1. Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite says:

    You clearly need a new oven!!! 😉 But with "failures" like that, I should think you wouldn't be too unhappy! Beautiful feet, too!

  2. beautiful feet Deeba. You inspire me, despite your failures u always get up and try again :) I love all the pictures. They're such happy pics! xxx

  3. Agree with Diva… U truly inspire Deeba!! Am dazed every time I see those pictures. Am sure those verrines tasted as good too!!

  4. Jamie says:

    Wow! Wow! Now I am hoping that some of my macs fail so I can make verrines too. Gorgeous and so perfect for Valentine's Day! You never ever cease to amaze me! Hugs!

  5. Nicisme says:

    Shame they didn't come out right. Never mind, the verrines are gorgeous.
    Have you tried leaving the oven door ajar with a wooden spoon? Might work, you never know.

  6. Gloria says:

    OH MY GOD! DEeba they look absolutely georgeus, I think you really was inspired, je,je!!

    please what failures??? give me a break!! All look beautiful!!! xoxoxox gloria

  7. Asha @ FSK says:

    Great turnaround! :)) perhaps time for a new oven???

  8. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    Great Valentine's Day dessert ideas! So sweet!



  9. Good to know about your oven problem! And, great use of your macs. I love your chocolate decorations on each verrine!

  10. Sarah, Maison Cupcake says:

    There are lots of things I love about this post: the red sauce on top for valentines, the strawberries, the spotty box you've presented them in, the spotty ribbon but most of all I love those chocolate shapes on the top of the verrines. These are lovely and I would like to try doing some of those for my desserts soon. Am stumbling you. xx

  11. Kitchen Butterfly says:

    These are propstastic. Beautiful. Congrats on your feet finding mission…..and may the FORCE be with you. As it clearly wasn't with me. *sniff sniff*

  12. noble pig says:

    Deeba, so beautiful, you are so, so talented.

  13. AdukalaVishesham says:

    We love your blog space..everything looks soo mouthwatering..Just send across anything of it and we'll be waiting with our mouths wide open… These Macarons are a great idea for Valentines Day..

  14. The Cooking Ninja says:

    Never fear failures for through them, we learn and create something new with it. That's my cooking motto. LOL! Cooking in Singapore, I'm used to it but cooking in France, change of climate and environment is something I didn't think about when I cooked my very first fried noodles and fried rice trying to impress my in laws during my first year in France. Both times, it was glued together like a ball. The more I try to stir-fry it, the bigger the ball became. You can imagine the horror on my face and for the life of me, I couldn't understand why it turned out this way. LOL!

  15. Gera @ SweetsFoodsBlog says:

    Failed macarons, are you kidding me?
    I'm seeing pure sweetness on this post, totally appropriated for Valentine's Day :)

    All the best,


  16. I just had to say – YOU take the most beautiful photos – you are an inspiration :)

  17. faithy, the baker says:

    You are so creative! Your Strawberry & Chocolate Mac-a-Verrines is awesome! Looks so delicious i wish i can eat it right now! And beautiful gorgeous looking macarons! I love your presentation and food styling! And of course beautiful photos!

  18. Barbara Bakes says:

    The dessert looks so fabulous I might have to whip up a batch of failed macs just to make it!

  19. You inspire me Deeba….loved ur dessert.You rock:)

  20. Wanda says:

    Failures – What Failures. Your macaroons and verrines look divine and sound very tasty. Excellent photos.
    Deeba your blog is beautifully presented and there are so many taste tempting recipes to try.

  21. Bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets) says:

    Neither is my oven! I hate my oven and remember when I told you I had the same problem! You're so creative and love the turnaround! Well done!

  22. Happy Cook says:

    I am totally understaning, when my oven was messing me up i was feeling always tensed when i baked in the end. I am glad i invested in a new one.
    I love making Verrines for dinner parties they are always a show stopper and this one looks so so beautiful and delicous and i am in love with that box where you have piled up you macs.

  23. Fearless Kitchen says:

    What a great solution to your oven problem!

  24. Julia @Mélanger says:

    What a great idea for using up less than perfect macarons. Looks delicious – and great compliment from the boy! I actually have some macarons to submit to Mactweets this month. My first French method versions. :)

  25. RedFenyx says:

    Great pictures, great colours and YuM! Everything seem to be delicious!

  26. Gorgeous! Gorgeous ! Gorgeous Deeba – and apgar scores for macs- you crack me up so much :)

    I'd better get a move on for this months Mac-attack !

    Shazzaroni (aka Shaz :))

  27. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says:

    As always Deeba you are absolutely on trend and absolutely stylish in your execution! My eyes didn't know what to devour first! 😀

  28. sunita says:

    Deeba, this looks stunning! Now,I really want some.As for the macs, I've still got to get mine done, don't know whether I'll find my feet!Good or bad oven, they are very temperamental indeed!

  29. Bellini Valli says:

    I am not a baking success story so macarons are not something I will ever try. I will be content to purchase them whenever I see them..sigh… and try Bavarian Cream instead:D That is my mantra.

  30. Susan from Food Blogga says:

    What a deliciously playful post this is, Deeba! I smiled the entire time I was reading it. And your many photos are so lovely. Valentine's is going to be mac-tacular at your house!

  31. Alessio Fangano says:

    I share your pain my friend… I bet you remember my laughable macarons LOL
    Very nice the flavours combinations in your verrines. I see that you finally got some pink pepper 😉
    And, dulcis in fundo, your pics; whatta treat!

  32. Alessio Fangano says:

    I share your pain my friend… I bet you remember my laughable macarons LOL
    Very nice the flavours combinations in your verrines. I see that you finally got some pink pepper 😉
    And, dulcis in fundo, your pics; whatta treat!

  33. Federica says:

    splendido post, deliziosi biscotti! complimenti!

  34. Coffee and Vanilla says:

    I love it Deeba… images, composition, desserts, everything looks just perfect! :)

  35. Wow, you are wonderful. I love the way you used your feet-less macarons! You gave me new hope and courage to try again! :) I have to hurry so I can join this months Mac-attack :)

  36. Divya Vikram says:

    This looks so gorgeous! Long since I dropped by here. Amazing recipes!

  37. Megan Gordon says:

    Amazing! I'm blown away by your mac persistence…I fell off the wagon awhile ago :) But always fun to read your insanely beautiful posts!

  38. Ranjani says:

    Such decadence!

  39. bake in paris says:

    So glad you have made the best out of the macarons…. This Strawberry & Chocolate Mac-a-Verrines looks delicious….. a very special dessert for family!

    Sawadee from bangkok,

  40. Anita says:

    Everything looks gorgeously made. I have had troubles with my oven and macarons…

  41. Excellent! They're really perfect!

  42. Natashya KitchenPuppies says:

    Oh my, I wish I lived closer!

  43. Haddock says:

    Like the display there

  44. cookeaze says:

    Wow, your pictures are just stunning and this recipe looks a good challenge to me. Thanks for your inspiration.

  45. Sophie says:

    Wow,…FABULOUS desserts, Deeba!!

    You are certainly the master in culinary baking & dessert making!!!

    OOh, gosh, I would love to eat one or at least 2 verrines right about now!

  46. MeetaK says:

    failed macs?? I am seeing success after success. you rock though and I love your energy always bouncing back up. Obviously you do not need me to find you new hiding places for your macs you found them in these verrines!!

  47. What a gorgeous post. You are really talented. Everything is beautiful. I think I'm envious. I know I'm hungry.

  48. Kajal - Aapplemint says:

    Ist of all those nutella orange rolls down below looks so damn enticing ! yUM !!!

    and as for the macarons, everyday i tell myself today i shall try them , n then …. errr it never happens ! Gosh they look so lovely and beautiful presentation too.

  49. pigpigscorner says:

    Beautiful! You are getting really good at this!

  50. foodie ffanatic says:

    Another scrumptious post, Deeba! Absolutely GORGEOUS photographs! Your creativity shines yet again. I'd be delighted to eat your "fails" every day of the week. And the chocolate butterflies & hearts are such an elegant and lovely touch to finish off the verrines. I've never made or had a verrine, but they are now on my list for 2010. The Bavarian cream sounds really yummy, too. *hugs* Dani

  51. so pretty :)

  52. Helene says:

    Totally love your verrines. I will have to start making some. They look so pretty.

  53. Jasmine says:

    another idea for 'failed' macarons are in an etons mess with whipped cream and fresh berries! almost better than a successful macaron… well, almost…

  54. Deeba..I love that you incorporated macs into yummy verrines! They look so amazing! My macs failed miserably, so I tried to bury them in chocolate and strawberries lol Thanks for this month's mac challenge!

  55. RJ Flamingo says:

    Love your verrines and your macs, as always! You're so creative, Deeba – and adventurous!

    Funny enough, it wasn't the macs that defeated me this time – it was the filling! Hope I don't get demerits for naked macs. 😀

  56. Mamatkamal says:

    As usual, great pictures great macarons. I love your blog, it's amazing.

  57. These verrine's look delicious. I am always looking for a way to use up those extra/failed shells so will definitely try this next time. That quote from Julia Child is very inspiring and something I need to keep in mind

  58. Chez Us says:

    Deeba, I love what you did with these macs. I have often thought of crushing them into a gelato of some sorts but we always end up eating them. I love the chili w/strawberry – great combination. Looking forward to trying something similar once we have strawberry season here.

    Happy Valentines!

    xx oo

  59. Junglefrog says:

    Happy valentines day!! I know what you mean when you talk about an oven not doing what it should be doing. I sort of got to learn how mine operates but it still remains a challenge. I love your macarons though and those verrines… hmm, I can see why there was a lot of scraping!

  60. Cristie says:

    I love the bavarian cream recipe, can't wait to try it out. No doubt I'll have a few failed attempts of my own to use. Beautiful desserts!

  61. Grapefruit says:

    Stunning! I was googling images for inspiration and should have just known better and come here straight away – since the search result at the very top points to you.
    You're such an inspiration: 'mac-a-verrines' . so creative!

  62. catherine says:

    Eye catching pictures. Beautiful!

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