“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
John Wooden
It’s time for the Daring Bakers and this time I have to say I’m sorry I couldn’t keep a date with the challenge. My kitchen is ‘under attack‘ {read renovation}, and things are still in disarray. What should have been completed last week is yet to be done, dragging on frustratingly. That’s not to say I haven’t managed to sneak in a bake now and then, but I couldn’t manage the chocolate dipping stage etc of the challenge. I did have a LMP {last minute plan} with some clarified butter on hand. Thought I could manage the brown butter pound cake, but bad store-keeping meant that the jar was empty, and my plans fell through. Fate maybe?
I did however set up a personal challenge for myself, something I have always vehemently denied as possible, an EGGLESS CAKE! No es posible has been my standard response to the many mails I have received in the past. A cake sans eggs? You kidding me? How in the world would it get a crumb, find rise, be good to eat etc! Eventually ate my words with this beautiful cake from Sailu’s Kitchen. {Gear up dear readers for a longish post because I tried 2 versions, with butter and with olive oil, and both were wonderful!}
I tread the kitchen floor mildly, in mortal fear that the cake would not be a cake. Never baked one without eggs. The other surprise ingredient was home made yogurt. I set yogurt at home every other day, and bake with it often, but eggs always keep the yogurt company. I watched in childlike fascination when the cake began to rise, rejoicing wildly, thankfully in solitude! Who would be able to understand the sheer joy of an eggless cake rising? I {almost} followed each step religiously, something I don’t often do, but…
… expectedly had a last minute ‘moment of panic‘, and added butter instead of oil to make sure the guinea pigs wouldn’t reject it outright! Oil sans eggs was just not convincing at the time, and I thought the luxury of butter might rescue my cake from rejection. I needn’t have been so skeptical, and the next time I used my stash of Borges olive oil from here. The cake exceeded all expectations! It was moist, it was flavourful, and above all, it was an eggless cake with a beautiful crumb! Beautiful enough to disappear very fast, some stashed away by the daughter for friends who don’t eat eggs, the rest enjoyed on a rainy day!

Eggless Chocolate and Vanilla Cake with Cherries
Adapted minimally from Sailu’s Kitchen
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, sieved
1 cup yogurt {home made}
3/4 cup vanilla sugar
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted {or oil}
1/2 vanilla bean {optional}
1/2 cup frozen cherries {optional}
1 heaped tbsp cocoa {I used Valrhona}
1 sachet vanilla sugar

Preheat oven to 200 C for 10 minutes. Grease a 6″ round tin, and line the bottom.
Beat the vanilla sugar, scraped vanilla bean and yogurt for 5 minutes on high speed. Add baking powder and baking soda, beat in on low, and allow to stand for 3 minutes. You will find that bubbles appear.
Beat in the melted butter and vanilla essence. Next, slowly add the flour in 4 lots, blending in well after each addition.
Take 1/3 of the dough in a separate bowl and stir in the cocoa. {You can make just vanilla as well, in which case, omit this step}
Add 1/2 the vanilla batter to the bottom of the tin, smooth it out to spread across the whole surface. Add all the chocolate batter, and smoothen it out too. It might be pretty thick, as mine was. Top with the remaining vanilla batter to make a third layer. Top with frozen cherries if using, and sprinkle over the sachet of vanilla sugar.
Bake at 200C for 10 minutes, reduce temperature to 175C and bake for 40-45 minutes or till a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. {Original recipe uses a ring mold I think, and the baking time at 175C was 20-25 minutes. Mine took a lot longer, so test before taking it out of the o}.
Cool the cake for 20-30 minutes and then overturn onto a plate.
Wait for an hour or two before slicing it else it doesn’t slice neatly. {My kids couldn’t wait}. The cake was very good the next day too, and sliced beautifully!

I would suggest the use of a good quality dark cocoa, having recently discovered that it can make a huge difference. I used Valrhona that Shayma from The Spice Spoon sent for me, and after experiencing it’s virtues first hand in this Chocolate Almond Biscotti, I am totally sold on it! I added a scraped vanilla bean to the batter as I love the depth of flavour vanilla offers to baked goods, and some frozen cherries to give the cake a cheerful face-lift. Also a smattering of vanilla sugar on top, just because …

Small piece of advicemake sure you let the cake sit in the tin to cool for 30 minutes before turning it out. Also try and resist the temptation to slice it when warm. We couldn’t of course, but I found later that it sliced beautifully after 3-4 hours, or even the next day as it firmed up. This is a nice basic recipe to have on hand for folk who need an eggless cake for various reasons whether health, allergic, religious etc.

I had to get back to try the oil version soon enough as the Borges bottles on my shelf tempted me yet again. Time for eggless cake version 2, and this time around I enjoyed myself thoroughly, baking in careless abandon, knowing that things would work out well. I made the cake early in the morning, the minute the kids left for school, and then chilled it for a couple of hours after it had cooled down. Moist, deep, chocolaty and to die for! The walnuts scattered on top got nicely toasted, and added to the flavours.
The idea of making an eggless cake, without any compulsions, came to me whenever I looked at PAB’s search results on Lijit. Do you give your stats a second look? I’ve recently started looking at them for direction, inspiration, ideas etc and found several searches for an eggless cake. I was recently inspired from there to make a Mango Vanilla Bavarian Cream Cake. Todays view looks something like this -

Passionate About Baking

You have been searched 1498 times about chocolate sauce pudding, kebabs, strawberry bread, pie, tandoori roti
View your search stats.
and I can already feel a ‘kebab inspiration‘ coming in!!

The thought of an eggless cake crossed my mind often, but I never did come across a recipe that tempted me out of my ignorance. Until I saw this post. It intrigued me and I looked at it in disbelief … Was it possible that an eggless cake could look so good and picture perfect? I had to give it a go, and am darned glad I did! You will be too if you are looking for a good eggless cake recipe. This was fabulous, and gone in a day between the kids and their friends! Without further ado, here is the 2nd version, using olive oil!
Lesson learnt … ‘Anything is possible, and fear needs to be conquered!’

Eggless Chocolate Walnut Cake
Adapted minimally from Sailu’s Kitchen
1 cup all-purpose flour,
1/2 cup good quality cocoa powder {I used Valrhona}
1 cup yogurt {home made}
3/4 cup vanilla sugar
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup olive oil {I used Borges from here}
1/2 vanilla bean {optional}
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1 sachet vanilla sugar

Preheat oven to 200C. Grease a 6″ round tin, and line the bottom.
Beat the vanilla sugar, scraped vanilla bean and yogurt for 5 minutes on high speed. Add baking powder and baking soda, beat in on low, and allow to stand for 3 minutes. You will find that bubbles appear.
Sift the flour and cocoa 2-3 times. Reserve in bowl.
Beat in the olive oil. Slowly add the flour mix in 3-4 lots, blending in well after each addition.
Sprinkle the top with chopped walnuts, followed by a sprinkling of vanilla sugar from the sachet.
Bake at 200C for 10 minutes, reduce temperature to 175C and bake for 40-45 minutes or till a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. {The original recipe used a ring mold I think, and the baking time at 175C was 20-25 minutes. Mine took a lot longer}.
Cool the cake for 20-30 minutes and then overturn onto a plate.

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  1. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    A delightful cake!



  2. Happy Cook says:

    Whole day i have been waiting for your DB challeng, but i did say to my self you might not do this time because of the kithcen work.
    I am also afraid to make a eggless cake and have been wanting to make one but always chicken out, reading your post i am sure gonna try this cake, bookmarking them.

  3. G.Pavani says:

    yummy n delicious cake.. great

  4. Nicisme says:

    Who needs eggs when you can make a cake like this? Deeeelish!
    When is the kitchen going to be finished? How wonderful for you – me very jealous!

  5. Nithya says:

    Simply wonderful cake :) Love it more since its eggless :)

  6. Suman Singh says:

    Truly amazing and very tempting pics..would love to try this recipe sometime soon..thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend! Tk Care!

  7. Boabe de Cafea says:

    Everything looks so good! Congratulations!

  8. John @ Dooba Reviews says:

    Excellent and very timely due to the egg recall. We've actually been trying a few recipes without eggs, and unfortunately, they turned out pretty crummy, so thanks for the recipe, that's given us the inspiration to give it another go.

  9. Kamalika says:

    Now a day I am on the spree of experimenting eggless cakes…even i did one in the MW and surely came well….will try your recipe…the snaps are magnificent…

  10. Amanda at Enchanted Fig says:

    They look fabulous! And as for Daring Bakers, your ability to bake at all with a kitchen in disarray is inspiring. I barely made it and my kitchen is just fine.

  11. Asha @ FSK says:

    Hmm.. I like the chocolate version!! I love olive oil with chocolate.. think I'll make this soon.. :)

  12. Amanda says:

    Truly gorgeous Deeba, I mean really gorgeous! Of course everything you make is :)

  13. Anna Johnston says:

    What beautifully put together pictures. I think baking while undergoing renovations deserves a medal.

  14. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella says:

    Success! But of course, I knew you would come up with a gorgeous eggless cake. And even though you didn't have a chance to do this month's DB you definitely are a Daring baker baking in a kitchen that's under renovation! :o Wow!

  15. Honey @ honeyandsoy says:

    I have a friend who is allergic to eggs, and another who is vegan, so I've always felt so bad when I turn up with cakes that they can't eat. But, I can now use these! Thanks Deeba! :)

  16. 5 Star Foodie says:

    It's excellent! I love the recipe without eggs, and love the cherries in the cake!

  17. Maria says:

    Another gorgeous dessert! Looks wonderful!

  18. beautiful looking cake!

  19. Stela James says:

    Excellent information, this is exactly what I needed. Thanks. Keep up the good work!
    work from home

  20. Pavithra says:

    Looks tooo too good and both the cakes are awesome.. and the cherry on the top wow!!! Not only U missed the DB this time we missed ur sweet DB post too….

  21. Anonymous says:

    i'm trying to bake your chocolate walnut cake and am wondering about the vanilla essence? that is suppose to be added with the olive oil.. also what is the separate heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder for? thanks Minx

  22. arundati says:

    welcome to the world of eggless baking deeba, icant wait to see what other marvels you will invent in your bakery now!

  23. Saee Koranne-Khandekar says:

    That's a lovely crumb for an eggless cake–this one's a keeper!

  24. Deeba PAB says:

    Hi there Minx, you can add vanilla essence if you don't have a vanilla bean. The heaped tbsp was a typo; now corrected. Thanks

  25. Renata says:

    It's almost unbelievable that these cakes have no eggs! They look terrific! Totally mouth watering! We missed you this month at the DB challenge, but I'm sure it will be well worth it! Thanks for your valuable comment on my blog.

  26. Hi Deeba, I popped over to say thanks for two things. I saw your comment on my blog and I always appreciate your feedback, especially on photos. I have learned from seeing your inspiring photos that fruit is a great way to make desserts look better. You are so good at plating with fruit and I tried it too with the DB this month.

    The second thanks is for the tip about Lijit. I am looking into it now. I use Google Analytics already and saw that some searchers were coming to find a recipe that I DO have, but leaving within seconds because it wasn't a well-laid out post. So I have recently re-written that post and improved the photos. That was useful information to get.

    Take care, and thanks for the continuing inspiration.

  27. Hi Deeba, these cakes look SO good. I've never made an eggless cake before either but you have given me the much needed inspiration. Hope all goes well with the renovations and you get to use it it soon.

  28. nancy at good food matters says:

    fantastic cakes—I don't know which one I'd like better! it just shows you the magical baking possibilities without the egg.

    lovely blog, nice to find you, and thank you for visiting mine as well. Cheers! Nancy

  29. Jess @ Bakericious says:

    this is the cake that I cant resist the temptation, looks so good!

  30. bellini valli says:

    I am a firm believer in olive oil cakes in any shape, flavour or form. If I make dessert at all these days I head straight for the olive oil.

  31. UrMomCooks says:

    Ah the wonder of blogging… U can find just what you need, when you need it! Now I have wonderful eggless chocolate cake in my file!!! These both look delicious – I will probably go to the olive oil first! Great post!

  32. I am not very enthusiastic about eggless cakes, but these can be a real savior when you have no choice but bake an eggless one. I am definitely going to try this one with olive oil. An Deeba-certified eggless sponge(for gateaux) would be fantastic!!!! Hope there is one:-)

  33. Monika says:

    It's a shame you had no time for DB this month. I really enjoy your inspiring and imaginative DB challenges. However, I love those eggless cakes you made. I've been exploring that option for some time now, especially since I'm on a strict diet plan, but had no courage to actually try one. Now I'm confident that egglless cakes can be great, and I'll definitely try your recipe. I especially like chocolate one :)

  34. Hello Deeba,
    You have a lovely lovely blog!I am amazed at how your blog personifies its title so perfectly!! :)
    What a fluffy, moist & delightful cake that is!Baking is therapeutic for me but the fear of gaining inches preceeds the desire of it often! :)
    But all that apart I was really happy to see your hardwork! It is evident in all write ups and clicks!

  35. Nalini Hebbar says:

    WOW! I would bake if there were some one to eat…everybody is off sugars these days!…my sweet tooth tingles every time I visit your blog…what a mouthwatering place in cyberspace!

  36. Trissa says:

    Deeba – what a challenge to make a cake with out eggs. I always thought cake = eggs (and butter)! But you've deifnitely proved me wrong. The chocolate walnut cake looks so moist.

  37. gajra says:

    hi deeba, actually i had no idea u were so scared to tread into eggless land . i had made ur Almond and Apple cake about a month back for a party of 20 people and well i nixed the eggs in the recipe and added olive oil and yoghurt instead, well the rest as they say was history. the cake was a huge hit and i have been baking cakes and breads without eggs for some time now with super results. loved ur pics and yup u definitely are brave to have baked under the circumstances.i would like to pass on a recipe to u to try wherein vinegar is used and the cake turns out incredibly wow, the process to mix is just about fifteen minutes. lemme know if u would oblige to try it out. cheers Gajra.

  38. pigpigscorner says:

    Well done Deeba! The cakes still look so rich and moist even without the eggs!

  39. chef_d says:

    The eggless chocolate walnut cake looks so fudgy and dark and yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  40. Sophie says:

    Waw!! What a stunning filled cake this suremy is & so festive too!

    A real feast for all of the senses!!!

    MMMMMMMMMM,..You are certainly the master in baking!! yeah!!

  41. Muneeba says:

    Deeba, u are going to share pics of your renovated kitchen, aren't u?? Oh pls do, I'd love to admire it from afar!
    The chocolate walnut cake looks PERFECT!

  42. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] says:

    Eggless cakes have always seemed impossible to me too! They just don't achieve that wonderful texture. Your cake, surprisingly, looks amazing. Bookmarked for whenever I need eggless cakes!

  43. Komal-Nishka says:

    Dee, thanks very much for trying an eggless cake & when you gave it such high praise, I had to give it a go, and too with full confidence in the result :) thanks to your recommendation. And must say, I wasn't disappointed :-) The cake came out F A B :)

    Tried the chocolate cake version too, with butter, but felt it needed more sugar this time around.

    Also didn't read your advice & started cutting in half an hour – not a good idea as it started to crumble. But the recipe is for keeps.

    Thanks and I wish you try some more :D xx

  44. Smita says:

    Looks great!! Waiting to try it soon. Thank you :-)

  45. My first time visiting, nice blog and delicious recipe. I love the simple chocolate cake. Maybe i’ll try it soon. Thank you.
    Fragolina´s last blog post ..Creamy Pesto Fettucine With Mushrooms And TomatoesMy Profile

  46. Deepta says:

    Your blog as much as it is a sumptious treat it is a visual treat too!! Love your site& I have bookmarked it as well! Even if I do not bake all that often, I try & bake after looking at your inspiring photos!! My family enjoys the recipes. Thank you.
    Good luck & a very happy new year to your family & you too .

  47. Regina Fernandes says:

    Deeba, estou encantada com tudo que encontrei em sua página.
    Quantas delícias!
    Encontrei seu blog e vou visitá-lo sempre…
    Um grande abraço aqui do Brasil.

  48. Pallavi says:

    Hi deeba!
    Oh my god what an amzing blog you have. I am sitting here in philadelphia and drooling over every single photogtaph!! Cant believe that you are creating all this baked stuff out of your kitchen in gurgaon!! I did not know its even possible to get all the basic ingredients. am soo inspired. Will be here very often.

  49. eggless_baker says:

    Wonderful blog with beautiful pics.
    For the vanilla cake, if I dont have vanilla sugar, can I use more of vanilla essence to get the flavor?
    Thank you for all the recipes.

  50. cinzy johnson says:

    hi deeba didi…….ur blog is just marvellous…..ur blog n few other blogs r an inspiration for new n amateur bakers like me…i loved ur phrase “SAHM”……cos i too am a SAHM……i am planning to try out this particular cake recipe of urs…i came across this ingrdient-vanilla sugar, in many other cake recipes of urs….wat is vanilla sugar???is it same as granulated sugar???pls help

  51. Deeba,this cake is just too good!!!Super hit in my house!!!!

  52. Hi Deeba, thank you so much for helping me make a birthday cake for my husband. I have tried to do justice to your recipe. The family loved my efforts!

  53. jagruti says:

    yr cake looks excellent.my hubby doesnt eat eggs so perfect recipe.just wanted to know if vanilla sugar can be substituted with regular sugar.don’t know what vanilla sugar is .please do give more fab eggless recipes.

  54. Sadia Durrani says:

    how much is 1 sachet vanilla sugar?

  55. Chithra says:

    Dear Deeba,

    Can you please suggest a suitable frosting for this chocolate walnut cake of yours.

    Tx in advance

  56. Chithra says:

    Can you please suggest a suitable frosting for the above Choc Walnut cake.

    Thanks in advance :)

  57. Chithra says:

    Can you please suggest a suitable frosting for the Choc Walnut cake? Thanks in advance

  58. Dear Julia,

    Thanks for the loveley eggless cake recipe, it worked out great with oil!
    Do you have any suggestions for eggless and butterless cookies?

    Looking forwards hearing from you!

    • Oeps, Sorry for getting your name wrong in the previous post, Deeba! Hope you don’t mind.

  59. I tried the chocolate version but with veg. oil instead of olive. It came out beautifully! I want to make the vanilla version next,maybe with fresh blueberries scattered on top. Do you think that would work?
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  60. Tried the eggless chocolate and vanilla cake. Came out beautifully.. thanks for such a wonderfully easy recipe!
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  61. Monika says:

    A Biiiiiiig “Thank you”. I avoid eggs in “Saawan”, just saw this post . . . what a perfect time to try eggless recipies :)

  62. hi, i bake a lot but i still dont understand why my chocolate cake isnt as dark as yours. i use cadbury cocoa powder should i change my cocoa powder? and your cake looks delicious. please revert! thank you! :D
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  63. radhika says:

    I have a onida microwave, grill & convection combination. I would like to start baking cake (eggless ones). Please guide me how to start. whether it has to be baked in microwave or in convection mode.


    • Hi Radhika. Thank you for stopping by. I bake in a conventional oven so have no idea about microwave baking. Maybe you can google for the same?

  64. This cake recipe seems so delicious. Also cooking ideas and ingredients used to cook this is easily available. Want to eat cake by making own.


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