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“The smell and taste of things remain poised a long time, like souls, ready to remind us….”
Marcel Proust

I ran a fun giveaway for CSN Stores a short while ago and on offer was a Delonghi Grill or a CuisineArt Ice Cream Maker. The other day Jess from the CSN Promo Team wrote in to say they selected me as a CSN Preferred Blogger. What that meant was another chance to either review a product or give one away to readers of Passionate About Baking from their store Just Vanities or any of their other 200+online stores. I chose to host the giveaway, and you choose how you would like to spend the gift certificate.

On offer is a one-time-use $80 gift certificate for one lucky winner to use as they wish on any of the CSN websites.
All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what you would pick from any of the CSN Stores if you win the $80 gift certificate. Tweet about this giveaway for an extra entry leaving a comment for each entry. Comments close on Sunday June 27th, and I will pick a winner thereafter.
The giveaway is only open to residents of the US and Canada for shipping reasons. {Yes, US / Canada addresses work} Please leave a contact in your comment or email it to me if you wish to be included in the giveaway.

Whether bathroom vanity is what you are looking for, or stuff for the kitchen, CSN has one of the best selections on the web! With over 40,000 products to choose from that store or stores such as All Modern or Cookware, you can spend all day looking for the perfect product.

While on the topic of food blogging and the charming benefits of being a food blogger, I was happy to receive a copy of Monica Bhide’s Modern Spice, a new version of the book for the Indian subcontinent, a short while before we left for our vacation. I’ve reviewed the US version of Modern Spice: Inspired Indian Flavors for the Contemporary Kitchen here. The nice folk from Random House offered me a sneak peek into Modern Spices new recipes, and then mailed me a copy which for some reason never did reach me. They arranged for another one, and I was happy to leaf through the pages a few days later!
I loved the look of the book. The cover is colourful, vibrant, ‘spicy’ and screams to the reader to pick up the book. It’s a beautiful shot of spices and reflects everything India is all about. It reminded me of the canvas of colours and character we encountered on our recent vacation. Here are a ‘few’ pictures that I took on a day trip up into the Himalayas. The colours of India, the people, the beauty … all take your breath away. On this particular instance, we were a group of 24 folk who trekked up a steep 3 hours to a monastery perched on top of a hill . Each muscle screamed in agony, but the climb was all worth it.

Tibetan monasteries are usually located at the very top of a hill, away from civilization and amidst beautiful peaceful surroundings. They are self sufficient in nature. This particular monastery had hostel like rooms for the young, and was surrounded by independent ramshackle cottages for the very elderly.

Everyone and everything exists here is harmony. You can feel and literally ‘hear‘ the gentle breeze embrace you amidst the soothing sounds of prayer bells and Buddhist chants. The setting is as rustic and removed from the real world as can be. Each monastery has its own distinctive character and style and ambiance that surrounds it. The architecture too is exclusive to each. I have pictures of four to five different monasteries .. wish I could share it all here!

Back to Modern Spice … The book itself is divided into handy, colour coded sections and what I liked especially were the thoughtful pages for notes included at the end of each section. Neat idea! The only downside of the book, IMHO, is the lack of pictures. Maybe it’s just a personal thing, but I do like to see a picture of how a dish would look, or have a general idea of what to expect. Otherwise, I like some of the ideas Monica offers that break away from traditional Indian flavour combinations, tempting the cook to step out of his / her comfort zone. Another intriguing aspect is the inclusion of recipes like fennel and chilli-crusted tilapia and basmati rice with pine nuts and mint, accompanied by a guava bellini... global influences that make you want to think out of the box!

The day the book arrived, I was en route to making a chicken curry, and had just marinated thigh tenders in lime juice, salt and paprika. Leafing through Monica’s book made me add a few bits and bobs to the ‘recipe in progress‘, and it was a bit like my Indian Summer Chicken Curry I posted last summer. The recipe I’ve posted today is inspired by the Green Chutney Chicken in Modern Spice. It was a wonderful, light, flavourful and lovely curry for the summer, and so quick to make! I served it with dried mint lachchedar/multi-layered parathas! The meal disappeared very fast!!

Green Chutney Chicken
Inspired by recipe on Modern Spice, page 137
750gms chicken thigh tenders, cut into bite sized pieces
1 tbsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste
2-3 green chillies, as per taste
juice of 2 limes
Salt to taste
1 bunch fresh coriander
1/2 bunch fresh mint
1/2 small red onion
1/4 thick hung yogurt

Wash and pat chicken tenders dry.

Make a paste of the ginger, garlic and green chillies with juice of 2 limes and salt. Marinade tenders in this for 4-6 hours/overnight
Heat oil in a wok. Add the marinated tenders and cook on high heat until lightly browned, stirring on and off.
In the meantime, grind the fresh coriander, fresh mint and onion to a paste with 1 tbsp of yogurt. Stir this into the thickened hung yogurt.
Add the hung yogurt mixture to the chicken in the wok, stir well, add 1/4 cup water and bring to a gentle boil. Simmer covered for 15-20 minutes. Adjust seasoning, and add a slit green chili if desired. Garnish with fresh coriander and mint leaves.
Serve hot with naans, parathas or boiled rice.
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Getting on twitter earlier this evening got me a happy tweet from the lovely Meeta of What’s For Lunch Honey, who had retweeted this …

MeetaWFLH: top 100 culinary blogs also my friends @lucullian & @cooksister & @vindee http://ht.ly/20aWS {The 100 Top Culinary Blogs}

Jennifer Grossi wrote in yesterday to say PAB was chosen as the Food Blog of the Day @ The Lemonade Connection

THANK YOU … I do feel very honoured and touched!
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  1. Congrats Deeba! And we are proud of you!!

    Awesome giveaway here, can we give an US address to qualify for this?;-))

    Those bundt pan sets are too good, so are the springform ones with the lids.. drool drool..:-))

  2. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    Lovely Chicken Curry Deeba.The book "Modern Spice" sounds promising.

    With CSN STores, its "Problem of plenty"
    If I win the $80 bucks I would probably buy –
    Oval Baker – http://www.csnstores.com/240536BL-240536BL-240536BL-piv1105.html

    Madeleine Mould – http://www.csnstores.com/Kaiser-Bakeware-650456-ksr1385.html

    Maybe I will change my mind and buy this Le Creuset mini baker-

  3. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    Tweeted about the Giveaway as CoolLassie4u.

  4. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    Can you tell more about this high-top monastery? Next time when I visit India, I would want to go somewhere North..like this Gangtok for instance.
    I always like the view from top..so don't mind the pains..i have climbed many a cathedral in Europe just for the view..

  5. Happy Cook says:

    I have that book too. Delicous curry. I want to have the same holiday. muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we are missing again, lucky US / Canada bloggers.

  6. How to Cook a Mockingbird says:

    That curry looks absolutely amazing.
    I'm going to try it immediately!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Congratulations, that's great news! As for the giveaway, if I were to win, I'd put it towards an icecream maker. The one I have is held together with ductape.

  8. sheba says:

    yum..love coriander and mint based dishes.
    hmm I would love to win a bundt pan..or even an ice cream maker..

  9. Kitchen Butterfly says:

    Oh Deeba, isn't it wonderful to be recognised….and so often! It never rains, it pours and I'm glad for you. You deserve it after that trek…………Love the look and sound of the chicken, with lime and dried mint. Yummy

  10. tasteofbeirut says:

    Congratulations Deeba for all the recognition and accolades; you deserve it !
    I also love this chicken curry: it has some of my favorite ingredients: cilantro and green chilies!

  11. Julie @ Willow Bird Baking says:

    Congratulations on your recognition!!

    I think I'd have to spend that $80 on new saucepans, seeing as I have to make do with just one at the moment!

  12. Magdalena says:

    Hello Deeba and congrats !
    First of all, as always, I enjoyed reading your post. Secondly, nice photo-reportage and the chicken curry is great, great !
    I do not know this cook book.
    Have a nice day tomorrow….
    I do not have much time for cooking now – I have just arrived from France to Krakow and running, running, running !

  13. Hi All of your posts are filled with awesome pics…Its truly therapeutic to keep looking at the pics…

    Congrats for all the recognition..

    If I were to win I would love to get any of corningware french white bake and serve set. :-)

  14. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    This dish is so appetizing! A great idea.

    What a dreamlike region. I love those Himalayan mountain places.



  15. PreeOccupied says:

    I loved this green chutney chicken. I have made it too, copying my Mum's recipe. Even did it with Prawns one time.

    I love all your photos. Its a torture to see your food photos before dinner.

  16. Thanks for picking the giveaway! I would love to get my dad a wine fridge. He makes his own wine (from kits) ad deserves to have a proper place to store them because he is the best father a girl could ever ask for.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi! this chicken looks soo yummy. I love anything that has coriander in it.
    If I won the CSN giveaway, I'd like a Lipper International 25" W Desk with Chalkboard Top & Chair in Pecan – for my 2 yr old, who loves drawing on furniture:-) This would be ideal.

  18. Oooooh, nice giveaway, and GREAT looking recipe! If I won, the money would most likely go towards something like one of the espresso machines.

    Such a beautiful blog you have! Yours is one of the few that I actually take the time to read!

    fillynn (at) juno (dot) com

  19. crumbsoflove says:

    Good for you Deeba!! Your site is truly wonderful. The pictures from your holiday are great- it looks like you and yours had a wonderful time.
    please enter me in the contest- I would go crazy in the baking molds!!! Thanks!

  20. susitravl says:

    I would like to get the David King Double Top Zip Shoulder Bag – 820 from CSN Stores.

  21. Laura Bat says:

    My family and I have been dreaming daily about having an ice cream maker. It seems I can't turn around without seeing an amazing ice cream recipe. So I would want the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2 Qt. Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker!

  22. Madhuli says:

    This is the first time I am drooling over photos of Chicken curry….never thought that was possible!awesome. and congrats on all those mentions..u r truly amazing

  23. Nitha says:

    Congrats Deeba.. If I'd win I wish to have the icecream maker or sewing machine.

  24. Nitha says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway as nithakj

  25. Ginny says:

    looks good! I want something of le cusete… I love that stuff! :)

  26. Carolsue says:

    You have some really awesome recipes on your blog! I'll be back!
    I would get the KitchenAid Cookware Gourmet Reserved Hard-Anpdozed 12" Skillet if I win.
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  27. Thanks for the giveaway…i can definitely use an ice-cream maker as summer is scorching here in CA

    ramvinayak _81@rediffmail.com

  28. Rachel says:

    The trek to the monastery sounds amazing!!!

    I would use the gift certificate to invest in some bakeware I've been craving (mmm…tart pans and ramekins…)

  29. Ambika says:

    Hey Deeba, Congrats!!! Lovely photos..

    I would love to buy the Gordon Ramsay bakeware from the CSN stores..I hope I win :)

  30. Helen says:

    The chicken looks yummy!

    I'd get an ice cream maker from the CSN stores. 'Tis the season for frozen treats.

  31. Meena says:

    This is just the most awesome giveaway and your website is one space I check daily for updateas and new posts…keep rocking!!!

    I would choose: Kathy Ireland Rugs Essentials Diamantes Multi Oriental Rug – 3X-28440 if I won the giveaway…my contact email: msfun98(at)gmail.com

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  33. Crafted says:

    I am drooling over the chicken and what an Awesome giveaway Deeba!
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    Cuisinart Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker in White – ICE-20


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  35. Cool Lassi(e) says:

    I am trying this for sure. Hey, I sent you a mail

  36. Barbara Bakes says:

    Someone should hire you to take photos for their cookbook. Yours are always gorgeous.

    I have my eye on a Fagor pressure cooker. http://www.csnstores.com/Fagor-918060796-FGR1007.html

  37. Eileen (Books R Us) says:

    I would like to get-
    Hamilton Beach Convection Countertop Oven – 31199XR


  38. teresacooks says:

    I'd get an electric griddle! I really enjoy your posts btw, I don't know much about life in India and I enjoy the glimpse into yours.

  39. Ambika says:

    And here is my tweet for an extra entry!


  40. Robin says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway – and lovely photos! I love Indian cuisine and will be looking through your blog for vegetarian options – or things I can make that way.
    I'm looking on CSN for a stainless frypan/skillet. Probably the Triply Calphalon 10".
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail dot com

  41. Robin says:

    I tweeted: cokelush
    here: http://twitter.com/cokelush/status/16552078821

    Congratulations on your blog recognition as well – it's lovely and I'll definitely be back!
    cokelush at gmail dot com

  42. Roxanne Rhoads says:

    oh too much to choose– I am seraching for a toaster over or a nice toaster with the extra wide openings so I can toast a bagel in it

    I found this one which is quite awesome since it is a toaster and toaster oven in one http://www.csnstores.com/Hamilton-Beach-24708-HMB1192.html

    RoxanneRhoads @ aol. com

  43. Parita says:

    Awesome giveaway! If i win i would definately invest in an ice cream maker!

  44. i would love some nice new cake and muffin pans, maybe a candy thermometer. i have a need to bake wonderful things!


    outoftheash at gmail dot com

  45. Gera @ Sweets Foods Blog says:

    Congrats for all the featuring and for the giveaway Deeba. Outstanding pictures and place!!

    Have a great weekend!


  46. Mark @ Cafe Campana says:

    Mmmm very nice looking curry. I has so many fresh herbs.

  47. those are some gorgeous pics Deeba!

    And oh, i'd pick the ice cream maker. have been wanting that for a long time now.

  48. Lawyer Loves Lunch says:

    This curry looks awesome. If I win, I'd definitely get a better set of knives. Mine are from the dark ages :(

  49. Anu Menon says:

    I would definitely get my self the Le Creuset 10” Round Skillet Grill in Cherry :)

  50. Anu Menon says:

    And for lovely foodography this: This is for the CSN contest: I'd like to have this:Pfaltzgraff-Patio-Garden-Series :)

  51. Anu Menon says:

    Its been a while since i did some chicken(more than a decade actually) i gave up chicken when i was 13 :) i miss it sometimes though(times like these)

  52. 5 Star Foodie says:

    Excellent preparation of chicken! Congrats on all the features!

  53. Fieran says:

    Wow, the Himalayas look beautiful :)

    Now that photograph of the green chutney chicken is making me hungry. The closest I've ever come to cooking a dish with chutney was "Achaari Aaloo" which is a recipe from Vicky Bhogal's A Year Of Cooking like Mummyji.

  54. Jennai says:

    Your recipes look so yummy! I really need to try many of them!
    If I win, I would get the Guidecraft Natural Pony Rocking Horse
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  55. Sharon says:

    Congratulations! You have so many wonderful recipes here …

    If I won, I would put the $80.00 towards some Le Creuset (the eggplant braiser) or a piece of All Clad.

  56. Lyndsey says:

    Congratulations! This is a wonderful post. Love the recipes. The green curry chicken looks fantastic!

    I would definitely get a rice cooker, mine broke and I have yet to replace it! Thanks!

  57. I would definitely get a rice cooker, mine just broke and I need to get a new one soon.

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  58. eve's lungs says:

    Hey I loved your recipe for chocolate cake with buttermilk and have tried it out – fantastic . This chicken curry is next in line . Sikkim pics are lovely – which monastery is this ?

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hey Deeba,
    I would pick up a new outdoor patio set from CSN store. I have been meaning to do so for some time now but haven't got aorund to it yet. Now is the time to go :)
    you can contact me at alina4u@rediffmail.com
    (I am based out of USA)

  60. I would chose the following: Guidecraft Single-Sided 60" Bookcase – G97014


  61. Karthika says:

    Your pictures make me want to take the next flight out to North Eastern part of India. I have some leftover Green Chutney and your recipe gives an inspiration to add chicken to it. I will let you know how it turns out.

    If at all I win, I would like Hand Blender.

  62. Krista Joy says:

    Well… my fiance and I are getting married in August and we just bought a house. Rather than picking something specific now… I think I'd wait and pick something we had registered for and didn't get OR something we find we need for the house while remodeling! Does that count? =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Krista Joy says:

    Also I just tweeted about the giveaway!

    Twitter ID: KitchenKrista

    Blog: http://www.kitchenwithkrista.com

    E-mail: kitchenwithkrista@gmail.com

    Thanks again for hosting the giveaway!

  64. maxfate says:

    I would love to get the Breadman 2-Pound Bread Maker!


  65. maxfate says:
  66. fancygrlnancy says:

    bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  67. Karolina says:


    I love your chicken curry pics. I have cooked some Indian stuff before using my favourite "The Food of India. A journey for food lovers" and I love everything about different Indian dishes. I have to admit I love the veggie ones the best, but never say NO to a good chicken curry. :)

    I love your website and thanks to Magda have found it and hope to visit you again. :)

  68. Foodessa says:

    First I'd like to congratulate you on all your wonderful and very well deserved success ;o)
    I enjoyed reading your interesting post very much, but mostly appreciated you letting us in on your personal thoughts on this recipe book. As much as I can enjoy great recipes that are included in a book…I refuse to purchase books with limited visuals.
    Photos are what inspires us to pick a recipe in the first place.
    Those that decide to publish books like these should never cheat us of this pleasure!
    Thanks again for sharing and flavourful wishes, Claudia

  69. Congratulations, Deeba.. This seems to be a great recipe.. I love your baking section. If I win the give-away I'd like the stand mixer for sure..

  70. RamblingTart says:

    Oh, I love these photos, Deeba. What a wonderfully restful place you found. There is a monastery near me as well, and I love to got here, just walk the grounds and feel so peaceful. :-) Your curry looks fantastic!! I would have to buy baking sheets, since I burned and warped the one I have. :-)

  71. Yosha says:


    I have been eyeing an icecream maker for close to 2 yrs now. I've researched the pros and cons of each model so if I win I'll probably plunge into that! Or the set of mini tart pans they just got. Super cute.

  72. Loks very delicious! I am so happy that found this beautiful an interesting blog!

  73. Fresh Local and Best says:

    I've made several recipes from Monica Bhide's cookbook Modern Spice, and love it!

    It must be my lucky day to have stumbled onto your blog. What would I pick from CSN? Most likely a casserole dish from Le Creuset. btw, I'm also hosting a giveaway on my blog, if you're interested. :-)

  74. Fresh Local and Best says:

    I tweeted about this giveaway, and am now following.

  75. Noelle says:

    I would really like a dehudrator from CSN!

  76. Noelle says:
  77. Mary Ellen says:

    This Green Chutney Chicken recipe looks wonderful and I am going to have to try it!! So glad I found your blog!!
    Would love to be entered in the giveaway. I am needing a ceiling fan for my enclosed porch and this would be a great way to get it!!

  78. magpie says:

    Congrats on the well deserved honors Deeba!

    Thanks for the lovely chicken recipe!Have made a similar one with the delicious chutney chicken mix and this looks even better.Must make this when my cilantro and mint plants are a little more robust.

    I would love to get a dutch oven or roaster pot from CSN to make stews and my new obsession the No Knead bread for which I need a large oven safe covered dish.
    Or apply it toward finally buying a Kitchenaid stand mixer, or a good chefs knife..my lust list is endless as you can see so a gift card will be well appreciated!!

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    Thanks for the chance.

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  80. sharonjo says:
  81. E Lightpool says:

    Oh, oh, maybe a dutch oven? Or a really nice new skillet? Or baking supplies…. How could I choose? So many wonderful things to pick from!

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    Congrats Deeba! love green chicken…..

    now for a give-away, if I win either a bread maker or le-cruset, for sure….

  84. Nelsby says:

    Tough decision! I would choose either the Dr. Scholl's Scream sandals in Black or the Dr. Scholl's Original in Taupe Snake.
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  86. Jamie says:

    Oh, honey, your family vacations are exactly like our family vacations when the kids were young enough and interested enough. This looks fabulous! And I want anything from CSN that I could carry back from mom's!

  87. Rebecca Graham says:

    I would buy a Le Creuset skinny grill.

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    I'd love to get a wok!

  90. Jeanne @ CookSister! says:

    Oooh, the Modern Spice book sounds great – this recipe sounds particularly fresh and delicious. Love the pictures of the monasteries – especially the cat & prayer wheel as I told you over the weekend :)

  91. squirrelbread says:

    my fiancée desperately wants a wine refrigerator, so that'd be top of my list for the best groom's gift! thanks for the great recipe. we're indian food die-hards, and love to try our hand at the more authentic dishes — will try soon.



  92. fancygrlnancy says:

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  93. tigerfish says:

    I need a new wok from CSNstores!

    Your green chutney chicken looks very tantalizing and has got me drooling now.

    Beautiful photo collages too :)

  94. YUM! Thank you for posting this – I can't wait to try it! I'll be my first attempt at curry!

    Delightful Bitefuls

  95. Hanaâ says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Deeba. I would definitely get myself a new food processort cuz my old one is falling apart.

    That curry looks amazing. From your description of the cooking method, you can tell the chicken will turn out tender and yummy :o)

  96. Tabitha says:

    If I won $80 from CSN, I would buy the BonJour Chef's Creme Brulee Brushed Aluminum Torch and a set of 4 Emile Henry Stacking Ramekins in Citron!

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    please let me win! please let me win!

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  101. Deanna G. says:
  102. Wow! great giveaway! $80 could stretch a long way! I'd love to get a new living room rug—something from the Kathy Ireland collection (they're pricey, so I may use this as a downpayment)!

  103. annalene says:

    I would love to buy the iittala utility and paring knife set from CSN! I've tried their pots and pans before (love them) but never the cutlery. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

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    Thanks for the giveaway. I'd use it to buy myself a set of pans. I have none currently and could really use some quality ones.


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  105. I would love to get a new double burner grill pan as my current single burner one is not big enough anymore for 2 teen boys! Maybe the cast iron ones that are reversible to a griddle on the other side for pancake mornings!

  106. Anonymous says:

    hello Deeba,
    I love your blog. You take amazing photography. Also, I love this is an awesome giveaway.
    If I am lucky enough to win this giveaway, i would love love to get the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence 2 Qt. Frozen Yogurt-Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker – ICE-30BC.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    Can you please give us more information about the Gangtok resort you visited? I would love to visit when I an in India.
    I am based in the U.S.
    Aparna Mulgund

    email address : aparnamulgund@sbcglobal.net

  107. Debbie says:

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  109. If I won I would finally by a Le Cruset dutch oven. I hope it's my time! :)

  110. faithy, the baker says:

    This looks wonderfully delicious!! Love your creativity and your photos and food styling!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comments! So creative! I never thought of that! Making a trifle would be awesome! At least better than throwing them out!! Thanks!!!

  111. Tilottama says:

    I would get a cool traditional ice-cream maker like the Aroma one at CSN.

  112. Tilottama says:

    I'd choose a cool traditional icecream maker like the Aroma one at CSN

  113. Congrats Deeba,
    I am avid fan and religiously visit your blog everyday..
    I would love anything:)Keep blogging..

  114. I had made your indian spring chicken curry last year. this looks as good! will have to give it a try.


  1. […] there was this awesome green chutney chicken. I remember my mom making this one on some special occasions, and then my bhabhi used to make it […]

  2. January 12…Chicken Curry | Food Holidays says:

    […] Green Chutney Chicken Curry, from Deeba at Passionate About Baking.  First off, she says this is easy, and I am all about easy.  Secondly, aside form the little bit of citrus from the lime juice in this one, I don’t think it would off me.  Those are two very good things.  Deeba is one of the best bloggers on the net, and I don’t think she would steer any of us wrong in her recommending of this recipe, so again, this one makes my short list.  And isn’t it gorgeous?  I mean…just look at that!  I’m ready to dig in now…curry or no. […]

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