for the kids. Gone in minutes! They are filling yet light enough for a summer meal. Pair with a green salad, maybechilled summer cooler … and you have a meal!Summer CoolerBon appetit! Afiyet olsun!

And as I leave I wish to thank Lifezing for interviewing me. It was an honour and I loved doing it.
Catch it, with a whole lot of colour here

In conversation with Deeba Rajpal From Passionate About Baking

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  1. This is awesome. I love Purslane and use it for a pizza sauce too (have posted a recipe for that as well). Never ever thought of having it with mince mutton. BTW where do you get Lamb mince here?

    Your pictures are enticing as always.
    sangeeta khanna´s last blog post ..Not just another omelet… a cheese and herbs omelet..My Profile

    • Purslane in pizza sauce? Yum! I used it recently with puri ke aloo too! LOL! Lamb mince from Lazees, Galleria, DLF Ph4. All my meat cuts come from there. I call ahead and he knows exactly what I like!

  2. It was lovely to have you on lifezing. Pide looks very stunning and by look of it I can feel they must be delicious too.

    Any suggestions for vegetarian version so that I can enjoy it too otherwise I have to just be happy with hubs and kiddos enjoying it :)
    Rekha´s last blog post ..An Ode to Samosa | Baked Punjabi Samosa RecipeMy Profile

    • Oooh the possibilites for vegetarian options Rekha! I think a stir fry of mushrooms, zuchinis and tomatoes might work well {loads of garlic if you like it}, and/or caramelised balsamic onions. YUM!

  3. A fabulous combination! So mouthwatering. I love Turkish/British-inspired food.



  4. I love it when you post something savory here! It sounds like a pizza that can’t go wrong where flavors are concerned…
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..Fried Squid / CalamariMy Profile

  5. natasha says:

    Oh my!! I had literally sworn off red meat, but this has completely weakened my resolve! 😉 Gorgeous photographs, can’t stop drooling!!
    Love Natasha

  6. We just discovered purslane this spring and can’t get enough. The dish looks sensational. Any suggestions for a vegetarian substitute for the lamb? I’d like to try it.

    • How exciting that you discovered purslane right across the globe recently too El! I think a stir fry of mushrooms, zuchinis and tomatoes might work well {loads of garlic if you like it}, and/or caramelised balsamic onions. YUM!

  7. looks fantastic!
    arundati´s last blog post ..Street Food ~ Ragda PattiesMy Profile

  8. That looks so delicious !
    Rituparna´s last blog post ..Banana Chocolate Bread – SRC – June 2012 – The Culinary EnthusiastMy Profile

  9. Peter of Kalofagas introduced me to my first true Pide in Toronto this past summer. I had attempted to make them at home of course.
    belllii´s last blog post ..A Tribute to The Food and Wine Writers Workshop with Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi with Basil ButterMy Profile

  10. Never used purslane before with mince meat, love the combination.
    The snaps are awesome as always!
    Gauri´s last blog post ..Egg white omelette with spinach and burnt garlicMy Profile

  11. Born27 says:

    This recipe looks amazing and you made me crave for it. I will definitely making this for dinner this week. Thanks for sharing! Love it!

  12. Earline says:

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My website is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would certainly benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Many thanks!

  13. This is incredible. Always beautiful pictures :)
    Helene´s last blog post ..Fatoosh SaladMy Profile

  14. This pide is so gorgeous! I have to make it right away!

  15. I love lamb and cook with it every chance I can. And prefer lamb mince to beef mince for its flavor and moistness. And we LOVE Turkish pizzas! Love them. But I haven’t made them wow for about 3 years! I must make them now. And drizzling pom molasses on them (or plum sauce) sounds fabulous! Gorgeous and thanks for the inspiration, Sistah! And congrats on the interview! You rock!
    Jamie´s last blog post ..CHERRY PROSECCO GRANITÀMy Profile

  16. I like Turkish Pides with lamb. I’ve had it a couple of times. Your recipe and photographs make it so inviting!
    Vishakha´s last blog post ..Dal Makhani / Ma ki Dal / Creamy Black LentilsMy Profile

  17. Guilty as charged regarding purslane. I’m hoping to get out to my garden this morning and rip that stuff out now that the soil is moist. Mine looks different though…much plumper. I wonder if your purslane is really the same as what we hate. It would totally take over my entire garden if I let it…that constitutes a weed for me!

    Beyond that though…what a delish looking dish; you make me want pizza for breakfast!
    Barbara | Creative Culinary´s last blog post ..How Raspberry Margarita Popsicles Became a Slushie!My Profile

  18. We love lamb and this looks great.

  19. Wonderful reveal you might have fond of us all with this huge assortment of information. Wonderful do the job you might have completed through discussing the crooks to most. purely outstanding.

  20. Ujwala says:

    Looks absolutely delish…. one quick question, when you talk about cottage cheese, you mean paneer? I’m currently in the US and cottage cheese here is crumbly and very moist, no chance of cutting that. If it’s paneer then that makes sense. I’m going to try this next week. My husband is the bread maker and I can make the lamb mince.


    • Hey there Ujwala, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I mean paneer. Think you could use feta too. In know what you mean by crumbly and moist. I remember being served cottage cheese at a hotel in HKG and it was no where near paneer! How luck that your husband is the bread maker … mine is just the bread winner! LOL!! I do all the making & baking.




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