Baking| Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream … with condensed milk {eggless}

“…stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles. Instead, climb more mountains, eat more ice cream, go barefoot oftener, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets, laugh more and cry less. Life must be lived as we go along.”
Robert J. Hastings {Tinyburg Tales}

Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream This is one of those recipes lurking in my folder, adapted from a breathtakingly delicious looking post on Sips and Spoonfuls, devoured, yet for some reason it went ‘unblogged’! This eggless Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream made with condensed milk hit a nice chord after the Mango Fro Yo we got addicted to!Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream

Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream As we’ve bid adieu to stone fruit in our neck of the woods, I need to get this out for the lucky folk who are enjoying late summer stone fruit. I also enviously dream of the folk in the Southern Hemisphere who are now welcoming Spring and all the joys of berries & stone fruit! Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream Condensed milk in ice cream is something very new for me, and had me pretty much intrigued as I read Sukaina’s post, devouring all her beautiful pictures. It was a post that sent me scurrying into the kitchen that same morningRoasted Peach & Plum Ice CreamIn next to no time I had delicious aromas of stone fruit baking with vanilla wafting through the kitchen. It’s a heady way to begin a morning … for stone fruit lovers like me!Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream It gets even more interesting if you are trying to take photographs and run helter skelter from a very inquisitive pooch, one who seems to enjoy every opportunity to ‘check out’ what’s on the menu! Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream My days of ‘relaxed’ & ‘carefree’ photography are history, ones that I never cherished! Coco ... our cocker spanielCut to now … I’m often glad to click a single frame without having to shoo Coco away! The hapless cocker gets nothing, not a crumb … and eventually snoozes! She is C.U.T.E. though, and even naughtier than before!!Roasted Peach & Plum Ice CreamI absolutely love the depth of flavour that roasting fruit gets. Add a vanilla bean and it gets addictive. I had a bit of a struggle keeping the tiresome teen away from my beloved roasted fruit puree as she was looking at having a go at the bowl! Two spoonfuls and I literally shoved her out of my kitchen! Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream Roasted Peach & Plum Ice CreamTurned out to be quite a delicious, low cal ice cream. What’s not to love about the colours and glory of stone fruit!Roasted Peach & Plum Ice Cream

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  1. Now thats some icecream you have got there…love the glass in which it is served and that pretty spoon too….
    Indu´s last blog post ..Cabbage Thoran and Beans Pathichu Ollarthiyathu for OnasadhyaMy Profile

  2. sounds and look fantastic Deeba! Love the idea of using roasted fruit in ice-cream…

  3. Your photos are so beautiful. I love that you are so creative with your composition. I hear you about little furry friends following you around. Yesterday, I cooked a pork roast. My dog and cat were constant companions watching my every move!

  4. The ice-cream flavours are so unique!

  5. A wonderful ice cream! It is such a great idea to use roasted peaches and plums. In that way, the fabulous fruity flavor of your ice cream is even more pronounced.



  6. Your photos are the BEST!! LOve those plum shots :) So juicy and colourful…
    I think I am going to try this icecream!!!

  7. I’d have a hard time not eating the fruit puree too. I can just imagine how fabulous your house smelled. I’ve been wanting to try condensed milk in ice cream. Your ice cream sounds amazing.
    Barbara @ Barbara Bakes´s last blog post ..Labor Day Recipe IdeasMy Profile

  8. I had a plan to make roasted strawberry ice cream… but now summer is pretty much over… oh well, i’ll make it anyway.
    Beautiful ice cream, your pictures are lush!
    *kisses* HH
    Heavenly Housewife´s last blog post ..Le Dome, ParisMy Profile

  9. I just made a peach and plum crisp a couple of weeks ago. It was a marriage of two fruits I had to use up and I was so glad I tried them together; they were a luscious combination. So…I can only imagine how wonderful this must be Deeba. Can I say it? I have to. Yum.
    Barbara | Creative Culinary´s last blog post ..Welshing on the Rabbit becomes Welsh WabbitMy Profile

  10. Deeba..this unique idea of roasting fruits that go into the ice-cream, sounds pretty exciting..tks for sharing!

  11. Very original of you to use plums as well as peaches. I’ve never had ice cream with condensed milk eaither until I made it myself but I really liked the flavor. Very pretty pictures as usual Deeba :)
    Sukaina´s last blog post ..Vibibis- Rice and Coconut PancakesMy Profile

  12. I made an eggless ice cream with condensed milk recently. It was divine. And this looks every bit as good. Love that you roasted the peaches first!
    Barbara´s last blog post ..Sarah Leah Chase’s Scalloped TomatoesMy Profile

  13. Extremely irresistible…super delicious icecream..
    Priya´s last blog post ..Sprouted Moongdal & Quinoa DosaMy Profile

  14. bellini says:

    The last of the ice cream ushering out the “dog days” of summer.

  15. So glad we still have peaches and now plums here in the farmers’ markets in NYC. Gonna scoop myself up some this week and make this. Just gorgeous ice cream.
    Lora´s last blog post ..Somewhere Over the Rainbow Carrot HummusMy Profile

  16. Oh, that’s a wonderful way to enjoy the last of the peaches and plums! We love baked fruit too, especially when it is not bogged down with tons of sugar. Wonderful pictures and lovely recipe!
    Tadka Pasta´s last blog post ..Scrumptious Semiya – The Sweet EditionMy Profile

  17. Lana @ Never Enough Thyme says:

    Oh, my. I would honestly have never thought of roasting the fruit, but my goodness what a glorious flavor that would be! We still have both peaches and plums available so I’ll definitely give this a try very soon.

  18. I can see you are gearing up for more ice-creams Deeba;-)
    jehanne@thecookingdoctor´s last blog post ..Coconut and Mint Lamb CurryMy Profile

  19. Roasted peach and plum! This sounds amazing. I wish I would have though to do this when I had tons of these in the house :)

  20. You really do take some of my favorite food photos. Just beautiful, my dear.
    Brian @ A Thought For Food´s last blog post ..{Recipe: One (ok, maybe two) Ingredient Banana Ice Cream}My Profile

  21. Gorgeous photos. Peaches are a personal favorite. My mother used to bake peach halves sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg. I imagine the flavors here are really wonderful. ~ Thanks for sharing, Tom

  22. This ice cream looks absolutely ELEGANT. Just beautiful.
    Sinea´s last blog post ..15 Great Uses for Baking SodaMy Profile

  23. Looks too delicious. I love recipes that are delicious first and healthy second…such a win win all the way around! Your photographs are divine…wish I had some stone fruit on hand right now to start roasting!
    luvnspoonfuls´s last blog post ..SnickerdoodlesMy Profile

  24. the photo looks so great.. so scrumptious. just the perfect dessert. Thanks for sharing such a marvelous post.
    Marie´s last blog post the fur monster(s) (babies)My Profile

  25. looks amazingly beautiful. love the photo, so mouth watering.
    Marie´s last blog post the fur monster(s) (babies)My Profile

  26. Cutest puppy everrrr!

  27. Your puppy is sooooo cute. I have tons of peaches in my refrigerator and trying to figure out what to do. . .this looks awesome :)
    Delishhh´s last blog post ..Chicken Pasta SaladMy Profile

  28. That last picture Deeba is absolutely like the climax of a beautifully orchestrated recipe. The tall glass of ice cream stands like a lady singing an opera with a flowing gown. Totally awesome, this one!
    Deepti Pawar´s last blog post ..Paneer Butter MasalaMy Profile

  29. Those look phenomenal! I used to have a plum tree in my yard but then we got rid of it. Now I’m really wishing we hadn’t done so. Now I need to go buy some! I really want to try your recipe. Thanks for posting it and all your hard work!
    Kerri´s last blog post ..Cheap Couch Slipcovers for Any BudgetMy Profile

  30. Stunning clicks and the ice cream look so inviting. I agree roasted fruits always taste great and they add different taste to the dish. I love love love your puppy. She is so cute!!!

  31. I literally just discovered Sukaina’s blog just minuted before reading this blogpost… Talk about coincidence! I love the look of this icecream, although unfortunately the stonefruit has definitely had it’s best time here as I found out this week. But this looks gorgeous! I love that dark shot of the glass with the icecream in it. Brilliant.
    Simone´s last blog post ..Indian salad – Chana chatMy Profile

  32. The ice cream looks great.
    Joy´s last blog post ..Stupid WeatherMy Profile


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