{No Bake/ Cooler} PLUM LEMONADE!

If life gives you lemons, and you are lucky enough to have plums too,
…make plum lemonade!
I bookmarked this the minute I saw it. The summer through, I keep a pitcher of fresh lime juice waiting for the kids when they come back from school, exhausted from the severe heat and looking for cool respite. They absolutely love fresh lime juice and guzzle it down hungrily, greedily sucking at the ice cubes in the end. When the Indian phalsa berry season was on, they enjoyed this phalsa cooler, and once in a while they luxuriated with a tall glass of peach ice tea {from a mix unfortunately}. Home made ginger ale added new dimension, and then the plum lemonade caught my eye!
It had me intrigued as I had never looked at plums as ‘coolers‘. My first plum adventure this season, rather at the end of the season, was the plum granita where a scraped vanilla bean was used {yet to post}. I loved the depth of flavour the vanilla added to it, so I used vanilla sugar in the lemonade instead of regular sugar. YUM refreshing, delicious to the last drop. Also, this time I ran the plums in the liquidizer/blender rather than the food processor as I did earlier! Gosh, so much less elbow grease used, and so much simpler! Live and learn!!

This is a rather quick post o the trot. With work in the kitchen swinging by at it’s own pace, I hardly get time to blog or blog hop. Supervising means hanging around in the heat and dust, and the laptop isn’t happy tto keep me company. Hope to be back to being more regular here, and at my favourite blogs soon!

Plum Lemonade

Adapted minimally from Chef is You
Serves 6-8
About 12 small ripe plums, halved and pitted
4-5 cups of water, or as needed
2-3 limes, or as needed
1 cup vanilla sugar {decrease if your plums are sweet. Mine were super sour}
Ice cubes to serve

Run the ingredients, other than the water, in a blender until smooth. Taste and adjust sugar if required. Pass through a sieve. Add water as required, keeping in mind that ice cubes will dilute the taste further.
Garnish with fresh mint and lime slices, and serve over ice cubes.

Note: In the words of Chef is You,Keep this idea as a base to customize it to your taste and requirements. If you like tart lemon taste more, add more lemon juice. My plums were very sweet hence I added very little sugar.

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  • Alisa
    6 years ago

    This looks delicious.If you won't mind I'd love to guide Foodista readers to this post.Just add the foodista widget to the end of this post and it's all set, Thanks!

  • Barbara @ VinoLuciStyle
    6 years ago

    This looks beautiful (of course from you I expect no less!) and sounds so refreshing and delicious. Plums here are so often iffy. Bought firm with hopes of ripening but never do or bought ready to eat and I can't get through them with them going bad!

    So, this last purchase with perfect plums? On my counter now? Yeah, they have a purpose! You know I made lavender lemonade recently (well, added some vodka but that really isn't ALWAYS necessary), just finished off some raspberry lemonade and now…on to plum lemonade! Thanks Deeba!

  • Sanjeeta kk
    6 years ago

    refreshing and healthy drink Deeba. Love the clicks. Thanks for dropping by my site.

  • Rosa's Yummy Yums
    6 years ago

    I love plums! That is certainly a great idea and recipe. Lovely photos.

    Cheers and have a great weekend,


  • Jessica @ How Sweet
    6 years ago

    That looks so refreshing! I could go for one right about now!

  • Grapefruit
    6 years ago

    I've never ever heard of fresh plum lemonade. Sounds fabulous!
    Reminds me of something my grandmother used to make for us in the summer: a drink using dried plums and tamarind. It was completely, deliciously refreshing!

  • Jess--Sugar High
    6 years ago

    That drink looks fantastic and refreshing!

  • Su-yin
    6 years ago

    This looks great! I've only had sour plum drinks back home, am intrigued by this.

  • Marcellina
    6 years ago

    How refreshing! I can just imagine the cool fruity taste! Perfect after a hot day!

  • penny aka jeroxie
    6 years ago

    I must try and keep some lemons for summer when the plums are out! Looks so super refreshing.

  • Lori
    6 years ago

    Boy does that sound good! What a great idea.

  • Chow and Chatter
    6 years ago

    wow looks great love the color as well lucky kids

  • Kitchen Flavours
    6 years ago

    Wow….awesome lemonade…..love the flavour of plums in it….lovely pics….

  • bunkycooks
    6 years ago

    What beautiful photos (as always!). I love the combination of flavors…I bet it was as good as it looks!

  • bellini valli
    6 years ago

    I wish I had a plum tree in my backyard so I could enjoy this refreshing treat. I could of course substitute bluberries or raspberries….hmmmm.

  • Pavithra
    6 years ago

    Wow beautiful pictures and lovely color of the lemonade is perfect treat to the summer.

  • Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets
    6 years ago

    As my recent post about mojito flavors indicates, I love refreshing lime. Never had it together with plums, but it sounds and looks great.

  • Baking Barrister
    6 years ago

    omg. i can see this with santa rosa plums which are sort of tart. this sounds like my ultimate summer drink.

  • vincent
    6 years ago

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  • Anna Johnston
    6 years ago

    I can't wait for summer to roll around to try some, as I write this its -3C degrees outside but I'm sure those cold bare fruit trees outside are budding up getting ready for spring. Lovely cooling fruit drinks like this makes summer worthwhile. Cheers Anna

  • Anh
    6 years ago

    awesome, Vindee!! I LOVE it. Ohh now, summer comes soon already

  • Kamalika
    6 years ago

    Looks so divine and refreshing…surely it would taste like heaven…

  • Amanda
    6 years ago

    That look gorgeous Deeba! Bet it was delicious!

  • shayma
    6 years ago

    Deeba, looks and sounds beautiful. i miss plums from our part of the world, theyre simply incomparable. the smell, the texture- everything. love your vibrant photos. x shayma

  • bake in paris
    6 years ago

    The photos are fabulous, simply breathtaking!

    I like to thank you for covering about Leites Culinaria in one of your previous posts. That had given me a chance to enter one of my photos which fortunately was selected to be one of the finalists. Thanks…..

    Sawadee from bangkok,

  • Jess @ Bakericious
    6 years ago

    I like the color, so pretty!

  • Shirley @ Kokken69
    6 years ago

    Totally refreshing and what gorgeous colour!

  • RamblingTart
    6 years ago

    Absolutely GORGEOUS cooler, Deeba! Love that color and you've made it so beautiful with the crystals on the rim. 🙂

  • Susan and Abraham
    6 years ago

    great stuff for summer…

  • Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes]
    6 years ago

    There is an abundance of plums in the market. This looks like a great way to use them 🙂

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