Baking | Matcha Macarons with Preserved Brandied Cherries & Mascarpone … tribute to the spirit of Japan

“Food supports a story. Remember, there is a story behind everything you shoot.”
Adam Pearson

Matcha Macarons with Mascarpone Cherry FillingMarch 20th is marked as World Macaron Day / Jour de Macaron, a day that celebrates the very elegant and much applauded French cookie that is often referred to as the ‘new cupcake‘. Nothing appears to get close to shaking the macaron off its lofty perch as it continues to mesmerise and charm the world with delightful flavour combinations.Matcha Macarons with Mascarpone Cherry FillingAt MacTweets nothing gives us as much joy as celebrating this exquisite creation, and we do it every month with a great bunch of passionate macaron bakers.  This March, Jamie & I call for a new beginning. March welcomes the first changes from one season to the next, hinting at warmth and sunshine, the coming of springtime for some of us, the chilly days of winter for others.Matcha Macarons with Mascarpone Cherry FillingWe ask you to add a bit of spice to our lives with this change of season challenge at MacTweets. To make it even more fun, we call for you to be the harbingers of the coming season with something new, fresh and lively, incorporating both fruit and spice into one magnificent Macaron.Matcha Macarons with Mascarpone Cherry FillingI had many thoughts when the month began, leaping between the umpteen spices the spice-box offered, making it a difficult choice. I had thoughts of pink peppercorn with strawberries, black pepper & sour orange marmalade, cinnamon and apple. Then tragedy struck Japan and my thought pattern changed completely.My macarons had to be a tribute to the spirit of Japan, a brave and resilient nation which has stood up and faced the horrific natural disaster that hit it over a week ago. As tales of trauma and destruction continue to haunt the world, tales of bravery and rescue offer much needed joy. 9 days after calamity struck, an 80 year old lady and her grandson were rescued today. H O P E …

Matcha Macarons with Mascarpone Cherry FillingThe macaron shells are matcha flavoured, the filling some home preserved brandied cherries nestled in home made mascarpone. Matcha, though not a true spice, is sometimes referred to as a tea spice. The jar of brandied cherries in my fridge completed my tribute to Japan, a reference to cherry blossoms or sakura. Cherry blossom is an omen of good fortune and is also an emblem of love, affection and represents spring. Cherry blossoms are an enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of life, and as such are frequently depicted in art.Matcha Macarons with Mascarpone Cherry FillingThe beginning of the year has hit Japan very hard, but they are a people that have risen above all odds, displaying strength and dignity in the face of unimaginable adversity. Sending good wishes  their way with these  macarons and four little rosebuds from my rambling rose.

Do you want to join us making MACARONS?

If you do, you are most welcome to join us  for this challenge, or the next. You can find all the information at our dedicated macaron blog MacTweets. We generally post the round-up by the end of every month, following which a new challenge is posted!

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  1. Deeba I love anything macha especially since I never use the ingredient. These look phenomenal!! So pretty!! A great tribute to Japan!
    foodwanderings´s last blog post ..Pita- Plain- with Zaatar &amp TomatoesMy Profile

  2. Japan is in our mind too… beautiful macarons as usual.
    Miriam/The Winter Guest´s last blog post ..Potatoes sarladaisesMy Profile

  3. Gorgeous! Those are marvelous flavors.

    Praying for Japan too…



  4. This is a wonderful tribute to the Japanese people Deeba. To me macarons themselves would symbolize the tenacity of human nature to try and try again and to persevere. Sometimes you are met with failure and in the case of macarons do not get the coveted “feet” but we as a human race always land on our feet and the Japanese are doingh just that as a nation.
    bellini´s last blog post ..Colcannon Soup with Irish Soda BreadMy Profile

  5. I really love baking dear Deeba is the best! and these macarons look amazing, love the pictures like always!! gloria
    gloria´s last blog post ..Chocolate souffléMy Profile

  6. Yummycelicious looking macaroons… Superb clicks as usual…
    Vimitha´s last blog post ..How to Make Homemade Paneer – A Detailed PostMy Profile

  7. Mmm 2 ingredients that I absolutely love but never thought to combine. That’s so cute that there are now so many national food days :). I can barely keep up. What a lovely treat to celebrate the delectable macaron and one I hope to try one day.
    Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets´s last blog post ..Feeling Grateful Outrageous Chocolate Butterscotch CookiesMy Profile

  8. beautiful tribute
    sreelu´s last blog post ..Gooseberry Pickle – Usirikaya PacchadiMy Profile

  9. What a lovely and thoughtful post.
    My prayers are with Japan too.
    Great idea to pair up both ingredients.
    I love your photos, outstanding work ♥
    Ana Powell´s last blog post ..Salt &amp pepper squid – Lulas com sal e pimenta – Calamares fritos con sal y pimientaMy Profile

  10. Deeba, What a sweet and touching tribute to the people of Japan. Your photos are stunning and your words convey your sense of caring and your spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  11. These macaroons sound incredible with the matcha flavor and the filling of mascarpone and brandied cherries, so nice! What a beautiful tribute to Japan.
    5 Star Foodie´s last blog post ..5 Star Foodie Junior- Irish Brown Bread Ice CreamMy Profile

  12. as always, Deeba, simply gorgeous! your photos, your writing, your stories – perfect. Thanks for your creativity.
    the urban baker´s last blog post ..Hamantaschen – A Purim TraditionMy Profile

  13. I can’t believe I missed World Macaron Day! Where have I been? I think this flavor combination is a wonderful tribute to the spirit of the people of Japan.
    Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen´s last blog post ..french breakfast radish and sunflower sprout tartines and something newMy Profile

  14. Gorgeous perfect macarons, darling Deeba, and what a lovely and fitting tribute to the people of Japan and their amazing spirit! I love the flavors and your photos are beautiful! You are an inspiration! I sadly missed World Macaron Day with my head in the sand trying not to think of all the sad images we’ve been bombarded with, but now I think whipping up a batch of macarons is the therapy I need.

    Miss you, darling girl. xoxo Jamie

  15. Deeba you’ve written a beautiful post and made gorgeous macarons. A fantastic combination using matcha tea and cherries – two flavours that are very important to the Japanese people. 私は日本に私の愛を送ってください (I send my love to Japan).
    karen @ ladymacaron20ten´s last blog post ..Griottines MacaronsMy Profile

  16. reeya says:

    it’s amazing how everyone around the world are using different ways and means to get their prayers, best wishes and help to the wonderful people of Japan. Wonderful and thoughtful post Deeba!

    Deeba, would you know any pudding recipes such as lychee pudding, mango pudding etc?
    someone was telling me abt a pudding made from lychee squash/concetrate, cream, gelatine n condensed milk. by any chance would you know about this. it would be of great help as i plan to make it for my darling nephew! :)

  17. Deeba they are absolutely perfect – LOVE them. And I love how you were able to match your theme to raise awareness about Japan. Gorgeous feet, btw!
    Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite´s last blog post ..Mactweets- Happy “Jour du Macaron” 2011!My Profile

  18. Japan has been on all our minds I think. A fitting tribute, dear Deeba. The macarons came out perfect.
    shaz´s last blog post ..Malaysian Monday 68- Kaya PuffMy Profile

  19. Macarons looks soo pretty ….i recently had two failed macarons episodes…I almost gave up..Now seeing ur cute little macarons, I am soo tempted to give it one more shot…
    I simple love ur clicks…hats off to ur baking/photography skills:-)
    Ramya´s last blog post ..Brunch CakeMy Profile

  20. They looked lovely.
    Joy´s last blog post ..Kulinarya–Vegetarian PalabokMy Profile

  21. Just discovered your lovely blog and what a great post. Beautiful photography and goes without saying, your macarons look amazing! I can totally identify with you on the Japanese situation. Nice touch with the Matcha.
    Jill Colonna´s last blog post ..Celebrating the Fête du Macaron with a GiveawayMy Profile

  22. OMG! They have to taste like heaven!!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Salon du fromageMy Profile

  23. Such beautiful macarons Deeba and stunning photos. I have only just started using matcha in desserts, making a pudding several weeks ago and really enjoyed it so I will try your macaron recipe and keep my fingers crossed.
    Alli´s last blog post ..Harissa SauceMy Profile

  24. There is so much heart in this post Deeba~ I love it.

  25. Absolutely gorgeous and wonderful macarons and such a lovely thought behind them. Stunning photos as usual!
    Lora´s last blog post ..The Best Little Cupcake Shop in MunichMy Profile

  26. Love it, I’m a huge fan of matcha! Gorgeous photos!

  27. wat a great tribute to Japan, i love anything with matcha and macarons looks utterly gorgeous :)
    Ananda Rajashekar´s last blog post ..From riches to rags – Salmon SoupMy Profile

  28. beautiful & gorgeous as always!!
    Sana´s last blog post ..Hello kitty teapartys cake for my lovly girls!!My Profile

  29. A lovely tribute to Japan. So much sorrow and need. I love that you dedicated your perfect macs to them.
    BarbaraBakes´s last blog post ..Daring BakersMy Profile

  30. Very beautiful macarons!

  31. How gorgeous, your macs look amazing and the photography is just stunning. :)
    Brilliant post and I love your tribute to Japan.

  32. Oh, I have to add something: This is not only food, but also art!
    So lovely. Love Matcha 😀
    Kim´s last blog post ..Dynamite GraffitiMy Profile

  33. A fine tribute, Deeba. These macarons look lovely. And I love your filling…cherries and mascarpone sounds delicious!

  34. Such a beautiful and elegant post Deeba, a very fitting tribute.
    SarahTrivuncic´s last blog post ..Baking Matcha Macarons with Preserved Brandied Cherries &amp Mascarpone … tribute to the spirit of JapanMy Profile

  35. Such a sweet post for the people of Japan. I just love your blog so much. Beautiful clicks!

  36. Now that is a beautiful tribute to Japan Deeba. Love the matcha macarons too. I’ve finally managed to find a source for matcha here too so I might try to recreate this beautiful color!
    Simone´s last blog post ..International Food Bloggers Auction for JapanMy Profile

  37. This is a wonderful idea and tribute to the people in Japan.

    I like your photos of macs, I’m sure it looks as delicious as shown on the pictures. :)
    Sweepstaker´s last blog post ..How I Got Your Email Address Without You KnowingMy Profile

  38. You are definitely a macaron QUEEN and I love all of your macaron work and initiatives and admire the sense of community you have developed through this incredible delight. Beautiful. (and yummy!)
    A Canadian Foodie´s last blog post ..Giant Pasta Shells- Turkey- Garlic and Sundried Tomato PestoMy Profile

  39. Wow, these macarons look fantastic! I was just in France and able to sample a few macarons there, and these look just wonderful! I love the combination of flavors.
    sara´s last blog post ..FFwD- Scallops with Caramel-Orange SauceMy Profile

  40. Gorgeous macs D! Lovely feet. You’ve finally conquered them :) Where did you find matcha?
    Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)´s last blog post ..New LookMy Profile

  41. What lovely flavours – I’ve never tried matcha powder before. Homemade brandied cherries sound fabulous.
    Emma @ Poires au Chocolat´s last blog post ..Salted Caramel- Walnut and Meringue Coffee CakeMy Profile

  42. Beautiful macarons!
    The shells are sooo beautiful!
    Lea´s last blog post ..Mac Attack 17- Fruits &amp SpicesMy Profile

  43. Beautiful macarons and exquisite photos as always. And a very thoughtful post in support of Japan.
    Françoise | chocoparis´s last blog post ..Easter chocolate workshop with Gilles MarchalMy Profile

  44. You have a beautiful heart to dedicate your matcha macs and sakura-style filling to Japan. We, too, wish the nation the best in their recovery after the natural disasters. The flavor combinations are both exotic and very special. As always, you do such a wonderful job on your macarons. Thanks to you and Jamie a billion times for hosting the MacAttack challenges.

  45. Whenever I make macarons with mascarpone filling, they are wet and very soaky after 2 days… do you know this problem, too?

  46. koyu food says:


    We are very impressed by your matcha macatons. We would potentially like to use your image and recipe on our website

    Is this something that you would be interested in ? Is there something you would want from us in return ? Please let me know your thoughts


  47. To celebrate the cherry blossoms, I used matcha to make green tea frosting. Delicious!
    Silly Apron´s last blog post ..Cherry BlossomsMy Profile

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