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“Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life’s blood. But everyone has something to give.”
Barbara Bush

Baking in Delhi ... the vitalstatistics!Baking in India is a whole new ball game, a challenge like none other, where something as basic as uninterrupted power supply might pose one of the biggest challenges yet. By the time you whip, the eggs, fold in the flour and pre-heat the oven, the minute you pop the tin into the magic box…POP, there might be a power cut.While finding a way around that might be a little expensive, and not easy for most of us, I’m going to try and list a set of resources to tackle the other important issues – EQUIPMENT, INGREDIENTS and BAKING TINS etc. This little list is based on what I use, my experiences with other fellow bakers…and trivia I find here & there.I will continue to build on it as I go along.

Do leave a comment/mail me if I have missed something! I would love to hear from you!

A fellow foodie blogger I recently exchanged notes with, the very sweet Pamela Timms @ Eat & Dust who I finally got to meet after ages of planning. We met at the French Pastry Festival for a Le Cordon Blue workshop run by LBC Master Chef Christian Fuare, hosted at The Oberois. Once the workshop was done, we chatted through a light, flavourful and delicious lunch and covered the ups and downs of baking in India.

With some inputs from Pamela too, with gentle pressure from the sweet Suma @ Cakes And More, and many emails from kind, patient readers of PAB, without further delay, here we go…

In my kitchen

1. Oven – I use a Morphy Richards 40L oven I recently purchased. It’s a nice oven, a good size and has a variety of oven settings. {Pamela has the same, and in addition has a Bajaj as well that she recommends}. Right now there aren’t any problems, but if I need to fix it there are sites like PartSelect that provide appliance parts and have tutorials.

2. Electric Handbeater – This is indispensable for someone like me, and I use it all time. I use an in-store brand from Croma {which turned out to be a sturdy one imported by Croma from WoolWorth}

3. Thermomix – A magical kitchen food processor, and not just that. It even cooks. In the Thermomix, processing takes just seconds. It can weigh, chop, grind, mince, mill, knead, whisk, beat, blend, puree, whip and juice! I use my TM every single day, and love it to bits.  {Thermomix in India}

4. Things I can’t live without … my microplane zester, spatulas, nutmeg grater, box grater, Santuko knives, Ergo chef knives, more knives, mixing bowls of every size {glass & steel}, balloon whisks, offset spatulas, bread knives, potato peeler {shaves chocolate curls and cheese well too}, stack of chopping boards, candy thermometer, cookie scoop, pastry bags, icing set with many nozzles, rolling pin{s}, dessert rings {adjustable and fixed}, Lazy Susan {you got to love this creation}, weighing scale {even though the Thermomix has one}, cherry pitter {thank you Purple Foodie}, disposable piping bags {thank you Suma},  … and as much parchment paper as I can possibly stash. I think parchment paper is one of the best inventions ever! I just wish we had some locally available for home use. I know that some is being produced here but it’s for commercial use! :-(

Update: Parchment paper is now available locally – look for it at Modern Bazaar, Needs, Big Bazaar

5. More things I can’t live without … Endless baking tins, loose bottomed tart tins, petit four molds, ceramic ramekins, odd plates, white crockery, spoons of every size and shape…

Pantry Staples for Baking:

I’ll begin with the basic basics…

White butter: I actually make my own every week and store it in 100gm portions in the freezer. It keeps as good as fresh. White/unsalted/baking butter is difficult to find locally in the NCR. You might find some local brands like Gopaljee at your neighbourhood dairy. Imported Lurpak is available at gourmet stores like La Marche.

Plain flour: Simple old maida. Modern Bazaar stores cake flour in addition.

Whole wheat flour: Aata {I use Aashirwaad}

Vanilla Beans: Available well packed and organic at Fab India. I get 500gm packs from Down South – ‘Vanilla India Producer Company’, Ernakulam, Kerela { Ctc 91 4846599233/9349256746 }.

Vanilla Powder: Available in 50gm sachets at Fab India outlets

Vital Gluten: Available at Modern Bazaar {on request; ask the Store Manager}

Sugar : I use plain granulated sugar most of the time. For quick bakes I grind the sugar, and use this even in place of icing sugar.

Vanilla Sugar: Just slip a slit vanilla bean {after scraping seeds for use in something} into a jar of granulated sugar, and shut the jar tight. Store in a cool place, shaking it once or twice a day. You should have sweet smelling vanilla sugar in about a week.

Pure Vanilla Extract: I make my own {do remember it takes a while to get ready, 3-6 months}

Brown sugar: I use light brown demerera most of the time when brown sugar {light/dark} is called for. Muscavado Sugar is available imported in most gourmet stores but does cost a packet. I prefer to stick to local brands.

Yeast: I use Gloripan / Mauripan brand instant yeast that Suma from Bangalore sends me from time to time. Check her blog Cakes & More for the online source {You will be surprised at the baking/patisserie stuff you get there}. I also use fresh yeast that is available in 500gm blocks available at Modern Bazaar {Vasant Vihar and DLF}. I store the block in my freezer, and chip off the bit I want to use. Never had a problem with it. Dried yeast is also available in most ‘kirana‘ stores, and in INA etc.

Buttermilk: Best discovery to date. Saw something at local Mother Dairy outlet, checked the ingredients and did a dance of joy. Chhach is cultured buttermilk sold in 500ml packs at Mother dairy and Amul. For baking, use the plain chhach.

Baking Chocolate: The very bane of every Indian bakers life … but help is at hand with an online store Delicious Now. I often order 2-3kgs of there couverture chocolate for my baking. Its a good quality, single bean origin chocolate {55%} which works well for me. They have 10kg packs on there site, but did repackage and meet my order for 3kgs. {Priced at @700 per kg/Nov2011}. It’s a good couverture for home baking, though you stock a higher % chocolate as well.

A chocolate supplier in Ludhiana can be found at Chocolate and Baby Spice {chocoandbabyspice@hotmail.com} and they courier slabs of dark chocolate etc, and accept payment via bank transfers online. They are very reliable and efficient as I have ordered from them often in the past.

Other than this, you can find Calebaut, Selbourne, Morde at INA market. Morde is available in 500gm bars in white, milk and dark baking chocolate in most gourmet stores like Modern Bazaar, La Marche etc.

Pimento in Jangpura also stock chocolate – +91-9810003527 or +91-9810245682. {Thank you Meenu Iyer}

Almond Meal: INA Market, mainly during winter

Dry fruits, candied peel, whole spices etc: Old Delhi, INA Market

Cocoa: My heart is set on Valrohna but it is too expensive here, as are other imported brands. What do I use? Nilgiris cocoa powder from down South thanks again to Suma and the hubs trips to Bangalore, my stock is maintained. Its a good, dark cocoa {no idea if it is alkaline or not, but to tell you the truth, I have never bothered to check}, and I have never met with a problem!

Cream: C is for cream and in India the non availability of whipping cream can make you weep. All we get is 20% low fat Amul cream {and Gopaljee in the NCR at times}. I use Amul {200ml tetrapacks} for my mascarpone etc, and for frosting too. I keep it chilled in the fridge. See my Cream in India 101…whipping it into submission. Imported whipping cream is available in most gourmet stores.

Update {Aug 2012}: After repeated requests on Amuls FB wall, they have come back to me saying they are working on a whipping cream! So there is hope in the near future.

Soft cheese: I make my own mascarpone, ricotta and  quark. {recipe here}. Local Indian soft cheese is available in most gourmet stores like Modern Bazaar, INA, La Marche, Natures Basket. These stores sell a large variety of imported cheese as well.


  •  Pigmento in Jangpura has a range of chocolate compounds and cocoa and tons of fillings, colors and other stuff useful for baking/making chocolates – call them at +91-9810003527 or +91-9810245682. {Thank you Meenu Iyer}
  • Modern Bazaar, Vasant Vihar & DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon has an extensive aisle with baking products {which are often found to be priced quite high} You would find vital gluten there on demand. Please request the store manager.
  • Parchment paper – You could order online. Just mail your requirement to passionate.baking@gmail.com. They have a FB page Passionate Baking
  • Bakersmart – An online store for buying gloripan yeast and compound chocolate and some other stuff like pans and liners and fondant press etc {thank you Ketkee @ The Constant Nibbler}

Shopping for pots and pans, ramekins etc:Pots & pans in Delhi

1. Baking tins, dessert rings, bread knives, bread molds, muffin trays, icing sets, pastry bags … and lots more in this little shop in Old Delhi. Take the Metro to Chawri Bazaar, and a rickshaw from there. I love this shop! {Update April 2013- They have a website too now.}

1730/B, Bazar Lal Kuan, Delhi 110006
Mohd Kashif, Ctc 9311150022
{Deals in bakery ware, cake mould, bread mould, muffin tray, pizza tray, cake stand, halwai ware, kitchen ware}
2. Vintage pots and pans
Doma Copper Brass
12 Tibetan Market
New Delhi
Tashi Nima , Ctc 9999700186
3. Urbandazzle is all about living with style. Be it Drinking, Dining, Decor or Gifting – it’s the one-stop shop for all such items. Urban Dazzle is a must visit too for bakers in India. Ramekins are reasonable here, as is other bakeware. Bakeware, dessertware, bottles, RAMEKINS, cake plates, decanters, kitchen essentials, table essentials, tumblers, carafes… a huge variety under one roof! Be it Drinking, Dining, Decor or Gifting, it’s the one-stop shop for all such items. While most of their current selection is made of glass, they intend to diversify into other items going forward.

4. Stores like The Home Store, Osaba {Vasant Vihar}, Tarini {Greater Kailash & DLF Phase 4}, Croma {Sanjeev Kapoors silicon baking line}, Lifestyle stock good quality baking tins, ramekins, ceramics etc but do check in advance as stocks are very erratic!
5. Butler Mart, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi – Bakeware, Kitchenware, Electrical appliances {palette knives, icing knives, baking dishes of all sizes, even serving plates etc.} {Thank you Eishaan Bhargava for the link.}

…. will keep updating!


Helpful links

Baking in Bangalore

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About me: I am a freelance food writer, recipe developer and photographer. Food is my passion - baking, cooking, developing recipes, making recipes healthier, using fresh seasonal produce and local products, keeping a check on my carbon footprint and being a responsible foodie! I enjoy food styling, food photography, recipe development and product reviews. I express this through my food photographs which I style and the recipes I blog. My strength lies in 'Doing Food From Scratch'; it must taste as good as it looks, and be healthy too. Baking in India, often my biggest challenge is the non-availability of baking ingredients, and this has now become a platform to get creative on. I enjoy cooking immensely as well.


  1. The much awaited post is here, yaay! Its indeed extremely challenging to find out sources for baking supplies in India, specially for us home-bakers. Thanks for sharing the priceless info Deeba, this will be really very useful for a lot of us here !

    My pleasure to be of any tiny bit of help I can do for you. Thanks so much for the sweet mention!
    Suma´s last blog post ..Cakes And More Cookie Fest ! An Event And A Giveaway…My Profile

  2. Thank you so much, this post is a must for anyone in Delhi / NCR attempting to bake at home.

  3. This is just fantastic! Lets hope I can add to it :)
    Sneha´s last blog post ..Mug cake!My Profile

  4. Greetings from All Things Nice! I love baking and after having recently moved to Gurgaon, have found it incredibly frustrating trying to figure where to find all the stuff I need for my baking. Stumbled upon this post the other day. It made my day. Brilliant!

  5. Kaajal says:

    Thank you so much for the info. I wanted to know if you have any new updates about the above. Also would you be knowing where I can buy cake decorating ingredients as well as tools & instruments ??
    Thank you

    • Hi Kaajal,
      You can pick up piping bags, offset spatulas, icing sets and even a candy thermometer at the Old Delhi shop mentioned above. Call before you go just in case you have something specific in mind.

  6. Zoya Kashif says:

    Hi, This is absolutely brilliant, till now I had to make do with Borosil and metal tins for baking. I love baking and was always hard pressed for baking supplies but you have just made everything wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t thank you enough….I wish I could have put in more effort into this since I have been staying in Delhi all my life….

    Thanks a lot!!!!!

  7. Amalie says:

    Thank you for the post, just the one I have been searching for. You can get better quality cream for whipped cream in some of the supermarkets that import things like SPAR and Le Marche in Select city walk in South Delhi.

  8. Vandana Kapoor says:

    Thank you for turning Delhi into a livable place again! I just bought the Morphy Richards 40lr OTG, and was wandering for the ingredients and supplies!. Great, Thanks!

  9. simran kamath says:

    this is a brilliant post!i was totally dependent on getting all my pots and pans and all the other realted stuff for decorating from canada……..now i know where i have to go during my next trip to delhi!thanks a ton.

  10. i came to this site thinking, or rather hoping, there must be a one-stop solution to all my baking needs., but looks like everyone gets pans from one end of delhi, butter from the other, chocolate from one corner and so on. its a challenge, but when we see that perfect cheesecake, yummy lasange or warm muffin – its all worth it. thanks for the old delhi tip – cant wait to go there.

    • I know what you mean, and have been there, done that. But the good thing is that you can gradually build your collection, and chocolate can be stored in a cool place for a while. I make my own white butter and freeze it, so that’s one less thing to look for. Life is much easier now than it was 5 years ago {in baking terms}. Hope you find some goodness in Old Delhi! All the best!

  11. Plz guide me where I can get Santoku’s knives in Gurgaon or in Delhi or any website for online purchase.

  12. Ruchi Mathur says:

    Hi Deeba,
    This post is extremely informative. Thanks a ton for this. I shall surely visit the old Delhi shop. Can you also tell me a good supply store in DLF gurgaon where in I can get cake toppers like dolls etc. shall appreciate your reply

  13. meenakshi says:

    hello mam, i had requested you before also to help us to how to use OTG, i have Sunflame OTG and i am planning to buy same as yours .How do you bake cake in this OTG , on which rack do you keep cake pans, pizza pans or loaf pans for baking? In sunflame otg , i use both elements for baking cakes , pizzas but i read in Morphy Richard otg manual to use bottom rod for baking, i am confused ,please help.

    • Meenakshi, I am awfully sorry for the delay. I use different racks for different stuff, but usually for cakes, pizzas cookies, I use the central rack and just the lower element as the book says. For browning of the top, I switch to both elements for a while and then back to the bottom one. I like the oven, and I am sure you will too. You need to experiment with the settings and find what works best with you. Hope this helps.

  14. meenakshi says:

    thankyou ,thankyou , thankyou from the core of my heart for replying my query.

  15. Debashree says:

    Hi!!! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who doesn’t fret over getting ingredients in Delhi!! Does anyone know where I can get a whipped cream dispenser, the one which uses the nitrous gas or something?? The whipped cream that I’ve tried from spar just doesn’t do it for me or maybe I’m not doing it right… And I know this next one isn’t related to baking per se, but where could I find arborio rice for a risotto?? Thanks for all the help Deeba… I’m sure you’ve made a thousand lives easier with this post!!!!

  16. vineeta says:

    omg!!!! m reading ur blog since 3-4 months n totally in love with ur pics…i used ur black forest recipe to make my first black forest cake…….but then also i never saw this post:(:(……getting stuff in delhi was so frustrating for me as i live in the small town of joshimath, uttarakhand n bring car ful of ingredients from my short trip to delhi but got so less time for searching everything here n there…but i guess now i’ll be a happy person bcoz i’ll go directly to the places mentioned by u:D:D:D:D:D:D……thnx alot deeba……

  17. debashree says:

    Hi Deeba,
    I just took a clue from you and bought a Morphy Richards oven… I also found a lot of fruit fillings and good yeast and a 2 litre pack of whipping cream in INA this time… just thought I’d share this info… :)
    PS: I’m still looking for that arborio rice! pls help!!!

  18. rachel says:

    wanted to know where i can get colors for my icing …can only most of the time find red and orange at INA …..pls help

  19. I know i’m reading this a couple of years too late, but this is awesome! I’m also wondering where I can get my hands on a baking/chocolate thermometer… please tell me you have some leads on that! thanks a ton for the amazing info!

  20. nupur says:

    Thank you for this artical. I am from Bangalore, a novice baker. Can you please recomend me some gadgets i need to have in my kitchen like ovens (I can’t find murphy richards here)or, the dough nd egg beater ? Which brands nd makes etc

  21. Deepti says:


    Just saw this site. I am from Mumbai and planning to come to Delhi soon for a couple of days. Could you please tell me where are the pans and the pots available in Delhi that are in the photographs above (the 2nd snap from top)?

  22. Safa Basheer says:

    OMG! I can’t believe I took so long to find this website. Because it’s the dream I’ve been chasing and finally I’ve caught it :) ‘How to make baking possible in India’. Having moved from the UK to Kerala it has been quite a disappointment/challenge to keep up my relatively new found interest with baking. From popping over to the supermarket (in Manchester) and getting every ingredient in the recipe to it being such a task to even get unsalted butter, it has been a rather bitter journey.

    I have to say your cakes and bakes look delicious and to know that they have been made in India, is so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing and imparting your knowledge with the rest of us wannabe bakers. Thank you! Thank you!

    • Hey there Safa…glad to be of inspiration and love your ‘baking’ energy! You are in Gods own country my dear, the land of spices and vanilla beans! I am so envious of folk down south as the bean is so much easier and cheaper to source! The rest we can manage, can’t we? Thank you for the generous words!!

  23. Aradhana says:

    Thanks Deeba………I am a beginner into baking and a foodie…..I love to make cakes/desserts etc…but due to availability of some baking items some cake recipes I cannot try…..this infomration is reallly useful for me as I got to know so many online stores selling the baking stuffs…….as I also do a lot of online shopping………thanks for this eye opener………
    Ur cakes looks really yummy……….feel like having all of them………..

    • Always wonderful to know if something has been of use to someone. Thank you for taking time to write back to me Aradhana! Happy baking and keep in touch!

  24. Swapna says:

    Hi Deeba

    i love your blog.All the recipes are just fabulous.
    There is a place in rajouri garden,Delhi called sheel pans.(http://sheelpans.in/)
    they carry all types of baking pans and tools.

    • Thank you Swapna, and thanks some more for the handy info! Do they sell retail too?

      • Swapna says:

        yes they do sell in retail. i bought all my stuff from there only.
        there is also a cheese supplier in daryaganj.they carry all imported cheeses,
        if you are interested.

        • Thanks a ton. Will update the vitalstatistics page. Does the Daryaganj guy keep chocolate {baking} too, or do you know any other supplier {good baking chocolate like Calebaut} and do you have some contact details for him. BTW, you look like you enjoy baking. Do you blog too?

          • swapna says:

            No i dont blog but i really love baking.
            .the daryaganj guy has only cheese.For chocolate u can go to SP Mukherjee marg, thats near sadar bazaar ,old delhi.there is a whole line of shops that sell cooking chocolate ,flavourings etc.Even Pigmento has almost everything including gift boxes and packing material .The only thing i could find so far is wheat gluten and meringue powder.

            for cheese:
            National Food Products

          • Thank you for all this wonderful info Swapna. I think I’m going to kidnap you one day and make you take me to Old Delhi …LOL! You must consider beginning a blog, if only to record your journey …and one day share with the world at large! :-)

          • Wheat gluten is available on request at Modern Bazaar {VV,Saket,Ggn}. I have seen egg white powder at Modern Bazaar, Gurgaon too {I think 6 sachets for Rs400}

          • swapna says:

            The only thing i could not find so far is wheat gluten and meringue powder.

          • swapna says:

            Sure anytime….
            anything for a fellow baker….

  25. Rajni says:

    Hi… love your blog, thanks for all the info that u’ve put up. had 2 basic Qs.. what gelatin do you recommend? Granulated or Sheet? and where do u buy good gelatin from. Secondly between Thermomix and Kitchenaid, which would you recommend?


  26. Surabhi says:

    Hi, came across ur blog searching for a bakery ingredient n got totally hooked on to it . Amazing tips n places to find bakery stuff which u r rite is damn difficult to ge in India , as western bakery is still new to our land. But now I m sure gonna be a regular follower.

  27. swapna says:

    Hi deeba,

    there is another place in okhla,delhi called CCDS.they have a baking warehouse they carry wilton baking supplies as well as kitchen aid stand mixers.


    BTW there is a chocolate festival going on in select city walk,saket.Its amazing…
    You should definitely check it out.

  28. hey… very nice post.. just loved it… i am also from Delhi and a new baker.. thanks for so much info..
    Shivani´s last blog post ..Pudina Paneer TikkaMy Profile

  29. Hey Deeba, I’m a fellow Delhi based foodie and have been on a constant lookout for tart tins, muffin moulds, cookie cutters, baking chocolate, good yeast et al and always wondered where the others procured them from. And believe me, the day I chanced upon this post of yours, I was overjoyed and despite my absolute Chandni Chowk/Chawri Bazaar phobia, I headed to this Matchless Machine Tools the next Saturday to get my supply of all sorts of tins and pans and cutters. Ah! I felt like I was in a DisneyLand of sorts for Bakers 😀 Thanks a ton for this! You know I celebrated my shopping with my first ever baked cheesecake…yumm! I used strained yogurt in stead of cream cheese but It was better than any I had had before.
    I couldnt find ceramic ramekins and fluted ravioli cutter anywhere so finally got my brother to bring’em from US.
    Also recently on one of my trips to HomeTown, I noticed that they have started to sell muffin liners in packs of 50 (good for people like me, I can stock on different patterns now) and pastry cutters too.
    Could you lead me on to a place from where I can buy frozen pastry sheets? I know I can make them from scratch but for those instant gratification moments, they’d be great. Le Marche has Wanton wraps and Filo wraps.
    Ketkee Shekhar´s last blog post ..Fluffy American PancakesMy Profile

  30. Aw….how did i ever miss this post Deeba? A huge thanks to you for sharing all this. You’re gonna be blessed many many times for this one!

    When you plan to head out to Old Delhi this winter I’d love to team up and travel there and talk some baking stuff with you! :-)
    Do give me a shout.

  31. Hey,
    I also came across this online store for buying gloripan yeast and compound chocolate and some other stuff like pans and liners and fondant press etc

    • Thanks a ton. Is it the Bangalore one. Have just updated the link.

      • Yeshey Cho says:

        Hi ,I love your blog. I stay in Gurgoan and baking a hobby. Since I moved from Singapore a year ago baking and finding things has been a constant struggle.This Banglore shop I happened to visit personally but things are not exactly how it appears it be on the website .I mean in terms of Quality might be commercially viable but I would not use the edible products for baking for my loved ones .I definately would not recommend anyone to buy the food colorings or the fondant they turned disastrous. .The plain cupcake papers were dirty and the mini sized would not fit the norpro baking tin. Having listed the bad buys .I would recommend all the fondant tool the piping tips and decorating sugars.the turntables and the spatulas are very reasonable and sturdy.Hunted and glycerin I have yet to try and will keep you posted.they also sell me ring powder. still am looking to buy some vegetable shortening and magarine for icing perpose if you know of any place where I can get them pose do let me know.
        Thank you,
        Yeshey Cho

  32. Loved the site… will work on info ASAP. A query… panasonic and black&decker have got stand mixters. These are plastic. Are for ~2500. Are they worth it? would you recomend any? Also, since unlike the US counterparts they only have mixing and kneading attachments are they useful for whipping.

  33. sunzi says:

    thanku soooooooooo much dear…… lately i have been getting mad where to get baking accessories in Delhi… since few days are left fr going home…… some search and i got your post Voila!!!1 its a blessing….. will get the stuff soon….. :) :) God Bess…:)

  34. Thanks for the information on baking supplies in Delhi/NCR. It is very helpful as I was relying on my supplies from different parts of India or abroad. Please visit my blog as well and leave suggestions or comments. Thanks again Deeba :)

  35. Sahiba says:

    Thank you Deeba..

    Yours posts are blessings for wanna-be bakers like me…
    I went to the chndni chowk shop and the guy remembered you and mentioned ur name too !!!!

    i told him, you are being promoted very well amongst the bakers community.. :)

    Cud u plz tell me where can i find chocolate chips.. coz sometimes brekaing up a chocolate bar into pieces gets too clumsy…

    Thanks lady !!!

  36. Urmila Pateriya says:

    I am in Delhi, visiting from USA, looking for a long steel tip digital food thermometer, just to check milk temperature for an ashram where 4 meals a day for 300 people are cooked. Making yogurt in large quantity is hit or miss. I have experimented back home and found the ideal temp for milk for yogurt is 120degF. I looked on line for a thermometer, but they don’t give prices. They want you to send an email enquiry, but want your whole life before you click send. PLEASE, can someone tell me, quickly, what store I can find the thermometer in and just go an buy couple. Any idea about the price? Can I ask them to courier it? Thanks a bunch, folks.

  37. Mahnaz says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Thak you for posting the very useful information here. Im trying to learn cake decorating and i don’t know where to find some of the basic ingredients such as liquid glucose and Tragacanth gum.

    Please help. Thanks!

    • Hi Mahnaz, Thank you for stopping by. Liquid glucose is available at Modern Bazaar, but am not too sure about Tragacanth gum. Maybe ou coulkd call them and ask?

  38. rajani jain says:

    hi , would be glad if u update me in ur list ,

    i stock chocolates (morde ,selbourne ) silicon spatula , whipping cream -1 kg pack , measuring cups , paper cups for cupcakes , moulds for chocolate , baking moulds , transfer sheets , and much more in dwarka

    plz feel free to contact me

  39. Minal says:

    You are a saviour!!.. Also would you know where i can find Rye and multi grain flour for my bread!!

  40. Deeba & all you lovely bloggers in Delhi & Gurgaon – Le Petite Pantry has introduced Organic Certified Vanilla Bean and Vanilla Bean Powder. You can now order online at http://www.lepetitepantry.com Best, Monika

  41. Swati Meherishi says:

    Hi, going through your blog, I noticed the bit about the low fat maul cream. Le Marche stocks fresh double cream in their store on Golf Course rd here in Gurgaon!

  42. Swati Meherishi says:

    Hi, going through your blog, I noticed the bit about the low fat amul cream. Le Marche stocks fresh double cream in their store on Golf Course rd here in Gurgaon!

    • Thanks a ton for your message Swati. Yes have bought the double creme {Pure right?} from La Marche, Galleria, and Modern Bazaar Phase 1. There is little consistency in the product. It worked really well once or twice, and the other 3-4 times it was either sour, or just didn’t whip up. I bought a batch for a magazine photo shoot too and the cream curdled so I was really disappointed. At least I know how Amul behaves. It’s consistent so that works for me.

      • Pratibha says:

        Hello Deeba

        I am new to baking. I am looking for some courses in baking in Gurgaon/NCR.
        Can you suggest some really good course on baking that I can attend.
        I would also like to buy some good quality knives for various purposes. Where can I buy those and which ones?

        Thanks in advance

  43. You can also check out foodesto.com, another online gourmet shop. its good.

  44. Dilshad says:

    Hi Deeba, such a lovely blog! I’m a crazy baker from Mumbai and get to visit Delhi pretty often. I’ve been looking high and low for copper cookware like roasting tins, saucepans, etc. Any idea where I’d get them in Delhi? Will the vintage pots and pans shop in Tibetan Market have them?

    Please help! Thank you….

  45. hey…this is so informative! thank u!!
    so i need help with a cake caddy/carrier. anyone know where to get one in delhi/gurgaon??
    urbandaZzle doesnt stock it.also looking for plastic domes…anyone??

  46. lilli joseph says:

    thanks deeba for useful info ,really nice blog with info. jut came across a new supplier in delhi dealing in imported food colors ,customized photo sheet printing and choco transfer sheet. also other cake deco cutters,tool n much more.
    following are the detail: chandanmal kanhaiyalal- 9350006999,011-43016060, http://www.facebook.com/edibleglitter.in

    hope this works out.

  47. shikha says:

    thanks a lot for posting this post.. i am new to baking and i live in delhi .. Getting the baking supplies in delhi can be a difficult for the new comers.. your post helped me a lot and i am sure gonna check out these places..
    soon after getting a much needed base i am also thinking of starting my own blog.. looking forward for your support..
    thanks.. :)

  48. Hi Deeba,

    This is a great post! Like everyone else, I came across this when I was looking for baking supplies online. I’ve been baking a lot of bread lately, and have used Bluebird (which I didn’t like) and Red Star (which I loooved but its tough to find a regular supply in Hyderabad). So this time I came across a 1/2 kg pack of Gloripan and bought it. Can you please tell me the best way to store it? Do I keep the contents in a jar? Do I store the jar in the refrigerator or outside? The weather’s pleasant in Hyderabad, and temperature hovers around 25-30 degrees. Please help! The packaging doesn’t have any instructions :)


    • I bake a lot of breads and I’d always recommend keeping dried or instant yeast in the freezer. Will last forever that way.

  49. Dilshad says:

    Hello Deeba, any idea if Doma Copper Brass store is still functioning? I have tried to email and call them, but cannot get through…thanks for your help and your lovely blog :)

  50. usha ramesh says:

    hi deeba, came across your interesting blog while searching for some bread recipes and tips on bread baking. i tried a few recipes from your blog and they came out pretty good. i was pleasantly surprised to know that you live in sector 23 gurgaon. i live there too. it would be really nice if we could meet up some time and get acquainted. i too enjoy cooking and learning new things. looking forward to hearing from you.

    best wishes
    usha ramesh.

  51. Anjana says:

    Hey thr,

    Could you please let me know where can i get cream of tartar from in Delhi?

    thanks a ton

    • STAY NUTS!!! says:

      you can get it at zansaar.com….not very expensive just for 169 rs….
      hope this was helpful….

  52. You are God sent!
    Thank you so much for sharing all the information.
    I thought that I should ytell you that I noticed that there is a store in Adhichini which caters to baking needs exclusively. I don’t remember the name but certainly would share it with you once I’ve had a chance to visit it. I know its at that it before Adhichini crossroad. has a Pink signage(How predictable. Hehe)
    Thanks a ton yet again

  53. Hi

    Love your blog. You have got amazing information that I could hog on and hog on afterwards as well! :)
    Everything about and for Baking needs can be found at INA. The imported ingredients a bit too expensive for me. And I thought the baking cookware are expensive at INA. But after browsing the website listed in your blog, INA seemed cheaper.
    Also, Modern Bazaar has opened at New friends Colony which I am going to check out this evening… Yippee!
    Happy Day and happy Blogging to all!

    God bless and stay blessed
    bona´s last blog post ..Onslaught of incoherent thoughts!My Profile

    • Thank you for your sweet words! Modern Bazaar is quite a blessing. I don’t do too much of INA, but I know it’s like a treasure trove! Good luck to you Bona!

  54. Ritika says:


    Have you tried Morde Cocoa. I do a lot of baking and use Cadbury’s. This comes in only 200gm packs. Morde is available in bigger packs. Suggestions on this subject would be very welcome.


    • Hi Ritika, I haven’t seen Morde cocoa here in Gurgaon, and have never used it. I do use Morde 49% couverture and it’s OK, nothing great.

  55. Dear Deeba:

    I moved from the US to India and have recently bought the Morphy Richards 40L OTG primarily for baking bread. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but while my white bread comes out okay the whole grains are very dense. I am used to baking mostly whole grain loafs and those have been disappointing. I am really frustrated with this. I also find that while baking bread at 220C, even though the top is just a nice brown the bottom burns a bit. I have tried all positions in the oven and the problem perisists. I am wondering if it has anything to do with my baking pan. Or perhaps a problem with my particular OTG piece. Any help will be appreciated.

  56. Thank you all the information that you have given specially about the yeast. Whenever I have used dry yeast it has always fallen flat on me so stopped baking . want to start again. Lets see how i do this time.
    I have some dark chocolate slabs with me don tknow what to do with them some recipes would be helpful.

  57. shweta says:

    Thanx so much for the information…quite helpful for first time bakers like me..

  58. God bless you!!…this is a HEARTFELT wish from a mother’s heart…an on-again, off-again baker, who is planning to bake a cake herself for her son’s 8th b’day…a project which had remained in my heart for the last 3 years…BUT now, can come true!!

  59. Maithreyi N says:

    Just to give u a heads up…Amul Cooking butter is now available in Le Marche in South Point Mall(Golf Course Rd,Gurgaon)!

  60. STAY NUTS!!! says:

    hi the delicious now website is not working….and i really need to know where i can i buy chocolate not compound…….please help????

  61. Pretty portion of content. I just stumbled upon your
    weblog and in accession capital to say that I acquire in fact loved account your blog posts.
    Any way I will be subscribing for your feeds
    and even I fulfillment you get entry to consistently quickly.

  62. stay nuts says:

    hi deeba..i went to ina today however could not find one shop that offers callebaut chocolate. i would be really grateful if you could give me the number or details of a place where i can order it since the ccds people are giving 300gms for 400…which is unreasonable.please please i could use some help.
    thanks already!!!!!
    also the delicious now site isnt working.

  63. Hi Deeba,
    Great information… Thanks for sharing… Keep it with ur Hard Work…


  64. Radhika Mehta says:

    Hey!!! I am so very happy that i have found this site … New to Gurgaon and I was not able to find out single thing needed for baking. I loved bakersmart site as it also sells non dairy whipping cream. I lived at Ahmedabad before shifting to Gurgaon, you know it is heaven for home bakers. Everything is at hand’s reach over there. I miss Ahmedabad to much. But you ma’am solved my worries.. THANKS A LOT!!!! Ma’am if I may ask you that where can I buy fresh yeast in Gurgaon?

  65. Sanjiv says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Where can i find coloured cake boxes in small quantities say 100, all around people ask for min 2000 pieces? Thanks

    • Hi Sanjiv,
      Sorry just found this is spam. Not sure as I don’t do this commercially. Maybe ask at the Home bakers Guild, CAL or Gurgaon Food Bloggers on FB?

  66. Love your website. I have it bookmarked because it’s like my guidebook to getting all the necessary baking stuff in Delhi. (No more running around the bazaars with all the confusion for the Hindi and English ingredient terms! haha) Great content you have here. :)

  67. We are looking for a quality nonstick baking sheet, preferably an air bake. Any ideas – preferably in South Delhi?

  68. Ritikaa says:

    Where can we buy icing nozzles and disposable plastic icing bags in Delhi?

  69. vibha says:

    Where can I buy basic stuff like muffin liners,candied orange and chico chips inn

  70. Rajeev says:

    I like your post but i hv lots of query . can i get your number to talk?
    My number is 9971300995

  71. Priyanka Batra Harjai says:

    hi. tnx for such an informative post. i am a baking novice and this came as a rescue. :)

    may i plz request you to add some info related to food colorants /edible colors as well. Which brands. are good or what infredients. we should ensure or ignore. while making a purchase.

    best of luck!

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Thank you for your sweet words. I don’t use food colorants/edible colours as a norm anymore. Try to keep to natural and whole foods.

  72. toyin says:

    hello, please i wish to know where i can get to buy character baking pans and edible paper in delhi, i am new in town from Lagos ,Nigeria fro medical tourism.

  73. Kajli Gupta says:

    Hi debaa, I just saw your blog. I am highy impressed and congratulate you for running such nice blog for some time.
    I am residing in moradabad. It is very very difficult for me to procure baking ingredients.
    Recently I tried online shopping from cake craft online store. There response was good.
    But I still feel the need to go to some good shop and purchase things from shelves.
    As you have mentioned some shops in INA market, can you give me shop name and phone numbers , so I can go there.
    I would also like to know shop where I can purchase fillings and candid fruits.
    Thank you.

  74. Deeba thanks for this wonderful site ,wish I could feed you some of my orange cake

  75. sandeep says:

    hi please update me on your website as i am dealing in compounds and chocolate bars for cooking , i am stocking morde, vanleer , dukes and am also keeling choco chips ( all 7 variants ) flavoured compounds , molds , cake mixes and packing material etc in faridabad. mya address is orion 1/D/44 MKT No 1 NIT FARIDABAD , 9810441165


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