Frozen| Plum Frozen Yogurt … low fat treat for Pinktober

“There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October”
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Plum Frozen YogurtHAPPY OCTOBER! Seems meaningless to even ask how we got to October so quick. Bat an eyelid and the month is gone. I associate October with Pinktober, a month laced in PINK to signify ‘Breast Cancer Awareness‘. I’ve tried to post pink in October year after year, at least a couple of posts, so am excited to begin October 2011 in a rather PINK way with this delicious low fat Plum Frozen Yogurt.Plum Frozen YogurtIt’s a result of the dieting diva suddenly kicking straight back into dieting mode after lying low for a month! That gave me reason enough to reach out for the last of the late summer stone fruit I had frozen in the beginning of September. The colour that the fruit offer when combined with dairy makes my heart sing PINK!!Plum Frozen Yogurt

Plum Frozen Yogurt A fitting way to begin October, and a rather refreshing delicious one too. If you still have late summer fruit hanging around, grab them, stone them, slice the fruit and freeze them. This is where the thermomix kicks in. It loves making ice creams and frozen yogurt out of frozen fruit. Just a matter of minutes and this addictive pink treat was done.Plum Frozen YogurtThe addition of vanilla sugar and kirsch give it that special flavour. It’s a  refreshing and beautifully coloured low fat frozen treat; a nice end to preserved excess fruit of summer. I added kirsch in there thanks to a tip from Monsieur Lebovitzs kirsch post to use it to enhance flavours when using stone fruit. Just a tbsp is enough to lend this fro yo a special flavour, and keep it from freezing rock hard.Plum Frozen YogurtYou can see that summer is leaving us as the frozen yogurt didn’t immediately disappear into puddles this time. We are experiencing cool and pleasant mornings and evenings; the days aren’t too bad either. I love this time of the year. Its comfortable and enjoyable. OctoberThe garden is buzzing with butterflies, bees, dragonflies and the flower beds look happy. I just got the gardener to sow herb  seeds and had him pot chrysanthemum cuttings. Yes, the weather is great, and the pooch is happy. Coco spends her days chasing butterflies in the garden all day long. She even got stung by a bee, the poor thing!


Plum Frozen Yogurt

Prep Time: 15 hours

Total Time: 15 hours

Yield: 1 litre

Plum Frozen Yogurt

A refreshing and beautifully coloured low fat frozen treat. The addition of vanilla sugar and kirsch give it that special flavour. This is a nice way to preserve excess fruit of summer for later use.


650gms frozen plum wedges {stoned/with skin}

200gm hung yogurt {drained well overnight}, chilled in freezer for 2-3 hours

200gm vanilla sugar {reduce if plums are sweet}

1 tbsp kirsch


  1. This is a Thermomix recipe. You can make it with the same proportions if you have an ice cream maker or by hand too.
  2. Place chilled hung yogurt, frozen plum wedges, kirsch and almost all vanilla sugar in bowl of TM. Process for 1 minute at Speed 10 till thick and smooth. Taste and add remaining sugar if required.Process further, scraping sides with TM spatula until well blended.
  3. Serve immediately or place in freezer safe bowl in freezer.

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  1. My favorite flavor! That frozen yogurt must be delicious.



  2. You have inspired me with this ‘Pink’ post to do my bit for the cause. And what a gorgeous healthy treat to start October with. Lovely color. Do you have that white Hibiscus plant at home Deeba?

  3. love your flavor choice !! coco is growing up fast :D sharp teeth she’s got :O

  4. You take the most gorgeous photos! This frozen yogurt sounds perfect. So jealous of your thermomix! Happy October, or should I say Pinktober?!

  5. I love plums. And the colour is gorgeous!

  6. I love the simplicity of this delicious frozen yogurt, Deeba! The photos are gorgeous, as always :)

  7. What a beautiful start to October! I must make something in pink at least this year, your post an inspiration..Awaiting Mr.PAB’s pink birthday cake :) The froyo looks gorgeous, how do you manage such perfect scoops always?

    • Thanks Suma. The scoops happenn only if the weather is good. Otherwise they make me weep. I’m desperately thinking of his cake…2 days to go!

  8. The color is amazing! Your photos are fabulous. What a perfect treat for Pinktober. Is hubs getting a pink cake this year as well?

  9. Happy Pink October, sweetie, and I was just thinking about this! You kicked it off with such a delicious treat! I want a thermomix or ice cream maker….or even a freezer so I can make this. Gorgeous and I so love plum! Beautiful it is as are your pics! And Coco has gotten so big!!!

  10. Happy October!

  11. Thats a beautiful pink…soo inviting!!!

  12. Deeba, wow! This is so amazing! I have a ton of plums in my fridge! I just don’t have the yogurt. Do you know any vegan yogurt that would be great for this? My goodness, I just can’t resist! I can’t skip making this! So gooood! Your photos are even fabulous–as usual!

  13. Deeba, I left a comment. I don’t see it? Is it pending?

  14. Anyways, I think my other comment just disappeared. Interesting. Anyways, I was saying that I have lots of plums in my fridge right now. I sooooo can’t resist making this–especially that the ingredients are not that many. Do you think of a good alternative to a vegan yogurt? I just can’t help not to make this! The photos are SO AMAZING-as usual!

    • Oh you are too kind Rylan. I absolutely love your cake art! It is amazing. I set my own yogurt so am not sure about a good vegan yogurt. Hope the plums in the fridge find a delicious end! Thanks for stopping by!

  15. luvd the combo….. posted swiss bfg adapted frm ur blog…. luvd it a lot!!!

  16. Me gu sta mucho tu blog, tus recetas, tus fotos…todo! es un placer venir a visitarte…un beso

  17. gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous. The color is amazing.

  18. Deeba – Your photos always amaze me. So beautiful. And this recipe must be simply delicious. Bravo.

  19. Beautiful, as always. I would like a book of just photos by Deeba, a coffee table type book. Love! And yum to the plum treat!

  20. Just gorgeous Deeba…and the photos aren’t half bad either! Love, love, love that color but I’ve loved both purple and pin since I was little. Proof that some things really don’t ever change!

  21. I love those moulds. You must suggest, where I can buy such fabulous containers and props since I am visiting Delhi for Diwali.
    The yogurt looks too beautiful to eat.

  22. Looks absolutely delicious!

  23. There is a light airy feel to this whole post. Really beautiful – I can see why you can’t help including pics of Coco.

  24. Oh my comment just evaporate in thin air. Here I go again.

    I love you the moulds that you have used. Please let me know where I can get such lovely props and containers from . I am planning a trip to Delhi and would love to make the most of it.

    Love the yogurt and the Pink in it.

  25. That’s such a lovely pink colour. Looks absolutely delicious.

    Love coco’s little teeth! :D

  26. Wat a refreshing frozen yogurt, simply inviting..

  27. I love your dog soo much!! He’s soo cute really! And gorgeous! I loved your frozen yogurt, actually, I preffer yogurt than ice cream, they taste better to me.

  28. What a lovely looking frozen yogurt! I tried making some myself, but was disappointed with the texture, and it froze into a rock. Just curious, did you freeze yours, or just eat it fresh, because I found that once frozen, it got ruined. Maybe the kirsch solved this problem.
    *kisses* HH

  29. Such a way to start pinktober, the frozen yoghurt looks delicious love the color. wish i had a thermomix too :) great post

  30. This looks absolutely delicious. Love the “pink” theme and that you doing your part!

  31. janaki says:

    yum, yum, yum, I shall try this one when one day…thank you!

  32. love your photography and the recipes :) extremely creative
    very inspiring.

  33. Wow,it`s amazing pastry you make and beautiful photo`s
    löve your site

  34. Such beautiful photos, the deep pink color of the frozen yogurt is so lovely

  35. Looking beautiful and delicious as ever Deeba!

    Sorry haven’t visited for a while, but glad to see all is good here and your puppy is soooo adorable! When are you coming to the UK again?????

  36. Klara says:

    my favorite month is going to be the Pinktober! your frozen yoghurt looks very delicious, i have to give it a try this weekend. or at the other. did you know that in Pinktober there will be 5 weekends? that is a very rare thing i guess. btw: coco is sooo cuuteeeee;) he needs to take care with the bees…

  37. Looks delicious – and your photography, as usual, is to die for! Those pink flower buds look gorgeous next to your yogurt. And the pink collar on your pup is a sweet touch, too!

  38. Aww Deeba, Missed you so. What a beautiful dessert, I gasped when I saw it off the bat! Great cause too! Coco is charming as ever!


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