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“Food is the most primitive form of comfort.”
Sheilah Graham

These savoury pastry puffs seemed just right for the severe cold spell our entire region is reeling under. The papers compare us to the North European freeze where our highs are hovering around 12C and lows around 3C {add to it some treacherous wind chill}… beating winter temperatures at Geneva, Barcelona, Madrid and Paris! Oooh just reading that feels even colder. The difference lies in the fact that we don’t have central heating as standard fitting in houses here like the West, and thus the chill is even worse. North India, winter chillSchools across the region have been shut for another 2 weeks as majority of the classrooms, school buses etc aren’t heated either. We’re just not equipped to deal with such low temperatures, and the poor are the worst affected. Extended power cuts, as the grids try and cope with the increased demand for power, add to the arctic freeze! Inconsequential things like my little blog suffers. When electricity finally shows up, important chores like laundry & turning on the oven take precedence over time spent online! These days I struggle to find time to post, blog hop etc…Chicken Quark Crossover Puff PastryI’ve finally found time to post this week, and this time it’s some savoury comfort food. I just had to share a delicious pastry we really enjoyed ‘hot and puffy‘ the other day. With puff pastry calling me from the  freezer, I wanted to make mince pies with my homemade mincemeat reserved from the Garam Masala Christmas Fruit Cake. I even had stars stamped out and frozen for the tops from some  earlier left over puff pastry I used in these Rustic Apple Galettes. BUT, the need that day was different. We craved something comforting, warming and cheesy, and my plans changed to savoury.Chicken Quark Crossover Puff PastryIt was a day of cleaning the fridge out … some leftover chicken from yet another batch of  Chicken, Bell Pepper Mushroom Jullienes and also a little left over quark cheese. Coupled with inspiration from a White on Rice sweet post on Homemade Strawberry Crossover Puff Pastries, I made these. A heart warming combination of chicken, sautéed mushrooms and roasted bell peppers, some creamy homemade quark mixed in with mozarella, embracing each other in a creamy delicious way… need I say more?Chicken Quark Crossover Puff PastryYes, these were indeed delicious! For a tutorial on how to make puff pastry and how to do crossover puff pastries, you must  stop by at the beautiful White on Rice blog. I got terribly distracted while making the cuts on the pastry and did it any old way, but they have a nice systematic approach in pictures for you to see.Chicken Quark Crossover Puff PastryI continue to use the Ottolenghi recipe for rough puff pastry, and it is wonderful. Haven’t needed to look for another as I love the results of this recipe. Have to add a disclaimer to say that it is very dangerous to have ready made puff pastry in the freezer you can even hear it beckoning to you in your sleep! That is one baking temptation I need to break! It’s a bit of a long task making the pastry, but once ready, it’s a real cakewalk, and a pleasure to have on hand!

Chicken Quark Crossover Puff PastryChicken Quark Crossover Puff Pastry
250gms rough puff pastry
50gm quark {homemade recipe here}
50gm mozzarella, grated
2 chicken breasts, cooked & chopped
100gms mushrooms, finely sliced
3-4 cloves of garlic, chopped fine
1 stalks of garlic greens, chopped fine
1 small onion, chopped fine
1/4 tsp red chili flakes
Salt & pepper to taste
Sauté the onions, garlic greens and red chili flakes in 1 tbsp oil till fragrant, 1 minute.
Add the mushrooms and stir fry until they give up their water. Add chopped chicken and stir fry for 5-7 minutes on high. Season with salt and pepper.
Take off heat and add the quark and grated mozzarella and mix until the cheeses have melted. Cool completely
Preheat the oven to 225C. Line a baking sheet with baking parchment.
Roll out pastry as thin as possible into a large rectangle, trim the edges, and cut into 6 equal portions.
With a pizza cutter, cut strips into 1/3rd of each side, leaving 1/3rd space in the centre for the filling.
Place 1/6th of the filling in the centre, and fold over the sides, pulling one strip from each side alternatively to meet in the centre. Secure with beaten egg yolk. Continue till all the strips are used up and the filling is covered. Brush lightly with the beaten egg yolk. Repeat for the remaining 5.
Bake till the tops are golden brown and the pastry is puffy, about 20-25 minutes.
Serve warm.Chicken Quark Crossover Puff Pastry
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I’m sending these for the COMFORT FOOD EVENT hosted by Tamanna @ The Dazzling Kitchen
and also to Val @ More Than Burnt Toast for her event ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate

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  1. Wowo this looks so so good, my savoury loving hubby would love this. But i am not showing him other wise he will be going on asking me make this instead of a sweet one 😉
    Happy Cook´s last blog post ..Stollen Daring Baker Challenge Decemeber 2010My Profile

  2. I love all the flavors in this, mushrooms, pepper, garlic, onion! Yummy!
    Amy at TheSceneFromMe´s last blog post ..NOT A DONUT DILEMMAMy Profile

  3. such gorgeousness! they look absolutely yum Deeba :)

  4. This looks so delicious! I love the thought of a flaky pastry wrapped meal! Your temps are temps I don’t mind around here. ;o)
    Shelby´s last blog post ..Beef Tangine with Butternut SquashMy Profile

  5. Perfect comfort food, golden and flaky. Puff pastry makes everything taste better.
    Nisrine | Dinners & Dreams´s last blog post ..Fish Stew with Fennel and HarissaMy Profile

  6. I did not know you got those cold weather. The kids must be happy to be home. Nice meal you prepared.
    Helene´s last blog post ..CSN Stores review coming soonMy Profile

  7. Those look just irresistible and so beautiful! That puff pastry is so interesting and your clicks are awesome.



  8. Eveslungs says:

    Sounds irresistible . Mushroom, chicken,garlic,cheese peppers ! I have to overcome this fear of pastry making ..

  9. Gorgeous pastry Deeba! Oh MY! that’s really cold indeed esp without central heating!! What’s the lowest that it usually dips to? Stay warm dear… plently of hot liquids!!! HUGS
    Asha@FSK´s last blog post ..Orange and Rosemary Scones with Blackberry and Rosé Quick JamMy Profile

  10. I am loving the crossover design in your savoury treats Deeba. It takes a skilled hand to make something wonderful out of leftovers!!

  11. Damn tempting pastry..
    Priya´s last blog post ..Cracked Wheat Sweet PongalMy Profile

  12. Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle says:

    While your savory chicken pastry looks wonderful, I can’t get beyond concern for your well being and a feeling of incredulity; we take so much for granted and I’m hoping not just your family but others without even your level of comfort are managing to survive this cold snap. Take good care.
    Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle´s last blog post ..French Fridays with Dorie Greenspan – Paris Mushroom SoupMy Profile

  13. Cherine says:

    Gorgeous pastries!! they’re just irresistible!

  14. Just got off the phone talking to my parents in Delhi and I know exactly what you are talking about cold in the homeland. Photograph of the gorgeous girl trying to warm herself with some wood fire is so good Deeba!
    The recipe is just so appropriate for the season! Worth trying. Bookmarking! Please share some more savory dishes cos I feel like trying everyone u share.
    Prerna@IndianSimmer´s last blog post ..Homemade Naan with Malai KoftaMy Profile

  15. My mom told me that my father who never wears socks at home is all about them these days in Delhi..Its so cold …Your pictures are stunning as usual..This is the pastry I just need for a lazy Sunday such I miss those confectioners’ patties out of the hotcase so much here! Take care.

  16. Nancy @ Kitchen Gypsies says:

    This looks like the ultimate comfort food. Here’s hoping for some warm weather coming your way…
    Nancy @ Kitchen Gypsies´s last blog post ..Crispy Chickpea CrackersMy Profile

  17. These are equisitely beautiful. Thanks for the reminder about people who are much less fortunate than ourselves and this impact the weather has. It’s important when we are in our insulated, cosy lives.
    Sally´s last blog post ..Name that fishMy Profile

  18. Great lighting for your top shot! The look of these make me think sweet and breakfast danish! But I love the idea of making savory little pockets.
    Xiaolu´s last blog post ..Baking For My Lil Sisters Mexican Tea CakesMy Profile

  19. oooh these looks super yum…love the photos. i made some beef ones but mine are nowhere as intricate looking as yours. i might ave to try your designs!
    Sukaina´s last blog post ..Fluffiest Pancakes EverMy Profile

  20. Miri from Peppermill told me about readymade puff pastry in Delhi… evening snacks on weekends were basil pesto spirals and the like… I know the temptation you’re talking about :) home made would be even more dangerous :)
    Raaga´s last blog post ..Sweet Potato Pesto CutletsMy Profile

  21. Gorgeous pastries Deeba!
    Swapna´s last blog post ..Meringue MushroomsMy Profile

  22. oooh! i make something very similar but add spinach to my mixture! i love the flavors – absolutely perfect!

  23. Oh my! You have the most beeeaaauutiful pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m still fumbling my way around, learning to join food events and such. Gonna be following you now ! 😀

  24. Not one ingredient in this that I don’t love, Deeba! And the presentation is fabulous, as always. What a neat company dish too. I’ve never made my own puff pastry though!
    Barbara´s last blog post ..Jack Bishops Savoy CabbageMy Profile

  25. When the title of your post came up in my blogroll, I thought, oh yes, some sort of chicken pie. But I wasn’t prepared for the beautiful intricate pastries that greeted my eyes! You do everything with such finesse Deeba dear, I am so inspired every time I visit. Hope you and your family keep warm.
    shaz´s last blog post ..Malaysian Monday 60- Homestyle green bean omeletteMy Profile

  26. Wow it’s that cold around you? Here in Bombay, the winter has already gone :(

    Those puffs look gorgeous, sure wish I had some! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at puff pastry, off to check all those links out!
    Avanika (Yumsilicious Bakes)´s last blog post ..Strawberry CupcakesMy Profile

  27. They are really gorgeous! I loved reading your post, it has been a very interesting insight into another world! I’m happy you have found time to post! Hugs

  28. You made the simple puff pastry into a work of art! How comforting they are.
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2011! xx

  29. thank you for entering it to my event! i was looking at these yesterday but had to leave quickly and forgot to comment, Wow a perfect comfort food dish that will awaken the nerves from the blues this winter!

    i must try this someday soon =)
    Tamanna´s last blog post ..COMFORT FOOD EVENT – Theme WinterMy Profile

  30. i can imagine the coldness in India without central heating system….loved the monochrome picture of street fire and people and your bowl Deeba so ethnic can’t wait to step in India to buy few of those and puff pastry brilliant…send super big warm hugs…stay warm :)
    Ananda Rajashekar´s last blog post ..Inherited recipe – Okra curry – Okra soup kolambuMy Profile

  31. Oh this looks sooo delicious. I am always looking for new chicken recipes. Just beautiful….I bet it tastes just as great as it looks. :)

  32. Deeba,

    As usual, BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely beautiful. You have done it again. Keep up the stunning work and photos and may your nation warm up very soon. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wow I am addicted..truly tempting.

  34. Deeba they are so stunning, I love that lattice pattern and for me, anything to do with pastry is just da bomb! 😀
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella´s last blog post ..My Life in 10 DishesMy Profile

  35. They look so tempting…can’t wait to dig into one of them.

  36. Brittany says:

    This looks so gourmet, and sounds like it is filled with wonderful ingredients. Your leftover chicken was clearly put to good use!
    Brittany´s last blog post ..African Style Chicken with Vegetable CouscousMy Profile

  37. Deeba I feel terrible for you all! It’s not supposed to be that cold. I wish I could send you some extra gloves and hats. Brrrr!

    Hang in there.


  38. Deeba, these do look wonderful. There is nothing worse than being cold, quite a few years ago I was up in Nth Qld in the tropics & they had a weird cold front come through, it was really, really uncomfortable as their houses didn’t have any heating like we’re so used to in the Sth., so I feel for ya Sista.., rug up & eat lots of yummy foods like this is all I can say :)
    Anna Johnston´s last blog post ..TROPICAL FRUIT PAVLOVA BURGERSMy Profile

  39. OMG! Mouth watering!!!
    It is getting so cold everywhere. Bundle up, eat loads of soups or your favorite comfort foods. Better still, bake twice often so that your house is filled with warmth, continuously 😀
    Kiran´s last blog post ..Malaysian Street Food!My Profile

  40. Wow that is chilly for your part of the globe isn’t it? It’s been below 0°C here a few nights in a row and I am not loving it! AT least we have a woodstove and heaters to boot….I can’t imagine braving the cold without it.

    These little gems look absolutely gorgeous with that delightful mix of cheeses! I have tried making my own puff pastry before and failed, but maybe I need to try again. These are just calling my name now!
    Elizabeth´s last blog post ..Beef StroganoffMy Profile

  41. These look absolutely wonderful! I love puff pastry and have already made it at home several times, but that was a long time ago. Maybe this is the time to do it again! Very tempting indeed!
    Renata´s last blog post ..TORTA DE CREPESMy Profile

  42. These not only sound luscious but your execution is stunning. You’re obviously at home with puff pastry. Please consider sharing these further at the Decidely Healthy or Horridly Decandent Recipe hop (Sat party open until noon Mondays)


  43. This is a lovely article, Deeba! The photography is superb and the recipe sounds so delicious ~ I must try it!

    Have a delicious day !

    ~ marie, the EpicureanPiranha
    Marie Lancup´s last blog post ..A Typical Cambodian Curry ~ [Flickr]My Profile

  44. Really gorgeous, love all your wonderful food photography + you are such a great artist in the kitchen too! This is an amazing blog!!


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