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Oatmeal Nutella WhoopiesThese were cookies whoopies waiting to happen! One look at the inbox a few weeks ago and the Pioneer Woman had me bookmarking again. There’s loads of make-able stuff that Ree constantly churns out, and oatmeal in whoopies were right up my street. A few days ago we had Oatmeal Nutella Whoopie Pies!Oatmeal Nutella Whoopie Pies Whoopie pies are sweet baked delights that are a cross between a soft cookie and cake or pie, basically a set of cookies whoopies sandwiched together with a frosting. As expected they were a hit with the teens! It’s amazing how comfort food can bring out the kids in young adults. Both the ‘now much taller than me kids’ grabbed a pair each, pulled the cookies apart and proceeded to lick the frosting, savouring every Nutella lick. Then it was time to demolish whatever was left!!Oatmeal Nutella Whoopies PiesI took a small nibble of the unfrosted cookies and they were quite nice. Maybe I’ll skip the cinnamon next time as it reminds me of warm winter days. I think an orange zest kick would make yum summer whoopie pies! Mmmm, maybe that’s an idea since brown sugar, orange and chocolate are a good pairing.Oatmeal Nutella Whoopies PiesThe cookies were a tad on the sweeter side according to Mr PAB, so I’ll cut back the sugar next time. They disappeared really quick as I could see hungry eyes pick out the box from the fridge to devour the pies. I refrigerated them as the Indian summer has really kicked in, 42C and rising! Won’t even begin to tell you about the nonsensical and irrational power cuts…. sigh! Heat & Dust = North Indian Summer!Old Delhi, Purani Dilli It’s the beginning of a tough summer; a long hot month ahead before the monsoons get here. Then it’ll be hot + humid! On my list of things to do was a visit to Old Delhi which I managed a few days ago before the heat became unbearable. My Mum had some work there so I happily tagged along … Brass teapot, Old DelhiOld Delhi, Purani Dilli I bought this charming brass teapot {pictured with the whoopie pies} from a shop near Jama Masjid. I also climbed up rickety old ladders and pulled out vintage handmade copper boxes from a dusty old shop that sold copper by the weight. We had a wonderful local guide who walked us through quaint places, like Mohalla Kabristan which quite literally translates into ‘Graveyard Colony‘.Old Delhi, Purani Dilli It was an uncanny feeling having to walk nonchalantly around graves that lay in your path! This little colony was built ages ago around old graves that dot cemented streets. Goats languish lazily around every possible corner, heat, dust and more dust, shops that sell everything under the sun … beads, incense, bottles, cookware, bangles, buckets, cloth, paper, silver jewelery, fresh juice, food! Old Delhi, Purani DilliOld Delhi, Purani Dilli Old Delhi, Purani DilliA journey into the ‘walled city’ transports you into another world. We got onto rickshaws from the historic Turkman Gate {one of the 14 gateways to the Shahjahanabad of yore} in the heart of New Delhi. The minute we crossed the gate and took a right turn, the road disappeared into a ‘gali or narrow street! No cars, just rickshaws, people on foot, goats galore, mules too …. a different cacophony!Old Delhi, Purani DilliSome of my photographs might have a ‘rickshaw shake’ as we were in a hurry to get around, but I had to share them with you. It’s the essence of Old Delhi, a city I love, which appears rather mystically the minute you cross over into the walled area, or  Purani Dilli. The city  grows on you!Old Delhi, Purani DilliTomorrow I’m off to Goa with the kids for a short break, a revisit after a gap of over 20 years. Whoopie!! Hopefully will have some more pictures of yet another beautiful Indian city to share with you soon! Until then, here are my version of Rees whoopie pies!

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  1. Always love the pics of your trips!!! And the whoopie pies look great too! Love the picture of the old man!
    Judy´s last blog post ..The Birthday Boy’s Bourbon Country Style RibsMy Profile

  2. Lovely clicks and wonderful whoopie pies! Old Dehli is really beautiful and so photogenic.



  3. Wow, the brass pot looks amazing, and so does that copper colour bucket hanging in a shop. I really would love to visit Delhi some day.

    Orange zest in those cookies would be pure magic !!! :)
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..B’day Celebrations with Chocolate CakeMy Profile

  4. serena says:

    Such a stunning photos. May I have the tour guide email address or phone, am planning to be in India in December.

    Love that classic teapot! Looooooove it!

  5. Such lovely clicks of old delhi…it’s almost as if there’s a certain quaintness in the dereliction!! have seen so many recipes for whoopie pies in american blogs.. have always wondered about giving them a shot!! can i also admit .. that a while back i attempted to make macarons and they were such an unmitigated disaster.. they looked a bit like these whoopie pies!!! :))

  6. What a wonderful tour through “Old Delhi”. I have never been to India but would LOVE to see some of these sights that are just night and day different from scenes in the U.S. Isn’t it fantastic that you are in India making ‘whoopie pies’ from a woman in Oklahoma (Ree)? The Indian tea pot is so pretty…I collect tea pots so I am definitely envious of it.

  7. Oh How I miss my trips to these alleys and streets filled with people, heritage and absolutely delicious food… I still miss chaat from street… And ofcourse Karim’s…
    Beautiful Whoopie pies!!

  8. Your new treasures are beautiful! Have fun on your trip. I’ll look forward to the gorgeous pics. I need to make whoopie pies soon. Sound like a great version.
    Barbara @ Barbara Bakes´s last blog post ..Chunky Monkey Banana BreadMy Profile

  9. Whoopie pies with marshmallow filling is a big hit with the kids of all age groups!!
    Just recently I did a post on Kulfi which reminded me so much of old Delhi and its unique culture..the food,cuisine and many other treasures like these!!
    Do check this out
    ritu´s last blog post ..Kesar Pista KulfiMy Profile

  10. These whoopie pies are just mouth watering!
    Loved your clicks!
    Gauri´s last blog post ..Sprouts and Pomegranate SaladMy Profile

  11. am defenitely making them- drooling literally ! and the teapot looks stunning
    Priya Sreeram´s last blog post ..Nutella Brownies – The 4 Ingredient blissMy Profile

  12. I can never say no to Nutella! And oh those props!!
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..Pomegrante, Blueberry, Matcha Tea Slushy | An Antioxidant PunchMy Profile

  13. The whoopie pies look so delicious … baked cookies are my weakness :)

    Nice clicks. Old Delhi never fails to charm me, I just love the food out there and it’s great for picking up antique items. The pictures just reveal the magic of the place. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  14. Colleen says:

    The whoopie pies look great, but that teapot is just gorgeous! Wish I could get my hands on something like that!!

  15. Lovely pics! How lucky you are to live in a such beautiful country! I love the teapot that goes so well with your delicious Whoopie biscuits! Have a great day,

  16. yey, Nutella!
    And those amazing photos – they can go right to National Geographic!
    cookingrookie´s last blog post ..Blackberry Orange SmoothieMy Profile

  17. I love the things, the place and the food. I suddenly want to have a vacation somewhere. Is it hard to make cookies? I haven’t tried one but I’m looking forward to try making some.

  18. Shital says:

    Such fantastic pictures Deeba! Thank you for the tour..its beautiful. I never really venture into the old any city. The crowd and congestion scares me. But looking at these pictures makes me want to be a little more adventurous and open :-)
    Deeba, can you please tell me if chocolate and compound are different? Can I use compound instead of chocolate for baking? Will it compromise the taste? I can’t seem to find baking chocolate in Hyderabad. Do you know any online store I can buy from?
    Sorry for flooding you with too many questions..:-)

  19. nice old delhi pictures……love the teapot :-)
    shruti @ a spoonful of yumm´s last blog post ..Photo Wednesday – Panchgani , MaharashtraMy Profile

  20. Brown35 says:

    I love baking and I’m so excited to prepared these whoopie pies, thanks for sharing…
    Brown35´s last blog post ..PC Repair Los AngelesMy Profile

  21. jennifer says:

    I love whoopie pies and that’s the reason why I prepared it for my family, I am pretty amazing that they shout for another one… 😀

  22. Just gorgeous – and one day i will make it to India :)
    Delishhh´s last blog post ..Rhubarb Crumble on the GrillMy Profile

  23. Gracie says:

    If you are using a convection oven, then the time does not need to change. Two pies will cook at the same time as one.
    Gracie´s last blog post ..redpin condosMy Profile

  24. Wow, these look so delicious! Do you post nutrition information for any of your recipes? Maybe I overlooked it.
    MJ´s last blog post ..Local fair gets health friendly! “The Big E”My Profile

  25. Your Old Delhi pics brought a lot of pleasant memories, how I wish I was into blogging 8 years then so my eyes would be ‘open’ to those charming props and antiques! Must make a trip again soon..enjoy your Goa trip! I can totally relate to macaron looking like whoopie pies, haha, but your pies are stunning.
    jehanne@thecookingdoctor´s last blog post ..BBC Good Food feature as the Blog turns 1!My Profile

  26. Love your dishes in your beautiful pictures. Anything with Nutella and I eat it :) Have a great day!
    Helene´s last blog post ..Banana Bread Recipe and TeaVivre – Recette Pain aux BananesMy Profile

  27. Hi Deeba,

    I really wish I could have come shopping with you too :-) Love all those vintage props and copper pots , I’m secretly jealous 😉

    Your whoopie pies look really unique and definitely yumm! I too get hooked onto Ree’s site.

    Do stop by my space when time permits…would be glad to make blog buddies with you !!!

    Manju´s last blog post ..Baby Crib Cake…for a baby shower!My Profile

  28. Jennifer says:

    Nestle semi-sweet chocolate and mixed them with her cookie dough. She thought the chocolate would blend with the dough to make a chocolate cookie. However, they retained their consistency as chips while baking in the oven..

  29. Born27 says:

    This is what beautiful about brown and bronze.. You can actually appreciate the beauty. Just like you recipe here.. I love nutella peanut butter, and I will not have to second thought by trying to bake this recipe!

  30. Never heard if a whoopie pie before but I love Nutella and will give these a go, they look yummy :) Fantastic photo’s too, what an amazing place!
    Mike´s last blog post ..Home ImprovementsMy Profile

  31. Hi deeba, just made yr butter chicken tonite for dinner again. Its a hit with my kids.
    Love yr pics and and the POT its so pretty. Was in India early this yr but no one took me to such places. LajpatNagar was the best I could do. Maybe will ask u for suggestions the next time Im making a trip.
    Neev´s last blog post ..RIBBON CAKEMy Profile

  32. The cookies look.wonderful.
    Joy´s last blog post ..Little Man’s BirthdayMy Profile

  33. Shital says:

    Hi Deeba,
    Good to know you had a great holiday! Awaiting a reply on chocolate vs compound chocolate! I got some compound and want to use it..but need the expert’s opnion

  34. What is the world coming to when the Baking Goddess (you!!!) has to go to PW for recipes (shaking head in dismay). You, my girl, are brilliant and so talented, she should be coming to you! But I do love what you’ve done to these whooping pies. Delish! And you make me yearn even more for India… it WILL happen! x
    Jamie´s last blog post ..INDIVIDUAL VERY BERRY CHOCOLATE TARTSMy Profile

  35. thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks alot very much

  36. This are Delhi’s culture.I am glad to see such post that bears a tradition.

  37. swapna says:

    looks delicious…just made some homemade nutella…cant wait to try these…


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