Baking| Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Cake … a birthday cake for the sweet 16th!

“CHOCOLATE CAKE may not fix everything but it’s a darn good substitute”

Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeTime flies and how.It was her birthday a few days ago, the not so terrible anymore {well almost} teen turned 16, a day she awaited eagerly. We did too as we have for every birthday, for us every year special.  On request was a Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Birthday Cake, a cake that looked really nice, and tasted good too.Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeStrange beginning to the year. Just as I decided to get a handle on time management and better posting, we had a bad thunderstorm 2 nights ago, hailstorms, lightning, heavy downpour … the works. Lightning struck nearby and fried the modem and the poor motherboard of my dear computer! More needless running around, unnecessary expenditure {$$$}, and annoyingly, no internet!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Cake So while I sat in social isolation, I tried to type a blog post in 70 minutes, inspired by this post I read on BlogAdda just before lightning struck. Maybe it was meant to be.  So heres a short-ish post {still can’t figure out why writers block hits me when the internet is kaput} for the birthday, and it’s back to the 2nd.KidsAs I said earlier, how time flies! The ‘now threatening to be terrible pre-teen‘ was most excited on his sisters birthday and lavished his love on her all day long. I have never seen him so excited and attentive to her outlandish and whimsical demands and behavior … but he was. The pooch followed suit!!Kids & CocoThe teen was uncannily willing to be clicked , of course that was after I literally begged her; she uncharacteristically relented. Job done and she declared like the Queen of England that the pictures were nice and I could  use a few for my blog!KidsLuck wasn’t on my side, and I accidentally deleted the whole lot before they had a chance to get copied onto the computer. I could have wept. No cake pictures, no pretty pink baby shoes vs big feet, and terribly enough, no record of her on her sweet 16th!! She hounded me … “How could you mother? You can’t be joking? Where did the pictures go …..KidsIt was back to the Google Gods … how to recover accidentally deleted pictures from a camera card etc. I downloaded different softwares each promising the moon for dolts like me. ‘Just get me those pictures‘. I left the software to run through the night…Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeChocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeSweet success the next morning had software called Recuva recover all my deleted pictures. Lucky me!! I had all the pictures back, pink shoes and all! Gosh, how feet grow was all I could think!!Strawberry based desserts on PABHer love for strawberries is indescribable. She loves them to bits … right out of the box to enjoying them in desserts, diet or no diet! We are lucky enough to get fresh produce twice a year. Ah, the joys of living in a tropical country!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeSo here’s the cake I made for her. It came out looking really pretty {if I may say so myself}, and was I glad the chocolate Bavarian mousse set!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry CakeI also added a few tbsps of Ghirardelli hot cocoa mix to the Bavarian, the cocoa a gift from a sweet reader of PAB, Indrani. Her words touching and inspiring… “Thank you for all the lovely recipes you are churning out. I’m a better baker and it’s ALL thanks to you.Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa & WholeWheat Oat Choc chip CookiesThank you for the sweet gift Indrani. The kids have had a great winter slurping hot cocoa with Whole wheat & oat chocolate chip cookies!!Chocolate Bavarian Mousse Strawberry Cake Now onto the recipe which might seem a bit involved when you first read it, but it comes together fairly quickly. It’s always easier to bake the cake a day in advance {or a few hours earlier} if you are pressed for time {or electricity as my case usually is!}.

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  1. Happy Cook / Finla says:

    Wowo she got 16, Happy birhtday to lillle Miss there.
    And the sounds of it it was indeed a bad start loosing the pics. Here the external disk got busted and that is were i kept all my blog pictures till 2010 , i just have the pics from 2011 in the computer :-(
    Cake looks and sounds beautifuL

  2. First of all happy birthday to your daughter! Secondly, so lucky that you could recover all your photos, OMG, I could have gone crazy if I had lost such important images!!
    Miriam/The Winter Guest´s last blog post ..School of tapas: Ibérico ham and figs on potato nestsMy Profile

  3. Belated wishes to the teen. She’s so pretty and your boy so handsome. The cake looks splendid. You outdo yourself each time. Seems like a long list of processes in this one. But the every bit of the effort shines through these photos.
    Anita Menon´s last blog post ..Sweet Memories with Gajar Ka Halwa (Toasting the first year of Marriages)My Profile

  4. Gorgeous! What a lucky girl she is. Hope everything is wonderful with you, Deeba!
    the wicked noodle´s last blog post ..Blackberry Pear Cobbler with Almond Granola ToppingMy Profile

  5. A beautiful cake for a beautiful daughter! Happy Birthday! So glad you were able to recover your pictures. How frustrating!
    Barbara @ Barbara Bakes´s last blog post ..Baked Apple Cinnamon Sugar DonutsMy Profile

  6. Happy Birthday !! to your girl who has just turned the ohhh so sweet sixteen :)

    your son is growing into a handsome teen indeed …… spoiling his sister with all the pampering and love on her birthday…..ah I so miss my brother !

    The chocolate strawberry combo is something to die for…….. love love the mousse cake !!

    Abhilasha Venkatesh´s last blog post ..Warm Wishes for the NEW YEAR ……My Profile

  7. Love it! So dangerously chocolaty…
    I somehow felt sad seeing the tiny pink shoes, and the more grown up feet…. :(
    indu´s last blog post ..Butterscotch Cream CakeMy Profile

  8. Amost forgot, belated brthday wishes to the teen! and she is right is thinking the pictures look good……
    indu´s last blog post ..Butterscotch Cream CakeMy Profile

  9. This look georgeous and amazing of course dear Deeba and Happy birthday to your daugther, my have 17 (and son too) bus this was a difficlt year (teenager is terrible) the puppyis adorable and the pictures too, Blessings to you:)))
    gloria´s last blog post ..Apricots meringue puddingMy Profile

  10. The cake looks so gorgeous and perfectly done.
    And happy birthday to the teen…
    Vimitha´s last blog post ..Gujia / Gujiya | S/S recipeMy Profile

  11. indrani says:

    Very Very Happy Birthday to your darling daughter..!!

    Im very thrilled that you mentioned me in your blog post… !!

    No words to express my surprise..!!

    Happy New Year..!!


  12. Happy Birthday to the miss!

    That cake is magnificent! She is such a lucky girl to have a mum like you.



  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I think it is amazing that her brother love her so much, my kids seem to hate each other….

    Great photos!
    Laura´s last blog post ..Using up Pantry Items #2-Chicken BrothMy Profile

  14. What a wonderful post!! LOVE the beautiful photos of the gorgeous cake and your beautiful teenager too!! :) Happy birthday to her!
    Rebekah @ Making Miracles´s last blog post ..28w5d – Bedrest Day #11My Profile

  15. Wow, this Bavarian chocolate mousse cake looks divine. I’ve got to try it. This is my first time here and will be back. Thanks for sharing.
    Sylviane Nuccio´s last blog post ..January Month Of The Brioche In FranceMy Profile

  16. Belated wishes to your daughter and what a gorgeous cake!! You outdo yourself each time Deeba!
    Poornima´s last blog post ..Wheat and Jaggery Cake (Eggless)My Profile

  17. Happy Birthday to your daughter and Congratulations to you for recovering all your photos.
    And that cake is really really awesome. Birthday girl is so lucky to have a mum who bakes her such pretty cakes :)

  18. Happy birthday to your daughter! We too, are preparing for our daughters birthday, her 17th! Isn’t it amazing how they grow before your eyes and are asking for tortes instead of the theme based birthday cake. I might run this one by my daughter. We have a few in mind. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    marcellina´s last blog post ..Pasta Estiva! My "go to" summer pasta dish.My Profile

  19. hey deeba…thanx for stopping by my blog…your blog is like the mother superieur to my novice newbie blog…lolz
    happy birthday to your 16 year old …and you too…your cake looks lovely…only where I live half of the ingredients are a mystery …the shopkeepers look as though I am “loco” if I mention most of the stuff…so I cart…wont you do something simple yet PRETTY …
    SHALINI´s last blog post ..Play Station 2 CAKE- Happy Birthday UpamanyuMy Profile

  20. belated wishes to the gorgeous birthday girl.. loved the pic of the baby shoes with her grown up!
    arundati´s last blog post ..Herbed and Spiced Cream Cheese Spread – Celery, Cumin and Chilli FlakesMy Profile

  21. This chocolate is so good! I love it! I don’t know if we have it here in Spain, never seen it! But I devore it each time I go to the US! Your pictures are fantastic! And this chocolate bavarian mousse looks amazing! What a great B-day cake!
    Valerie´s last blog post ..#Cookielove – Mantecados –My Profile

  22. happy birthday to the pretty teen!And what a lovely cake……she must be so proud of her mommy!
    ramya´s last blog post ..A fondant covered cake and a big dream!My Profile

  23. Happy..happy B’day to the lovely princess ! Those pretty pink shoes..a treasure for life indeed. Am worried about my son entering Teen age this year..hope I remain calm and controlled as you are.
    Sanjeeta kk´s last blog post ..Easy & Delicious Indian Curry – Malai Koftas to Celebrate A Journey of FriendshipMy Profile

  24. Gorgeous cake. Happy birthday to your daughter. I am sure she loved it. p.s. the baby shoes pix is so fab.
    Lora´s last blog post ..Lemon Peel Macarons with Lemon Rum Buttercream FillingMy Profile

  25. Your daughter is turning into a beautiful young woman Deeba. It is hard to believe both of your children have grown. As for the cake who wouldn’t want to celebrate with such lusciousness.
    belllii´s last blog post ..Betty Fussell and the White Dog Cafe’s Philly Cheese SteakMy Profile

  26. Such a beautiful birthday-cake! Wow that’s what I call delicious! Such a beautiful cake… And your daughter looks so cute! She really deserves this wonder-cake;)
    Cindy´s last blog post ..Problems with wisdom teethMy Profile

  27. I must say Deeba, you inspire many with your honest writing and lovely recipes. Needless to say, you are always open to share and just a mail away from helping :)

    Warm wishes for your Daughter..

  28. Well, all’s well that ends well! I know the feeling when you would have lost the pictures and heartening to know that there IS a way to retrieve them! Love the pictures of your kids, specially the one with little pink shoes vs the the big ones..Lol about your daughter approving and giving you permission to put the pics on the blog :))

    Lucky daughter to get this lovely, delish cake from a very talented Mom! Birthday wishes to her!
    Suma´s last blog post ..New Bittersweet Brownies – We Turn Two!My Profile

  29. Happy Sweet Sixteen to the girl!!! And she is so lovely…and how charming that the lad was so sweet to her all day. Beautiful photos – especially with the little pink shoes. And wow she is so lucky to have you to bake each and all of those magnificent strawberry (and chocolate) treats, each one more stunning than the next. Gorgeous! xoxo
    Jamie´s last blog post ..OLD FASHIONED NEW ORLEANS BLUEBERRY BUCKLEMy Profile

  30. What a relief to retrieve your beautiful set of photos!
    That is SOME cake! DELISH!
    Happy Birthday to your SWEET 16 daughter!

  31. What a beautiful cake..i love the part on how u’ve set the bavarian mousse on top…the photos as usual are gorgeous!! Have you ever thought of a cook book??!!
    baker in disguise´s last blog post ..Dark Chocolate and Strawberry MuffinsMy Profile

  32. Happy Birthday! Such a happy day with so many strawberries and such a magnificent cake, a time to celebrate…and a time to reflect. Beautiful photographs!

  33. “CHOCOLATE CAKE may not fix everything but it’s a darn good substitute” – so true! I’m glad you were able to recover those images. I’ve had that happen to me before and it’s an awful feeling losing your work especially of such a special day.
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..Shaved Apple, Fennel and Celery Salad | Finding BalanceMy Profile

  34. Happy Birthday to the sweet sixteen! She’s indeed lucky to have a mom who bakes her such gorgeous stuff!

    I’ve been enjoying the strawberries too, Spar was hosting a buy one get one offer on strawberry boxes, I picked a dozen, good stuff. Made a yummy no bake cheesecake!
    Sneha´s last blog post ..Change is imminent..My Profile

  35. As usual, your dessert looks Ah-mazing!
    Jen Laceda´s last blog post ..Citrus Salad with Walnut-Orange Vinaigrette and GuancialeMy Profile

  36. What a perfect cake for a birthday girl. Happy birthday.

    I am a fan of mousse, chocolate and strawberry so this is just right for me.
    Casey´s last blog post ..Twice Baked Creamy Sweet PotatoesMy Profile

  37. I wish I can bake cakes like these when my daughter turns 16! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter :)

  38. Arjee says:

    Hey! This cake looks so delicious. It’s mouth watering and I can’t stop myself craving for it!
    Arjee´s last blog post ..The Significance Of Arowana In Feng ShuiMy Profile

  39. marieljackson says:

    Delicious! I love to try to bake these one also.
    marieljackson´s last blog post ..1300 number – Frequently Asked QuestionsMy Profile

  40. The cake looks beautiful. Your poor daughter only getting Strawberries twice a year, my hubby works for a strawberry co-operative and brings them home by the crate…you must visit NZ in strawberry season :o)

  41. Be lated b’day wishes to the sweet sixteen. And she is a beauty.

  42. Cute dog, tasty cake.

  43. Amazing photos………….

  44. Hello Deeba, came across your blog while searching for baking supplies in India…really nice info and made me all nostalgic…was in delhi till 2009 and le march and modern bazaar were my favorite places to shop in Priya….as a phd student..after few years in USA, planning to relocate back and start home baking as a side….will definitely check up on all shops you mentioned…I was so amused to see the whipping cream problem…one of my fav things here….I too was fretting abt the same to DH, and remembered buying loose cream from halwais in Ber Sarai….also wish we had gas ovens like USA in India….one more thing made me smile…the mention of buying software promising you the moon for getting back deleted photos..I have been in these shoes…:)..glad to know which worked for you….hope to be able to meet you someday….best wishes…

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