Baking | Coffee Macarons & Pumpkin Pie Spice too – I’d FALL for these anyday!

“I got the sun in the morning, and the moon at night…”
From the musical ‘Annie Get Your Gun’

Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceThese lines come back to my head sometimes, more often these days, especially since I am kind of finding feet easily. The lines from the musical Annie Get Your Gun, a play I auditioned for when I was in Delhi University. Needless to say, I didn’t grab a role {Shahrukh Khan did … snapped up a lead role}. All I did get was to help behind the scenes, sets etc. It was too many years ago, when Barry John and his Theatre Action Group helped us stage the play in college. What remains in my mind is the fun we had, the exuberant screenplay, costumes, lights, singing, dancing… and FEET tapping!

Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceYes of course, I’m back to my macaron obsession, the endless obsession to find feet as perfect as those walking the net, at Ladurees, at  Mactweets, at Jamies, at Barbaras … the list is endless. The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall...said Ralph Waldo Emerson, and that leads to our challenge at MacTweets this month…

…Did you catch the FALL in there? Yes, it’s MacTweets Attack Season 13…lucky for some, unlucky for none, Jamie & I hope! It’s to do with fall macarons. Did fall leave you with an impression, with a ‘connect’? This is the time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere where the leaves turn red, gold, auburn … where the days grow dark and cold. Jamie & I have called  for ‘fall in feet’ in macarons this time. Whatever it means to you – flavours, colours, emotions. If you are in the Southern hemisphere {we hear you Shaz}, bid fall goodbye.

Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceIt was a strange morning, where I had no time as usual, but much to do. I had lemon curd to make, Ottolenghi’s puff pastry to put together, sponges to bake, cookies for the lads outstation trip…and of course, the quintessential feature of my life – laundry! No time for the net or books, an egg white in hand, I turned to my adopted David Lebovitz chocolate macarons recipe. Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceIt’s a simple one – 1 egg white, 1/4 cup almond meal, 1/2 cup icing sugar, 2.5 tbsp granulated sugar, 1.5 tbsp cocoa powder. While measuring the stuff out at express speed, I saw the ground coffee beans that Asha sent me. Thus began a strange conversation in the head, and a battle for flavour. I rapidly changed my mind from chocolate to coffee. For me, coffee is very fall, just the thing to cheer me up when the weather becomes cold and the days become short, I was virtually chatting to Asha in my head. Asha, that coffee calls my name every time I look at it, you know”. Beating the whites, I added some egg white powder for good measure.

Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceThank you for the dried egg whites Bina, where would I be without friends like you? A few quick whisks in, and Bina was virtually peering over my shoulder…”Count to 10 Deeba, the cut in the batter should disappear, then it’s good. Yes, now it looks fine to me”. Another buzz and it was sweet Lili Phuah who contributed, I find it easiest to make the macarons using a teaspoon vis-a-vis a piping bag“. “OK”, I nodded, remembering reading her macaron mail for the nth time. So I played along, a virtual party, but I loved it… I went the teaspoon way, and woot, it worked. This is what I’ll do in future too. It’s a little more painstaking as compared to a piping bag, but it does give me more control, and better ‘plops‘!Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceBy the end of the session, I had the shells resting …with such hope, I just knew I would soon be doing the jig {but then of course, I have always suffered such confidence!}. I found success pretty soon. Saw Jamie beaming at me across my macs, taking me back to that first tweet we shared when she found her feet when I threw her the macaron gauntlet… that was ages ago, and how this whole macaron madness began! Literally dragged Mr PAB to the kitchen the minute he woke up – he beamed with pride! Knew his wife would find her feet one day! Now all is good with the world!!

Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceHistory repeats itself they say, and it happened for me. I had a project a few days later, some folk coming in for a shoot, and I brazenly decided to take another stab at macarons that very morning. As if I didn’t have enough to do already, but confidence goes to the head, as it did to mine, and I decided to do a Pumpkin Pie Spice batch. Substituted the cocoa powder with 3/4 tbsp of pie spice … and could not believe the feet when I saw them! Maybe I’m finally getting into the swing of things…who knows! 2 ‘feeted’ batches of macarons later, I think it’s time to pay some attention to variety in fillings! Yes, have found feet, now to find flavour!

Fall Macarons - Pumpkin Pie SpiceWhat does FALL charm you with? Vibrant fall colours, harvest, or is it the holiday season? Are deep cinnamon flavour, apples, cranberries & walnuts your calling? …  Or then, is it the warm comfort and luxury of hot cocoa or warm spiced cider? My fall macarons are coffee for the warmth of the season, and pumpkin pie spice for all things nice! I ‘fell’ for both!!

Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie Spice

Do you want to join us making MACARONS?

If you do, you are most welcome to join us  for this challenge, or the next. You can find all the information at our dedicated macaron blog MacTweets. We generally post the round up by the end of every month, following which a new challenge is posted!

So here we go, feet for Macfeet, Macfall … errr MacTweets!

Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie SpiceCoffee Macarons & Pumpkin Pie Spice Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache
as adapted from David Lebovitz’s recipe
Macaron Batter
1/2  cup powdered sugar
1/4  cup powdered almonds
1 tbsp ground coffee or 3/4 tbsp pumpkin pie spice
1 large egg white, at room temperature
2 1/2 tbsp granulated sugar
1/2 tsp egg white powder
Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie Spice Method:
Preheat oven to 140C.
Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
Grind together the powdered sugar with the almond powder and cocoa so there are no lumps; use a blender or food processor since almond meal that you buy isn’t quite fine enough.
In the bowl of a standing electric mixer, beat the egg whites until they begin to rise and hold their shape. While whipping, beat in the granulated sugar until very stiff and firm, about 2 minutes.
Carefully fold the dry ingredients, in two batches, into the beaten egg whites with a flexible rubber spatula. When the mixture is just smooth and there are no streaks of egg white, stop folding.
Using a teaspoon, or piping bag, drop / pipe the batter on the parchment-lined baking sheets in 1″ circles evenly spaced one-inch (3 cm) apart.
Rap the baking sheet a few times firmly on the counter top to flatten the macarons, then rest for about an hour.
Bake them for 15-18 minutes.
Let cool completely then remove from baking sheet.
Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling
100gm dark chocolate
2-3 tbsp low fat cream
Melt half the chocolate, coffee and the cream on simmer in a pan, stirring constantly. Once melted and bubbling, take off heat. Add the rest of the chocolate and stir until all the chocolate has melted. Cool.
To assemble

Match equal halves of macarons, and keep together.
Use a small spoon or piping bag/nozzle, deposit a tiny amount of ganache on the flat side of the macaron, and sandwich with another of the same size. Sandwich them, squeezing gently. Leave to set in fridge.Fall Macarons - Coffee & Pumpkin Pie Spice
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My fall macarons are coffee for the warmth of the season, and pumpkin pie spice for all things nice! I ‘fell’ for both!!
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  1. Rosemary Joseph says:

    Hey Deeba!! You hve me drooling!! Love the pics….

  2. Françoise | chocoparis says:

    Gorgeous! Love the fall flavours and photos! Your posts are always a treat to read.

  3. I’ve enjoyed watching all of you from afar working your Mac magic! These turned out so perfectly! I’ve only made them once and had beginner’s luck so am paranoid to find out they aren’t perfect each time. How silly is that? Anyway, Fall for me is right out my window today: rain, and a bit of a chill in the air. It’s alway a treat when it rains here.– especially on a weekend. we just finished an apple maple pancake for our Sunday breakfast. Gorgeous post, Deeba :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Travel to England- planes- trains- automobiles…and foodMy Profile

  4. A splendid combo! I really like the idea of pairing those flavors together. and your macarons are beautiful!



  5. Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle says:

    And again you do an amazing and beautiful job and the flavor sounds perfect too. I too watch from afar; it’s really not about macaron ‘fail’ it’s more about not having the time. The labor required to get them done right is worth it…but to only get OK results on my end has made me decide to revel in your success; saves me a lot of time!
    Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle´s last blog post ..Pecan Butter Balls- Russian Tea Cakes or Mexican Wedding CookiesMy Profile

  6. Hooray for finding your feet again! I nearly brazenly tried two batches this month but after the success of one I didn’t tempt fate. Glad you did – they are gorgeous!!
    Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite´s last blog post ..International Incident Party- SaltMy Profile

  7. Heh heh, once again you are hearing coffee call your name, and why not. Sometimes I get a flavor stuck in my head and can’t let go of it for months. Your macarons are masterful and with perfect feet, made all the more pretty by the tin that you placed them in. Such lovely styling.
    Irina@PastryPal´s last blog post ..Classic brioche and mixing it up- so to speakMy Profile

  8. Your feet are firmly planted:) Like in yoga..

    Oh they are pretty little things..I have not mastered them yet..have never tried a real one yet to know what to compare to..
    Yours are perfect.
    I love the quote by RWE also.
    Monique´s last blog post ..A Fun Little CraftMy Profile

  9. wow your the mac queen they look fab wow you were on the set of a hindi movie love them
    rebecca´s last blog post ..Chocolate and Raisin CupcakesMy Profile

  10. There you go again Deeba, you’ve got me drooling like a little baby over all these wonderful pictures. You’ve got to be the Queen of the Macaron in my eyes :)

  11. those Macaroons look amazing, especially with that rich dark chocolate filling! The coffee adds such a nice colour to the Macaroons!
    Chef Dennis´s last blog post ..Today is Guest Post Friday with Bramasole- and My One Year Blogoversary!!My Profile

  12. I’d do anything for a coffee flavour. I just love it. I really must try macaroons one of these days. Have been procastinating because of fear. I shd be ashamed of myself.

    your macaroons look exquisite! I just wish i could reach out to one. Just one…
    zurin´s last blog post ..NIGELLA LAWSONS CHOCOLATE EXPRESSO SMOOTHIEMy Profile

  13. Coffe flavour in macrons sounds awesome
    Sharmilee´s last blog post ..Dal Tadka – Tadka Dal FryMy Profile

  14. Thats awesome flavor macarons.. everything including the pictures are beautiful.

  15. Wow. Just gorgeous Macs and the feet, oh the feet. So pretty. Love the flavors too. Looks like Annie got her gun after all :-)
    Lora´s last blog post ..Hot Chocolate Macarons with Hot Buttered Rum Filling – Giant Thanksgiving Balloon Memories – A MacTweets ChallengeMy Profile

  16. Swathi says:


    Your coffee macrons looks perfect and cute. I haven’t ventured in making them. I will. Still i need some courage.

  17. Yay yay yay–so happy for you Deeba!!Finally you find ‘feet’.Have been following your mac trials since the beginning and now that you’ve found ‘feet’ consistently,there’s no stopping you,right?here’s wishing you more feet for more macs..!!
    Divya´s last blog post ..SoNo BrowniesMy Profile

  18. These are really beautiful Deeba. The flavour and colours really appeal to me – what an amazing baker you are.
    Sally´s last blog post ..Diary of a Christmas cake and a pudding tooMy Profile

  19. the photographs are absolutely top notch deeba…and the macaroons… well you def are the lady with the best feet in town!
    arundati´s last blog post ..Kancheepuram IdlyMy Profile

  20. These macarons look perfect!

  21. I have already fallen flat for these gorgeous little Macrons, Deeba. Wish some roll down from my screen :)

  22. pumpkin pie?! that’s awesome. i think i need you to help me out with macs in the kitchen. I simply can’t even bear to try it myself. These are gorgeous of course. Did you switch cameras or are you still using a Powershot deeba? Pics are amazing
    diva´s last blog post ..Pâtisserie Glacé- tu es magnifique ma chérie!My Profile

  23. Heavenly… I need to try one of the Macarons v soon… Attacking MacTweets blog today and going to learn the basics right away….

    Love ur pics…..

    Have a great week ahead 😉
    Sandhya´s last blog post ..Butter CookiesMy Profile

  24. I love the fall flavors of your macarons, Deeba. They look delicious. You are the macaron queen! I still haven’t made them, but after the holidays I’m going to try.

  25. What fantastic pictures to accompany this blog, I seriously want one of these now, can they be bought in the UK?

    ash@dofollow´s last blog post productionMy Profile

  26. Deeba, good morning from Corte Madera! These are gorgeous! I saw them briefly when I woke up, and of course by the time I got up, your tweet already got buried. Ha! I just scrolled down and will get back to the others later. They will understand :-).

    Thank you for sharing.
    Annapet´s last blog post ..Caramel Apple Red Tea Macarons with Fleur de Sel Caramel FillingMy Profile

  27. I really wish I would be able to reproduce your recipe for macs some day.Coffee is the in thing on my mind these days. No points for guessing-its winters afterall!
    Are you from Hansraj College ? And that Shahrukh khan thing is real ? Lucky you :) Oh the very metion of Delhi University reminds of my Hindu college days where I went for one year though!
    Tanvi´s last blog post ..Healthy Recipe -Cornmeal Crusted Black Beans &amp Green Gram CutletsMy Profile

  28. As much as I love macarons I haven’t yet pulled up the courage to make them myself. Yours look fantastic! Coffee is a favorite flavor of mine.
    My Little Expat Kitchen´s last blog post ..Meat and pasta- the western Greek wayMy Profile

  29. feel like macarons are teasing me, feels bad that i can’t grab the gorgeous ones out of the screen…Stunning pictures Deeba :)
    Ananda Rajashekar´s last blog post ..On A Date With Pear – Parmesan With Pear and WineMy Profile

  30. You make such perfect macarons, Deeba! I should be so lucky to try them one day… 😉

  31. You take such gorgeous photos, so clean and crisp. I am in awe. Everything looks like I could just pick it up and take a bite, and I want to but I can’t! Dratted computer screen!
    I have an award for you on my blog, I hope you accept it.

  32. Sommer@ASpicyPerspective says:

    Oh Deeba! I don’t know that I’m interested in making my own macaroons–I JUST WANT TO EAT YOURS!!! Is that so wrong?

    They look like something that would be very dangerous to keep around the house!

  33. Honey @ honeyandsoy says:

    Congrats Deeba!!! Those are some gorgeous looking macarons! I can ‘hear’ the excitement in your voice and I truly empathise because the first time I saw feet on my macarons, I positively danced in front of my oven! :) looking forward to seeing many more pretty macs in future!

  34. You are as sweet as your beautiful footed macs! I couldn’t be happier that you found your feet again. I love that feeling of seeing feet start to grow in the oven. So fun!
    Barbara Bakes´s last blog post ..Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes- Dry Brined Turkey and Broccoli Pancetta SautéMy Profile

  35. This looks so scrumptuous! And I love anything pumpkin :)
    Kiran´s last blog post ..Dining @ Hyatt MiamiMy Profile

  36. Beautiful job, and a very sophisticating paring of flavours :D. Got one pour moi daaaahling?
    *kisses* HH

  37. Oh Deeba, your macarons are soooo beautiful!!!! Put mine to shame, really!! And your photography, breathtaking as usual!
    The Pleasure Monger´s last blog post ..Happy Birthday to…Me!My Profile

  38. as always, deeba, your photos and your story are inspiring. i have egg whites in the fridge and macaroons have their name on them. this is just what i was looking for!
    the urban baker´s last blog post ..Truffle Brownie Pumpkin Cheesecake BitesMy Profile

  39. Pretty, pretty feet!! :) I just LOVE your mac styling and photography!! thanks, Deeba for MacTweets!!
    Tina´s last blog post ..MacTweets Challenge- Pistachio Sprinkled Macarons for Falling for MacaronsIts Fall!My Profile

  40. You chose two excellent flavors for your macarons! The deep, dark filling looks decadently delicious! Looks perfect as always!
    HI Cookery´s last blog post ..Cashew ChickenMy Profile

  41. I’m forever oohing and aahing over your photographs! the ganache looks to die for!
    Amrita´s last blog post ..Downing cherry tomatoesMy Profile

  42. Gorgeous macarons! Love the flavors!
    Cherine´s last blog post ..Peanut Butter CupsMy Profile

  43. Deeba these are beautiful! Gorgeous feet :) I love the flavor combinations too, they are so like comfort food.
    Vivian´s last blog post ..A New BeginningMy Profile

  44. Look at the feet on those macarons Deeba – really impressive!

  45. I had no doubt that you would find your feet Deeba-but I love how proud Mr PAB was about it! 😀

  46. SHABS says:

    WOW…loooks sooo good!i am literally blown away deeba!
    SHABS´s last blog post ..Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry FrostingMy Profile

  47. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Way to go Deeba, so happy for the perfect darling little feet. Looks like it all came together for you this time. Was it the magic of the new oven too do you think?

    I really need to get a move on, I’m running out of time..eek! And I cannot miss it this month, what with the special mention and all 😉
    shaz´s last blog post ..Campfire Cake otherwise known as the 1-2- 1- 1 1-2- 2 CakeMy Profile

  48. What wonderful things you made always Deeba and delicious! love them, huggs xoxoxox
    gloria´s last blog post ..Golden onions quicheMy Profile

  49. Shirley@kokken69 says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous! So many different stylings and such beautiful macarons! And you auditioned in the same play as Sharuhk Khan?! Wow, he’s such a great person!
    Shirley@kokken69´s last blog post ..Bourke Street Bakerys Ginger Brulee TartMy Profile

  50. macaroons again.. I am in love…
    Nitha´s last blog post ..Idly ManjurianMy Profile

  51. Feet, glorious feet! These macs look delectable. Hope I can them to rise in the oven as beautifully as yours.

  52. That looks great.
    Joy´s last blog post ..Food Coma…btw How was your ThanksgivingMy Profile

  53. Shea M. @ Blissfully Unrefined says:

    So gorgeous (as always!). I was excited (and nervous) to join you crazy Mactweeters this month, but you came up with such a great theme. It’s been fun to see everyone’s interpretations (and a nice warm cup of coffee, definitely rings in fall!). Can’t wait to see next month’s!
    Shea M. @ Blissfully Unrefined´s last blog post ..Daring Bakers Challenge – CrostataMy Profile

  54. Deeba, Your beautiful macs couldn’t be any more PERFECT! Woo Hoo for you! :) Maybe if I rub my hands on the screen your talent and good fortune will rub off on me next time! 😉

  55. OH Deeba YOU GOT FEET! Absolutely fabulous! These are gorgeous and I love the flavors, so fall! Now I must try the dried egg whites – i have a can too I bought in the US. Oooh this is so exciting, sistah! Yay! Onward and upward and reach for the feet! And on to the next challenge!
    Jamie´s last blog post ..QUICHES- KUGELS- and COUSCOUS By Joan NathanMy Profile

  56. Never seen these choccie macs before – they look simply wonderful. I am going to cook them – your photos are so fab too.

  57. Loving the images on display here, they really benefit the blog and show how delicious those macaroons are! I just had a thought though, if you’re so passionate about baking why not create a video instead of lots of photos interupting the flow of the blog? You could do a weekly/monthly video blog, of how to create such delightful treats or merely have photos accompanying a voice-over with some simple instructions? Video really is the most engaging media and I bet it’d show off those tastey macaroons eve better! It’s worth a thought :)

    Skeleton Productions
    Video Production Guru´s last blog post ..Latest NewsMy Profile

  58. These look soooo good!!! The pictures are so nicely taken too! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these ingredients. I am so going to try this recipe tomorrow! Thanks for posting it! Keep up the good work!
    Diana´s last blog post ..Reiki at HomeMy Profile

  59. Don’t know if my previous post made it but thanks for posting! Keep up the good work!!
    Diana´s last blog post ..Reiki at HomeMy Profile

  60. So I decided to make these for an aunt I have, who loves all the pumpkin drinks andd desserts, not to mention coffee. Fall has just arrived at my door, and im excited to make them. One problem, i never had them, nor have I ever made them. Yeah, it’s funny for me to make them when I never had them before, but fooling around on pinterest, and I saw these all wrapped up cute and looking delicious, I knew It must be done. But what is the flavor of them, and are they simple enough for a 16 year old? I have been baking, but im worried if these wont come out right and all the weird possibilities. So if you or anyone else reading this has any tips, im open for help. Thanks! ~♥Emma

    • Hey there Emma, On the outset, macarons are fiddly creatures. Some folk have got them right the very first time ever. It took me seven batches on a single day to get any where near the real thing. I still have trouble making these as they are very temperamental. Helene at Tartlette has some great tutorials about macarons. You must stop by there sometime.{}

  61. Hey Deeba, have you used almond meal or powdered almonds. I couldn’t find almond meal in Pune, so I powdered the almonds in a food processor. They become wet and clumpy from the fat that the almonds release. Is there anything I can do ? Or must I buy imported almond meal?


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