Frozen Desserts| Strawberry Fro Yo ♥ Spring is here ♥ … summer too!

“Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Strawberry Frozen YogurtSpring is was until here three days ago, and then something happened. Before we could really immerse ourselves into it, we had a summer attack – almost 40C in North India already. That means power cuts, DUST, HEAT and whining kids! Strawberry Frozen Yogurt cheered us up!Strawberry Frozen YogurtI’ve been missing {as Mr PAB reminded me this morning} and it’s those dreaded holidays once again! Yes, the not so terrible anymore teen is done with her exams and is home {and hungry yet screaming diet}, and the ‘now threatening to be quite terrible‘ pre teen is on Spring break. Always hungry! “Et tu, Brute?”Strawberry Frozen YogurtIt’s a struggle to keep the rumbling tummies happy! The lad’s up at 5.30am and sets off cycling with his friends. Comes back in a couple of hours; HUNGRY! The teen emerges out of bed much later; hungry too! She whips up some mean pancakes these days in a matter of minutes, then sits back to indulge. He doesn’t enjoy pancakes but enjoys writing poetry. Was quite obliging this morning and wrote a ‘Spring‘ poem for me in a jiffy, and then gobbled up a couple of Double Chocolate Orange & Oat Energy Bars!I Love SpringIn the midst of this, the pooch is now facing her first real hot Indian summer and flops down every now and then. HOT! Hungry too but then again, dogs are always hungry and she is no exception. I have offered Coco the entire range of dog food and she hates it! I now cook her meals as well  … and much to my joy, she loves it!Coco, the cocker spaniel She is a real sweetheart and almost as charming as the lad, if not more. She now almost ‘sings for her supper‘ and licks her bowl clean in a matter of seconds {She gets veggies including eggplant, zucchini, beets, potato, carrots, spinach, cracked wheat, dal and eggs all cooked together}, and amazingly she loves it!Coco, the cocker spaniel She’s cute as cute can be. Always ready for a game of catch. Forever N A U G H T Y, and happy to pose for the camera too!Strawberry Frozen YogurtBack to the fro yo! Summers here. It’s big time to cut back on calories and revert to low fat food. Fresh exciting zingy flavours are fun. Citrusy marinades, grilled chicken, light salads, fresh fruit, quesadillas, wraps, pasta salads all come to mind. For dessert, fruity frozen yogurts, sorbets, granitas and low fat ice creams really rock! And stuff like buttermilk panna cotta too!Strawberry Frozen YogurtStrawberry Frozen Yogurt This Strawberry Frozen Yogurt was fun and I love the colours. Nothing to it. Just a good balance of flavours and fresh ingredients. I used homemade yogurt hung for 2 days in the fridge to get rid of excess whey and then whizzed in the Thermomix to produce the most sensational fro yo. You can use the same proportions in your ice cream maker.Strawberry Frozen Yogurt I use frozen strawberries mainly because I am inclined to buy too many boxes and hardly find the time to use the perishable fruit immediately. Besides, the Thermomix is most magical when it comes to ice creams and frozen desserts. Its like having an instant ice cream maker on hand as it blitzes the frozen berries into smooth sorbet, frozen yogurt or ice cream in minutes.Strawberry Frozen Yogurt


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  1. That yoghurt will cheer anyone up!

    Cute poem :)
    indugetscooking´s last blog post ..Deep Fried EggplantsMy Profile

  2. Summer holidays, power-cuts, ever hungry kids the general bedlam and of course, less blogging…not a season I look forward to! The budding poet’s name is Rohan then! :)

    Your fro-yo looks refreshingly delish, I hope to make some too!
    Suma´s last blog post ..Baking Gadgets And Paraphernalia – Must-haves and nice-to-haves!My Profile

  3. Delightful!

    Your dog is really cute.



  4. Your dog is such a beauty! And so is this dessert :)

  5. Am feeling soo hot today.. I wouldnt mind a scoop of this fro-yo please!! unfortunately i dont have an ice-cream machine… i’ll just keep looking at these photographs till then… but the fro-yo is an amazing idea for the summer!!!

  6. Hanging the yogurt would add a different texture that I know must be incredible Deeba. If only it were warm here right now, but we will be complaining it is too hot soon enough!
    belllii´s last blog post ..Dreaming of Italy with the Virtual Cooking Light Supper Club and Crispy Greens with Tonnato DressingMy Profile

  7. I love your son’s poem about spring! I love strawberries! I love Passionate about Baking! Your enthusiasm for life… Thankful to have found you, Deeba.
    Marilyn´s last blog post ..Lavender ~ What We Love About ItMy Profile

  8. Deeba these look absolutely wonderful, I love berrues, love your picxtures, love all, Happy easter!! xoxoxoxox
    gloria´s last blog post ..The ultimate Easter carrot cakeMy Profile

  9. Wow, wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  10. Gera@Sweets Foods Blog says:

    Incredible strawberry dessert Deeba!

    The color is so tempting that I need one, immediately :) the reason is always the same: you’ve beautiful pictures!


    Gera@Sweets Foods Blog´s last blog post ..Seven Mobile Restaurant Apps to Spot the Best Around YouMy Profile

  11. Ok I have some frozen strawberries and curd & am totally making this one tomorrow, without the thermomix unfortunately. :-/
    Your son’s poem is very cute, i love the part “You don’t have to do what you are told” … because I was like that all-year round with my mom … hehehe :D
    I see you’re updating your header logo pics along with newer posts, really cool!! :)

    Nisha´s last blog post ..Let the Q and A begin!My Profile

  12. kadeeja says:

    hello cheff, this is my first visit to ur site and i jus love ur recipes like anything :) wish there is som feature to save dis recipe for future reference like in ‘ ‘ . why dont you submit your blog with them so that people like me can come to your recipes in future also!! and the best thing about ‘foodspunched’ is that u have to submit ur blog only once. and they will fetch ur feed when ever you make new posts. u can submit ur blog through ‘Punch yourself’ page in main menu after u register with them.

    any way good job. expecting wonderful recipes like this in future also :) all the best for your blog :)

    u can also check their facebook page to follow thier activities :

  13. Lovely clicks! This recipe is truly amazing. Love the color…

  14. How do you manage this Deeba! Each one of your recipes makes me drool! This one is so simple with such basic, simple ingredients yet looks totally stunning!
    chinmayie @ love food eat´s last blog post ..How to eat Indian Gooseberries/Amla/NellikaiMy Profile

  15. “…It takes less time for the day to get old” – love this, the poem, the photos and that frozen strawberry yogurt certainly looks like it would do just the trick. 40°C? Jings, that’s hot. Perhaps I shouldn’t be complaining like my French friends how cold it is at 15°C, eh? Stay cool, Deeba.
    Jill Colonna´s last blog post ..Begging for Chocolate Macarons and Mendiants for EasterMy Profile

  16. Oh Coco is a real beauty and has the sweetest eyes!
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..Oven Braised Artichokes with Garlic and ThymeMy Profile

  17. Refreshing treat with stunning pics! I love snacking on frozen yoghurt, just made blackberry yoghurt last week–so much healthier than ice cream. Keep cool, Deepa!
    Nash at Plateful´s last blog post ..Pineapple Passion Chiller with Curried Chickpeas Salad — Guest Post for Flavour FiestaMy Profile

  18. Your dog is adorable. What a spoilt lil beauty, homemade dog food :) THe fro yo looks delicious too.
    Avanika {Yumsilicious Bakes}´s last blog post ..Raspberry Strawberry MuffinsMy Profile

  19. I like how you can mix this up and use different fruits for variety :)
    Aly´s last blog post ..Fried RiceMy Profile

  20. Love this frozen yogurt! and the pics of Coco – she’s so sweet and fluffy :-). But I am a little jealous of her – I wish I could try some of your cooking ;-P
    cooking rookie´s last blog post ..Nutella BunsMy Profile

  21. This is a delicious recipe with great pictures… and your dog is so cute, I love it!
    Happy Easter!
    Katia´s last blog post ..Chocolate biscuit cakeMy Profile

  22. Blimey, 40c! We had heatwave last week then some parts of country had snow in past few days!

    Needless to say we’re not quite in ice cream making weather yet but I will definitely be remembering this pretty pink fro yo. I especially like how you’ve photographed in the silver pots.
    Sarah, Maison Cupcake´s last blog post ..Maison Cupcake in Paris: Lusting after LaduréeMy Profile

  23. Oh lord, cooking for Coco on top of the teens? LOL you always make me laugh! And lucky dog – I’ll bet she eats better than my own sons! And yay – your strawberry frozen desserts do indeed signal the beginning of spring and summer, even for your devoted blog readers! Gorgeous! And now I am inspired to make my own! xo
    Jamie´s last blog post ..2 DAYS IN NEW YORKMy Profile

  24. Pictures are gorgeous.
    I still can’t decide which of your ice creams I’d like to eat :) Maybe all?!


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