Baking| Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion Tartlettes … flavour crystals exploding in your mouth

“A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.”
Laurie Colwin

Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion Tartlettes Sometimes simple basic ingredients can combine to surprise your taste buds, and how! Remember when I said in my recent Strawberry Orange Rough Puff Pastry Tart post that having puff pastry, rough or not, in the fridge/freezer is dangerous. It’s true and I have these Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion Tartlettes to prove it! They were as delicious as they look, maybe better!Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion TartlettesOne bite later, the ‘threatening to be quite terrible‘ pre-teen announced “Flavour crystals exploding in your mouth“, and continued to demolish the petite bites with gusto. He summed it up neatly. There was something about them, the flavours and the pairing!Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion TartlettesWhat is it about caramelised onions that is so endearing, so addictive and makes for beautiful pairing? I love that it lends exciting depth, flavour and colour to a lot of Indian cooking. The strength of a good Mughlai chicken or lamb curry often has roots in patiently caramelised onions, as do a lot of vegetarian curries.Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion TartlettesSauté, sauté, sauté … then suddenly the edges begin to colour, from light brown to golden, your patience rewarded with crispy fried onions. Even though I use fried onions extensively in Indian cooking, as garnishes for biryani, as a base for stir fried broad beans, as my burst of flavour for lamb curries, and added glory to chicken kebabs, I had yet to use it in canapes etc.Indian CookingI had an extra batch on hand. I fried double the amount needed as I was making chicken kebabs,  so I stashed some away! Calling my name was that very dangerous rough puff pastry; this stuff is mood changing, especially if it is home made. Once I have a  batch chilling in the fridge, happiness fills me up.Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion TartlettesYou tend to glide into the kitchen and begin rolling it it, knowing that in a short while you have the luxury of deliciousness rising in the oven. It might not deliver the authentic layers of puff pastry, but rough puff works for me beautifully!Cherry Tomato & Caramelised Onion TartlettesThe flavours were outstanding. Sweet caramelised onions, tart sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, sea salt, the kick of vinegar…and of course garlic! Delicious crisp out of the oven, and pretty darned good cold too. { I made canapes with regular roma tomatoes yesterday, and cut the pastry into bite sized 2″ circles. Very good again!}

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  1. Srimathi says:

    Such beautiful photos. I am always amazed at the way you present food. I love what you see through your camera. The tarts looks absolutely delicious. Nice Post.

  2. Beautiful flavors !caramelized onion specially tastes fab with puff pastry, I am loving having rough pastry in the freezer! Makes me always think what I can do with it :) Gorgeous pictures, makes me want to reach out for my puff pastry!

  3. Deeba! …What are you upto??? …tempting all of us to eat such sinful stuff..not good ;)… please stop posting such droolworthy pics…my Teen is going on hunger strike ..says if you are not going to make them today…I am not going to eat anything else :))

  4. I adore caramelized onions! Once made this rustic onion tart – caramelizing the onions with a little bit of balsamic vinegar – it turned out beautifully.

  5. Beautiful photographs!! I am looking at your tarts and wondering if adding a bit of feta to the filling would be good or would it be too much??

  6. What a lovely array of colors & flavors !!! I always love ur culinary innovations …

  7. Your styling, composition and of course props make your photos fabulous! Love these tiny bites, so full of color and flavor :)

  8. Those tartlets are wonderful! A delicious snack.

    Nice pictures and styling!



  9. I never tried to make caramelized onion. I should try it once to see if the flavor could really explode to your mouth. I love the photos of the cooked food, excellent job Peefa. Thanks for sharing the recipe you have. Maybe I should start to love culinary innovations now.

  10. Love the idea….so basic yet bursting with flavours and colours!And your clicks…they make me wanna dive into the laptop screen!!

  11. Having puff pastry in the fridge is indeed dangerous! Love what you did with the tomatoes and onions this time – I’ve always liked onions tomatoes and basil together :)

  12. I really enjoy these kind of dishes Deeba!

  13. It’s amazing how onions can transform themselves into such sweetness isn’t it? Lovely tarts.

  14. Hi!I have just received the versatile blogger award and as per the rules i am supposed to pass it on to 15 fellow bloggers I liked. I have been a frequent visitor of your blog and really enjoy reading it. I would like to nominate your blog for “The Versatile Blogger Award” for its great content and versatility.

  15. These sound incredible, I did something similar at Christmas and couldn’t stop eating them!

  16. Shirley says:

    I Love Carmelized onions Deeba , I add them as a base to My Daily’ ‘Bhaji’s’ . Like Okra and Karela Lol , I even add them to my Grill cheese toast :) simply delish .!!
    Have made a similiar recipe a while back with tomatoes , onions, oregano and mozzarella on puff pastry squares .
    Your cherry tomatoes and carmelized onions tarts remind me of them .
    Pictures are awesome as usual .

  17. They look heavenly. It would be dangerous for me to have puff pastry in the house!

  18. Julie says:

    OMG! Your photos are stunning! If your Tartlettes are just half as tasty, you’re all good! :)

  19. I absolutely love flavors you used in this dish. Somewhat rustic looking and delicious. Caramelized onion are out of this world :)

  20. The younger me never thought I’d say this but I love carmelised onions! I do not love how long they take to make though, so I usually just eat them at restaurants. But this looks delicious! I love the combo of tomatoes and onions. Great job Deeba!

  21. Krizelle says:

    What a great collection! I love the photos you got here,especially that food.. Its so delicious…

  22. There’s just such wonderful depth that you get in caramelized onion… as you demonstrate here. This looks wonderful!

  23. Wonderful appetizer! I love making caramelized onion especially for French Onion Soup.

  24. I totally agree with that quote at the top – a world without tomatoes would be a much less wonderful place! These tartelettes look divine – anchovy, pastry and tomato is an amazing combination :-)

  25. Generally a good picture is half of what the author wanted to say to the reader. In your case you succeed at all 100%. Thanks, appetizing.

  26. These tangy and sweet cherry tomatoes really makes the world a beautiful place and those tartlets looks so pretty and refreshing. Enjoyed your photography and specially your props, very envious collection you have.

    Thanks for visiting my tiny blog, it was great pleasure.

  27. Oh my ! That’s an awesome savory tart ! and oh yes, caramelized onion, I love them,but never had it in a tart before. I love that metal bowl that you have cherry tomatoes in,so pretty !

  28. divya bhaskar says:

    Hi, I am new here and the very first recipe that I clicked here was this. To tell the truth, I am floored with your cooking style. I never knew so many varieties can be done with baking. I had no idea that baking can be so experimental and moreover you can make such exquisite cuisines with one type of cooking – baking. It’s great to see that you have mastered the art of baking. It is a very critical task and I would love to master the art of baking. Keep baking.

    Divya Bhaskar

  29. Amazing recipe, beautiful styling and props — it’s mouth watering just browsing through this photos :)

  30. Perfect :)! I love savory tarts, thank you for sharing the recipe :).


  31. This sounds delicious. Puff pastry is so convenient to have on hand and can make for a great quick meal fix. Especially with caramelized onions and cherry tomatoes I’m sure this is exceptional!

  32. doublecream says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this recipe! I tried it last night and WOOOOW! We all loved it!

  33. Thanks for Sharing the recipe…perfect blog…


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