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“The smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us….”
Marcel Proust

Honey Roasted Fig & Almond TartFinally succumbed to temptation and bought a precious little box of fresh figs the other day. Have been looking at them longingly for a while, but there never was time for them as the past few weeks have been packed and BUSY! Googling brought me many matches, and since frangipane is something that I love using in dessert, this Honey Roasted Fig & Almond Tart proved its sublime worth! FigsFigs must be the prettiest fruit. Rustic, with almost vintage appeal, fruit which take your breath away the moment you cut them. With the temperatures rising, it’s a matter of time before they disappear. It’s almost unnerving to have them in the fridge, these dainty beautiful fruit that threaten to expire before you know it! FigsI’ve baked just a couple of times with fresh figs – once when I had lugged a  precious few from Pune that ended up in a vanilla scented frangipane galette, and another time I experimented with figs in buckwheat tartlets. Memories of both linger in my mind each time I see fresh figs, yet the blog is hungry for variety. In my quest for more, I landed up at the BBC Good Foods Honey Roasted Fig & Almond Tart!Honey Roasted Fig & Almond TartOf this tart they write, “Delicious, sweet and fruity pud, great served with cream or ice cream – make the case with bought pastry!” I made the case with a shortcrust pastry from scratch, off their site again, simple and quick. I made half the quantity of the frangipane filling in their recipe and it was just right! I also used a whole egg instead of 2 yolks; worked fine again!Honey Roasted Fig & Almond TartBBC GF has exciting recipes, almost always simple and uncomplicated, with ingredients that aren’t too outlandish or exotic. I love seeing their newsletter in my inbox, a constant source of inspiration and a desire to bid each passing season a fond farewell. It keeps me safe in the knowledge that fresh ideas of the new season are coming soon!FigsTheres something about fresh figs, the colours when you cross section them, the depth of colours once they are roasted, the aromas, the pairing .. all pure JOY! Pairing them with almonds must be one of lifes little pleasures … so indulgent and ever so delicious! This tart bears testimony! Honey Roasted Fig & Almond Tart And the colours? So worth making this tart, the deep red hues of figs moorish and eye catching! Honey roasting the figs for 12-15 minutes ensure that they have a slightly longer lease of life, especially when they are as precious as the few I had! I am endlessly envious of those folk who have a fig tree in their yard! Honey Roasted Fig & Almond TartThe tart was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! Combined together, butter, brown sugar, almonds and vanilla beans deliver something special. The crust was crisp and the tart came together beautifully. The honey roasted figs pleased the palette with the hint of orange zest; for once we didn’t need cream or creme fraiche or ice cream!Honey Roasted Fig & Almond Tart It was so good at room temperature, the frangipane filling fabulous!

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  1. I like the idea of roasting the figs with honey and orange zest…guess it would really uplift the figs!! have tried the combination once before….so I know what a winning combination it can be!! :))

  2. Wonderful! That tart is just amazing. Roasted figs are so delicious…



  3. Srimathi says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Such a good looking tart. I was looking at some of your recipes, what awesome baking you do. Wonderful.

  4. indrani says:

    Hello Mrs.Deeba,

    Loved this recipe.

    Can you pls suggest what other fruit can be used when fresh figs are not available for this recipe.


  5. What a lovely recipe and the photos are really out of this world!

  6. SO GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing such a delicious looking recipe!

  7. Gosh, that fig tart looks so rustic and beautiful. I have such a hard time finding figs here in Washington and I am considering planting a tree in my garden, so I can hopefully have my own supply.

  8. Now really want to make this! I haven’t seen figs in a while – but gonna hunt them down now.

  9. I never thought that you could roast figs almond tart. Since I was in a tropical country, I have not tried to eat such kind of fruit. I first thought that you actually baked tart with strawberry. I love the ideas about the figs, thanks for sharing it.

  10. Your photos are so fabulous – very artistic. You really make me want to reach in and grab a fig or two!


  11. this tart looks amazing! beautiful pictures as always :)

  12. What a rustic looking tart.And the presentation is fantastic as well. Enjoyed reading the post :)

  13. :) lovely pictures!

  14. beautydeleon says:

    Thanks for the recipe! This is one of my weakness, aside from cakes I love tarts and pies. This will be an addition to my recipe book.

  15. Very nice indeed. I am absolutely loving figs this season!

  16. Figs really are the prettiest fruit! And your tart is just gorgeous. I love BBC Good Food for recipe inspiration as well.

  17. wantarest says:


  18. The fig tart is gorgeous. I love the colors and textures. Inspirational!

  19. Wow! Look gorgeous and so earthy…. Trying to hunt for them in the mkt…till now no luck..would love to try once I can get my hands on these babies …

  20. Francinne says:

    Looks so yummy kind of dessert..Thanks for sharing this to us..

  21. ahhhhaaa! love your recipe. it made me drool :)

  22. Your photos are always so stunning and these are some of my faves!

  23. As always your photos look fantastic, and the tart delicious. Never really eaten figs before – apart from dried ones in chutneys.

  24. I love figs and this look delicious dear Deeba!!

  25. The tart look wonderful, very delicious

  26. beautiful photography!

  27. I just love rustic tarts and this one is absolutely gorgeous!

  28. I agree figs are one of the prettiest fruits, whether seen whole or slice in half they’re just as attractive. Tart looks wonderful, I am crazy about all things almond-y. xx

  29. Beautiful, Deeba. Figs and almonds are a delight together. The filling looks dense and full of flavor.

  30. Sheri at The Loopy Ewe says:

    Found your blog via The Yummy Life, and I’m so glad I did! This Fig Tart looks amazing. I’m printing if off and giving it a try!

  31. Figs are so alluring aren’t they? They always seem to call to me to buy them. Funny how that is.

  32. Theriz26 says:

    Love this mouthwatering dessert! I will surely try this someday. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  33. Firstable, sorry about my english.
    I am a spanish woman and i have just find your blog and i love it.
    I will be back to read your recepes.
    I will visit you in facebook and twitter too.


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