Baking| Cherry Phyllo Pie … sweet cherry pie, with home made phyllo.

“Pie makes people happy”
Shauna of Gluten Free Girl

Cherry Phyllo PieJunes Daring Baker challenge of Baklava reignited the pastry baker in me. The success of home made phyllo won me over, and soon enough I made another batch of dough. This time it ended up rather deliciously in a Cherry Phyllo Pie. Cherry Phyllo PieSummers in North India are treacherous for home bakers like me. By the time the heat and dust kind of kill you, the monsoon comes along to completely take the remaining ‘pastry happiness’ away. Making pastry at home slowly shifts to the back burner waiting for cooler days to return before I attempt to make puff pastry and shortcrust etc.Cherry Phyllo Pie I am still amazed at why I didn’t get to making phyllo at home earlier. This is a summer pastry for a country like ours. Light, crisp, versatile, delightful … amazing stuff! Thanks to the good Greek food blogger Peter @ Kalofagas, I’m now a phyllo convert. I forgot to take a picture of a rolled out phyllo sheet the last time, & was a bit embarrassed when Peter asked for one, so I set off again. Not sure if this is thin enough on the roll, but this was about how thin I could get it.Cherry Phyllo Pie
Cherry Phyllo PieA box of cherries in my fridge, I just knew what I wanted to make with the phyllo, a cherry pie. It was going to be set in a dessert ring, and would also use my last stash of brandied burgundy preserved cherries from last year, and leftover nut mix from last months baklava. I must admit I’m getting a teeny bit better at clearing the fridge and putting leftovers to productive {read delicious} use. This pie was one such experiment … YUM!! Cherry Phyllo PieThe combination of fresh cherries with the brandied burgundy cherries offered a divine twist to the pie, highlighted by the nut mix which offered wonderful texture and contrast to flavours. Once it cooled down to room temperature for 4-5 hours, it sliced well. The top layer was buttery crisp {though my lattice kind of stepped off in all its crispness… lol}, and the lower layers were soft and addictive.Cherry Phyllo Pie
Cherry Phyllo PieThank you Peter for the push in the right direction, and happy birthday too! It’s a coincidence that I’m posting a phyllo pie on your big day!Oh and before I go, you must meet someone. We’ve welcomed the sweetest little pooch into our home today, a ‘cute as a button‘ cocker spaniel pup. Meet Coco. All of 42 days old, naughty, intelligent, playful … C U T E!!

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  1. Dee-Buh…very creative to do some lattice work with the phyllo…looks fab!

  2. Love the ide of using phyllo Deeba! what a cute little puppy, I wanna kiss him so bad.
    Dwiana´s last blog post ..Mixed-berry & Banana smoothie { 4th of July }My Profile

  3. Beautiful! Yo0ur phyllo pastry is perfect. I also made my very first phyllo last week and the result was fantastic…

    What a cute puppy!



  4. Coco looks so cute and adorable and looks like a total bundle of joy… And that pie looks so flaky, flavorful and yummy…
    Vimitha´s last blog post ..Carrot – Beans Poriyal / Stir FryMy Profile

  5. Such an adorable little puppy. I just want to eat him up! Of course, I’d settle for a slice of your gorgeous pie.

  6. As always, amazing photos. And also amazing pie…I’ve never considered making my own phyllo dough either. You do make that sound manageable and I might be tempted!

    But the puppy. Oh the puppy. I have a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel; so remembering now her puppy face; nothing cuter in my book!
    Barbara | Creative Culinary´s last blog post ..Cherry Pizza Dolce Crostata with Port Cherry SauceMy Profile

  7. Ok for once in my life im going to say forget the recipe, oh my goodness THAT PUPPY!!!! That is the cutest little thing ive seen in so very long :) delicious recipe too of course…this post is just plain lovely!
    Sasha @ The Procrastobaker´s last blog post ..Spicy Chicken Coconut CurryMy Profile

  8. Deeba amazing and delicious Pie and your puppy is so cute adorable!! hugg sgloria
    gloria´s last blog post ..Eton mess cupcakesMy Profile

  9. I can’t help but “awww” out loud every time I see your adorable pup! And wow a phyllo lattice pie?? I’d never have thought of it. What a fab idea and your photography is just getting better and better!
    Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets´s last blog post ..A Lotta Chocolate Part 4: Cherry Pistachio Orange Cocoa Couscous SaladMy Profile

  10. You are amazing, phyllo from scratch and a gorgeous pie!
    Tadka Pasta´s last blog post ..Chatpati Taco ChaatMy Profile

  11. Gorgeous photos! Looks delicious. And what a cutie little doggie!

  12. I have never thought to make home made phyllo dough, but you have given me courage to try. I’m sure the flavor, just like anything else home made, is superior to the store-bought version. And, I love anything that features cherries. Can’t wait to try it out in the fall as well as it will make an awesome strudel I’m sure! Lovely pictures, and what an a-dor-a-ble puppy! Congratulations on the new member of the family!
    luvnspoonfuls´s last blog post ..Orzo and Oven Roasted VegetablesMy Profile

  13. The pie looks scrumptious loaded with all that fresh cherry & nut goodness..You have made one of the most decadent looking phyllo pastry. Congrats on the new pet – she’s soo cute!
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    Tanvi@SinfullySpicy´s last blog post ..Kadhai Paneer & Triangle Paratha (Flatbread)My Profile

  14. Oh my God I can’t decide whether I’m in love with the cherry phyllo pie or Coco!!

    I have a half spaniel half poodle that is the best dog we’ve ever had. When he was a puppy he looked a little “Wooky” too but sadly that goes away. Good luck with that beautiful ball of fur. Coco is gorgeous!
    Maureen´s last blog post ..Pumpkin and Pine Nut Ravioli with Burnt Sage Butter SauceMy Profile

  15. Great idea with phyllo. Love the sour cherries. And what an adorable little fellow! He is so sweet.
    Sarah Galvin (All Our Fingers in the Pie)´s last blog post ..Murraydale Ranch Rodeo…103 years oldMy Profile

  16. What a cute puppy 😀
    Your pie looks amazing! I love the use of phyllo! The texture must be amazing. I’m going to bookmark this to try – I love the idea and yours looks so good!
    Heidi @ Food Doodles´s last blog post ..Raspberry Green(or not) SmoothieMy Profile

  17. Your little puupy is adorable! and your pie looks incredible. i still haven’t gotten my hands dirty with making my own pies but the day i do, i will be refering to your detailed post :)

    thoma suggested your blog to me and i am so happy to have such a fabulous new blog to read! your pictures are just breath-taking!
    cakewhiz´s last blog post ..Ruffle cakeMy Profile

  18. That’s a great recipe with the phyllo dough.. Looks yummy and colourful.. Love the rustic feel and bright red cherries in your snaps ..

  19. Oh Dear Deeba!

    You got me at home made phyllo pastry! I like makign things from scratch and the more unexpected a product it is the more it challenges me. You pie is as beautiful as always…gorgeous pics and the pastry is pastry perfect….thnak you so much for a wonderful make yourself pastry recipe..this is a keeper and Ill be making it soon…definitely…:))) happy sigh ~

  20. Love coco. Had a cocker spaniel myself -arjun , because he was brave and smart 😉
    Love the pie as well :)
    Indu´s last blog post ..Loaded Beef Sandwich When You Are On A Hunger Strike!My Profile

  21. What a delicious idea Deeba – a kind of fruity Baklava! I made something similar but with apricots and thought of you!
    meeta´s last blog post ..Peach and Lavender SorbetMy Profile

  22. This looks wonderful! I love the contrast of textures in this, and I bet the preserved cherries added plenty of oompf! Mine have only been in for 4 months ( so I’m biding my time for some Christmas delights – this could well be among them!

    Toby. x

  23. What a cutie pie Dee! Congrats on that. And this pie is beyond words. I ‘m always surprised how you do it. I mean as if the Phyllo pie wasn’t impressive enough u went all laced and all. Genius :-)
    Kulsum at JourneyKitchen´s last blog post ..Cold Lentil Yogurt SoupMy Profile

  24. oh coco is so cute deeba…and yr fruity baklava looks delish!

  25. That’s really original! I’ve never seen a blaklava similar to this one before, love it!! And i looove coco, he’s soo cute! I’m sure he’ll be very happy with you!
    Valerie´s last blog post ..Cupcakes de cerezas con frosting de buttercreamMy Profile

  26. what a stunner of a pie, deeba! the pictures made me want a (big) slice…now! oh, and my daughter just had an entire conversation with coco’s photograph! the most adorable little pup i’ve seen in a while!

  27. Good job with the phyllo and what a creative use of it! And oh I love dogs and yours is such a cutie!
    Shumaila´s last blog post ..Pingabhi’s Caramelized Pineapples bathed in Malibu RumMy Profile

  28. Still in awe of the filo making. Heart melts at the puppy :)
    Sally Prosser´s last blog post ..How to cook the perfect steak – a tasting tour at AtlantisMy Profile

  29. IfI wasn’t so fearful of phyllo I would definitely try this! It looks fabulous and delicious! Love your pictures too. :)

  30. The pie looks so cool
    Joy´s last blog post ..How do you Organize Your Recipes?My Profile

  31. Hi Deeba,

    Coco is sooooooo adorable!!! And I was just wondering how do u manage to get time? I mean two kids (teen and pre-teen) with different dietary requirements, an ever-hungry blog, e-mails from curious blog visitors, facebook, tweeter, and rabid baker ,day-to-day chores and much much more and on the top of all these a 42 days old puppy!!! You are great!!

    I love making Baklava but never ever thought or gathered courage to make it from scatch!!

    You are really wonderful!! Plz keep up good work!!!

    • LOL Arti, I don’t know either, but I’ve pretty much cut back on baking loads all the time. I struggle to find time to keep up, but at the end of the day, we ALWAYS seem to find time for what we WANT to do. That’s th case with me. The little pooch is being potty trained in all this madness, the pre-teen has just been to the hospital and back with low grade fever, the teen didn’t sleep all night because ‘her’ pup cried all night {new place away from Mum} … and life goes on!!

  32. I have been browsing through your blog silently for almost a year. Admiring the pictures and soaking the flavours. But only know when I have started blogging, I realise the importance of sharing the opinion, the value of comments. So this was just to let you know that your blog is just great, elegant & droolworthy!!

  33. Your photography is just extraordinary and the cherry pie looks exquisite. But it’s all surpassed by the cuteness of Coco.

  34. KC Quaretti-Lee says:

    I have never made filo but now because of this marvelous post it is on my to try list! You take beautiful photos and I really enjoyed my visit here. I’ll certainly be back often!
    KC Quaretti-Lee´s last blog post ..Sinless BurgersMy Profile

  35. As always, Deeba, you have done an amazing job. Your phyllo looks so flaky and delicious. Love your choice of cherry filling. Looks gorgeous!
    The puppy is SO CUTE!
    Renata´s last blog post ..MACARRÃO CASEIRO – Desafio Daring Cooks – Julho / 2011My Profile

  36. Marissa says:

    You should get arrested for making us hungry, LOL
    The Cherry Phyllo Pie look so fresh on the pancake.

    We’re really impressed with your creation, may we share your photos in our food photography site ?

    Just in case you haven’t heard about it, Food porn is food photography site where foodies and bloggers around the world submit their best creation and get featured.
    Marissa´s last blog post ..Feta BruschettaMy Profile


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