Baking| Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate Tart … May with Megan @ The Secret Recipe Club

‘Life is a bowl of cherries.’

Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartIt’s May with Megan, my secret partner for the month @ The Secret Recipe Club, the brainchild of the very talented & sweet Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin’. The idea behind the club – Each month you are “assigned” a participating food blogger to make a recipe from. It’s a secret, so don’t tell them you are making something from their blog!Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartI was thrilled to find my April Secret Challenge recipe picked by The Pioneer Woman in her post Web Deliciousness: Strawberries!

Ree was generous with her words. She said “Old Fashioned Eggless Chocolate Cake with Balsamic Strawberry Cream Filling by Passionate About Baking. This is the first time I’ve seen this food blog and the photos are just spectacular, not to mention the treats themselves. Wow.”, and then went on to add another of my posts in the round-up to say”Whipped Strawberry Curd Cream Tartlets with Walnut Shortbread Crust. My, oh my. I don’t know what to say.”

Featured on The Pioneer WomanI love Megans blog Megans Cookin’Sweet, Savoury, Simple goes the tagline. Her blog is delicious and we are addicted to her chocolate chip oatmeal snack bars; these are a weekly bake in our home. I have tried them in numerous avatars, with different flour substitutions like whole wheat and buckwheat {in addition to healthy oats in there}, and with different conserves, jams etc {homemade bitter orange marmalade, homemade strawberry vanilla bean conserve, blueberry conserve} …Marmalade Oat Energy Bars… with chocolate chips, with dark chocolate on top, without dark chocolate on top. They are THAT POPULAR at home and the kids love them! I had made a batch the morning I got a mail from Amanda telling me my secret partner was Megan. Could Amanda have guessed what I had just baked? I couldn’t post the same bars again as I have already done so on PAB. I hadn’t slathered them with dark chocolate this time because the weather is really hot, so I thought I’d use them some other way!Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartHere’s what I did. I ran about 5-6 energy bars in my thermomix and got fine biscuit crumbs. My plan was to use them as a sweet tart base, with a cherry pie filling as cherries are in season here and very very tempting to use! Thought I’d do a bittersweet chocolate filling as in this Bittersweet Chocolate Marquise with Crème Chantilly & Balsamic Cherry Sauce I had recently made.Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartThat morning, an ardent local baker, the sweet Nidhi, messaged me literally begging me for a vegetarian something after she had drooled over the Bittersweet Chocolate Marquise. She’s allergic to eggs; I just had to oblige this lovely girl. {BTW, Nidhi, just finished reading the book you got me, and I loved it!}Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartSo the filling was rapidly reworked to accommodate Nidhi and her no egg request. You will not believe how delicious this turned out to be!! Finger-licking good, and well set too. Chocolate and cherries, like chocolate and strawberries, are a combination made to please the spirit!Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartFor folk with egg allergies or for a vegetarian version, I have an eggless tart recipe in this Whipped Strawberry Curd Cream Tartlets with Walnut Shortbread Crust. You could also use graham crackers or digestive biscuit crumbs.Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartTake a look at the cross section. A filling that was smooth, luscious and sang the dark chocolate cherry song out loud! The diva on diet begged for more, and adamantly had two helpings despite being literally hit on the head and reminded of her diet! The son charmed his way to seconds! The base was full of chocolaty goodness too … a winner of a tart!Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate TartThis time I didn’t cook the cherries into a sauce. I barely simmered them in brown sugar and balsamic vinegar for 1-2 minutes, just to soften them and to help get them a glazed look, then fished them out of the sauce and cooked the syrup to a thick reduction. Oh, I added a dash of lime juice as well to give it a kick. Worked nicely!Nutella & Fresh Cherries Chocolate Tart



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  1. Nidhi says:

    Ur sooo sweet! really this post was such a welcome surprise! Im baking this on the weekend! Btw this weekend I made your peach cherry bars and a plum cake (dorie greenspan) recipe and both were superr yumm. Im glad u liked the book and im loving this post! Thank u:-)

  2. Dear Deeba Im agree with Ree, you have one of trhe most fabolous and beauty site with amazing pics and recipes. Really!!
    Dear you have here a lot of beauties I love cherries and chocolate are amazing! xoxoxo gloria

  3. OMG Deeba, that looks positively amazing! I wish I could take a bite! o glad you played along again this month ;)

  4. Oh Deeba, what a lovely tart. You are just brilliant! I love it. And thank you for the sweet words. I really appreciate it. You made my day. :)

  5. Hi Deeba,
    All your posts tempts me so much that I want to try them all!I just wish if I had a bunch of people arund to eat all I baked. I could have baked all ur goodies…I just posted your Espresso cupcakes sans ganache. Give it a check @ . I loved them. Next on my to try list are ur cappuccino cupcakes. I wanted to try that ever since I saw at ur space and then just forgot!

  6. I love that you turned ordinary chocolate chip oatmeal snack bars in to a work of art. Gorgeous. I love Megan. She was my roomie at BlogherFood last year. She’s so sweet and fun. And of course, a great cook. I really must make the chocolate chip oatmeal snack bars.

  7. A droolworthy tart! Really beautiful.



  8. Ah yes, I too have been feeling the Nutella love these days :D
    beautiful tart.
    *kisses* HH

  9. Your beautiful photography is so inspiring. The tart looked so delicious that I almost wanted to lick the screen. Fantastic!

  10. Shilpa says:

    Drool! Drool! You make the cherries come alive….your pictures are an absolute treat…wish one day, I could do such amazing clicks as yours on my blog…the recipe looks brilliant too…

  11. As always, amazing pictures! Plus the recipe looks super delicious :)

  12. This looks SO good! I love chocolate and cherries together – such a perfect pairing! Yum yum yum. :)

  13. That tart looks simply incredible as though it’s covered with beautiful jewels.

  14. Deeba, your creations are always so mouth watering-ly good! The filling looks so luscious! And, as always great photos!

  15. Thrilled to have taken part in SRC with you Deeba. When will I ever get to meet you?

  16. That tart is simply stunning. I love how you used the oatmeal bars in the crust. All that syrupy cherry topping has me drooling!

  17. Deeba, as always this is a gorgeous item you have made!!! I would definitely love to dig in as cherries and chocolate have always been a favorite of mine! Beautiful…

  18. Gorgeous as always Deeba! i wish strawberries and cherries were as cheap here. I wld bake with them more often. they are such beautiful fruits and perfect for baking. Thanks for this egg free recipe. must try :))

  19. That looks amazing! What a great “fancy dinner finish” this one must be!

  20. I have never had balsamic vinegar with cherries, but I love it when it is reduced. Sounds delicious. Great tart!

  21. Deeba, I just came across your blog as part of the Secret Recipe Club. Wow! Your photography is absolutely stunning!! (as is the Cherry Chocolate Tart :))

  22. This tart is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for yet another inspirational post. And a special thank you for introducing me to Amanda’s Secret recipe club – I found out about it last month through your blog, and registered for this month’s event at the last moment :-).

  23. Lovely! I love baking with nutella. I also like your header. Perfect for the berry season!

  24. Drool………………….It has got so much yummy stuff in it, I really need to taste this one

  25. Deeba! You make me want to run to the market and buy cherries and chocolate (and I don’t even like chocolate)!

  26. What a gorgeous creation! And your mention on PW’s round-up well deserved. Cherries and Chocolate a perfect match :)

  27. That tart does look amazing, you can’t beat a chocolate and cherry combination in my view.

  28. With a late Spring I can’t wait for cherry season to begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Your chocolate cherry tart sounds awesome! Rich & fabulous :)

  30. That tart looks gorgeous D! Love that luscious filling!! I was soo happy to see you on PW :D

  31. Wow Deeba…looks SO delicious. Love that you made the crust out of energy bars :)

  32. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful dessert!

  33. Looks gorgeous… like all your recipes look! Am going to have to request you for some baking and photography classes since I live in your neck of the woods!

  34. absolutely love it! What a winning combination – nutella and strawberries!

  35. oops sorry! I mean cherries :)

  36. This looks so good, Deeba. Love Nutella. Need to try this!

  37. Deeba – you have outdone yourself – those pictures is making my mouth water!!! WOW – this looks soooo good. I wish i could just taste it – i guess i will just have to try to make it :) Love hopping around to see what everyone is making!

  38. Congrats on the feature by Ree! And wow how creative is that — making crust from energy bars. And you know I could never resist anything with cherry OR nutella. Divine!

  39. I’m not sure if my previous comment went through…but this looks fantastic (so creative to use energy bars for crust) and congrats on the feature!

  40. That silky filling looks amazing! I love cherries with chocolate, so this is a dessert for me. The cherries on top look like jewels.

  41. Oh wow, this sounds wickedly good. I love everything about this recipe and cherry season just just just started where I am! Can’t wait to try this. The balsamic cherries are an amazing touch.

  42. Oh wow, those cherries look so ooey gooey delicious! I love the picture of the side-view of a slice. Totally mouth-watering!

  43. Another great recipe here, Deeba! I am not surprised that Ree featured one of your recipes and was blown away by your talent:) In discovering your blog, she landed on a gold mine!

  44. Deeba this is beautiful! Chocolate and cherries are so classic too.


  45. Cherries and chocolate = the perfect union. This looks absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful and delicious. I am feeling “swoony”. :)

  46. Oh my what a delicious dessert. I would indulge. Have a great week-end :)

  47. Wow, Nutella and cherries, two of my favorite ingredients together in one tart! Looks incredible. :-)

  48. The tart looks so god.

  49. OMG, want want want this cherry and nutella tart! It looks incredible!!

  50. oh my ! that tart looks so sinful & tempting :D your pictures are always a treat for my eyes…

  51. Chetna says:


    I remember seeing – some time back – on your site, details from where good quality chocolate and vanilla extract could be sourced from.

    would be happy if you can re-post that information.



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