Baking| Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry Sauce … Happy Mothers Day

“I firmly believe that kids don’t want your understanding. They want your trust, your compassion, your binding love and your car keys, but you try to understand them and you’re in big trouble.”
Erma Brombeck

Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry Sauce Happy Mothers Day to all you rocking mothers out there! It’s the toughest job in the world, frightening at the worst of times, yet rewarding when you least expect it.  These charming little Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherries are to celebrate what we’ve been doing for days, months, years!!CherriesI love Erma Brombeck, and her words hit a home run each time I read them. “I interviewed sitters for six months. It’s depressing when you realize no one wants to be paid for what you’ve been doing for years for nothing.Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry SauceWe are a family that lives for dessert. Dessert in every avatar, from simple stewed fruit like apples or peaches to a good baked cheesecake, it’s the end of the day which brings the ‘sweet teeth‘ together! These little cheesecakes were the perfect delicious end that day.Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry SauceCherriesOh did I tell you CHERRIES are finally here? They are indeed!! Loads of them. Yay for summer. I ♥ stonefruit!!Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry SauceAfter the wonderful verdict on the Vanilla Quark Cheesecake {Vanilla Quarktorte} with Roasted Balsamic Strawberries, I knew that quark was going to appear on my menu often … and I wasn’t wrong. My next batch of quark as ready and I was itching to experiment yet again.Cooking with quarkSome found it’s way into a warm potato salad, and more in these North African inspired preserved lime stir fried chicken for wraps. I had a whole batch to play around with, and while it was draining in the fridge I had a brainwave. I really loved the biscuit like base of the Daring Bakers Armenian Nutmeg Walnut Cake. It was easy to make and seemed a versatile base for bakes.Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry SauceSo these little cheesecakes were inspired from the Daring Bakers challenge of May and my recent Vanilla Quarktorte. It made sense somewhere in my head to try and bring the two together. This time around, I went with what I enjoy most – petite fours, or small individual desserts.

petit four is a small confectionery generally eaten at the end of a meal or served as part of dessert and has an interesting history. The name is from the French petit four, meaning “small oven“. Petits fours were traditionally made during the cooling process of coal-powered brick ovens in the 18th century. This was due to coal’s high burning temperature, relative to wood, and its expense at the time. Wasting the heat produced was not an option.Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry SauceThere are two different categories of petits fours. Petits fours secs that include a variety of small desserts, and Petits fours glacés are iced or decorated in some way. There are also Petits fours salés  which are bite-sized salted appetizers.

I used a similar cherry sauce topping in this Bittersweet Chocolate Marquise with Crème Chantilly & Balsamic Cherry Sauce about a year ago, last Mothers Day! This morning, I got cards from the kids, and an ‘errands‘ booklet {I can ask him to brush the dog 100 times, entry into room etc} from the pre-teen, and a little poem too. I like his poem ‘Trouble‘ the best!Mothers Day PoemMini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherry Sauce

Summary: Mini baked vanilla quark cheesecakes, cooled then chilled overnight. Serve topped with a delicious balsamic cherry sauce! Makes 12

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

  • Crust
  • 125g plain flour
  • 50g whole almonds
  • 40g brown sugar
  • 90g unsalted butter, chilled, cubed
  • Filling
  • 470g quark cheese (I used homemade full fat quark}
  • 3 eggs, separated
  • 30g cornflour
  • 130g (90g+40g) Castor sugar
  • 1/2 vanilla bean, scraped
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder
  • 200ml low fat cream, room temperature
  • 1 tbsp kirsch
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • Balsamic Cherries
  • 500g cherries
  • 2-3 tbsp brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tbsp kirsch {optional}


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C. Line a baking tray with aluminum foil, and grease lightly. Grease 12 3″ dessert rings {you could use 8″ spring form tin too and make 1 big cheesecake}
  2. Biscuit Crust
  3. Place the flour and almonds in the bowl of your processor and pulse until the almonds are ground {4-5 times}.
  4. Add the brown sugar and pulse a couple of times to mix.
  5. Now add the chilled butter and process until you get a breadcrumb like mix. {You can do this by hand too, but a processor is far quicker and easier}
  6. Divide between the 12 tins and pat firmly to create a base.
  7. Place tins on the foil lined baking sheet.
  8. Divide filling equally over the bases {not more than 2/3 full}, and bake at 180C for 35 minutes, until firm. They will puff up towards the end of baking, and then settle back in while cooling.
  9. Allow to cool completely in oven, leaving the door ajar.
  10. Cover well and chill before serving, preferably overnight. Serve topped with balsamic cherry sauce.
  11. Filling
  12. Place the quark cheese, egg yolks, cornflour, 90g Castor sugar, scraped vanilla bean, cream, kirsch and vanilla bean powder if using into the bowl of your food processor and run on medium speed till smooth. {Thermomix: Speed 6, 10 seconds}
  13. Beat the whites with the remaining 40g sugar to firm peaks. Gently fold this through the quark cheese mixture.
  14. Balsamic Cherry Sauce
  15. Place ingredients other than kirsch in a non reactive pan and simmer until the cherries release their juices and begin to get soft and hold their shape, about 4-5 minutes. {Don’t overcook or the cherries will break down and lose shape}
  16. Remove the cherries to a bowl. Place pan with the liquid on medium high heat and reduce the juices to about a third, nice and thick. Stir in the kirsch if using. Cool completely and chill until required {Can be made 2-3 days before}.

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  1. u are already getting cherries?!?! envy you!! love the pic of the bowl of cherries on the back of a cycle!! so cool!!

  2. A fabulous Mother’s Day dessert! So refined.

    Have a great day!



  3. These individual serving cheesecakes look divine! Happy Mother’s Day!
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..Rumrz Café & GrillMy Profile

  4. yum looking cheesecakes…….absolutely LOVE your pics!!!!!!!!hope you had an amazing ..pampered day…..put you feet up and not do a thing kinda day:)

  5. Cherry cheesecakes! They look so devine! Hope you had a lovely Mother’s day! Yes, it is the hardest job in the world but one I’d never give up!
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  6. Ah, the cheesecake looks wonderful. Hope you had a great day!
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  7. I do agree on the quote you have shared above. Kids doesn’t need attention with their parent, they just need simple understanding that every parents forgot to do. Since today is mother’s day I also want to make something special for my mother and the recipe you have share is good. Thanks for sharing this i think that my mom will love it.

  8. Deeba ,I was so intutive about this post that you are going to play with stonefruits in the recipe. just perfect for the Mothers Day.
    Let me congratulate you ,your kids are very very creative.After seeing your daughter’s sketches now it’s Rohan’s poems ! boy is vey expressive.
    Love ya .

  9. Happy Mothers Day Deeba! I hope you got that card, breakfast in bed…whatever you wanted.
    belllii´s last blog post ..Celebrate Mothers Day with a Cheesy PuffMy Profile

    • LOL Val… they didn’t wake and shine until 9! That was good for me coz I had a relaxed morning. Spent the morning making pizzas, but because I wanted to. Did you have a good day? Lil burnt toast here?

  10. Lol about Erma’s words about finding willing paid sitters for kids! But we would not give up our kids for all the money in the world, would we?

    Your little desserts look very inviting, almond crust, umm! Cherries there? That means I can bake a BFC sometime! Happy mothers day!!!
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  11. Pavithra says:

    They look wonderful Deeba!! one question: are those dessert rings you’ve used?

  12. Mindblowing cute looking mini cheesecakes,loving that almond crust.
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  13. Happy Motherday too, Der deeba. I am not a fan of cheese cake but this looks so good with the cerries.
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  14. Oh! I love cheesecake particularly the blueberry cheesecake. We always have that home because of me. I never get tired of eating this. I actually bake one when I have extra money because the ingredients are a little expensive so I really need to allot money if I want to bake a cheesecake.

  15. Love all the rustic antique props you have Deeba! Ver very beautiful collection!!! If I ever visit Delhi you have to take me to that shop :) :)….
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  16. Claire says:

    I actually bake one when I have extra money because the ingredients are a little expensive so I really need to allot money if I want to bake a cheesecake. Thanks for sharing..
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  17. How wonderful to have fresh cherries in season. We have another month or more until they’re here. I’ll have to remember this luscious dessert when they arrive. Lots of sweet teeth at our house too. Happy Mother’s Day!

  18. Laura says:

    These charming little Mini Quark Vanilla Cheesecakes with Balsamic Cherries are to celebrate what we’ve been doing for days, months, years!!
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  19. I love cheesecakes and this one is one delicious little gift for mothers this Mothers Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all Mom’s out there.

  20. what a great recipe, love the quotes too :) Happy mother’s day!
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  21. Ethel says:

    I love cheesecake particularly the blueberry cheesecake. We always have that home because of me. Thanks for sharing this recipe..

  22. Pershy says:

    We always have that home because of me. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Looking forward for more awesome post.

  23. Laura says:

    I cangt wait try this cheesecake..Sounds like good to eat..
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  24. As always, Deeba – beautiful. :)
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  25. keep coming across quark on your blog. must try it one of these days!
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  26. I live for dessert as well! This looks outstanding!
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  27. ah Dear for me this is absolutely amazing!!
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  28. Gorgeous photos, as always! Love those cherry shots…
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  29. Gera@Sweets Foods Blog says:

    Ohh yeah, my kind of dessert 😉
    Those mini cheesecakes are fabulous and the cherries on top are fundamental!

    Hope you’ve had a Wonderful & Happy Mother Day :)

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  30. Cristina says:

    Love, love these little cheesecakes! So cute and beautiful at the same time. Enjoyed your Erma Brombeck quotes. Looking fwd to cherry season out this way – you’ve inspired me to make mini cheesecakes too now! :)

  31. Gorgeous cake. I love that you are using quark cheese so often. I make my own all the time and am looking for ways to use it. This recipe is perfect. Only we don’t have cherries yet. I bet strawberries will work too, and there would not be a dilemma of “what am I doing in the pits” :-) Happy Mother’s Day! (better later, right?)
    cookingrookie´s last blog post ..Panna CottaMy Profile

  32. Heidi19 says:

    Wow! this mini cheesecakes looks delicious! makes me want to dive in for a bite. I guess i need to give this try. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  33. love2dine says:

    Awww what a beautiful post

  34. These looks fantastic.. mmm yummy!
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  35. What a wonderful treat, hope you had a great mother’s day. xx
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  36. Dimple says:

    Sweet looking cheesecakes, i’m sure they taste really good. craving for some! yum! :)
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  37. Yummy……..
    Good post

  38. Hi Deeba,
    I loooveeeee ur clicks, and honestly you make me want to take a whole lot of effort to make my clicks look better :)
    I love your recipes, happy following you.
    Looking forward to your posts!


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