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“You see things and you say ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were and I say ‘Why not?’”
George Bernard Shaw

Apricot & Plum Cobbler It’s July with the Secret Recipe Club and the inspiration behind this great idea continues. This month I was assigned to secretly invade Kims blog @ Everyday Mom. Kim has a delicious blog and for an everyday Mom {read 24 X 7} like me, it was an instant connect.Apricot & Plum CobblerI loved reading her posts, seeing how she involves her sweet kids in the kitchen, looking into her CSA box, seeing how she uses what turns up including these beautiful garlic scapes. That was what I intended to make for the SRC, but my next visit to Kims threw me right off course!Apricot & Plum Cobbler

Apricot & Plum Cobbler What did I see here? A blueberry cobbler? The passionate fruit baker in me was completely inspired and a cobbler it was going to be. No blueberries here in India, so a quick stock check brought up apricots and plums; on a whim I decided to throw in some frozen strawberries too.Apricot & Plum Cobbler I cut back on the cream in the topping as I had less than half a carton on hand, and I added some almonds to up the ‘healthy’ factor… the cobbled bit was basically a happy result of whatever I had in the larder. My frequent impulsive dashes to the bazaar are now limited thanks to this pooch!CocoShe’s a full time job and is more full of beans than I could ever imagine. A plum rolled out of my bag in the kitchen and it caught her naughty little eye in a flash. There was a mad dash to the garden …Coco Plum… where she had a plum party! Off she was, tossing it, attacking it, licking it…and then making a meal out of it! This is where the rest of my time goes these days; behind the lens as she is too cute not to click!!Apricot & Plum Cobbler You might need a wait a little longer for the recipe, inspired completely by Kim, as I committed a guest post to my dear talented friend Sukaina @ Sips & Spoonfuls for the 18th of July, not realising that it was the SRC posting date.

The Secret Recipe Club, the brainchild of Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin’. The idea behind the club – Each month you are “assigned” a participating food blogger to make a recipe from. It’s a secret, so don’t tell them you are making something from their blog! Click on the link if you want to join the fun!!

So here I am killing 2 birds with one stone, or make it 3 maybe? Sukaina has eyed my pots, pan and knives for long, and invited me to do a guest post for her. I couldn’t help but create a post for her around my favorite vintage pans.Apricot & Plum CobblerCoincidentally, she is hosting the Monthly Mingle this month and her theme is Stone Fruit {my favourite} so the recipe is an entry for the Meeta’s brainchild as well. You will need to catch the recipe there, and I have to say it’s well worth it. One so you get to discover her beautiful blog, and secondly of course because this cobbler turned out to be delicious in every way!Apricot & Plum CobblerFood blogging, food cultures, cusines and food props have made life so much more interesting. Sukaina is food writer and photographer living in Dubai, creates magic with her camera. She longs to come over and join me in food prop shopping, much like Shulie @ Food Wanderings and of course my twin sistah Jamie @ Lifes A Feast. Apricot & Plum CobblerPlease do head across to Sips & Spoonfuls to get a taste of this good cobbler indeed, full of all the goodness and deliciousness that stone fruit offers, the juices that oozed over absolutely delightful. The sweet tartness of the fruit, the nuttiness of the almond meal in the topping enticing the palette … all good stuff! As the lad said, “This is REALLY good Mama; can I have more?Scrape, scrape scrape … the teen just helped herself to seconds! Find it HERE!

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