Baking| Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate Ganache … a guest post

“The smallest seed of faith is better than the largest fruit of happiness.”
Henry David Thoreau

Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate GanacheInspiration comes in strange ways. I’m racing with the wind, time is no longer my friend, the hands of the clock whiz by at a dizzy pace … and the pressure of baking macarons for our baby, MacTweets appears to be a lost case. Then uncannily enough I get a direct message on Twitter from Shulie, my sweet talented friend from Food Wanderings asking if I’d like to do a guest post for her on macarons. I want to say yes but I know I can’t manage it. I should say no … but predictably, I say, “Yes of course, sure!”Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate GanacheHow  ambitious of me! Didn’t realize that Shulie is doing a series on macarons on tree nut free macarons. Blimey! With the current humidity and high heat here in North India, where the monsoons are knocking on the door, I wonder what I was thinking. In good times, with perfect weather, I can barely find my feet with normal almond meal macs! Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate GanacheHave you met Shulie @ Food Wanderings … an immensely talented and wonderful food blogger of Indian Jewish descent, born and raised in Israel, who now lives in the US. She is fun, has a wonderful style of writing and a knack of blogging the ‘right’ things {read the most delicious coffee ice cream recently posted}. She loves food photography and styling to the point of silliness and I begin to wonder if she’s another long lost twin!Vintage pots & pans, New DelhiShe promised to come down to India to buy pots and pans after I blogged about vintage pots & pans from my favourite little shop in New Delhi. It’s another passion we share … pots, pans, cookbooks, accessories, food culture. Shulie confesses to possess ‘many other food quirks’ and that gladdens my heart. She’s a lot like me! Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate Ganache Mac time! I bravely peeped into my freezer to see what it held for me. Black sesame seeds. Should I? The devil may care attitude kicked in, and I threw a 1/4 cup of black sesame seeds into the Thermomix with 1/2 a  cup of sugar! Left the feet to fate …  time to think of pairings with fruit to fit the macarons into MacTweets. The theme this month – FRUIT, not a difficult task for fruit passionate me.Black Sesame Macarons with Cherry Chocolate Ganache & HKGBlack sesame seed macarons sandwiched with fresh cherries in a dark chooclate ganache were the happy ending of my mac-adventure this time, colours inspired by the tea set I found in a night market in HKG last month.

Do head across to  Food Wanderings to catch the rest of the post & recipe.

Do you want to join us making MACARONS?

If you do, you are most welcome to join us  for the next challenge. You can find all the information at our dedicated macaron blog MacTweets. We generally post the round-up by the end of every month, following which a new challenge is posted!

This post featured in the Foodbuzz Top 9 on 5th July 2011 via @ foodwanderings.
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About me: I am a freelance food writer, recipe developer and photographer. Food is my passion - baking, cooking, developing recipes, making recipes healthier, using fresh seasonal produce and local products, keeping a check on my carbon footprint and being a responsible foodie! I enjoy food styling, food photography, recipe development and product reviews. I express this through my food photographs which I style and the recipes I blog. My strength lies in 'Doing Food From Scratch'; it must taste as good as it looks, and be healthy too. Baking in India, often my biggest challenge is the non-availability of baking ingredients, and this has now become a platform to get creative on. I enjoy cooking immensely as well.


  1. These are truly stunning work of art, the flavors are no doubt intoxicating. Heading over to Shulie’s now.
    Ken⏐⏐hungry rabbit´s last blog post’s marvelous – celebrate independence day with captain americaMy Profile

  2. Black sesame Mac!!! Deeba you not only are very creative but daring try out such unusual food ingredients in such exotic baking. #Bow down#
    Sanjeeta kk´s last blog post ..Wholewheat & Cornmeal Goji Berry Scones – A Healthy TreatMy Profile

  3. Deeba, These photos are very cool. Chinese kettle and cups are adding a very fascinating element to these photos. The first photo with rustic background just pops out fantastically.

    Did you use food color ink pen to write on macarons?
    Neel | Food Photogarphy Blog´s last blog post ..Day 2: Create Depth in Your Food Photos – 31 Days of Food Photography TipsMy Profile

    • Thanks for the feedback Neel. I absolutely admire your blog and have LOADS to learn. I’m still much the auto clicker.
      No, didn’t use a pen. Just sprinkled the shells with some sesame seeds.
      Thanks for stopping by

  4. Deeba, I can’t wait for the day I meet you . I know I would love you even more!! Jonathan too!! He was so impressed with your post and I am happy you my friend are gracing the virtual pages of my blog! You bring a world to me that runs in my veins though I am yet to experience all the sensations of what it has to offer but I got a good sense of what awaits. Black sesame, I didn’t see it coming. That’s how incredibly innovative and talented you are!! Love ya girl/lady! Shulie

  5. Dear Deeba!!!! amazing macarons look delicious and yummy and georgeous pictures as well!!! huggs

  6. I want travel to India and meet you too!!!! buaaahhh!!
    gloria´s last blog post ..Raspberries and poppy seeds cakeMy Profile

  7. Stunning! They are just fantastic.



  8. Shulie is a very talented blogger, and a really, really nice person too.
    And these macarons look SO incredibly lovely…I love your photographers, absolutely brilliant styling!
    Joyti´s last blog post ..Lavender + Honey Ice Cream with Laced Honey CookiesMy Profile

  9. Deeba,
    these macarons have to be some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. They led me into your blog and I’ve been roaming there ever since. It’s truly a delight for the senses. You have made me want to try baking macarons something I’ve always been afraid to do.
    Kathy Gori´s last blog post ..Puffy Pooris, Or How To Put On A Show In Your KitchenMy Profile

  10. Exotic and gorgeous. I just love these!
    Lora´s last blog post ..US Flag Cake & Cupcakes and Back to AmericaMy Profile

  11. These are just too beautiful, they are almost art!
    *kisses* HH
    Heavenly Housewife´s last blog post ..More Ottolenghi Salads + A New ToyMy Profile

  12. they look amazing, fabulous colour. Might have to put thermomix on my list of gifts to me!

  13. Each time I come to your blog…i’m amazed by how good you are at baking n’ photography n’ writing interesting snippets….:)….May I ask you for a favour? My baking attempts haven’t been doing great n’ would you leave me a comment with some easy n’ yummy baked goodie from your blog (sweet or savory)…:) no hurry…whenever you get the time is fine. :)
    Miriam´s last blog post ..My-Baking-Baby Steps- Please recommend a Baking RecipeMy Profile

  14. thank you so much for leaving me a comment. i will definitely try the recipe you recommended….:)…have a nice sunday…:)
    Miriam´s last blog post ..Blueberry and Banana MuffinsMy Profile

  15. Gorgeous Macarons!! Love your blog Deeba :) Stunning photos and absolutely wonderful recipes :)
    chinmayie @ love food eat´s last blog post ..Steamed Chayote with Colourful PeppersMy Profile

  16. I’ve been waiting for this post ever since you tweeted about them and boy are they beautiful! And thanks for introducing Shulie because otherwise, I’d never have stumbled across her fabulous blog!

  17. Wow, Deeba, you did it again! Perfectly beautiful macs. I love the color contrasts of the mysterious black mac seeds and the vibrant cherry red. And the Asian tea set props add just the right dramatic look to your style. Wonderful!
    HI Cookery´s last blog post ..Chocolate WafersMy Profile

  18. WOW! Knock me over with a feather stunning! gorgeous! And the flavors must be fabulous together! Brilliant, dahling sistah! Shulie asked me too but how in the world am i ever to follow these perfect, fabulous macs? And the pictures are amazing! xoxox
    Jamie´s last blog post ..MUSHROOM & CARAMELIZED ONION QUICHEMy Profile

  19. Deeba, stunning pictures
    sreelu´s last blog post ..If This Saree Was A RoomMy Profile

  20. I applaud you. Can you hear my hands clapping now? I gave up after two just OK attempts at macarons and now you do this. Amazing Deeba. The concept, the photos…you!
    Barbara | Creative Culinary´s last blog post ..The Strawberry MuddleMy Profile

  21. Out of this world photos! WOW!

  22. Those black macarons look gorgeous! Amazing job Deeba! I love the kettle and the cups as well, so cute!

  23. Your photos are so so inspiring, my photography is something i really struggle with as i only have a simple point and shoot and am a very novice blogger, photos like yours I find simply breathtaking and the composition is out of this world! I havnt even got started on how gorgeous your macarons look :) so different to the same old pastel coloured ones that are everywhere, absolutely lovely post!
    Sasha @ The Procrastobaker´s last blog post ..The Best Coffee CakeMy Profile

  24. Absolutely amazing photographs, love the contrast of grey and red.
    Lucie´s last blog post ..A Family GatheringMy Profile

  25. Curry Village San Francisco says:

    Wow, this looks incredible!! I love the photos on your blog as well, just beautiful…
    Curry Village San Francisco´s last blog post ..A 16My Profile

  26. Incredible macarons, looks super cute,catchy and fabulous..
    Priya´s last blog post ..Watermelon & Banana Blossom KootuMy Profile

  27. wow! your macarons are wonderfull & and your images are amazing
    ciao from Italy
    Paul @cookingmesoftly´s last blog post ..Crumble di albicoccheMy Profile

  28. Hi Debra…, glad to be back visiting your blog again after about 2 years I have been off food blogging. I love your blog, it is so beautiful!
    Dwiana´s last blog post ..Down on the farm | Strawberry JamMy Profile

  29. Macarons all dressed up for a party, that’s what I think of when I see these. They are so elegant.
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..watermelon, heirloom tomato and feta salad | picking the perfect melonMy Profile

  30. Stunning stunning photo’s!!! Possibly the most beautiful bit of food photography I’ve ever seen. I’d like to post a couple on my blog and send people your way, and then to Food Wanderings for the recipe. Hope that’s OK, let me know if not.

  31. Wow! I am so glad I saw these. Your macarons are incredible. Black sesame? Fantastic combination with chocolate and cherries, too. Photos are also stunning and feel like we’re all in the picture, too. What can I say? This is art!
    Jill Colonna´s last blog post ..Mad About Macarons, Wimbledon and Wild StrawberriesMy Profile

  32. That is a cool combo!
    Joy´s last blog post ..Happy 4thMy Profile

  33. One word for these: ELEGANT!

    Sorry i had to shout it…these are gorgeous and so modern!
    RollerScrapper´s last blog post ..Andy the Android Hip PackMy Profile

  34. Some of the most breathtaking photos I’ve ever seen! So Sin City 😉 Wish I could have a taste… taking orders? =)
    JV´s last blog post ..Macaron Templates –>My Profile

  35. Just fell in love with grays and reds all over again after seeing your pictures. Drool! The macaroons look amazing!
    Tadka Pasta´s last blog post ..Berry Blast – Red Berry CrumbleMy Profile

  36. Your macrons are looking wonderful… and I envy your Chinese looking tea set. Goes perfectly with grey macrons.

    I love macrons and I would like to try them one day but haven’t come across any good enough eggless Macron recipe yet :(
    Anyway… I am hoping that I will find it one day…or will invent my own 😛 … till then I will treat my eyes with your beautiful blk sesame macrons 😉

  37. Oh this is such a beautiful post, I am in love with the photo’s and I will have to head on over and read the rest of the post to see what transpired.
    Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet´s last blog post ..Sweets on a Stick Bubble and Sweet Cookbook being released soonMy Profile

  38. I love contrast it brings :) Lovely photos as well!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Teaser of what to come – Second Macaron Book – " What’s your flavour ? " CompetitionMy Profile

  39. Mdivani says:

    My mouth is watering just thinking about these!! Brava Shulie!!

  40. Audrey Mcpherson says:

    Thanks for the feedback Neel. Might have to put thermomix on my list of gifts to me! Deeba, I can’t wait for the day I meet you . Incredible macarons, looks super cute,catchy and fabulous..
    Audrey Mcpherson´s last blog post ..Cancer Tattoos TumblrMy Profile

  41. Such a great flavor combination and I love your visual presentation with the tea set. So classy! And congrats on the feet. I still haven’t tried sesame macarons–maybe next time in the kitchen!

    Thank you for sharing at the March of Macaron link party!
    Sara @ Tried&Twisted´s last blog post ..March of Macaron Linky PartyMy Profile


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